Quavo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Quavo goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and talks about giving back to his high school, his drip, and getting free sneakers for life from Finish Line.

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Jun 3, 2019




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Comments 3 758
Isax671 AINA
Isax671 AINA 11 hours ago
😎 This Nigga Quavo seem so Chill .
Screwed Up Bastard
All shoes was ugly
JEANIUS FILMS 3 days ago
Damn let me borrow that card so I can pay these bills; lol
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani 3 days ago
Nike furniture would be cool just an idea
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani 3 days ago
Even for car’s Nike auto body just an idea for inside upgrading
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani 3 days ago
Would like to see artists make Nike unlimited shoe’s
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani 3 days ago
I wanna see knee high Nike sneakers even for workers go you don’t hurt your knees as much just an idea
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani 3 days ago
Money kicks should make shoes with Nike
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani 3 days ago
Would like brands working together with Nike’s so there would be matching outfits with all the good clothes out there
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani 3 days ago
Would be cool to see Nike to do something for the poor just an idea
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani 3 days ago
You’ll should work with Nike to make a Nike dress outfit’s that have a stretch in button ups ect. Just an idea
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani 3 days ago
I would like to see a marble look styles with Nike just an idea
Valerie Pisani
Valerie Pisani 3 days ago
Nike going to make diamond sneaker’s?
kidsgotkicks 4 days ago
Talha Muntaquim
Talha Muntaquim 5 days ago
his voice is forever on autotune
K Reyn
K Reyn 7 days ago
I hope his hand is okay.
Eduardo Jiménez Pablo
mike80449 15 days ago
Man I can cover for a friend for 1000-2000 but 11000 f no....
Arun James
Arun James 18 days ago
Offset spend the most
The Goat
The Goat 19 days ago
Ok so they gave this billionaire nigga a gift card for free shoes 😕
Lloyd Almighty
Lloyd Almighty 21 day ago
Yesssir 🥶
thembisa30 25 days ago
Do takeoff
Madison Hamilton
Madison Hamilton 28 days ago
"Hancho Hall?" XD
Timmy Burnner
Timmy Burnner Month ago
There is just one question 6:05 WHAT ARE THOSE
Jerbrich Enock
Jerbrich Enock Month ago
I need all three of these too 😭
snowflake spamsss _24
Nobody Not even offset NOT EVEN CARDI quavo: yessssssir
Forever Amorie
Forever Amorie Month ago
offset & quavo both stay sayin sum “YESSSIR!”🤣🤣🤣🤣
txuai Month ago
Imagine getting Jordan on the show, issa wrap
Pietro Trolese
Pietro Trolese Month ago
X: soooo, what size are you, my man? Quavo: *YESSIR*
Yungboy Chris
Yungboy Chris Month ago
Lil Tjay should be on here soon
Mike T
Mike T Month ago
Everyone thinking Street Bud paid THAT WAS QUAVO'S CARD. Dude some old enough to have one.
Soccer Is Life
Soccer Is Life Month ago
What’s your guys dream shoe? Mine is Off White Hyperdunk 2017 😬
geri sparrow
geri sparrow Month ago
4:06 what is the model of sneaker above quavo head
David McDaniel
David McDaniel Month ago
Someone lmk what kind of jeans these are
Muhammad Aafiq
Muhammad Aafiq Month ago
Young Desperado
Young Desperado Month ago
who the fck is street bud??
Khari Alamin
Khari Alamin Month ago
it’s jermaine dupri and this is the RAP GAME (IYKYK)
luis morales
luis morales Month ago
Invite travis scott
Aaliyah marie Tv
I see you street bud !!!! Streeeeeeeeet
Itz Indiya's Castle
do one with herbo or durk
Lil Swarv
Lil Swarv Month ago
Yess surrrr
Krrish Sachdev
Krrish Sachdev Month ago
What is the music called
Crunch Buttsteak
We need: Coy & Ty Detmer Mark Curry Bill Bellamy Paul Reubens & Kirk Douglas
New Noise
New Noise Month ago
Those shoes 2:35 are fucking trash. To me, those shoes are for dirty broke niggas. Only broke boys wear those.
Alyfe Slime
Alyfe Slime 2 months ago
Takeoff plz
Remy Mon
Remy Mon 2 months ago
"Qoivow" thats how Joe ballsackkk chin Lapuma said mandems name. Dumbass.
Indra Taylor
Indra Taylor 2 months ago
Randy Barrientes
Randy Barrientes 2 months ago
Quavo lyrical genius.
Melted Butter
Melted Butter 2 months ago
I thought Travis shoes been like 1,000
Tony Coco
Tony Coco 2 months ago
Bruh when the min 6:00 hit I did not understand anything he said
AC! 2 months ago
poison rez
poison rez 2 months ago
Ok where is takeoff at like when are y’all going to put takeoff in this
Belisario Yao
Belisario Yao 2 months ago
I love Quavo
Jayden 2 months ago
Ayee its street
MXR McChillYoMouth
MXR McChillYoMouth 2 months ago
MXR McChillYoMouth
MXR McChillYoMouth 2 months ago
I got my special air forces on deck...
MXR McChillYoMouth
MXR McChillYoMouth 2 months ago
Do anything for clout, aww he sad
MXR McChillYoMouth
MXR McChillYoMouth 2 months ago
Sneaker head mufffa
MXR McChillYoMouth
MXR McChillYoMouth 2 months ago
Yeasssssssaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I’ve been waiting for this pop up in my life again!!! Quavo you got nice glasses bout to sport me some better ones... lmao no homo
CoolKidd 24
CoolKidd 24 2 months ago
I just hope they do Stephen A Smith goes sneaker shopping
Jeremy Cartwright
Jeremy Cartwright 2 months ago
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