Real Lawyer Reacts to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - McPoyle v. Ponderosa (Bird Law!)

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Charlie, Dennis, Mac, and Frank get involved with Bill Ponderosa, a defendant in a civil suit for putting bath salts in the milk at Liam McPoyle’s wedding to his sister Maureen. Liam McPoyle teams up with The Lawyer to sue Bill Ponderosa for his lost eye; old grievances resurface. At the climax, Charlie tries to cross examine Royal McPoyle, the McPoyle family’s bloodthirsty pet Pocono Swallow. Uncle Jack. The Lawyer. Bill and Maureen Ponderosa. The entire McPoyle clan. Bird law. McPoyle vs. Ponderosa: THE TRIAL OF THE CENTURY
Stay until the end for my Legal Realism Grade!
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I’m sorry, sir, but I am the best bird lawyer in the world.
I get asked a lot about whether being a practicing attorney is like being a lawyer on TV. I love watching legal movies and courtroom dramas. It's one of the reasons I decided to become a lawyer. But sometimes they make me want to pull my hair out because they are ridiculous. Today I'm taking a break from teaching law students how to crush law school to take on lawyers in the movies and on TV. While all legal movies and shows take dramatic license to make things more interesting (nobody wants to see hundreds of hours of brief writing), many of them have a grain of truth.
This is part of a continuing series of "Lawyer Reaction" videos. Got a legal movie or TV show you'd like me to critique? Let me know in the comments!
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Comments 100
Koy M
Koy M 11 hours ago
Objection, bird law in this country is not governed by reason. Pow.
Herbert Day ago
Uncle Jack's very masculine non molestey hands.
joshua Pannell
OBJECTION!!! Pidgeons create their own milk that they feed their young with. They are 1 of 3 bird species who can create and consume milk.
El-ahrairah Day ago
Fun fact. Pappy McPoyle (the guy with the bird under his hat) is played by Guillermo del Toro
Jasmine D.
Jasmine D. Day ago
i thought this was the lawyer from the show doing a reaction video
SkyHighGam3r Day ago
I don't think this guy quite 'got' that the requests for this were a total joke and no one wanted him to really break down the episode this thoroughly hahaha.
Sal Guizar
Sal Guizar 2 days ago
This is extremely painful to watch because this guy knows nothing about It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Sanjuro 2 days ago
Always sunny not accurate, who knew LOL
manifestgtr 2 days ago
You know when someone says “yeah, I get it...thanks for explaining the joke”? I feel like this entire video is one big “explaining the joke” hahaha
Chris Goodwin
Chris Goodwin 3 days ago
he thinks his hands are little
Jacob Wren
Jacob Wren 3 days ago
My entire life I've always wondered why people partake with immense delight in making jokes about the unfortunate demise of lawyers. Then I watched this.
LordHollow 3 days ago
This is absolute comedy gold. Applying real-world lawyer logic to TV cour episodes results in pure magic. Thank you.
Zack WithaK
Zack WithaK 4 days ago
How beautiful is it that an episode of Always Sunny gets the first F in legal realism ever?
Jake Holland
Jake Holland 4 days ago
Objection The bird law stuff Charlie rattles on about originates in earlier seasons. I’m going straight off of memory here but the first time I can remember bird law coming up is when Charlie challenged the petitioners lawyers in a duel. The Mcpoyles lawyer is a reoccurring character and they kind of made an entire episode.
Hag SIN 4 days ago
Objection: You MUST do the "Law Abiding Citizen" court scene
Dickhead Records
Dickhead Records 4 days ago
This guy is clearly not an expert in Bird Law.. I mean, filibuster.
Reyvan Taunt
Reyvan Taunt 4 days ago
@LegalEagle the reason for the giant hands, is because the character has a history of being insecure about his small hands, cuz he feels inferior shaking other lawyers' hands. He's basically certain that the size of his hands may affect his success as a lawyer by intimidating others....of course he looks ridiculous
Kristopher Wark
Kristopher Wark 4 days ago
Do the epsiode where they have to pay for parking tickets because they wore locked in the hotel basement.
kerry Bergeron
kerry Bergeron 4 days ago
I object those books in the background look dusty. U need to read them
Sean Parker
Sean Parker 5 days ago
Could you do how I met your mother Marshal’s case...
alexan cinar
alexan cinar 5 days ago
this guy got shoved into lockers as a kid
Preston Cox
Preston Cox 5 days ago
Emily H
Emily H 5 days ago
Can you do Chicago the movie?
marzy 6 days ago
You totally besmirched him and he demands satisfaction.
Artificial Idiocy
Null Void
Null Void 7 days ago
You're lame no one cares
Null Void
Null Void 7 days ago
Boring... shut up
Null Void
Null Void 7 days ago
Knutt 7 days ago
Is that Carl Winslow?
