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Jul 16, 2019




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Comments 1 239
Mighty3point14 The mighty
The Sweetest Cookie
I wanted make sure I didn't em-parris myself that would've been Eiffel
APOLLO5509 12 days ago
Giofilms said jif not gif
Nicholas Liviu
Nicholas Liviu 14 days ago
10.7 seconds..just to add ads. Yea..no. fu:)
Fantasy Hopeful
Fantasy Hopeful 18 days ago
5:09 Let me explain... I’m an Undertale fan so when I heard... ‘It’s going to be a beautiful day today’ I immediately thought he was going to say ‘Then get dunked on’ ... the fans would understand
Superdevin7 20 days ago
Words can’t describe how beautiful you are But numbers can *0.05*
Layla Klyer
Layla Klyer 21 day ago
Guys... I know Giofilms favourite subject in school... Giography
Layla Klyer
Layla Klyer 21 day ago
Im sorry
Xran Gaming wow
Xran Gaming wow 28 days ago
Mew is super dense
Peanutbutter Buckeye
👂 👁. 👃. 👁. 👂 👄
Sqribbley Dude
Sqribbley Dude Month ago
2:10 he didn't get rid of the swear ( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)
Bill Webb
Bill Webb Month ago
1:51 I’d date that.
Andy Greene
Andy Greene Month ago
Where do we post fan art for him to see?
2:12 *forgets to blur out cuss word on a family friendly-ish yt channel*
josh easter
josh easter Month ago
josh easter
josh easter Month ago
josh easter
josh easter Month ago
Gio fat mama
K11LSH0Tッ Month ago
We dont have jelly beans in greece
Miameow OWO
Miameow OWO 2 months ago
Did you seriously just pronounce it 'jif'
K220s YT
K220s YT 2 months ago
There is no "wrong side" for toilet paper
Little Weeb
Little Weeb 2 months ago
Gif or Jif
Lachlan Salido
Lachlan Salido 2 months ago
4:23 would be me
Bobddotcom Plays
Bobddotcom Plays 2 months ago
NO! It’s “How *_YOU_* doin’?”
Dogski28 2 months ago
1:03 For those of you who aren’t Pokémon fans, the fact that Ditto is a failed clone of Mew is basically common knowledge.
Cathy Nojas
Cathy Nojas 2 months ago
There is a fake tinder ad in this video
Purple Pizza
Purple Pizza 2 months ago
2:50 umm did he just say gif instead of gif???
reverseaxis1 3 months ago
3:30 *sounds like communist propaganda but ok*
*Definitely* Solaire Of Astora
Lmao, get bodied.
Sarah McCoy
Sarah McCoy 3 months ago
Oh, a redditor? When are we getting married?
Randominator 3 months ago
Damn, these people are huge fucking losers
Unikay 3 months ago
You said Gif wrong.
Btd Cul123
Btd Cul123 3 months ago
Maeve is an Irish name. It’s pronounced mayv. I’m Irish, I’d know
Tino & Luke
Tino & Luke 3 months ago
Captain Funk
Captain Funk 3 months ago
You said “jif” not “gif”...
Adele Mason
Adele Mason 3 months ago
Maya, she's a flat earther. Def...
BashBloxZ 3
BashBloxZ 3 3 months ago
2:10 forgot to blur the cuss
Jaime Doodles
Jaime Doodles 3 months ago
As a 5'7 female teen going onto 5'8 I personally dream of growing to 6'+ so that I can pick up my future lover and carry them around like a princess
Kingismail254 4 months ago
Scorbunny Flames
Scorbunny Flames 4 months ago
0:57 that only a theory
Zheep-x 4 months ago
Honestly, screw 7:51
Delilah 4 months ago
I wanna hear u say cleo
sabin playz
sabin playz 4 months ago
I hate stairs and stand up comedy Because im lazy
sabin playz
sabin playz 4 months ago
Infinite's Corner
Infinite's Corner 4 months ago
That’s a code for I’m lonely
Anticreeperzone 4 months ago
Some of these should be in r/wooosh.
BART 4 months ago
2:52 did you just say “jif”
TxUNDERxiii uwu
TxUNDERxiii uwu 4 months ago
This Videos Thumbnail: **Exists** Me: *Ahhhh, Math* edit: *Shut Up Girl, Spider-man Is Better Then You*
small brain all the time 69
J i f
sharpee 4 months ago
TheOnlyWeabo 4 months ago
1:57 and If Its a girl call it ditto
Xxsnipersheepx7 ‘
Xxsnipersheepx7 ‘ 4 months ago
Gio... why... just why did you say jif instead of gif
Teoman Kamadan
Teoman Kamadan 4 months ago
I love pokemon
Yusuf Ege Özmen
Yusuf Ege Özmen 4 months ago
Did you just fucking say "jif"? Disliked.
Saucey 4 months ago
Why did I get five trump campaign ads on this lmao
Ramen boi
Ramen boi 4 months ago
I've been gmomed about 63 times now
Digi 4 months ago
3:13 I just watched the lion King remake, and I'm here to say, puns were missed. Just mufasa next time
Little Elena
Little Elena 4 months ago
Day 9 of asking for a r/breadstapledtotrees
Forest of Secrets
Forest of Secrets 4 months ago
you. pronouced maeve wrong. it an an irish name, anglized from of maebh. the last e is not pronounced, so its pronkunced mayv how dare you do this to me
Agent Melon
Agent Melon 4 months ago
So I’m watching this video in my room. Nothing strange, right? *nope.* I just watched a spider go up and down on the same web for 5 minutes in the background.
Finn8145 4 months ago
5:30 best joke ever!!!!
l Don't Know
l Don't Know 4 months ago
Jelly beans taste like shit
Timothy Ali
Timothy Ali 4 months ago
7:27 r/woosh
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