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Welcome back to another Doctor Reacts Series Episode! I listened to you in the poll I created last week and watched the popular series Untold Stories of the ER. This was a much different doctor reacts video from medical drama review because its told by actual doctors and there's MUCH fewer inaccuracies or discrepancies to point out. I wanted to watch the first episode of season one but I couldn't find it streaming anywhere, so I watched the first episode of season 5.
Please comment down below if you want more of this show or comment which show you want next! Also, turn on the notification bell to "ALL" alerts so that you can be notified when I drop the good stuff =]
Check out the show here: usvid.net/group/EL00J1lDEUQbavKIkU9XQPRg
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Untold Stories of The ER / Real Doctor Reacts to Untold Stories of the ER . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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Sep 22, 2019




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Comments 3 406
Phillip Kunze
Phillip Kunze 3 hours ago
do more of theses my sister who is studying to be a Cardiovascular doctor and she has learnt a lot from your videos
Delaney Morgan
Delaney Morgan 5 hours ago
Just thought you should know, they passed a law in Illinois that insurance companies have to provide coverage for epipens for children under 18! (I read this article a few months back, not sure if anything has changed)
Nicolas Prater
Nicolas Prater 7 hours ago
4:32 watch his right boob muscle... you’re welcome 😂
Artwithcaitlin 7 hours ago
There’s a scene in Nancy drew where a girl is choking and suffocating and Nancy does a makeshift air tube, but I think that would let infection set in really quickly because it was like a pen tube and that’s not sanitary
Vladimir Shtein
Vladimir Shtein 9 hours ago
As a Paramedic - got to see 2 thoracotomys in the trauma room. In case of an asystole it's a reasonable move. Preformed in trauma room.
Jonrael James
Jonrael James 10 hours ago
I love that you said you get mad when epi pens cost to much for someone to afford....this is our familys life everyday i pay for my sons but cant afford my own
Avatre100 11 hours ago
I'm sorry did I here scrub line? Broooo!!! I'm a first year nursing student. I don't even need scrubs yet but I'm gonna fricken buy all of them
Cool Rat Playing Piano
Omg I remember watching this one
Kenya Flippin
Kenya Flippin 15 hours ago
Plzzzzzz do Doc Mcstuffins!!!
Jenny Shull
Jenny Shull 15 hours ago
Someone I know knows someone that is allergic to milk particles and can’t be anywhere where there is milk. Or something like that. How do Doctors know if an allergic reaction could be fatal? When someone says they have an allergic reaction that could be be fatal I wonder how that would be possible especially if they haven’t experienced a fatal allergic reaction especially if the allergic reaction is taken care of immediately or as soon as possible.
Mythical Unicorn
Mythical Unicorn 16 hours ago
Somebody is going to make a shirt that says: "Chest Compressions, Chest Compressions, Chest Compressions. Doctor Mike"
Ania Reusuki
Ania Reusuki 18 hours ago
I cant afford anything for my allergic reactions to strawberries i am gun big die XD
ClockworkItzy X
ClockworkItzy X 21 hour ago
As a former interpreter, I can tell you that it is legal to have an outsider interpret for the patient as long as the patient signs a form allowing an outsider to interpret for them. BUT you would be surprised by how rare they make patients sign those forms, aka they allow it without any legal backup. The reason of what they do this is because phone interpreters take forever to pick up and most of the time the slang isnt the same for the person and interpreter so it makes it easier for the patient to have someone they completely understand, that way they can't miss any information.
Gizem Akkus
Gizem Akkus 23 hours ago
Doctor Mike should react to the First Aid scene from Fire Drill episode of The Office
William Buchanan
Me: "Dang i feel sick today" Dr Mike:"ITS BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T DO CHEST COMPRESSIONS!"
William Buchanan
someone should replace the "Ooka Chaka Ooka Chaka" section of "Hooked on a feeling" with "Chest compressions, chest compressions"
Funny Fox
Funny Fox Day ago
Random story: There was this guy I knew that had a serious peanut allergy since birth, so had never tried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. So naturally, he calls 911, eats the Peanut Butter Cup and stabs his EpiPen in. (Yes, I realize it was dumb)
Seolhyun Ari
Seolhyun Ari Day ago
Istg I wanna throw up just seeing that and I want to be a medical student :(((
Dwight Schrute
Is that you or are the buttons sweating ?
Casey H
Casey H Day ago
Nobody ever dies on that show. Which, yay survival, but you always know that the person is going to live.
gabriela ortega
I've learned so much from this channel I mean maybe is cuz I just love hearing him talk it would be hard not to listen.💜
Anika_The _Human
You should make this a series reacting to we video’s
Cupcake Cas
Cupcake Cas Day ago
Question: if I have any product that has raw (due to an enzime in it that, when cooked gets broken down) pineapple in it I run the risk of my throat/toung starting to swell up and stinging and burning like there are tons of needles down my throat and and it gets very hard to breath and I start gasping for breath and get dizzy untill I chug about half a gallon with water to wash my throat out. Is this cause to get an epipin (like if I cant get to water) or just medication?
michelesw1 Day ago
Thank you for acknowledging that medicine is as much an art as it is a science!
Ha! I remember watching that episode. the other story with the kid missing his arm was wild. I would have loved to see Dr. Mike's reaction to it.