Sean Cunningham
Sean Cunningham 7 days ago
Okay, well...filibuster
Michael Goad
Michael Goad 7 days ago
Tectonic Tokes
Tectonic Tokes 7 days ago
"Hero or Hate Crime" is the next episode you should do please!
toughluck8012 8 days ago
Didn't even cover the scene where the hand flew off 🙄 how am I supposed to know how legally accurate that scene was
fochey 8 days ago
Suggestions: Lincoln Lawyer Goliath (season 1) The Judge
Ethan Bivens
Ethan Bivens 9 days ago
Review law abiding citizen
gypsylee333 9 days ago
Objection, bird law originated way before this episode, it started when they discuss if it's legal to own a hummingbird as a pet, and is brought up in many episodes, truly not a real fan
sergioavila2720 10 days ago
You have to be familiar with the show to know where the hands come from
j. nels
j. nels 10 days ago
I can't be the only person that doesn't actually find this show to be funny.
Robert Gregory
Robert Gregory 11 days ago
I think F grade I give it D because of the Judge
Robert Gregory
Robert Gregory 11 days ago
Nicholas Castillo
Nicholas Castillo 11 days ago
Technically he never introduced himself as a lawyer
youshouldveknown 12 days ago
Bird Law doesn't originate in this episode. Its mentioned at least once before
Angry Alan Rants
Angry Alan Rants 12 days ago
It definitely didn’t originate here. It’s part of Charlie’s character haha
Aspiring Marauder
Aspiring Marauder 12 days ago
Bold of you to assume the gang of criminal psychopaths represented by their bar's creepy janitor and his paedophilic uncle are in any way prepared for a legitimate court case.
Jerimiah Brown
Jerimiah Brown 12 days ago
Objection! This guy looks like Jim Halpert!
Jonathan Puett
Jonathan Puett 12 days ago
Bird law definitely not originated in this episode. Maybe 4 or 5 seasons ago
Dayman 12 days ago
He obviously doesn’t watch the show
Jacob Muirhead
Jacob Muirhead 12 days ago
Objection!.... Umm; well. Bird law
Susanne Klickerklacker
Wow! You really love your job! Good for you.
Mac Mac Mac Mac
Mac Mac Mac Mac 13 days ago
F for Funny. Bird law is real.
100,000 Subs, No Content
I have never seen this man clean shaven, nor bearded. He always looks like a guy who forgot to shave on monday morning. It fascinates me.
L. Ron Hoyabembe
L. Ron Hoyabembe 2 days ago
Pretty common
Paul Moore
Paul Moore 13 days ago
The only person who is really trained in bird law is Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law
Red Reaper666
Red Reaper666 14 days ago
If you only knew the whole series, literally all of this shouldn't be happening, as due to many of their antics, each main character would be in the prison system for numerous crimes prior to this. Dennis definitely.. at the very least. They'd all be incarcerated and whatever reason they're there would not exist.
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis 14 days ago
A five star episode
Monk Kenyon
Monk Kenyon 14 days ago
Objection! What is on the right side of your face?? Is it white hair or what??
Monk Kenyon
Monk Kenyon 14 days ago
The judge is the dad from familiy matters.
Monk Kenyon
Monk Kenyon 14 days ago
Objection! If you bring drugs to court because you know you're going to prison, it's justified and you'll be ok, just don't bring more than your initial use and happy hunting. (Just kidding)
celtlen 16 days ago
I'd like to see your reaction to and discussion of the movie Philadelphia. Outstanding channel, btw.
naryshev 16 days ago
Ever thought about doing the Lincoln lawyer?
Peppita Chips
Peppita Chips 17 days ago
This guy is lame
thatreally9dmy11 all
Bird law originated when Frank bought a house to flip
J. C. B. of the USA
Its not meant to be real, it parodies the absurdity of our courts Buzz kill
Enrique Alvarado
Enrique Alvarado 18 days ago
This show is so ridiculous I love it
Enrique Alvarado
Enrique Alvarado 18 days ago
How dare this so called "lawyer" question Charlie. Everyone knows bird law is a thing
Riley Rush
Riley Rush 19 days ago
Can you do the scene from liar liar the final court scene
Daniel Kerber
Daniel Kerber 21 day ago
Do South Park Chef Trial!
Foshu Fosuki
Foshu Fosuki 21 day ago
OBJECTION!!! While I recognise bird lawyers are definitely not qualified to perform mental and physical examinations on witnesses in GENERAL, in the case of mr McPoyle it's obviously appropriate because THERE'S A BIRD ON HIS HEAD. Clear cut bird on head situation!
