Racist Superman | Rudy Mancuso & King Bach

Rudy Mancuso
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Apr 4, 2018




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Comments 35 938
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso Year ago
Enjoy. Who is your favorite Superman?
Caiden Hempfling
Caiden Hempfling 3 months ago
my favorite superman was Rudy
Mary-Ann Michalakea
Mary-Ann Michalakea 3 months ago
U and Justin
Banana R1bz
Banana R1bz 4 months ago
Rudy Mancuso Spanish Superman,Jewish Superman and Canadian Superman
you and Justin Bieber
Ellie F
Ellie F 6 months ago
Grace Bender
Grace Bender 31 minute ago
The thing is tho.... Swedish, French, Canadian aren’t races. Swedish Superman, French Superman, and Canadian Superman are all white.
Willow Tree
Willow Tree 3 hours ago
The Canadian superman looks like Justin beiber
Youssef Vlogs and Gaming
Am I the only one who thinks the only thing missing was an Italian Superman
Monster 5 hours ago
The real super man is the Swedish IM Swedish
Rovi Rouz
Rovi Rouz 9 hours ago
Justin Bieber
Ur mum fire 77
Ur mum fire 77 11 hours ago
Lol dicks
Guy Dusselier
Guy Dusselier 12 hours ago
Is it just me, or does Canadian Superman look like Justin bieber
slayer 1
slayer 1 14 hours ago
Why does Superman have a belt on his pajamas
Mrfreshswedish -_-
Mrfreshswedish -_- 15 hours ago
You se on Justin Bieber’s neck 6:39
Cayden 17 hours ago
Middle eastern super man: I started from the desert now i'm here Drake: Wft!
XxQ0an T6anxX
XxQ0an T6anxX 18 hours ago
Canadian superman need to exist.
ddg darkacres
ddg darkacres 18 hours ago
canadan is justin bieber
Larisse Caraccioli
Larisse Caraccioli 19 hours ago
Wait wth that’s the real Justin Bieber??
Jovan Blake
Jovan Blake 20 hours ago
Black Superman 🌐
Explixt 20 hours ago
U can just keep seeing they nuts outline in the suit
Szymon G
Szymon G 23 hours ago
The nazi made ghettos not polish people
Maz vida
Maz vida Day ago
Why is a mexican hat representing latino's? Dude I was funnier then you in the kindergarden... L
vuyokazi sodinga
*asian Superman shows up* Me:DELAGHETTOOOOO
Planet Arcade
What do we all have in common? *dix*
Firdausiah Ramadhani
Big dick lil dick medium dick 😂
the snow squad
No filipino.......
Naz Lim
Naz Lim Day ago
Asian no 1 is no 1 to fall 😂🤣😂.
immortal phoniex
Is that Justin
Loser Games
Loser Games Day ago
Being Jewish isn’t a race it’s a religion
Ichigo Shipmaster
😂😂 2:30 bruh turn on captions and it says chop you a condom on earth bro I’m dying 😂😂😂
Anurag Pandey
What do have common . 😂😂 Dicks
That is disturbing
Hittmee10 Day ago
I'm dead at Canadian super man
Angelina Ho
Angelina Ho Day ago
Canadian Superman looked like Justin Bieber
Galaxy Gamer
Galaxy Gamer Day ago
Spanish superman
Grace Guerin
Grace Guerin Day ago
Anybody else think that that the girl would be super girl
Camilo Licha
Camilo Licha Day ago
Justin Bieber
Brentley Harmer
Canadian Superman is Justin
Brentley Harmer
Whizz Kid 709
Justin bieber was in this video and you didn't put him in the GOD DALM title EXPLAIN😑????
Bilal Shweil
Bilal Shweil Day ago
I Middle Eastern
Sp_jose 21
Sp_jose 21 2 days ago
Hipanic is cool I’m mex
Panya Tri
Panya Tri 2 days ago
Waitress is the best 6:38
Ian Harradine
Ian Harradine 2 days ago
Wtf little dick small medium dick wtf
Alpha 2 days ago
The middle east superman got Israeli accent
Lorraine Rivera
Lorraine Rivera 2 days ago
The canaden Superman looks like Justin Bieber but my favorite is Hispanic Superman
Gaudalupe zamora
Gaudalupe zamora 2 days ago
The person in the back though
Mr. X245 Gaming
Mr. X245 Gaming 2 days ago
Was Asian Superman played by Timothy De La Ghetto? From wildnout
Timothy Olguin
Timothy Olguin 2 days ago
Canadian Superman looks like Justin beaver but with long hair
Edric Asowata
Edric Asowata 3 days ago
Black people are better because I'm black
comeatmemanbro 3 days ago
How.are the flashes going to figure it out?
comeatmemanbro 3 days ago
French superman won
Abbas Mehmood
Abbas Mehmood 3 days ago
2:30 wakanda go back to wakanda
Raphael Santosa
Raphael Santosa 3 days ago
*Legend has it that Super Juan is still trying to pay his tab*
skyline minecraft 51
neega on cracc
neega on cracc 3 days ago
the Robins show
the Robins show 3 days ago
Justin Bieber eeeeeeeeeeeeee
Audriann Ventura
Audriann Ventura 3 days ago
Mexican super man
LEGENDARY Sombra 3 days ago
Canadian Superman looks like Justin Bieber
Lead Ghost
Lead Ghost 3 days ago
Is that Justin beibet
Austin 4 days ago
'It's unique' it's unique to the normal superman. So he's not the real one
ניצן שגיא
מזל טוב!
Shyla - Rose Biala
Was that Justin Bieber or am I just getting this wrong?
Alexander Nandlall
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