Pixel Slate One Year Later, Worth it?

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So the pixel slate is coming up on its one year birthday and I am here to ask the question, is it still worth it? I have been using the slate as tablet and laptop for a while now and believe it is a very....good device. But should you use it as a tablet only?
Pixel Slate - store.google.com/us/product/pixel_slate?gclid=CjwKCAjwzdLrBRBiEiwAEHrAYqVeUzMikJd46f7EK6fbasm4BSYLEfhyZNiS_o85wBZCPJM2O6JDRBoCXCcQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
Pixel Slate Keyboard - store.google.com/us/product/pixel_slate_keyboard

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Sep 9, 2019




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raju 001
raju 001 2 days ago
Excellent review. Does the screen have reddish whites? I saw many in bestbuy with red tint and in your video too. I find the pixelbook to have perfect whites
FlyTechGuy 2 days ago
I never really noticed it but I will look into it now that it has been brought to my attention
Marcos F. Molina
Marcos F. Molina 3 days ago
Great video! Now one is keeping up with the slate and I always wondered how much of it changed in this time.
Juan Cena
Juan Cena 7 days ago
for students, would you recommend this over the iPad pro? One of the reasons i was considering it is because it has a trackpad with the keyboard, and also it has a similar OS. Thanks!
FlyTechGuy 7 days ago
So I think the iPad Pro is a great device especially if you are already in the Apple ecosystem. The only problem with that is having to touch the screen for everything you want to do. But if you think you're going to use it more as a tablet then get the iPad Pro because hands down it is a better tablet. But I would think if you can find a good price for the slate and you're going to use it more as a laptop and occasionally a tablet (which it can 100% handle) as a student it is better, especially because you'll be using your Google apps (docs drive slides etc) which will work better with the slate.
SlickSmith Tech
SlickSmith Tech Month ago
2:58 I’m not sure what’s your definition of “very easy to use” but when you’re trying to resize those to windows it’s very laggy like 5-10fps. There’s a reason why Google discontinue this garbage and that’s because no one is really buying it and the return rate was around 80%.
FlyTechGuy Month ago
Very valid points, but what I was trying to explain was that the device multi-tasking was much easier to use now, rather when the device first came out. And I do see the lag that you're talking about, I think it could've been the fact there were 2 videos playing at once but I could be wrong. It'll be interesting to see what Google can do in a week
James Baker
James Baker Month ago
I avoided this device for so long because of the bad reviews... just picked up the same version you have on sale for about $600 for the tablet & keyboard bundled. It's really nice! I think too many people reviewed the M3 version which was glitchy... but the i5 has been great so far. (PS - I'm your 100th subscriber - congrats!)
FlyTechGuy Month ago
I'm glad you like the device! Thanks for the sub, hope you enjoy the videos!
Somesh Mishra
Somesh Mishra Month ago
I think you need some bigger lights to make your video look brighter and fun to watch
Chill Tech Studio
I agree I just got the iPad Pro a week ago and I still find a strong need for the pixel slate (had it for about a year*same spec as yours*) I think it’s a great device but the focus was a bit off as a tablet but as a surface pro replacement I like it as a computer. I use it as a travel laptop In conjunction with my iPad and I don’t care and 15” inch MacBook Pro anymore unless it need to edit video
Sergio Mejia
Sergio Mejia Month ago
You think is a good idea to get the M3 processor now? i5 is more expensive but i rather wait and save more money than getting laggy tablet... not sure how well the M3 is performing these days.
FlyTechGuy Month ago
I do know people who bought the m3 and say it performs well. The laggyness was mostly from Google not optimizing the software before releasing the device and not having enough RAM to go with the software. But it all depends on use case because you're also getting 64gb storage upgrade with the i5 so if you need that storage as well it'll be a good idea to wait. I think either will treat you well.
good guys has had these on sale was $750 with keyboards and pen for the i5 model, I got mine for $800 for i5 with keyboards and pen. love the extra monitor hookups and that you can add mouse and any other addon through c-port with mini-hubs.
yonathan jhammers
Have you used jamboard?
FlyTechGuy Month ago
No I have not but I do know what it is
Tim Nolan
Tim Nolan 2 months ago
Considering how limiting chromeOS still is when compared to Windows or macOS, do you think the starting price of $800 is justifiable?
Ardyn Lucis Caelum
@Tim Nolan keyboard yes, Pixel pen no, but I don't like the reviews I've watched on the keyboard it looks super flimsy and it's hard to sit in your lap I'm just going to get the brydge Bluetooth keyboard for it
Tim Nolan
Tim Nolan 9 days ago
Ardyn Lucis Caelum did it come with the keyboard/stylus?
Ardyn Lucis Caelum
@Tim Nolan but the i7s are still overpriced even on eBay, I found one i7 in mint condition for $700 but I refreshed the page and it was sold that quick
Ardyn Lucis Caelum
@Tim Nolan That's my point why would you buy it from a retailer they overcharge, unless you like to overpay, like I said the i5 slate I got from ebay works perfectly and I didn't overpay.
Tim Nolan
Tim Nolan 9 days ago
Ardyn Lucis Caelum I’m not saying that $800 is the only price you can get this for. However, if you go on Googles website, or even Best Buy, the starting price is still $800. So, when it comes to actually getting it from a retailer, the starting price hasn’t changed.
bradkman 2 months ago
Great video, thank you very much!
Maarten Blankestijn
Maarten Blankestijn 2 months ago
Nice video, thanks.
Arturo Patrón
Arturo Patrón 2 months ago
It seems that laggy problems are not gone at all, sure they are not at as bad as they were, but i dont appreciate a full snap experience
FlyTechGuy 2 months ago
Yes the are all gone, much smoother now, but when in multi-tasking it doesn't seem as smooth as we'd like!
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