Racist Superman | Rudy Mancuso & King Bach

Rudy Mancuso
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Apr 4, 2018

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Comments 35 468
Rudy Mancuso
Rudy Mancuso Year ago
Enjoy. Who is your favorite Superman?
Caiden Hempfling
my favorite superman was Rudy
Mary-Ann Michalakea
U and Justin
mr pee pee poo poo
mr pee pee poo poo 2 months ago
Rudy Mancuso Spanish Superman,Jewish Superman and Canadian Superman
you and Justin Bieber
Ellie F
Ellie F 4 months ago
Jennifer Moran
Jennifer Moran 2 hours ago
this is getting re-suggested to me so of course I must watch it! Also, there can only be one Highlander. There is no rule that says there can't be more than one Superman.
Angela Obazee
Angela Obazee 6 hours ago
fabulousMiki 7 hours ago
You guys are amazing.
Dinora Baca
Dinora Baca 11 hours ago
Amor de
just courage
just courage 15 hours ago
Canadian Superman OMG Justin Bieber
Sai 15 hours ago
Is this a real life super cafe?
Usman Khan
Usman Khan 16 hours ago
If we being racist then Asian Superman’s dick a bit too big (no offense but if we’re being racist then yea)
NichmegapugGames12 #
Racist super man/you
عبد الرحمن
عبد الرحمن 19 hours ago
Why the fuck did you put jewish in the the fucking video fuck them and fuck you fuck life and jewish ass holes
Abdalaziz Alhoury
العرب like
Lina Abbas
Lina Abbas Day ago
You and the middle eastern one are the best 😍😍😍😍
Lninjago YT
Lninjago YT Day ago
Hey i think the estren super man is Israeli
Victor Zodinmawia
Anwar for middleeast
Abigail Heffernan
I can’t believe they got Justin
penelope kitson
wakanda? ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
haylee kay
haylee kay Day ago
Is that Justin Beiber? Tf?!?
Nicolas Dasilva
Oh shit, Justin Bieber here
Redskull Gaming
Swedish Superman is Pewdiepie
mr. bacon bbq
mr. bacon bbq 2 days ago
My favorite character in this video is superman
penelope kitson
Gaming With St03ksy
*wakanda* *go back to wakanda* LMAO!!!!
Sanaa Janae Server
Me tryna figure out if thats actually Justin Bieber
Noam Weitzman
Noam Weitzman 2 days ago
The jewish and the midle eastern are from israel🇮🇱❤
nitrate NITIK
nitrate NITIK 2 days ago
Ya I am middle eastern and not like that 😂😂 Nepali
nitrate NITIK
nitrate NITIK 2 days ago
All Asians are not Chinese or like that lol 😂😂😂😂
Emily Lewytskyj
Emily Lewytskyj 2 days ago
Is the Canadian Superman Justin Bieber!? Looks like him
Nathaniel Zheng
Nathaniel Zheng 2 days ago
Flipping Justin Bieber
Emma Mossey
Emma Mossey 2 days ago
Canaidian super man won
Initial 1890
Initial 1890 2 days ago
D a s b o o t l e g!
Yonah Liebesman
Yonah Liebesman 2 days ago
I like Jewish Superman best
roblox with misty06
Why is justin bieber in here
Unicorn_ Man
Unicorn_ Man 2 days ago
Jewish:big dick,little dick medium dick how are ya boys Me:hehehehehehehe.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Angelo ANN
Angelo ANN 2 days ago
8:06 Bach's eyes are open.
