REBECCA ZAMOLO Christmas SWEATER Official Music Video! (Game Master Challenge)

Rebecca Zamolo
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Watch - Exploring Game Master Top Secret Escape Room House! (Mysterious Clues & Hidden Riddles Found inside) - usvid.net/video/video-KqV-PUKqDHY.html
Rebecca Zamolo Official Music Video and Lyrics for Game Master Spy 24 Hours Challenge!
▶ ITunes! goo.gl/ziQmtE
▶ Help Rebecca Zamolo and Matt solve Game Master clues! bit.ly/2S207vo
▶ ZamFam merch is here! rebeccazamolo.com
Madilyn Bailey- Vocals usvid.net/u-MadilynBailey
Kyle Hanagami- Choreography usvid.net/u-kylehanagami
Director- Ryan Parma and Matt Yoakum
Yuliana Maldonado
Hayley Fitzgerald
Lonni olson
Haley Jonae
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Dec 2, 2018

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Comments 18 599
Madilyn Bailey
Madilyn Bailey 14 days ago
Sehaj Malhy
Sehaj Malhy 3 minutes ago
Jaydon Griffin
Game master at 131 behind unbrella
Logan Hume
Logan Hume 6 hours ago
Wow! That was so good
Sonic Gaming
Sonic Gaming 6 hours ago
Madilyn Bailey your so beautiful I when you 🎶
Liz Garcia
Liz Garcia 8 hours ago
Edith Pimentel
Edith Pimentel 20 minutes ago
In 1:31 I saw the gamemaster
Ta'Niya Huff
Ta'Niya Huff 41 minute ago
The GameMaster is in the back ground watch the video and see for your self
marcos gomez
marcos gomez Hour ago
I saw the game master in 1: 32
Stacey Cook
Stacey Cook Hour ago
At 1:31 the Game Master was behind the red char
Adelina Castillo
Rebecca behind was the game master when you did the song
Haley Rossitto
I saw the game master 1:32
Keith Campbell
I saw the game master and Rebecca's face TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Lawrence
Paul Lawrence Hour ago
The game master is in the background
Gaming Sibling
Gaming Sibling 2 hours ago
Do another song
Ghazal S amini
Ghazal S amini 2 hours ago
You are so cool❤️
Gaming Sibling
Gaming Sibling 2 hours ago
Do a
itslunar_fanXoxo 2 hours ago
Wengie did one of theses
PHIFI1 - FrenchSinger
Rebecca, congrats on your video, I love it!!! 👍👍👍. I wish you every success 😊. I’ve included your clip on the playlist «Nouvelle Chanson De Noël 2018 International 🎄 (New Christmas Songs 2018 In The World) 🎅», on my channel «PHIFI1 - French Singer ». Talk to you soon. :-)
Jennie Clervil
Jennie Clervil 2 hours ago
i saw the game master at 131 in the video
Princess Ramos
Princess Ramos 3 hours ago
Did anyone else see the Game Master in the bushes the on 1:32
Iuliana Beregoi fan
I did
Princess Ramos
Princess Ramos 3 hours ago
Did anyone else see the Game Master in the bushes on 1:31
Bridget Mahlalela
Bridget Mahlalela 3 hours ago
at 2:15 i saw the GM
Aya Obeidat
Aya Obeidat 3 hours ago
The game master was behind the chair
White Diamond
White Diamond 3 hours ago
In 1:32 I saw gamemaster
Tilly's World
Tilly's World 3 hours ago
🚋🚋🎢🗼🌈🌈🌈🌉🌉🌉🌉🌈🌈🚚🚚🚚🌈🌈🌈🌈 stay ugly forever im a fan. LOVE YOU
Leah Muir
Leah Muir 3 hours ago
The GM
Nazma Akhter
Nazma Akhter 3 hours ago
Noce song but the gm was behind you
Stella Logan
Stella Logan 4 hours ago
I saw the game master at 1:31
wendy albares
wendy albares 4 hours ago
I see the gamemaster
macmaine25813 4 hours ago
I hear this song 😐
Tutu 5 Girls Forever
Vestina Stankeviciute
So cool yes or no I'm saying yes so cool
Ashley Jaxon
Ashley Jaxon 5 hours ago
Give me one like if you saw the Gm like if you agree
Sadie Sherman
Sadie Sherman 5 hours ago
look back at the video you will see the game master, if you igree hit the like butten
Aurie Healy
Aurie Healy 6 hours ago
This is lit
Ana Benedito
Ana Benedito 6 hours ago
I think project zorgo like,s yellow because in Asda there,s slime that has a 🔺.
Four Season Painting
The game Masters in your video
tristhan forteza
tristhan forteza 6 hours ago
I saw the game master on like a red he hide
Logan Hume
Logan Hume 6 hours ago
WOW! That was so good
Emerold Beya
Emerold Beya 6 hours ago
I agree
Emerold Beya
Emerold Beya 6 hours ago
This song is really good like good good
Travis Leeper
Travis Leeper 7 hours ago
The GM was behind you
Ruka Rain 6
Ruka Rain 6 7 hours ago
I know who the gm is
Najwa Roma
Najwa Roma 7 hours ago
your song is called ugly christmas sweater right?
