Please give this poor woman some eyes. (YIAY #475)

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Jul 9, 2019

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Comments 18 507
Savage Boi !!!
Savage Boi !!! Minute ago
#CreatorAwards PEWDIEPIE
Undarmaa Tseren
Undarmaa Tseren 2 minutes ago
That billie ellish
Long Cheese
Long Cheese 5 minutes ago
#creatorawards Liam winter has a great show on USvid called boogie boys
#CreatorAwards jack films he is a pretty dumb USvid and he sucks but he is desperate for subscribers so. Yup! Define toy for biggest forehead
Daddydog 27 minutes ago
The other day i asked you
Daddydog 27 minutes ago
Sergeant Oxygen
Sergeant Oxygen 37 minutes ago
#CreatorAwards Chipflake
Nargishun Hour ago
OR ME!!! Jk I am cringey as flip Her is proof ^
Nargishun Hour ago
Here is a youtuber: YuB
#CreatorAwards AngryFireDragon
Denty Mann
Denty Mann Hour ago
2:30 her forehead is jack sized
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Hour ago
#CreatorAwards There’s this small music team, I find them inspirational, motivating and generally underrated. They take crude and explicit songs, and turn them into something family-friendly. Amazing. They’re called KidzBop.
Fire Boy
Fire Boy Hour ago
Do you plase dont copy pewdiepie 🤦‍♂️ Say anything we all know you are coping him 😡
Hichard Rammond
Peter A
Peter A Hour ago
#CreatorAwards I need exposure so i can get on yiay. Me me atention begger.
Peter A
Peter A Hour ago
#CreatorAwards Pewdiepie is a verry small channel that does minecraft content and i think he needs some exposure with only negative sixty nine subscribers.
Peter A
Peter A Hour ago
Mrbeast needs to be featured becuase he needs exposure and is such a small channel
Astray 1A1
Astray 1A1 2 hours ago
LWIAY better
XxSniperKingxX YT
XxSniperKingxX YT 2 hours ago
1:22 I was like oh no I’m going to die to night because my name I John. 1 like=1 Blessing (Please like :( )
Rohan 2 hours ago
#creatorawards Embear is a great gamer he should have more subs
Violet Sprange
Violet Sprange 2 hours ago
you still copying pewdiepie...
Papyvic 2 hours ago
Fuck you
Isaac Cameron
Isaac Cameron 2 hours ago
Nuclear Gd
Nuclear Gd 2 hours ago
#CreatorAwards serious answer, EmpLemon makes stellar content putting way more effort in his videos than he should, as they generally passes the mark of half an hour
Pinalaelae 3 hours ago
#CreatorAwards cavetown.
Ante Klisović
Ante Klisović 3 hours ago
Scott Falco I know he is somewhat big but I think that his vidios are grate #CreatorAwards
Penne 3 hours ago
#creatorawards jmak makes nintendo vids and doesnt have enough subs
isaac victoriano
isaac victoriano 3 hours ago
U content stealing mother fucker
Penguincamp 3 hours ago
#CreatorAwards serious answer, Ahoy spends months upon months of researching, writing, and editing well-polished documentaries about historic video games and moments in video game history. He does everything by himself (including visuals and music) and as a result his upload schedule is one video every 6 months to a full year.
Rat loving boi
Rat loving boi 3 hours ago
Creator awards thing: Giofilms
Victor Peterson
Victor Peterson 4 hours ago
#CreatorAwards Tyr the white fox Because he’s adorable, dammit!
birb 4 hours ago
I think maddison bush is a pretty good creator
Asia Xx
Asia Xx 4 hours ago
Miles Chronicles #createrawards
Levottomuus 4 hours ago
#CreatorAwards Wilburgur!
bpseres 4 hours ago
The Stupendium #creatorawards
Crafty The biggest Bruh moment
#CreatorAwards Jackfilms. on Vacation
Meegan B
Meegan B 5 hours ago
AlexClarkLive is good and under rated.
LOGAN 5 hours ago
#creatorAwards Clint Stevens
Samshoutsadventure 5 hours ago
USvid Rewind for Best Worst video #creatorawards
Boi Luigi
Boi Luigi 5 hours ago
#creatorawards you know- F a i l b o a t
Lukas 6 hours ago
#creatorawards Best replacement for jacksfilms
GachaLilly11 6 hours ago
you need to watch will smith grunt piano
PRB random
PRB random 6 hours ago
#YIAYvid pls fix one of my vids ANY will do but do my other channel PRB Vlogs
User 0008975
User 0008975 6 hours ago
A few months ago I came across your channel at first I liked it but then I came to realize how much of a douche bag you as I watched more of your videos . This reminds me of a quote from the bee movie "they make the honey while we make the money" Not only this but can't take a blame on yourself and try to say your innocent even if its your fault And you just put an ad on each and every one of your videos like how low can you get I bet if this comment get featured you wont even read the whole comment You just disgust me
CCCoolbucket 6 hours ago
#CreatorAwards Jacksfilms
Hayley Anna
Hayley Anna 6 hours ago
#creatorawards best clickbait vidieo. you can pick who
Xtreme1218 6 hours ago
@ that poor channel named Jacksfilms
Ari Ozminkowski
Ari Ozminkowski 6 hours ago
#CreaterAwards Levi Ocan is a great gamer
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