Playing The 2015 Scottish Open Course w/ Brodie Smith | Best 3 Holes | Back Nine

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I know this was a shorter upload but hopefully ya'll did still enjoy! Glen eagles and hickory challenge next!
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Aug 15, 2019




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Comments 250
gm__golf 6 months ago
Brodie's video of the best 3 holes of the front nine should be tomorrow. I ended up shooting 77 on this round. Was honestly happy with that Can't wait to show ya'll glen eagles
Inochi Fumetsu
Inochi Fumetsu 6 months ago
6:26 Brodie thinking you can roll up sleeves on a vest kek
Kesir Sangha
Kesir Sangha 6 months ago
gm__golf I played Gullane when I was younger and it’s a tough course
Sophia Record
Sophia Record 6 months ago
Gm been doing good in Scotland
OGO7 6 months ago
gm__golf love you bro✊🏼 you’re awesome
OGO7 6 months ago
Fernando Barbosa
Fernando Barbosa 4 months ago
216 yards out of the rough with a 6 irons is DISGUSTING!!!!!! I mean how the fuck. Impressive
Fernando Barbosa
Fernando Barbosa 4 months ago
216 yards out of the rough with a 6 irons is DISGUSTING!!!!!! I mean how the fuck. Impressive
James Rawley
James Rawley 5 months ago
Have you ever played the roaring fork club in Colorado USA
Gt Gamer
Gt Gamer 6 months ago
Last hole was a bogie not a double
DJ Shively
DJ Shively 6 months ago
You alive bro?
gm__golf 6 months ago
DJ Shively hanging in there
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 6 months ago
Anyone know if Garrett is still with his girlfriend
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 6 months ago
Ty man. Thought he was movin in on Brody and Kelsey.... jk
Ryan Kennedy
Ryan Kennedy 6 months ago
Josh Miller he is
Grizzly Whores
Grizzly Whores 6 months ago
Brodie can you shut the hell up?
Matt Reschly
Matt Reschly 6 months ago
Head out to Falcon Ridge sometime and show us locals how’s its done. Keep up the good work!
David Russ
David Russ 6 months ago
Love the circling of balls, keep that up!! It’s amazing to iee
David Russ
David Russ 6 months ago
Matthew Oliver
Matthew Oliver 6 months ago
My Chanel is Ej sport and outdoors
AllStarr12 6 months ago
Nice video, too much ads ;)
Andy Mitchell
Andy Mitchell 6 months ago
Will you do a count of how many times Matt says some form of "getting the job done that way" in a video sometime?
Bertzilla 2018
Bertzilla 2018 6 months ago
I dunno if it's a stupid question or not, but why bro 5. Who is the fifth member after Gareth Steven matt and brody?
D.J. Christian
D.J. Christian 6 months ago
Bertzilla 2018 I think Zac Radford is the fifth but not sure
BDS Lamb
BDS Lamb 6 months ago
What happened to the gf?
siggedude123 6 months ago
brody is a hypebeast who drinks monster energy and punches drywalls
Oisin Moore
Oisin Moore 6 months ago
Yous should use a shot tracer
Luke Monter
Luke Monter 6 months ago
Do full swings only challenge
Clayton Queen
Clayton Queen 6 months ago
What happened with Rosie
M3RK-Thrustaa 6 months ago
Garrett should do more tournaments
Zach Snyder
Zach Snyder 6 months ago
The never gonna get it killed me lol
Trevor O.
Trevor O. 6 months ago
Been loving the content Garrett, keep it up! I'm in my late 20s, KC area as well, and never golfed in my life -- but your videos have inspired me to get out there and learn the game. Looking forward to videos to come, and definitely gonna snag some GM gear as well!
Dylan Drendel
Dylan Drendel 6 months ago
Do a what’s in the bag please!!! Great videos man
NATHAN KRISIK 6 months ago
Show us how the cart works
Princess Grace 13
Princess Grace 13 6 months ago
What happened to Rose?
John Roy
John Roy 6 months ago
The electric carts may go hard, but do they get the job done?
Pablo Hall
Pablo Hall 6 months ago
Garrett, love the channel! what brand is that jacket/sweater?
