Recreating Discontinued Burger King Menu Items (TASTE TEST)

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We've recreated discontinued menu items from Burger King! Should pizza burgers come back, or stay right where they are? GMM #1418
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Nov 8, 2018

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Comments 4 371
Luna Blossom
Luna Blossom 2 hours ago
The Whopperitto was great. They should bring it back.
Jonas Steffensen
Jonas Steffensen 2 hours ago
In denmark we have a company called Dr. Oetker who sell pizza burgers.
Chef Antonio Giovanni
I don’t trust anything from the eighties 😬😁
Nami Smith
Nami Smith 3 hours ago
Sammies with salad
Jock James
Jock James 3 hours ago
The key ingredient is sugar. It's always sugar. " Hey Aunt June what's your secret recipe to your delicious gravy" ? " Sugar dumbass, it's always sugar"
Madi G
Madi G 3 hours ago
I miss the BK Stacker
iphi27 3 hours ago
I was very pregnant when Mac and Cheetos hit. So. Many. Mac&Cheetos. I had to eat them every day.
TheBasedJesus 4 hours ago
Zetsuke4 4 hours ago
This is so cool!! The guy who recreated them Josh is so amazing!!!
jsribe 4 hours ago
You guys didn't do that Angry Whopper what's wrong with y'all the best whopper sandwich ever made
BUDDHA MANE 5 hours ago
By spicy chicken bring it back
Amado Music
Amado Music 5 hours ago
Go vegan guys...
Jon Obenauer
Jon Obenauer 5 hours ago
Idk about where you guys are from but here in New York you can get a pizza burger at every diner everywhere 😂
1fluffypie 5 hours ago
The 'Whaler' is what you forgot. My favorite, it was a gigantic fish sandwich. They changed it because it was probably mean to Whales and they could give you less fish for the same price.
Mega007Killer 5 hours ago
Love your videos guys, hahaha about the sandwich topic we call it in Australia as sangas, a slang for sandwiches 😁😁😁
ajr5000 6 hours ago
Sandwiches in Australia.... Sangas?
TheJMILL78 7 hours ago
They sell the Mac n Cheetos at the store
ACOG DOG 7 hours ago
Bring back snack raps McD's pls
Travis hut
Travis hut 8 hours ago
its called a sangar mate get use to it.
Refeal Thomas
Refeal Thomas 8 hours ago
You guys were suppose to cut up the burger and mix it with taco sauce
Refeal Thomas
Refeal Thomas 8 hours ago
I loved the whopperito when I was making them at Burger King 💀was my fav
BobCaveCooper 9 hours ago
i actually liked the whopperrito without tomatoes and i added BBQ sauce to make it weirdly better
flim flam
flim flam 9 hours ago
Pretty sure I saw Mac and Cheetos back last year around November/December maybe I’m just losing my mind and times passing faster than I thought
S. Jonas
S. Jonas 9 hours ago
i laughed a little too loudly at "unfortunately, concerned citizen clifford kendall has also been discontinued."
William 9 hours ago
I miss Pic N Save
NeoSilvanus 9 hours ago
they sell mac and cheetos at wal mart
Venus Ishmael
Venus Ishmael 10 hours ago
Is there a podcast/spotify version of this channel?
Big Rick
Big Rick 10 hours ago
Link going full leftist against the whopperito xD
PaniYukio 10 hours ago
Aren't U guys the people who made the OCD Song
FxckDrew 10 hours ago
Here I am just missing the stackers. I’ll never understand why the discontinued that..
Maccadamummiesboy 11 hours ago
Ruby Doobie
Ruby Doobie 11 hours ago
they have Mac n cheese tater tots at my local bk rn, reminds me a lot of Mac n Cheetos
StarChan23 11 hours ago
First, burger King still has it's long chicken sandwich, it's called an original chicken. Also we actually did add a taco kind of seasoning for the whopperito. It was decent I think. I for one do not like the Mac n cheetos, I'm a weird person, who doesn't like Cheetos or Mac n cheese lol. I remember the yumbo when I first started working at burger King. I thought it was nasty. The only sandwiches we have with ham now are the breakfast ones.
billycombo 12 hours ago
Did he call em sangers?