S. Jabez Sherman Jr.
S. Jabez Sherman Jr.
Isis Lee
Isis Lee 8 hours ago
I finally caught him Beijing Santa I think 7:30
Liz Garcia
Liz Garcia 8 hours ago
Like of you sa3 the Game Master
Emma Pickett
Emma Pickett 8 hours ago
ema radzeviciute
ema radzeviciute 8 hours ago
The name is ugly Christmas sweater
Angeline Cummings
Angeline Cummings 8 hours ago
this is is now my favorite song
ema radzeviciute
ema radzeviciute 8 hours ago
The game master told you to do that song
Mubba Mevember
Mubba Mevember 8 hours ago
Norris nuts need help
Project zorgo
Project zorgo 10 hours ago
Love it
Kenny Whitworth
Kenny Whitworth 10 hours ago
I love your song I lisen to this all of the time
Carmen Prendergast
Carmen Prendergast 11 hours ago
I Love it!!!!
Mohammed Abuzar
Mohammed Abuzar 12 hours ago
Soooooooooooooo. Good
Isabella Maldonado
Isabella Maldonado 14 hours ago
Omg you guys are U-G-L-Y (cute) #stayugly
Sharon Stone Design
Sharon Stone Design 16 hours ago
1:32 I saw the GM behind the red chair like if u agree👍👍
Nancy Rico
Nancy Rico 17 hours ago
Ulgy chismes song ever
Carolina Portillo Arias
1:32 in front of rebecca
Reaksi Kpopers
Reaksi Kpopers 17 hours ago
I saw the GM
Also At 3:31 - 3:32 you can see a white thing with black around it That’s The Game Master
Molly F
Molly F 19 hours ago
It summer at Christmas where I live there’s no ugly Christmas sweaters :’(
Tierra Brown
Tierra Brown 19 hours ago
Stay U..G.L.Y
Not logic
Not logic 20 hours ago
Omg I saw him to
unicorn slimes coralyn
1:31 I saw the game master😐
Janiya Clark
Janiya Clark 20 hours ago
in 1:31 i saw the game master like if you agree
Laleet Kumar
Laleet Kumar 20 hours ago
I saw the game master and I also like the song
Ria Saunby
Ria Saunby 21 hour ago
Who saw the game master as well. Leave a like I will do a Christmas 🎄 song on my channel. (My new one )
Ria Saunby
Ria Saunby 6 hours ago
It was at 1:31 x
Dragana Milicevic
Dragana Milicevic 21 hour ago
I love you Rebecca!!! I'm not watching the gm videos BC its too scary for me.....
Jenny Isham
Jenny Isham 21 hour ago
I lov that so much
Gracie Robinson
Gracie Robinson 21 hour ago
At 1:32 the game master is in between Rebecca and the girl where the red chair is pause the vid At this time and you will see him
wilnor Orozco
wilnor Orozco 21 hour ago
rubeca zomolo gm is in the bushish
Jeokemon time!!!!
Jeokemon time!!!! 21 hour ago
The game master at 1:32 was behind the red umbrella
Vicenta Arellano
Vicenta Arellano 21 hour ago
Who are you on team Rudolph or team Santa
Keita Ross
Keita Ross 22 hours ago
1.32 is the gamester face
Victoria Gilbert
Victoria Gilbert 22 hours ago
You put a lot of work in this song Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leila’s Life
Leila’s Life 22 hours ago
Gm:*pops head up* Me:*doesent realise* Me:*looks at comment and it say gm is on vid* Me:*replays song* Gm:*pops head up* Me:OMGGGGG REBECCA SAID GM WASNT THERE,HOW DARE HE
Billy Wilson
Billy Wilson 22 hours ago
Linda s lifetime Angel
In Australia where I live Christmas is summer
nlcola arnott
nlcola arnott 23 hours ago
I love your music vid and your the best youtuber rebecca ☺☺☺☺
Jenny Edmond
Jenny Edmond 23 hours ago
Your fantastic 👍🥳🤩🥰😍😘
Armando Gutierrez
I. Love. it. 😍🐕🌹💝⛲
Armando Gutierrez
I. Love. it
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl Day ago
I saw the game master at 1:32
viina poissid
Barakah_bff Day ago
I saw the game master
Sonic Gaming
Sonic Gaming Day ago
At 1:31 I saw the game master was opting his head out behind the red thing
Brooke Ferguson
I saw the game master at 1:31 Like if you saw him/her🤔🤔🤷‍♀️
Malgorzata Dziechciarz
I see him
Kari Denney
Kari Denney Day ago
You are the best I love that song to you did a really good job Rebecca I really hope we can meet
Skylar Daley
Skylar Daley Day ago
1:31 I see the game master and good job on your new song
Kristen Watson
Mariaflores1583 Floresmaria
The game master was spying on you
niceChannel Day ago
Where is the game master
Lorelei Lopez
Why w o l d u say ugly
Jesusa Rosado
I love you
Camila Corona
forfeit the game on Thursday
Yusra Rahemi
Yusra Rahemi Day ago
Hey the people say that they song the gm
Joe Salgado
Joe Salgado Day ago
This is so cringy tbh
Jose Rodriguez
I saw the game master. Like if you agree
Roxanna Hernandez
1:32 I saw the game master like if you saw him
Amandeep Kaler
Project Zorgo is want waching
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