Real vs Candy Cane Challenge // Clam-Flavored Candy Canes?!

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The Vat19 crew is back with another Real vs Food Challenge! This time it's crazy flavors of candy canes.
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Dec 1, 2018





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Comments 1 532
Inky Ortiz
Inky Ortiz 53 seconds ago
Me watching you eat gross food almost made me throw up
Nico Marly
Nico Marly 33 minutes ago
Sapphire Fox
Sapphire Fox 2 hours ago
pro xccv
pro xccv 4 hours ago
I'm 8 and a like tuna
dylan koenig-dent
dylan koenig-dent 16 hours ago
Makes it actually pepper
Tini Cini
Tini Cini 18 hours ago
Why does everybody hate pickles... They are so good
Ludwig609 Hohoho
Ludwig609 Hohoho 21 hour ago
How do they hate PICKLES
John Aranda
John Aranda 23 hours ago
joey is getting old
Adam Jurassic world
Sorry I am late and new one yes
Mothy Boii
Mothy Boii Day ago
There was a boy in my class that kept on telling girl *if I give you a Nickel will you tickle my pickle*
Andreas Falk
Andreas Falk Day ago
make worlds largest swedish fish like if u agree
Levi Ackerman
I would eat orange chicken
Matt Animates
You're back on relevance? You're in my recommendation section
Cathy Aw
Cathy Aw Day ago
I like the girl that is dannys partner because her acennt cuz it sounds familiar
Breia Smith
Breia Smith Day ago
I giggled when he called a clam an ocean rock.. 😂 That was hilarious to me.
Mk Kids808
Mk Kids808 Day ago
Watch my channel
Killer Boy
Killer Boy Day ago
THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1. say your name ten times. 2. say your mum's name five times. 3. say your crush's name three times 4. send this to 15 ppl If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday. But if you read this and ignore it, then you will have very bad luck SEND THIS TO 15 PPL IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOU'RE DONE PRESS THE SPACE BAR AND YOUR CRUSH'S NAME WILL APPEAR
T-Series Day ago
3:09 poor girl
Ashleigh Glassberg
Inspired by good mythical morning*
April Kelly
April Kelly Day ago
I am eating a pickle as I'm watching this... 1 like 1 pickle saved
Mr.Doge-a-lot 1
Oh god What these people go through
sonic Day ago
Vat19 doooooot coom.
Em Cantu
Em Cantu Day ago
This video reminded me that i bought peppermint oreos :)
Mckenna Vogelmeier
This one is supper picklely!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
In All Fandoms
*I like pickles*
Ardaninho 2 days ago
*vat19 merch is here*
Eva Meshka
Eva Meshka 2 days ago
I can't watch anymore I actually puked....Sorry.
Bastian29c 2 days ago
Clam and pickle with salt pepper that sound good
Hala Alawadhi
Hala Alawadhi 2 days ago
This is RIGGED
*clams and pickles*
Jessica guo
Jessica guo 2 days ago
I'm just wondering how clam candy canes came to be
Luis Ramirez
Luis Ramirez 2 days ago
V. I V.
FaZe ToXiC
FaZe ToXiC 2 days ago
Sly Smilin Cat
Sly Smilin Cat 2 days ago
Their Faces Would Be Priceless
Sly Smilin Cat
Sly Smilin Cat 2 days ago
Lmao Clam Flavord Candy canes give em to the bad kids lol
Lucas Murray
Lucas Murray 2 days ago
Of course pickle and root beer the two sweet and savory things that just don’t mix
Amaya Mahjabeen
Amaya Mahjabeen 2 days ago
YES!!! Vat19 is still on!
Reina Arana
Reina Arana 2 days ago
Devin delaOsa
Devin delaOsa 2 days ago
I like pickles
Dpr Xoxo
Dpr Xoxo 2 days ago
“These are both suck”
flames alberto
flames alberto 2 days ago
Hello 👋 Read more
lexu Pexu
lexu Pexu 2 days ago
What is the song at 4:32 ?
Kuba Z
Kuba Z 2 days ago
2:57 yum, yum, yum
CK Madden
CK Madden 2 days ago
Who else is eating a candy cane while watching this video?
Crich 64
Crich 64 3 days ago
In sweden they call that red peppermint to polkagris And I LOVE polkagris
Worst luck In world
Oh it’s only 12 days until Christmas YAY!!!!
Alecc 3 days ago
Electricity + shirt = fire do your maths!
Gacha Grace
Gacha Grace 3 days ago
I have a orange syurped chicken before It kinda ......
ıllıllı [ кажется ] ıllıllı
Pixel Litten
Pixel Litten 3 days ago
How do you guys make these like custom flavored jellybeans candy canes
XxMuraPlayzxX 3 days ago
I would honestly love the pickle and root beer. I LOVE PICKLES!!!!!