Hutch Reed
Hutch Reed 12 hours ago
what about the hot dogs bk had they were good
Gennaro Pietroforte
Gennaro Pietroforte 12 hours ago
Yall forgot the Angry Whopper haha I miss that the most
Mini Wolfsbane
Mini Wolfsbane 12 hours ago
Ah, Burger King: The ONLY fast food chain with a veggie burger (That you can also buy in stores, because it's just Morning Star Farms brand). They also do a good milkshake and I will forever love their fries. I'm down for this video. Can't wait until you do the Taco Bell edition, maybe with the Big Bell Beefer. (It's the most talked about discontinued item appearantly.) Edit: They sell the mac and cheetos in the stores now, from Cheetos (really Fritos inc.) and they are one of the most delicious, fattening, amazing things I've ever eaten. However, I'm a lover of both foods seperately, so of course I like them combined.
Allyn Morton
Allyn Morton 12 hours ago
Pepper Jack Cheeseburger....
Alex McDonald
Alex McDonald 12 hours ago
In Australia we call sandwiches “sangas” 😁
dylan elmore
dylan elmore 12 hours ago
7:12 haven't seen them do that in years.
Amy Schneider
Amy Schneider 12 hours ago
The burgers match Rhett's shirt.
Gordon Clark
Gordon Clark 12 hours ago
Burger King 🌮🌮 those were awesome
Mia Gabrielle
Mia Gabrielle 13 hours ago
And now I want burgers
Thomas Fox III
Thomas Fox III 13 hours ago
I worked at Burger King during the mac and Cheetos and the burritos did I miss them both they were highly liked in my area
Dan Shaw
Dan Shaw 13 hours ago
When are you going to have the Doughboys on?
Victor Madrigal
Victor Madrigal 13 hours ago
I remamberd the wappeito it was horibal
Luke Costello
Luke Costello 13 hours ago
Do a challenge where you determine what the best meal of the day actually is: Breakfast Lunch or Dinner
Axolotl 13 hours ago
Burgerking burgers are always on dry side mcd is way better
Sara Cooper
Sara Cooper 13 hours ago
I actually quite enjoyed the Yumbo sandwich. It's nice to go to a fast food place and get something other than a burger or chicken sandwich, and the only other fast food place that has a ham sandwich is Hardee's/Carl Jr.'s. Also, Burger King does have ham if you get it from their breakfast menu. For awhile, you could still get the Yumbo after it wasn't on their menu if they had ham left from breakfast.
Rafe Poucher
Rafe Poucher 14 hours ago
I had the Mac and Cheetos and I did not like them
WAR 14 hours ago
So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that they discontinued cini minis......
Terminator25720 14 hours ago
They brought back the Mac and Cheetos though. Were you not aware? I’m not trying to be mean.
Beeframenpoodle M.
Beeframenpoodle M. 14 hours ago
I live in Beaufort , SC and there’s a small restaurant called Taco Burger and one of their items is of course a taco burger so I find your taco burger shirt funny
Danielle McDonald
Danielle McDonald 14 hours ago
The macwrap was amazing!
Dyton Edwards
Dyton Edwards 14 hours ago
bring back the bk ribs!
Black Galaxy
Black Galaxy 14 hours ago
I got a Burger King as for this vid lol
Buliwyf 14 hours ago
I remember and love the Yumbo!
kenya wright
kenya wright 14 hours ago
I work at Burger King
Sixgun Sal
Sixgun Sal 14 hours ago
Put this on a shirt "Don't slurp your burger"
Natasha Carruego
Natasha Carruego 14 hours ago
Most of this stuff you can still see them in all the Burguer King's in Puerto Rico
Sydney Martin
Sydney Martin 14 hours ago
I guess i dont have any self respect...
thedeadlygamr _03
thedeadlygamr _03 15 hours ago
It has come full circle. Link is wearing a boring polo while Rhett is wearing a graphic t shirt...
Kevfactor 15 hours ago
Bk and Taco Bell used to be so good in the 90s. Now tastes like soy, can’t eat the shit
K3NPlayz 15 hours ago
ur chef cant actually make the actual discontinued burger
jordan kendall
jordan kendall 15 hours ago
whopperito was amazing, you don't know how much i miss it
Derek Sylvain
Derek Sylvain 15 hours ago
The sound tho when they eat!!
