Pro Skater Paul Rodriguez Brings 300 Pairs Of Sneakers Out of Storage On Complex Closets

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Skateboard legend Paul Rodriguez shows off his massive and historic sneaker collection on the latest episode of Complex Closets with Joe La Puma and goes through an array of Nike SB sneakers that have highlighted major moments in his career, ultra rare sneakers signed by Michael Jordan, and 1 of 1 shoes that Nike sent to him.
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Jun 29, 2018

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Comments 1 098
Fuck You
Fuck You Day ago
I want those JRods
Fuck You
Fuck You Day ago
PRod’s dope! Just a cool humble dude that’s a badass skateboarder. Out of all the sneaker vids this is the best one. Wish I had that collection or at least one similar!
I wish they would make a Cortez SB so bad!
Trilexbro 4ev4r
Trilexbro 4ev4r 3 days ago
Whats the shoes he's holding on the thumbnail ?
Dozygames 4 days ago
i skated all the prods till this day and have always been my favorite shoe man. Its nice to see some of those sneakers again.
Houstonmademelo 713
Creator of primitive
9Tlordmafie9 999
9Tlordmafie9 999 7 days ago
Aye same shoe size as me aha Paul was a legend to me when i was i kid had everything of his
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 9 days ago
TrinitySyncs 11 days ago
Holy shit share some shoes I be ripping my socks cause my shoes have holes
Boston Nik
Boston Nik 12 days ago
hei ..pROD where the hell oldskool shoes that u got?nike is new in this skateboard scenes...where eS...emerica..etnies..dc????
andrew scrivo
andrew scrivo 13 days ago
Im a size ten just saying
Alex Williams
Alex Williams 14 days ago
Sneakers don’t last forever, they’ll all be crumbled to dust in 10 years unworn
Benny Holgin
Benny Holgin 22 days ago
Bro why his mafaka😂 say sneakers bro there skate shoes no one calls fucking boots sneakers bro there skate shoes no disrespect but bro there skate shoes
Juny1 26 days ago
Holy Electrum
Holy Electrum Month ago
Nyjah’s tre flip Fromt board at the maloof money cup
Holy Electrum
Holy Electrum Month ago
What a legend
2002champ13 Month ago
My dude P. One love kid 🙏🏽
Marcelo Valdes
Marcelo Valdes Month ago
P Rod is a fucking legend.
Meteor Ology
Meteor Ology Month ago
That's so dope shoes on your skateboard holders... She's a keeper haha
Stanley Morgan
Stanley Morgan Month ago
Vans came out in 1966
Joey Witt
Joey Witt Month ago
I remember when Nike was going to make a p rod line separately from sb some of the shoes were dope that I saw at a trade show this was before the janoski came out
sahil Kumar
sahil Kumar Month ago
Lowkey looks like rami malek
gerado ventura
gerado ventura Month ago
Damn jordan got some vans made with a nike sign, thats sick
Jrod Thompson
Jrod Thompson Month ago
This dude talks about Lance Mountain and nikes in the 80's then jumps to 2000's like nike has always been a part of the skate culture from begining to end. You missed the era that made skating what it is. There where no fuking Nike's in skateboarding in the 90's.
Sploosh Poops
Sploosh Poops Month ago
whats the point of having 10 signature shoes if they dont seel them anymore lol... cant even buy them direct from nike
Fernando LQ
Fernando LQ Month ago
Where buy your shoes?
Neo Black
Neo Black Month ago
7:50 is the shoe that Tyler the creator bullied Rocky about
CaptainChaos88 Month ago
I loved shopping at Albertsons.
Elian Zacarias
Elian Zacarias Month ago
Stefan Janoski
Fat Mozart
Fat Mozart Month ago
Surely he won't notice one pair disappear, right guys?
Nicholas brice
Nicholas brice Month ago
Dope video
Rahul Chetia
Rahul Chetia Month ago
I'm pretty sure you can donate some to the needy......
Pat O'Hara
Pat O'Hara Month ago
damn making miss all my old Prods, esp the 2s
thenamesjesus Month ago
Neo Ramaphoko
Neo Ramaphoko Month ago
This complex dude loves his job
I love your collection. Will u send some shoes for me. I will be thankful.
Maddy Muhat
Maddy Muhat 2 months ago
Daaamnn solid collections I love paul rodriguez alot
Thantoes Gaming
Thantoes Gaming 2 months ago
Albertsons is based out of Boise, Idaho. We have a ton of them here and they support/ own BSU or Boise State University but they are like a more expensive Wal-Mart but everything is made fresh from scratch in the store.
Vince Ramirez
Vince Ramirez 2 months ago
Rodriguez and sheckler all time favorites
Jeejington 2 months ago
How could he show the best ones?! Nike SB P-Rod IV Hi "Akuma" Quickstrike
kreeperfrm559 2 months ago
He should bring out more of the Chicano style
kreeperfrm559 2 months ago
I still have one of his first "411" skate vids on VHS tape
Tomi_G_ 10
Tomi_G_ 10 2 months ago
pa mono estas lleno de llantas
MADzen 2 months ago
i could listen to him talk about those shoes forever. honestly.
Bash Em!
Bash Em! 2 months ago
Sad af.. threw away my prod 2's years back... had to go threw the closet digging up shoes i didnt even known had still...
monkey yo
monkey yo 2 months ago
The albertsons drop!
monkey yo
monkey yo 2 months ago
bruh, where did u find that LA cap doe!?