Remington Besson
Remington Besson 3 days ago
Why don't you make a peppermint Oreo candy cane I would love that
Chloe B :D
Chloe B :D 3 days ago
At 4:59 he sounds like a Minecraft villager!
donetria smith
donetria smith 3 days ago
y do tha make such wierd flavors of candy canes
Random Schleich Collecter
5:01 it got super fizzy like your pickle Officially dying right now 😂😂😂😂🤣
Ane Klopper
Ane Klopper 3 days ago
At school they were selling hundreds of warhead candy canes, they were so sour
Memes_ Playz
Memes_ Playz 3 days ago
2:00 _nice way to hit on a women ay?_
So funny
Jackson Henry Channel
Did you here that it’s super picklely
Olivia Billard
Olivia Billard 3 days ago
Omg 3:05 was so funny lol
palmchika13 Mary charry
Omg Joey got OLD
Liam Nixon
Liam Nixon 3 days ago
Joanna Elizabeth
Joanna Elizabeth 3 days ago
Omg So like my brother TOLD MY CRUSH I like him and now my Crush Keeps looking at me!!!! I Just had to tell on this video
Rhibear Stuff
Rhibear Stuff 3 days ago
Intense cringe incoming. *warning* (yeh this is no longer a show for youngns.)
Roblox Guy
Roblox Guy 3 days ago
Ryan Buster
Ryan Buster 3 days ago
That 19 dot com.
Patrick Ready
Patrick Ready 3 days ago
Patrick Ready
Patrick Ready 3 days ago
yay ugly sweater day
Nerd pig
Nerd pig 3 days ago
I'll give you a nickle if you tickle My pickle
hi guys
hi guys 3 days ago
5:43 cinamac and chees
Leo Appelbridge
Leo Appelbridge 4 days ago
lol Idk why but I'm getting triggered
Rudi Lewis
Rudi Lewis 4 days ago
Vat19 scammed me on there mystery box 📦🤬😡🤬😡
Jayla plays robloxs The union
❣️❣️❣️❣️Lola & Joshv
Jayla plays robloxs The union
That Quirky Artist
gaming girls 345
gaming girls 345 4 days ago
Yuck the first one (why am i watching this when i throw up 😭 it hurts bad there was blood in it it probably my wiggly tooth )
Gacha Polaris / c : vivi /
When I ate a candy cane in school it was minty mint :3
Valerie Mangundjaja
Pratiksha Patel
Pratiksha Patel 4 days ago
I bought you gummy worm and bears for early Christmas.
Amsyar aderiah
Amsyar aderiah 4 days ago
Make it episode 2
wolf pack
wolf pack 4 days ago
I feel like they have something agents pickles lol
Hannah Jais
Hannah Jais 4 days ago
Part 2 pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Toolz Tommy
Toolz Tommy 4 days ago
All I’m thinking about is how they made the candy canes?
gatchia vids
gatchia vids 4 days ago
Ok so I HATE ALL candy canes
Flamango 4 days ago
pickles are the best
Alex Newson
Alex Newson 4 days ago
Wow, HUGE chalenge
GB MintBunnies
GB MintBunnies 4 days ago
3:10 YOU GUYS ATE MY DOG!!!!!! AND 4:34 !
gamer 101
gamer 101 4 days ago
I am getting hungry
SilviaPlayz 4 days ago
I was thinking of food all the time
Austin Casko
Austin Casko 4 days ago
Lol what’s funny is that 8m doing a text about Mac and cheese candy canes
Jasmine Basra
Jasmine Basra 4 days ago
When Eric said my shirt is very loud my volume went silent
Kristina Phu
Kristina Phu 4 days ago
Why don't you guys do another real vs candy cane challenge
Said Alakbarli
Said Alakbarli 4 days ago
Why are you against pickles they are delicious
Vienna - Roblox & more!
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It’z Stuff
It’z Stuff 4 days ago
I am a clam and I found this offensive..
Pia No
Pia No 5 days ago
Christmas is my favorite holiday because everywhere is Christmas and 👍🏻 👍🏻 nice🛒
FIRERY BLAZE 5 days ago
3:58 that’s just fake wow var19 not cool edit all is fake don’t sub
Vienna - Roblox & more!
Bruh ur a fake WDYM ur so stupid
xxXGymtortion Xxx
Nobody sub to firery blaze
CLOROX BLEACH 4 days ago
What do you mean it’s fake ?
LeonVIPPER 5 days ago
you are dumb
sam xD
sam xD 5 days ago
Song when they got cinnamon and mac and cheese
Emily Lerch
Emily Lerch 5 days ago
Why would someone make a clam candy cane?
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