Flavioska Day ago
I think you should give medicine lessons!!! I love learning through your video :)
Melissa 2 days ago
“Please carry your epipen and make sure it’s not expired” I forgot my epipen at my parent’s house when I moved out 😔
B M-K 2 days ago
5:14 That’s why those videos about doing things at three am were popular. 3am 4am is witching hour. Proof right here.
Grace Winchester-Baggins
My friend has allergies to a lot of allergies to food that can be snuck into lots of random foods. He doesn’t have an eppi pen because of the price and it makes me very nervous.
BIZARRE BOSS 2 days ago
“Hey doctor Mike, I stubbed my toe.” “Chest compressions” “It’s my toe...” “Chest compressions!” “It doesn’t even hurt anymore...” “CHEST COMPRESSIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Brianna Rose
Brianna Rose 2 days ago
Hannah Freeborn
Hannah Freeborn 2 days ago
Please do this with the I Didnt Know I Was Pregnant show!!!😂
Mono Dramatic
Mono Dramatic 2 days ago
Dayum that right boob flex 😍🙈 4:32
Dead Beat PG3D
Dead Beat PG3D 2 days ago
My mom speaks Greek and I can understand her but I don’t speak it. But I do speak French!
The Lonely Dragon
No one: Doctor Mike: *frick'n gET HiM NaKEd*
Call me Your Dai5y
0:46 I'd also like to tack on: relatives of doctors also like sharing doctor stories. I'm constantly retelling the stories I hear from my cousin. Plus a couple of things I've seen when going to the hospital.
Kvell Salvana
Kvell Salvana 3 days ago
*cHesT cOmPreSsIoNs*
Jessica Gurchiek
Jessica Gurchiek 3 days ago
I was just involved in a thoracotomy in my ER! It was amazing!!
SomethingCool 3 days ago
2:34 omfg the frame he paused on tho 😂😂
Adriel gonzalez
Adriel gonzalez 3 days ago
You have a scrub line. I have a friend in med and i want to get her something with your face or whatever you sale
Cloe Piette
Cloe Piette 3 days ago
Do doctors still wear scrubs???
Torn 3 days ago
Just a question out of clarification, wouldn't fluids lower pressure if the blood pressure is dropping? like dilution of what the blood carries? or is it because there is more fluid its going to create more pressure in the circulatory?
Riley Kate
Riley Kate 3 days ago
How long does it take to become an anesthesiologist
Sami Nace
Sami Nace Day ago
Riley Kate Anesthesiologists typically need a bachelor’s degree, a degree from a medical school, which takes 4 years to complete, and, 3 to 7 years in internship and residency programs.
Riley Kate
Riley Kate 3 days ago
Once I had a cathider in the inner bend of my arm and I was afraid to bend my arm but what would happen if I did bend it, I’m just wondering
Lindsey Taylor
You could either push it in further, which would hurt like hell. Or it could come out, in which case there would be blood spraying everywhere
Riley Kate
Riley Kate 3 days ago
How can I be less scared of needles
Riley Kate
Riley Kate 3 days ago
Idk if anything medical could help but how do I have my hair grow faster!!!! Please answer
Sarah Sonenberg
Sarah Sonenberg 3 days ago
Though thoractomy is pretty rarely performed it is an indicated ED procedure. And especially after patient has a witnessed loss of pulse, so it's more accurate than you're making it out to be. Ask any ED doc.
If only I could use the allergy and epipen bits in my research paper about epipen prices rising. And as someone who requires an epipen, to anyone else who needs one, PLEASE CARRY IT AROUND WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES! I've had friends in the past almost DIE bc they didn't have their epipens on them.
Liam Kelly
Liam Kelly 3 days ago
doctors are gossips
Meghantron 88
Meghantron 88 4 days ago
I love watching these videos. All your explanations are preparing me for clinicals
dmorrison91 4 days ago
Check for pulse, THEN chest compressions, chest compressions, chest compressions.
lashea stewart
lashea stewart 4 days ago
On that one episode, they kept getting him stabilized and everytime a new family member came he went back down. Come to find it it was because everyone was dealing with nuts right before they came. So just FYI they did stabilize him first.
Sandy Yang
Sandy Yang 4 days ago
Can you show us exactly how deep to do compression on a real person? I know two inches, but the dummies are different from real humans! An automated version, a friend who is willing?? 😂 but seriously!! I am CPR BLS certified and I wanna know what’s too deep and what’s not deep enough.
spilling the tea
spilling the tea 4 days ago
Untold stories of the ER, is by FAR my favorite show ever even over forensic files
Tessa Gandou
Tessa Gandou 4 days ago
Mom: hears four seconds of him speaking Mom: from a different room: hey is that that hot doctor Mom: Hes so cute
Tessa Gandou
Tessa Gandou 4 days ago
Me: do you want to watch something with me Mom: no I have stuff to do Mom: wait Mom: is it that hot doctor Me: *sigh* yeah Mom: im coming
Awesome K
Awesome K 4 days ago
Bro my favorite USvidr reacting to my favorite show
Hayden Thompson
Hayden Thompson 4 days ago
When you said "chest compressions" *i felt that*
Mona 4 days ago
It's either they can choke on their vomit or their tongue can relax and block their airway causing OSA i think? my parents studied medecine so i always listened to those stuff xd
Vivien Langmann
Vivien Langmann 4 days ago
6:02 "wuuuuund" 😂
vidrio007 4 days ago
I work, as a nurse, in a level 1 trauma hospital, in an ortho floor, about 50% my patients will tell me that their clothes were cut off when they arrived.
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