Pro Skater Paul Rodriguez Brings 300 Pairs Of Sneakers Out of Storage On Complex Closets

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Skateboard legend Paul Rodriguez shows off his massive and historic sneaker collection on the latest episode of Complex Closets with Joe La Puma and goes through an array of Nike SB sneakers that have highlighted major moments in his career, ultra rare sneakers signed by Michael Jordan, and 1 of 1 shoes that Nike sent to him.
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Jun 29, 2018




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Comments 1 199
Atom W
Atom W Day ago
If this guy is really cool why doesn't he donate the shoes to poor kids who don't have any. Okay Paul if you have more then 20 pairs of sneakers give it to someone less fortunate man) You have more sneakers than a hot chick has shoes
Paul Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez 5 days ago
Peanutbutter Falcon
Can't wait to get me a pair of Nike sb
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 7 days ago
I love a story behind the sneakers
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 7 days ago
I love his closet
Yalonda Preyer
Yalonda Preyer 7 days ago
Joe know the right questions two ask
Leonardo Martinez Hernandez
Cinco de what? Bruh, and you’re Mexican right... Oigan a este 🤣
giovanni guerra
giovanni guerra 12 days ago
That intro instrumental though 🔥🔥 complex is not playing!!!
Ben Miller
Ben Miller 21 day ago
Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson 24 days ago
1.38 "in the 80's .... there was no such thing as skate brands or skate shoes", what a load of B.S. Ever heard of Vans?
William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez 27 days ago
I feel like he’s a humble bragger. Seems like a likeable guy from the outside but I can see flaws in his character
Andres Ramírez
Andres Ramírez 27 days ago
Albertsons owns jewel osco now
Andres Ramírez
Andres Ramírez 27 days ago
yo prod send me a pair I'm size 10 too
Robin Bonner
Robin Bonner 28 days ago
love this guy........................he has an awesome shoe collection. He uses boards for shelves that's gangsta
Hudson Zamacona
Hudson Zamacona Month ago
He Evan had an Afro kinda look too
Leeroy Jenkins
Leeroy Jenkins Month ago
300 Pairs of Sneakers but cheaped out on that Epiphone! :D
AleTimZ YT
AleTimZ YT Month ago
Like: vans Comment: nike sb
Bobby Tompkins
Bobby Tompkins Month ago
P Rod What a Class Act.At first i wasnt down with the Whole Nike Thing but now im 10 years old i Get it...Your the Man as cool as the other side of the pillow...
Acid Raindrops
Acid Raindrops Month ago
I'm sure he's not wearing that shitty axe shit
Matthew Cody
Matthew Cody Month ago
Actually we did have sk8 shoes back then when Mountain was wearing the nikes ,there was Airwalks ,Visions and vans ,and most ppl actually wore converse chuck taylors more than nikes .
Turbo Month ago
It's crazy how he can tell you a story with ever set of sneakers.
Rambo Rampage
Rambo Rampage Month ago
Blah blah blah
Miz Money
Miz Money Month ago
😆 Story for every shoe ..
Aj Sanchez
Aj Sanchez Month ago
I could listen to P-rod talk about skating all day
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Month ago
FUCK NIKE they hate America its all about Adidas
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler Month ago
Donate them to the poor. These shoe companies are disgusting they shower rich people with free shoes while so many poor kids are running around barefoot
BAYN Mods Month ago
Brian G. Bankston Sr.
And homeless & poor are shoeless
California UNO
California UNO Month ago
This fagot ain’t Mexican !
Aleksandar Stibilj
Most of these sneakers id never wear...garbage.
lil_kito 54
lil_kito 54 Month ago
I was waiting for him to bust out some lobsters
Adub 2 months ago
When u realize the sneaker videos about other famous people are trash, this is the grail of sneaker videos, just real
brutisking 2 months ago
Straight up bad ass!!!!👍👍
Donny the legend
Donny the legend 2 months ago
ethan theodore
ethan theodore 2 months ago
Stefan Janoski 👟❤️
Lucas Katz
Lucas Katz 2 months ago
He has so many crazy shoes and he’s wearing Nike slides 😂
BUZZ DOGG 2 months ago
His shoe rack is 🔥
Rex r
Rex r 2 months ago
free rocky
Shaun R
Shaun R 2 months ago
You should donate all those shoes you never seen more than once to local skater kids
Lewis 2 months ago
The way he talks about his kicks, so much more respect that for rappers that mumble and chat wack $%#
Lexi Lowe
Lexi Lowe 2 months ago
Crazzzy to me how it's been a year already.. 😢
Ashsaloft 2 months ago
i have one thing i hate about him HE USE AXE BODY SPRAY ughhh....
Marcelo Pereira dos Santos
Os tênis mais bonitos estão entre essa coleção maravilhosa. Parabéns meu amigo.... Parabéns meu amiggggooo.
ACOG Batteries
ACOG Batteries 2 months ago
These are the same people for redistribution of wealth
Fernando Mrtz
Fernando Mrtz 2 months ago
Damnz i remember i had the 5 de mayo back in 2005!!
Zita Hernandez
Zita Hernandez 2 months ago
Yo joe la pumas sneaker collection
Kayden Clapzzz
Kayden Clapzzz 2 months ago
When it shows him on the side it looks like remi Malik ion know why🤣
Killer1gee 2 months ago
He still sounds the same as when he made the movie street dreams
ernesto2491 2 months ago
this dude and his primitive store in Encino are the reason why i have so much nike sb heat.
Erik Avila
Erik Avila 2 months ago
Prod turnt to a fagg Nyjah Houston beat him too.
Chris L
Chris L 2 months ago
When people find out I have 13 pairs of shoes they tell me its a lot. I tell them nope.
Stefan S
Stefan S 2 months ago
I still have two pristine pairs of P Rod 1's... Will forever be my favorite shoes of all time.
ThcRicc #916
ThcRicc #916 2 months ago
I'll play Prod 1v1 on basketball for those Jordan shoes lol.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 2 months ago
Can't send a nigga one pair?
Adrian Sanchez
Adrian Sanchez 2 months ago
He sponsored me when I was 9
Clay Soggyfries
Clay Soggyfries 2 months ago
Damn I wanna get sponsored by Nike
Kevin Mejia
Kevin Mejia 3 months ago
i remember being like 13 years old and having those Prod 3s! damn those were the real skate days! shit done changed in the game!
fernando reyes
fernando reyes 3 months ago
Which ones? The ones that were in the nike commercial? Those look fucking dope.
Scar Chest
Scar Chest 3 months ago
I want those JRods
Scar Chest
Scar Chest 3 months ago
PRod’s dope! Just a cool humble dude that’s a badass skateboarder. Out of all the sneaker vids this is the best one. Wish I had that collection or at least one similar!
FEVER x DREAM 3 months ago
I wish they would make a Cortez SB so bad!
fernando reyes
fernando reyes 3 months ago
That would actually be an amazing idea. Maybe having like a special p rod signature cortez model.
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