Race the new Porsche 911 Speedster in mobile racing game CSR Racing 2

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Get behind the wheel of the Porsche 911 Speedster Heritage Design Package and standard model in the mobile racing game, CSR2. With unparalleled gaming visuals, you’ll be pinching yourself to check it’s real. Download here: por.sc/nAifzy

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Sep 9, 2019




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ItzD3vil 11 days ago
New Porche *911* Released 2 days before Sept 11 (9/11) CSR Racing 2 Sept 9 + 2 days Sept 11 (9/11) ;-; BTW R.I.P to all of the people that dies 18 years ago from today. I am not trying to make fun of 9/11 I am just trying to say a joke.
Smartiez 11 days ago
Cough, cough
Fastlane 69
Fastlane 69 11 days ago
LTLGamer1 12 days ago
Would be nice to have in AC. Released on RaceDepartment kind of nice.
Gabriela Fonseca
Gabriela Fonseca 12 days ago
No começo estava tão perfeito o gráfico que parecia um carro real. Lindo carro !! 😍🤩
Forza 3 Drift Videos
This is actually a really bad look licensing their cars to games like this. Really trashy!!!!!! putting off future customers for sure.
Fred-104 Ellsworth
Fred-104 Ellsworth 10 days ago
Agreed! There is no reason for these new exotics to even be stolen by cancerous, ban-worthy pay-2-win/pay-2-play mobile games like CanSeR 2, A9, etc.!! Too many cars have been stolen by these games. Enough is enough already!!
Zane Walker
Zane Walker 13 days ago
Will it be in forza horizon 4
MyvieW 13 days ago
Doucet Kongelean
Doucet Kongelean 13 days ago
Cam RSR 13 days ago
beautiful car! lose the graphics and decals!
Steel Dreams
Steel Dreams 13 days ago
need for assetto corsa
Fred-104 Ellsworth
Fred-104 Ellsworth 13 days ago
CSR 2? More like CanSeR 2 (= CSR 2 + Cancer). Because CanSeR 2 is pure pay-2-win/pay-2-play cancer and it needs to stop stealing the newest cars already. Far too many cars have made their video game debut in this cancer of a F2P racing game when they should have debuted in a home console (or even arcade) racing game. Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (C7), Zenvo TSR-S, Porsche 911 GT3 RS (991.2), Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, the list goes on and on and on!
SAY MY NAME 13 days ago
Only 100€
Games Cubes
Games Cubes 13 days ago
Get some cars in Mario kart guys come on
Noé Müller
Noé Müller 13 days ago
Cool to have more Porsches in many video game but at what serve to have a car who was designed for driving on the road/track for a drag race ?
Isra 13 days ago
I remember whem i use to play NFS porsche! What good memories! All the maps had beatiful landscapes! The reason why i have 2 Porsches!
Dan Frederiksen
Dan Frederiksen 13 days ago
Time to get a Tesla instead
Big Booty Smasher
Big Booty Smasher 13 days ago
Isra that game seemed so ahead of its time. I loved how as you went eras cars would appreciate.
Punith Ks
Punith Ks 13 days ago
Soroush Toraby
Soroush Toraby 13 days ago
Csr 2 is bullshit A shitty pay to win game . the dev never listen to the players ! Neverrrrr
Elias EDUARDO 13 days ago
ICEMAN 94 13 days ago
CSR Racing 2 SUCKS!!!!!
nev Tk 1100
nev Tk 1100 13 days ago
Shaun best to drive the Porsche’s in PC2
Shaun 13 days ago
Nuno Mendes
Nuno Mendes 13 days ago
Bring it to Assetto Corsa
Supercars in Greece
So awesome car!!!
Paul Esthète
Paul Esthète 13 days ago
That game is pure pay 2 win garbage. Plus you can't actually drive the car, only sub 15 sec races, no steering, no drift, no brakes, no gas. U can just pass gear. Plus the car will pretty sure cost u about 50 bucks in game.
Peanuts Worldwide LLC
Driven by Mark Webber (Australia) and Daniel Miranda (Philippines)
Paul Esthète
Paul Esthète 10 days ago
@- _ - BANAN4S - tf does it change ? You sure have to put at least 100 bucks in that "free to play" to be competitive enough to get it
- _ - BANAN4S —
- _ - BANAN4S — 10 days ago
Nope, that s a club reward man
Yusuf Chowdhury
Yusuf Chowdhury 13 days ago
Yeah what's the point of a game with nothing but drag racing, the most boring type of racing. Cars like this and the Huayra Roadster BC don't belong in a dumb mobile drag racing game
Fred-104 Ellsworth
Fred-104 Ellsworth 13 days ago
And the game is actually now pay-2-play, which is pay-2-win but way worse.
Fr0g 13 days ago
Here we go, the single Porsche I agree I'd agree that is overpriced. Love it, but not that much. Never was a fan of the Speedster. I can get the 718 Spyder for half of the price..
Fr0g 13 days ago
@Big Booty Smasher Don't think so. Tall persons won't see much.. and probably won't fit.
Big Booty Smasher
Big Booty Smasher 13 days ago
Fr0g they should make it a wide body gt3 with low windshield and clamshell, only in manual. I’m surprised they haven’t.
Alex Rubio
Alex Rubio 13 days ago
Must be nice
sam wang
sam wang 13 days ago
Ooh! And by the way please put it on forza horizon 4.
Shaun 13 days ago
Yes i hope.
sam wang
sam wang 13 days ago
... please get it on to forza
Leon Schreckenberg
Leon Schreckenberg 13 days ago
I'd love to have it in Forza Horizon 4😍
Fred-104 Ellsworth
Fred-104 Ellsworth 10 days ago
No exotic car even belongs in a cancerous pay-2-win/pay-2-play mobile game like CanSeR 2. Period.
Yusuf Chowdhury
Yusuf Chowdhury 13 days ago
Me too, this car and the Huayra Roadster BC don't belong in a drag racing game, they're more suitable in Forza horizon 4
Shaun 13 days ago
Sacareza 13 days ago
Please bring it also to Forza Horizon 4
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