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Sep 20, 2019




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Comments 6 307
Nexo 6 hours ago
3:09 This kid.. I feel really REALLY bad for him 😂😂
PP2theResq Salgado
PP2theResq Salgado 7 hours ago
my eyes
Roblox N fortnite??
Dude when up I heard blue waffle disease I thought they were tricking the kid into thinking blueberry waffles were dangerous.. it wasn’t.
Noob nub
Noob nub 8 hours ago
Am I the only one that thinks Emkays laugh is contagious?
Funtime Tattletail
Funtime Tattletail 10 hours ago
Me (somewhere around 1 or 2): Puts finger on a lite candle. Me Now (13): “Well that happened..” xD
Emily Wright
Emily Wright 14 hours ago
Didnt know what blue waffle disease was..... I need eye bleach....
Typ 16 hours ago
The child wich weighs 50 squirrels weighs between 10 and 25 kilos
Fallen Crystals
Fallen Crystals 17 hours ago
*i was forced to look it up but I did it on youtube cause my search and watch history were off and oh my god it's horrid*
michael cote
michael cote Day ago
I'm acctually 11 I searched blue waffle thing and laughed so hard
michael cote
michael cote Day ago
The blue waffle thing I what I meant to say
jacob Snyder
jacob Snyder Day ago
I looked up blue waffle disease I wish i didn't
Captain Pålegg
9:42 Anyone else get *_super_* dizzy and lightheaded just watching this guy?
defenseive kobra
Emkay sorry but yo vid had 554 dislikes i had to do it my dude
brian dudley
brian dudley Day ago
i bet that show that the kid tried to describe to there parents was one piece.
Fusion Light
Fusion Light 2 days ago
Me: blue waffle disease can’t be to bad Me: search’s 2 second later Me: what happen has done
Kawaii Phase
Kawaii Phase 2 days ago
Basically visual birth control.
melissa chai tea
melissa chai tea 2 days ago
im suing this made me laugh so hard i started to cough and now im coughing up blood pls send help
ᴀ ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ғᴀɴɢɪʀʟ
ah third grade, the year when everybody in my class looked up blue waffles
ᴀ ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ғᴀɴɢɪʀʟ
ah third grade, the year when everybody in my class looked up blue waffles
cat hotel #2
cat hotel #2 2 days ago
I didnt know what blue waffle disease was so I decided to search it up and HOLY SHIT THATS SO FUCKIN DISGUSTING. PLEASE NOONE EVER SEARCH IT UP
Jen Green
Jen Green 2 days ago
9:08 I’ve done that as an adult whoops
Ballard FN
Ballard FN 2 days ago
I’ve just searched blue waffle disease cuz I dint know what it was and oh god
Bowie knife
Bowie knife 2 days ago
This is why I'm not going to have kids That and I'll probably never get a girlfriend
Terri Lee Green
Terri Lee Green 2 days ago
when I was 5 years old my friend told me that waffles turned blue so I typed it on google and I kept scrolling so much P...
I'm Sorry
I'm Sorry 2 days ago
10:27 The cat yeeted the kid
I'm Sorry
I'm Sorry 2 days ago
Im not stupid u are *Drinks bleach*
Eli 2 days ago
50 squirrels weigh roughly 33 pounds. A average 3 year old weighs 31,5 pounds. That kid is a genius.
Evan LaMartiniere
I was crying 3 separate times in this video, easily worth my subscription
MADDOX FLATT 3 days ago
Just googled blue waffle what the fuck
STG DOC 3 days ago
Now I don’t want to look up blue waffle disease
Mister Wuss
Mister Wuss 3 days ago
This is just evidence that Damien would be both an amazing and terrible father
Gavin Strawser
Gavin Strawser 3 days ago
*looks up blue waffle disease* “YEETUS FETUS SEARCH HISTORY DELETUS”
LP_ Gaming
LP_ Gaming 4 days ago
The New My PAWsome Pets
10:21 WHY would you let your kid pick up a cat like this, and RECORD him, AND DO NOTHING!!!
The New My PAWsome Pets
DynamiteTom 4 days ago
You think I’m crazy I'm not looking up that bull Edit: 3:36
Rampage Legend
Rampage Legend 4 days ago
Atheist: stupid Christians god and jesus doesnt exist Jesus: 7:56
Shuhrat Kessikbayev
Benny is the only one who's realistic
Gametime: Red
Gametime: Red 4 days ago
Bro I remember back in my old elementary schools I told EVERYONE I wanted to be a Police Officer and this freaked me out so much! Yes, my name is Landon. 2:14 is the clip
Juliana Link
Juliana Link 4 days ago
Im a girl im scared
Random Person
Random Person 4 days ago
I googled blue waffle disease a few months ago watching this video is giving me flash backs
Thomas 4 days ago
9 51 Me as 9 year old finding Diamonds in minecraft 10 50 What i used to do as a child I lughed 5 minutes on that
SArmor PArmor XD xtra XD
jeez i dont like blue waffles man...
vincent schulz
vincent schulz 4 days ago
For those wondering about "Blue Waffle disease" : Blue waffle disease is a fictional sexually transmitted disease that is said only to affect females. ... According to online sources, blue waffle disease is a condition that can disfigure a person's vulva and vaginal area and turn it blue. While there are many real and life-changing STDs, none of them turn the vulva blue.
FBI : 5 days ago
I looked up blue waffle disease because I don't know what it is. EWWWWW DUDE. HOW? WHAT? I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DESCRIBE HOW DISGUSTED I AM!
ψGacha Wafflesψ
Here's some damn tea u can put in that damn hydro flask of yours you shell necklace wearing ass bitch💀💀💀💀if I catch another MF saying some sksksksk type shit. Imma sksksk my foot up that ass. Try saying an I oop with my foot in that esaphagsksksk
•Depressed Obsesseor•
I sadly looked it up😐
sean igwe
sean igwe 5 days ago
9:07 I think that kid broke his spine. 12:49 he probably also broke something.
sean igwe
sean igwe 5 days ago
I looked up the blue waffle disease.
Lina chubs
Lina chubs 5 days ago
Anna Packmohr
Anna Packmohr 5 days ago
I didnt know what blue wafflé disease is cause I am from germany. I just Googled it and I'm going to bleach my eyes now I guess...
Bombarder gaming
Bombarder gaming 5 days ago
Right when you said kids are a plague I got a video from pewdiepie saying nah I am scared
Fletcher 5 days ago
4:37 I can't be the only one that smells that burnt ramen.
Random Dood
Random Dood 5 days ago
I looked it up thanks I am now scarred for life
Jaquin_ No
Jaquin_ No 5 days ago
Once I saw the blue waffle disease and I didn’t know what it was and I searched it up and I regret it
Sixties Haze
Sixties Haze 5 days ago
5:03 ......my brother used to do that to me-
Everything Goes
Everything Goes 6 days ago
5:06 Thank me later
AchmodinIV SWE
AchmodinIV SWE 6 days ago
“Me searched for blue waffle disease” Instant regret
Your Average Anime Fan
Me: About to Search up blue waffle disease Also Me: Makes sure I check the comments before I look it up Finally me: ok nope!
Ben King
Ben King 6 days ago
12:09 did he say, Monika!?? *Pulls out THOT elliminator 9000*
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