Eleven 2 months ago
But what’s the shoe in the vid thumbnail pic??
Bucky Bucky
Bucky Bucky 2 months ago
Man I want them Cinco De Mayo joints to retro want them so fucken bad🤞
MaynardOwns 2 months ago
I'll be honest. I miss the big ass skate shoes. I also miss my Geoff Rowley vans.
Tristan Seth
Tristan Seth 2 months ago
I think I was there when he hurt his leg
It's Alright
It's Alright 2 months ago
I still got my prod 2s red and black with the elephant print in my closet. My favorite pair of sneakers ive ever had.
ScrubDusters 2 months ago
Remember meeting Paul at weiner on a stick on the boardwalk when he was coming up early 2000s said whats up he said nothing and was a cunt about it... whats good p rod get at me
Austin Fenske
Austin Fenske 2 months ago
Its like thizz of shose
Jáchym Holakovský
Jáchym Holakovský 2 months ago
Lifegoeson100 3 months ago
For a second I thought that was G-Eazy in the thumbnail
Roland Duson
Roland Duson 3 months ago
He can land every trick on skate dice...
I will forever have a crush on him. Great skateboarder too!
nikko neserio
nikko neserio 3 months ago
Every shoe have a memories for him, that's what you call a collector, not a flexer
NJ GUZMAN 3 months ago
Dayum we have the same foot size. Can you hand me down just one shoe ok thanks.😂😂😂😂
JDL M 3 months ago
who else saw that Zakk Wylde LP shape??
LITTLE HORN 3 months ago
Puma are the best to skate in just my opinion anyone else
Lance Buttercream
Lance Buttercream 3 months ago
Nice touch to make the skateboards the shelves. Also resourceful
Adam Muniz
Adam Muniz 3 months ago
There was no skate shoe back in the 80”s? I’m pretty sure vans where around at that time
Brian Clarke
Brian Clarke 3 months ago
This is a REAL sneakerhead, great collection
Pedro Osornio
Pedro Osornio 3 months ago
Damn I still remember watching tht maloof money cup and I almost went to it too😭and damn tht Nike today was a good day commercial damn bringing bak all kinds of memories
Jermbo 24
Jermbo 24 4 months ago
He was a world camp
Jermbo 24
Jermbo 24 4 months ago
His record is 41-47
Jermbo 24
Jermbo 24 4 months ago
He is my trainer
Jermbo 24
Jermbo 24 4 months ago
Do Raúl Márquez
Sieni Emoji
Sieni Emoji 4 months ago
Every time i see him i just think about street drams
anthony maldonado
anthony maldonado 4 months ago
Like if he should do a give away
brandon de Loa
brandon de Loa 4 months ago
Hispanic excellence! We love you PRod
Jaime Valenzuela
Jaime Valenzuela 4 months ago
Would love to see more skate shoes love on this show. Not Only Nike but some other brands maybe...
Jennifer Arias
Jennifer Arias 4 months ago
Bad ass old school LA HAT
MadHatter1337 4 months ago
So Dope! 🖤🇲🇽
OTG 4 months ago
*Cuts lock off storage locker*
Marz Garza
Marz Garza 4 months ago
The Albertsons story is very cool 🛹
WFA CREW 4 months ago
Imagine if they rob his house they would hit the fucking jackpot
Travis McFly
Travis McFly 4 months ago
Vans are better
Daisuke Young
Daisuke Young 5 months ago
09:23 What are thoooose brown joints!?!
Fredy Herrera
Fredy Herrera 5 months ago
El Mestizo gObLiNo
El Mestizo gObLiNo 5 months ago
Mestizo Gang ✊🏽
zeroskatersr 5 months ago
matt 5 months ago
good collection but he can’t design for shit
sack943 5 months ago
probably one of the most consistent street skaters ever still hits contests saw him on this year's battle of the berrics and with all of what he has he's still humble
Slappy 5 months ago
PRod is a vampire. he looks younger now compare to the movie "Street dreams".
stephen tapia
stephen tapia 5 months ago
Never knew Nike had such a history with skating i honestly kinda just thought it was a cash grab on all the famous skaters images.
Damian Lima
Damian Lima Month ago
Keira Ng
Keira Ng 5 months ago
damn an actual collection
Jacob Gilbert
Jacob Gilbert 5 months ago
he sounds like kyle from nelk
E36ASAP 5 months ago
Man so many great memories skating the prod 2 jrod edition with elephant print! But now they are just basketball looking shoes and trainers same old stuff bring back the creativity!
xaezo 5 months ago
Yo who produced this beat tho this shit goes😤🔥
Pine Nuts Keep You Alive
*there were skate shoes*
Izzy Ramirez
Izzy Ramirez 5 months ago
I remember having a pair of P Rod 3’s in 8th grade, some fool stole them out of my locker during PE and I skated home crying my eyes out. Still miss those shoes so much
rem koolhaas
rem koolhaas 5 months ago
Che viejo presumido!
Schabo1234 5 months ago
Overrated skater...lot of Pros out there are way better than him. He had everything else.... but his skatewise...sorry !
Ninja Tokes
Ninja Tokes 5 months ago
Nice beats for the video.
Paul Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez 5 months ago
Dang !
Ryan Huskey
Ryan Huskey 5 months ago
Need some Koston 1's.
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson 6 months ago
I love to skateboard it lot fun. love skate shoes but not always can afford them i just got new thrown.
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