Rory Wutzke
Rory Wutzke 6 months ago
What kind of putter you using these days??
hunerjarvis 6 months ago
“Not gonna make excuses for Brodie and I” then proceeds to make excuses 😂 still loving the videos though
Duke Jet
Duke Jet 6 months ago
Gotta wash your hands heaps when you travel guys... ( Or ya'll get sick like Brodie ) Well you gotta stop Brodie from licking the hand rails aswell HAHAHA
Danny Aradas
Danny Aradas 6 months ago
Hey I know you guys do mini golf challenges every so often. You should partner with Brooks Holt. He played that same mini golf course you guys did and I would love to see you two have a match
Maxim George
Maxim George 6 months ago
Can you make polos for your merch? I would love one with a silhouette
MattyFreshNY 6 months ago
Please get a shot tracer !!!
Tim Hollis
Tim Hollis 6 months ago
Why are you wearing your little brothers pants? Lol
Bagwell Outdoors
Bagwell Outdoors 6 months ago
What kind of camera do you use
Stixnstonez49 6 months ago
5:05 over use of that edit bro. Love the videos either way though keep em coming
Tommy Koba
Tommy Koba 6 months ago
I feel so bad for the worker that has to rake all 124 bunkers
persona250 6 months ago
Team twigs vs pythons zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so funny !
Constantin Spliedt
Constantin Spliedt 6 months ago
216 yards - 6 Iron wtf🤦🏼‍♂️ unreal
Tyler Heimerman
Tyler Heimerman 6 months ago
Being from Kansas you guys should try and play Prairie Dunes CC. Great links style course. A hidden gem.
snakebit 6 months ago
5:49 got me. That was a quality one
AmeagleWard 6 months ago
And now En Vogue is stuck in my head.
Kittennnsss Kitten
Kittennnsss Kitten 6 months ago
6 iron from 213 out of that rough ..... cmon and hes sick how tall is brodie lol. so much power. also edit gm totally shoulda been able to find that ball thats one of those things where if you dont walk straight to it you're fucked.also in that same vein, around 9:28 i think you can see the ball off his heel of his left foot. its also in the frame infront of him at 9:27. its like 2-3 feet closer to the camera then where he walks.
Ray Wessels
Ray Wessels 6 months ago
When are you guys coming to South Africa, we have great courses like Fancourt( hosted the Presidents Cup) Pinnacle Point , and Leopard Creek( hosted the alfred dunhill championship on the european tour).
BeeDavies TV
BeeDavies TV 6 months ago
Great Video... such a inspiration!
Austin McCool
Austin McCool 6 months ago
Fun fact: Brodie at 9:24 got this video demonetized.
GC Bunky
GC Bunky 6 months ago
Straight up this is probably the most entertaining content I've seen in a long time. Crazy good. What kind of cold medicine is Brodie on, cuz his dance moves are sIcK...
Dasher Peters
Dasher Peters 6 months ago
You should make get the job done that way merch
Warren Browne
Warren Browne 6 months ago
Did I miss something?that 3rd hole the par 5 Garret hit the fairway then in the long stuff and took a drop ball for his 5th?shouldn't that be 4th?
Banana Bonanza
Banana Bonanza 6 months ago
Brodie extra funny in this vlog, like the attitude haha.
manilove2pwn 6 months ago
5:47 is Brodie secretly obi wan?
Benji Edmondson
Benji Edmondson 6 months ago
I live in Gullane( it's Gu-lane) I have a 100% record of hitting the green on the par 3.
Kevin Stross
Kevin Stross 6 months ago
That sucks when you can’t find your ball like on the last hole. Hitting your 5th instead of 3rd blows. My friends and I would usually just drop one where we think it would be and then hit your 4th in this case
salesl01 6 months ago
I watch your channel cause of Steven and Matt
Frag HI7
Frag HI7 6 months ago
Come play Broomieknowe in Bonnyrigg Scotland
Daniel French
Daniel French 6 months ago
That. 6. Iron. 🤤
Paul Nicol
Paul Nicol 6 months ago
Gullane is 10 mins drive from my home town....East Lothian is Scotland's golfing coastline. 😎😎😎
Aviation Compilation
I had a frog in my car today and it jumped on my leg while i was driving. It scared the hell out of me and i had to pull over and too get the damn thing out. Now im here watching this video.
SirSmashez 6 months ago
Matt is rubbing off on Brodie and it’s great
StrokeofLuck Golf
StrokeofLuck Golf 6 months ago
Brodie is so funny
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