Player One
Player One 15 hours ago
We call sandwichs, sandwiches what Aussie where you talking to LoL
Joseph Hooley
Joseph Hooley 15 hours ago
It would be nice if Sonic brought back their Chipotle Southwest burrito.
Marcelo Ibarra
Marcelo Ibarra 15 hours ago
Continue dis or discontinue ?
Roger Godfrey
Roger Godfrey 15 hours ago
I can eat a cheeseburger everyday of my life so I'm loving this!
Jacobi Rode
Jacobi Rode 15 hours ago
Spicy tendercrisp forever the best!
Ni' kerk
Ni' kerk 15 hours ago
link just about sliced his fingers off on that whopperito
Randall Is Here
Randall Is Here 16 hours ago
Why did I get a Burger King add
rrfhverf 16 hours ago
Rhett eat poo poo on fwyday weirdo
LajosH90 16 hours ago
anyone else got a McDonald's ad before the video? =D
Awesome Dude
Awesome Dude 16 hours ago
Bring back the mushroom burger, or was that just a UAE thing, caz i mooved out of the uae and they dont got that burger
The Boys
The Boys 16 hours ago
Anyone else remember the crown chicken nuggets that were discontinued
Eric Russell
Eric Russell 16 hours ago
Seriously....could u try any harder?
JAY NELSON 16 hours ago
🎼Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce... Special orders don't upset us...All we ask is that you let us serve it your way! Does anyone remember that Burger King jingle? BRING BACK THE WHALER! 🐳
sanxiiidra 16 hours ago
I’m offended that you didn’t recreate the Cupcake Shake. How?!
I NEED MONEY 16 hours ago
Bring it back bring it back babyyyy
scooby25611 17 hours ago
You can actually buy Mac-N-Cheetos at walmart lol. I've had them, my siblings love them. Pretty good.
Sev Salas
Sev Salas 17 hours ago
I remember the bacon sundae from burger king when bacon was trendy, wasn't that good
Draco Incorporated
Draco Incorporated 17 hours ago
In Australia sandwiches are sometimes called sangas
Drahcir Gaming88
Drahcir Gaming88 17 hours ago
snopes is fake news, they do have to tell the truth when it doesn't matter to keep the masses unsuspecting, so good job here, but still, no credibility given
americansavege 4850
americansavege 4850 17 hours ago
My question is WHY ARE WE WATCHING THEM EAT am i the only one wanting to jump inside of my phone and into their video and steal the food well some of it
PastTense Picasso
PastTense Picasso 17 hours ago
It couldn't have been Mac miller 😞
Shito 17 hours ago
They had the Mac and Cheetos the other day ago in Georgia burger Kings
GMD1738 17 hours ago
Did anyone get a Burger King as about the phily cheese king or something like that???
Raelyna Grayston
Raelyna Grayston 17 hours ago
Link always takes the dantiest bites, it's hilarious.
Scott Hollander
Scott Hollander 17 hours ago
They broke the mac n cheetos in half, dinked half, then proceeded to eat the undinked halves... and now I don't know what to believe in anymore.
Happy Person
Happy Person 18 hours ago
I got a Burger King commercial right before this 😂
Damien Covey
Damien Covey 18 hours ago
Anyone else get an ad for burger king, as you watch?
Nickslasher XD
Nickslasher XD 18 hours ago
try mcdonalds plz
Adam Berwick
Adam Berwick 18 hours ago
The whopperito was the only thing I tried on this list, and I hated it. I was 12.
Jonathan Fortune
Jonathan Fortune 18 hours ago
Rhett’s shirt reminds me of will it taco
Funny Cover
Funny Cover 18 hours ago
Rhett overthinking it. Who doesnt like Mac in Cheese enclosed in fried cheeto dust.
Zeno jaja
Zeno jaja 18 hours ago
Lol you know americans didn't invent everything in the world? Hamburgers origin is from a german city called Hamburg. Doesn't have anything to do with ham
Carl the crusher Creel
like bakers taco burger
Nathan Lopez
Nathan Lopez 18 hours ago
The Fried Mac & Cheese is already back here in Houston Texas!
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