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Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
Thanks to Kingsford for sponsoring this video!
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We’re pumped it’s officially BBQ season! Try these trick shots while you’re hanging out & grilling this weekend. Thanks Kingsford!
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May 25, 2017




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Comments 89 823
Moh The legnd
Moh The legnd 8 hours ago
my first video y see it in this chanell
Sean Gasiorowski
Sean Gasiorowski 9 hours ago
Cody clean up the best
Joseph Marchant
Joseph Marchant 11 hours ago
go to 3:04 and look where tge fourth spoon landed
Cynical 16 hours ago
These guys closet is bigger than my room
C Stu
C Stu 17 hours ago
Anybody else with ocd see pandas book flip
Lautaro Leis
Lautaro Leis 19 hours ago
Soy el unico que se dio cuenta que la alarma se rompio? 3:20
tmsx Xavier
tmsx Xavier 20 hours ago
jacob featherston
jacob featherston 22 hours ago
at 48 seconds people in america would be like cool people in australia dont ever do that again
kendall squire
kendall squire 23 hours ago
I'm sure panda is Tim
Chaunda Miller
Coaster shot and closet shot
LuKaS 7776 H
LuKaS 7776 H Day ago
Legend has it he’s still not using a coaster
Kk Cc
Kk Cc Day ago
3:48 HAX
SD: i am
SD: i am Day ago
3:57 never seen paper bounces that far its impossible ,its not a tennis ball
Lando the Wizard
The fire One was dangerous
Michael Prieto Kivle
How do they do it plz make a vid about how you do it plz
Hako channel
Hako channel Day ago
I like the home it's so beautiful
Relaxation sounds
Buen video👍
ManchesterCityFan2020 Forever
2:07 the way Cody said pen shot
ManchesterCityFan2020 Forever
0:24 Coby left out
kishun saw
kishun saw Day ago
This is part of positive attitude
fingamers Day ago
I guess life is Soo eaazy to DP Bros 🔥❤️😂
Roy McAvoy
Roy McAvoy 2 days ago
Tyler is hacking
Meme. mp3
Meme. mp3 2 days ago
2:47 says respect your hat *procceds to throw hat*
Gavin Connor
Gavin Connor 2 days ago
Did anyone else see the fork fall from the door of the dishwasher when he closed it?
Kevin Holman
Kevin Holman 2 days ago
Nice. Next up we have The Belt (2:36) Me: *that makes me think*
James Rothwell
James Rothwell 2 days ago
That's cool real life trick Shots
Maria celeste Blasco
I Like Your vídeos my From is in Argentina
Charlie Layton-Smith
1:24 couldn’t even be bothered to take out the fork from a failed attempt
Szabolcs Csontos
Szabolcs Csontos 2 days ago
izhaki gg
izhaki gg 2 days ago
Im from isreal plz give me sub
Shruti Prakash
Shruti Prakash 2 days ago
When you will make real life trick shot 4
Suzi Lynn-Pedersen
Imimimimimimimi im Ok
Toon villa
Toon villa 2 days ago
U are supercool bro
art CZ
art CZ 2 days ago
VIRAL S 2 days ago
Stop screaming every time your idiots
Pnutkids Channel
Pnutkids Channel 3 days ago
Cody’s reaction 😦 3:36
Pnutkids Channel
Pnutkids Channel 3 days ago
Cody was waiting so long for that lid to close
Liam Straus
Liam Straus 3 days ago
4:36 *creepy noises*
jep lim
jep lim 3 days ago
Lol Easy that Click the 30 likes
Rolijdn Benemin
Rolijdn Benemin 3 days ago
🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 of the day before that I CSF anddf people who have
Roy McAvoy
Roy McAvoy 3 days ago
Like the video if you’re watching in 2020
Andrew McCune
Andrew McCune 3 days ago
Playback speed 0.25 is the equivalent of a demon attempting to sing
Malik Zamora
Malik Zamora 3 days ago
0:53 If he missed,we would all be in danger.
Dionisia xristopoulou
Chantal W
Chantal W 3 days ago
The fire
DogeMemeYT 3 days ago
Is Ty hacking? 3:47
Ethan-a-a-c 112
Ethan-a-a-c 112 3 days ago
Yo that's how the Australia. Wildfires started somebody missed
Pranav Bansal
Pranav Bansal 3 days ago
Face reveal for panda
Breanna Jazowski
Breanna Jazowski 3 days ago
Bryan Salinas
Bryan Salinas 3 days ago
0:48 Cory has a hose just in case Tyler missed
Abikazam 3 days ago
0:46 4:12 pls no bloopers
fabian zanzibar
fabian zanzibar 3 days ago
Alex FCZ
Alex FCZ 3 days ago
Ava Ryno
Ava Ryno 3 days ago
I can’t believe my eyes
The one Everyone hates
Iike if you think they should only show the vids they hit first try
Emily Liu
Emily Liu 4 days ago
Noah Karabelas
Noah Karabelas 4 days ago
Do some more tricks put me on a shout out to please
Latestツ 4 days ago
1:27 2:18 3:48
ENTITY 1012 4 days ago
These guys would be deadly archers
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