Post Malone - Goodbyes ft. Young Thug (Official Lyric Video)

Post Malone
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Official lyric video by Post Malone featuring Young Thug performing “Goodbyes.” Download the song here: PostMalone.lnk.to/GoodbyesYD
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“Goodbyes” Lyrics:
Me and Kurt feel the same
Too much pleasure is pain
My girl spites me in vain
All I do is complain
She needs something to change
Need to take off the edge
So fuck it all tonight
And don’t tell me to shut up
When you know you talk too much
But you don’t got shit to say
I want you out of my head
I want you out of my bedroom tonight
There’s no way I can save you
Because I need to be saved too
I’m no good at goodbyes
We’re both acting insane
But too stubborn to change
Now I’m drinking again
80 proof in my veins
And my fingertips stained
Looking over the edge
Don’t fuck with me tonight
Said you needed this heart then you got it
Turns out that it wasn’t what you wanted
And we wouldn’t let go and we lost it
Now I’m goner
I want you out of my head
I want you out of my bedroom tonight
There’s no way I can save you
Because I need to be saved too
I’m no good at goodbyes
I want you out of my life
I want you back here tonight
I’m tryna to cut you no knife
I wanna slice you and dice you
My heart gets possessive
It got you precise
Can you not turn off the TV
I’m watching a fight
I flood the garage
Blue diamonds no shark
Your Barbie life doll it's Nicki Minaj
You don’t need a key to drive
And your car's on the charger
I just want to see the side
The one the unbothered
And I don’t want you to ever go outside
But I promise if they play my n***a sliding
I’m fuckin her and the tour bus still riding
Yea yea yea yea yea
I want you out of my head
I want you out of my bedroom tonight
There’s no way I can save you
Because I need to be saved too
I’m no good at goodbyes
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Jul 8, 2019

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Comments 3 149
ARoscoe360 3 hours ago
some guy was playing this song on the boombox in cuisine royale lol usvid.net/video/video-wI3s-xze7Ko.html
Not a Serial Killer
Now i know what young thug was sayin 🤦‍♂️
Simba 4 hours ago
this is really minimalistic but really beautiful
BRENDA MARTINS 4 hours ago
Uprise Music
Uprise Music 4 hours ago
On repeat with Xavier White - Love Questions 🔥🔥🔥
Eason Qiao
Eason Qiao 5 hours ago
Sam Smith be like I’m way too good at goodbyes. Post Malone like I’m no good at goodbyes. 😂 lmao
Bella Lapierre
Bella Lapierre 7 hours ago
Ever since I heard this song I have been listening to it like 7 times a day. Anyone else?
Shannon DeGroot
Shannon DeGroot 8 hours ago
why the hell is young thug even in the song? his part makes so fucking sense
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 8 hours ago
Nice song but my friend hugo no takes a baño
NipSlick 8 hours ago
the chorus is so good
Valente Merida
Valente Merida 11 hours ago
Mano, do céu eu consigo dormir escutando essa musica 💙
Amar Ali
Amar Ali 14 hours ago
Who see the video before music
XD DS 14 hours ago
overdue taxes
overdue taxes 14 hours ago
When u realize when he died she was still in his head because he never said goodbye so he came back to just say goodbye so his soul could be free
Ankush Mukherjee
Ankush Mukherjee 14 hours ago
anyone listening this for the 1000th time ?
Joly Not
Joly Not 14 hours ago
Respect+ You TOP
Quyết Lê
Quyết Lê 17 hours ago
I come from Vietnam and I like this song
Stephanie The Teacher
Hmmm, I feel like this is a bit mainstream, almost pop. His voice is still gorgeous and gritty but the passion potential is sucked dry by the poppy, radio friendly beat and tempo. It feels packaged.
Carmen Su
Carmen Su 20 hours ago
Hope my English teacher will play this song to me after class. I really like it!
Joel Cool
Joel Cool 21 hour ago
There's only one thing wrong with this song...It's too short
Sity 909
Sity 909 22 hours ago
Lil Wayne could have done way better than young hug
Naresh Newa
Naresh Newa 23 hours ago
Young thug ruined the song for me though
Anthony Sevilla
Post shoulda went solo on this thug murdered the song
G.U.M. Day ago
I feel this song... l _ l
XXMYSTICXX Baby 17 hours ago
Me toi
Jay Day ago
Jackson McCarthy
ronny Day ago
Why does the chorus sound like the Lego movie's Everything is Awesome?
Jordan Anims
Jordan Anims Day ago
Sometimes it gets annoying for me to repeat a song but this one is different way different
Bro, you need someone to translate the lyrics in german ?
Elza Ferreira
This is the 300° time i'm listening this, omg dude... This is too perfect
João Hacker
João Hacker Day ago
Ai sim caralho post malone é foda pra carai é nois
João Hacker
João Hacker Day ago
Vdd mano ele é foda kkkkk
G O O D B Y E 'S
Alexis Wright
Bruh I literally cant stop listening to this song you can tell it has so much meaning in it and I love post #notsayingoodbyetothissong
Afnan Hasan
Afnan Hasan Day ago
young thug just ruins the whole fucking song!
Héléna P.
Héléna P. Day ago
your song is perfect
Yousuf Madi
Yousuf Madi Day ago
Is this your last song?!
MingoThePoet Day ago
I’m a artist from Indiana And I’m trying to get more fans if you get time please check me out god bless you guys 🙏💯🎵🎶
Craxx Guitarrist
you got the same efect joji had on R.I.P.
Br like?
tom Day ago
thug's verse doesn't make any sense and his voice is annoying
Lang Lang
Lang Lang Day ago
Did u know that Posty’s real name is Austin
Racritia Hobson
Best song ever
Артур Сокольник
Post malone is the best Young thug is shit asf
Chaosyy Day ago
use me as a super like button
i like the yea yeah yeah part it adds a lot of personality
Yeah It’s me tyty
Young thug 🤢
Denise Holton
Young Thugs verse made no sense even when translated.He is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.Sounds like Chris Tucker from 5th element
Nelida Valdez
Me encantoooooooooooo
Matt Potts
Matt Potts 2 days ago
Young thug ruins this otherwise perfect track
Big Butt Lover
Big Butt Lover 2 days ago
Kurt and I*
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