Flora Opoku
Flora Opoku 2 days ago
My favorite superman a Spanish Superman and a black superman
FLASH 007 2 days ago
Big dick, small dick, medium dick 😂😂😂
Arleth G
Arleth G 3 days ago
My fav is super juan😂
Arleth G
Arleth G 3 days ago
Justin bieber superman😭😂😂😂😂
Tyrique Cobham
Tyrique Cobham 3 days ago
Asian superman is the best
yoav hmsh
yoav hmsh 3 days ago
Is meadel istern superman talking hebrow
Lauren Bell
Lauren Bell 3 days ago
i’m shook that Canadian superman is JUSTIN BIEBER
Charlotte Kempson
Who else had seen the Jewish superman clock stick out his costume? Lol 3:13 am atm lol
Robert Biasutti
Robert Biasutti 3 days ago
Jewish Superman: LAHA! Me: giggles Edit: at 3:05
1000 subs Without a video
Big mout small dick superman
Rocky Animations
Rocky Animations 4 days ago
“I karate chop you wakanda”
Yara Khalil
Yara Khalil 4 days ago
Not to be racist but I was waiting for the Muslim Superman because we get a lot of hate
Estrella Torres
Estrella Torres 4 days ago
It's deftly Mexican suprman
Rorie Burling
Rorie Burling 4 days ago
Was that Justin Bieber
Rebecca price
Rebecca price 4 days ago
Yas Jewish superman is soo accurate
Vanella Ice cream
Technically justin bieber was the last one standing... just saying...
Owen Davis
Owen Davis 4 days ago
On the plus side the world has lots of Supermen to keep it safe. And there’s Asian Superman
Princess Anderson
Hussein Abboud
Hussein Abboud 4 days ago
6:12 Canadian Superman looks like Justin Bieber like if right
manish gupta
manish gupta Day ago
See in the description for cast
Ayesha Mehmood
Ayesha Mehmood 4 days ago
Tik Tok Dance Videos
Anwar Jibawi : OH NO
DOUGLAS TV 5 days ago
is that Justin Bieber cuz he looks exactly like
Elton Peter
Elton Peter 5 days ago
"...wakanda, go back to wakanda."
Adela Namon
Adela Namon 5 days ago
Bruh Justin is in that vid
Michelle Boateng
Michelle Boateng 5 days ago
What black people don't eat watermelons all day that joke makes no sense
XXsomeoneXX 1
XXsomeoneXX 1 5 days ago
what justin biber
Piper Frost
Piper Frost 5 days ago
Justin Bieber vibes anyone..? Just me..? Okay.
Maya Imbruglia Wong
Is that Justin Bieber?
Hussein Hammoud
Hussein Hammoud 5 days ago
The middle eastern and Jewish superman should fight cause Jewish is from israel
Galaxy_alyza 123
Galaxy_alyza 123 5 days ago
Hispanic Superman won 😂
Tin Vu
Tin Vu 5 days ago
Canadian Superman
Tin Vu
Tin Vu 5 days ago
J Biebs is here. Omg. 😲😲
Tin Vu
Tin Vu 5 days ago
My favorite is the Frances and Swedish Supermen. Lmao. 😂🙌
Nathaniel Ordonez
I died when Asian Superman told Hispanic Superman he was probably illegal 🤣🤣
zlata ort
zlata ort 5 days ago
I'm Jewish and middle eastern
Andy The Builder
Andy The Builder 5 days ago
There is no such thing as hispanic, french, middle eastern superman because superman is from another planet
Shade and Whitney
I’m asian UwU I don’t got no watermelon no tacos on me ÙwÚ
Lydia Fovi
Lydia Fovi 6 days ago
Anwar is soo sweet
Lydia Fovi
Lydia Fovi 6 days ago
Is that Justin Bieber
Jeannine Pietersen
Your not black your dark colored stop saying that you black 🙄
Hassan Al Shamari
No offence to the guy who plays the Arab but Anwar should of been the middle eastern super man
JAyy B
JAyy B 6 days ago
“Dicks.” 😂😂😂😂😂
Jeremy Garcia
Jeremy Garcia 6 days ago
Leon the king !!!!!
Was he really swedish
Not Carlwin_7
Not Carlwin_7 6 days ago
Go back to wakanda
Swifty 6 days ago
Technically Canadian Superman won because he did not take the shot
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