AFTERBURNER 22 days ago
You mean this was not an accurate depiction of a trial? Say it isn’t so.
Itsa Games
Itsa Games 22 days ago
Bird law didnt start in this episode
KingdomOfPickles 23 days ago
Objection Charlie knows a lot about the law and various other lawyerings
Ryan Epley
Ryan Epley 23 days ago
Dude looks like an actor
Emb_Review 23 days ago
Where did the Cereal Defense episode go?
urafaget 17 days ago
I came to the channel looking for it, apparently was claimed because lol copyright.
Chris Young
Chris Young 24 days ago
Bird law didn't start here Charlie talks about it all the time but this is the first time he has an opportunity to apply his breadth of knowledge.
ericka 24 days ago
HERO OR HATE CRIME PLEAAAAAAASE!!!! Such an interesting arbitrated debate about posession
Troy Arledge
Troy Arledge 25 days ago
Thumbs down this video due to lack of bird law knowledge. To think these are the real lawyers representing parties in real cases today is truly scary
philosopher IQ
philosopher IQ 25 days ago
Do a review to the movie find me guilty
linda i’m not listening
this guy doesn’t understand that there are no rules in bird law
Naomi King
Naomi King 25 days ago
Agreed......straight foolishness smh
ДЖон Леннон
братан, у тебя какое то пятно на ебале
Ken Cole
Ken Cole 26 days ago
Suggestion for another movie to check out, The People VS. Larry Flynt
Brian Seiler
Brian Seiler 26 days ago
For serious - did nobody explain the premise of the show to you or are you just a good actor? Because you have definitely landed on the premise. Everybody who ever recurs on this show is the worst person. The main cast are the extra worst, but anybody else who's been on the show more than once is equally the worst, so given that they got literally everything wrong, I think that's pretty high praise. The parts where they violated procedure that would be enforced, even if a bored judge decided to hear the idiots out for a larf - that's maybe not so great (GET OUT OF THE WELL - and that would have been a decent joke to go back to, as the idiots in the regular cast keep trying to enter the well on reflex - because they think that lawyering is an episode of Perry Mason they each saw a different half of while on some kind of shared bender - and keep getting tackled, so I'm kind of disappointed about that one), but I suspect that Glenn and Charlie would wear their complete failure to do anything even remotely right as a badge of honor. But yes - one of the frequent jokes the show goes back to is putting its gaggle of idiots in front of an approximation of a real human person and letting the human person serve as a counterpoint to reflect how stupid and wrong they are. Mr. Winslow should probably have smothered the whole thing in the cradle, but then there wouldn't be an episode, so....meh.
based shark
based shark 26 days ago
i really liked the footage of the secretary bird stomping the cobra
Anthony R.
Anthony R. 27 days ago
You should have done "The World Series Defense." It's a little cleaner and more fun-ly stupid.
Jacob Charlton
Jacob Charlton 27 days ago
The hands are because he has small hands and is very self conscious about them,
Throw Away
Throw Away 27 days ago
First instance of bird law in IASIP usvid.net/video/video-o43C1kufMaM.html
fresh fruit
fresh fruit 27 days ago
You should do a few good men and the devils advocate
LordToast 27 days ago
"I'll allow it," is the center square in court fiction bingo.
J Spence
J Spence 27 days ago
nerd lawyer is a nerd
Batman 27 days ago
I love this show
cdhstarz 27 days ago
Objection!...what happened to the video about the cereal defense? Motion to get it put back on the channel!
Lord Swine
Lord Swine 27 days ago
Let's see u go toe to toe with Charlie in bird law n let's see who comes out there victor? (I know someone probly commented that already, but I'm too lazy to read the comments).
joshua Pannell
joshua Pannell 28 days ago
This is deffinetly my favorite court hearing ever xD
Dave Redacted
Dave Redacted 28 days ago
5:44 He's not wrong. Even a little.
Frank Moussette
Frank Moussette 28 days ago
What happened to the cereal defense vid?
Mike McDonagh
Mike McDonagh 28 days ago
Objection! I love your posts. Thanks for doing My Cousin Vinny.
Neko91485 28 days ago
Objection, filibuster...
MKayJay 28 days ago
Objection: Charlie’s intention in calling, the ornithologist is not as expert witness but as interpreter to Royal (the intended witness). The flurry of credentials is to establish that he is qualified to interpret on a bird’s behalf, and his opinions are not the testimony sought.
John Smith
John Smith 28 days ago
Charlie is an expert in "bird law". I love his attorney uncle Jack who hates having small hands.
Cody Christians
Cody Christians 28 days ago
This guy obviously knows nothing about bird law.
Steel Umbrella Co
Steel Umbrella Co 28 days ago
Objection, I think I’ve made myself perfectly redundant
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