Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors Full Game Highlights | Game 3 | 2019 ECSF | FreeDawkins

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May 2, 2019 | Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors Full Game Highlights | Game 3 | 2019 ECSF | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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May 3, 2019




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Comments 474
Paul Nicholas
Paul Nicholas 4 months ago
Yo, Dawkins. You have the best NBA game highlights. By Far! The way you edit the audio, the FTs PIP, and the fact that you also show great defensive plays? You are killing the competition! This is the only place I will come for highlights. Keep it up. Please!
MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6
Ximo pertio
LtNAPC Cabreira
LtNAPC Cabreira 4 months ago
@Rubin Simpson my bad. I thought *suck lol sorry
Rubin Simpson
Rubin Simpson 4 months ago
@LtNAPC Cabreira why? I just gave him a compliment. I guess English is not your first language
LtNAPC Cabreira
LtNAPC Cabreira 4 months ago
@Rubin Simpson make ur own highlights.
Steven Amoah
Steven Amoah 21 day ago
It’s fun watching this knowing the outcome of this ssries
Jewelz 3 months ago
I love how badly all these comments are aging. A bunch of haters.. and now 75% are bandwagoners. Acting like they loved this team from the beginning. Fuck out here
Gabe Prince
Gabe Prince 3 months ago
Funny how everybody needs to shut the f*ck up .
hakan karakus
hakan karakus 4 months ago
Nobody in these comments know anything about ball. Raptors are the better team you dimwits 🤦🏽‍♂️
Aidan Power
Aidan Power 4 months ago
Anyone else hear Kawhi yell at 8:05
robin baby
robin baby 4 months ago
That drake curse. We all know Toronto will fail
Sam b
Sam b 4 months ago
I hope we get a better referees for game 4. Embiid kept fouling and the referees did nothing.
imkris withak
imkris withak 4 months ago
Looks like a good time for some linsanity.
Tommaso Rinaldi
Tommaso Rinaldi 4 months ago
I bet he already miss San Antonio
Laila Erika Lara
Laila Erika Lara 4 months ago
Trade lowry to conley
nonoy pogs
nonoy pogs 4 months ago
low iQ neck nurse
balbosky2 4 months ago
wtf is going on they won the first game in convincing style and now it looks like they deliberately loosing on purpose
L K Manning
L K Manning 4 months ago
Kawhi brought the raptors within 7 then they took him out then💥💥💥💥💥💥 they need him in the
Ricardo Feced Ibañez
Kawhi is definitely alone and was proved in this game. The rest of teammates didn't make enough effort to support his entire team. So, I think Marc Gasol is wasting his potential and the rest are just not connected with Kawhi.
Sir Heatbag
Sir Heatbag 4 months ago
Lowry doesn't have another gear to turn to to match playoff intensity. Extra grit or superior b-ball IQ could overcome that but he lacks in that area too.
Mike Jr
Mike Jr 4 months ago
how is simmons elbowing lowry's balls aint a foul
nightschool 4 months ago
toronto needs to play as a team
rodrigo gaspi
rodrigo gaspi 4 months ago
TheTruth Hurts
TheTruth Hurts 4 months ago
VanVleet is so bad...21 minutes play 1pt 1 assist only... his defense is non existence also.
Viper Viper
Viper Viper 4 months ago
12:06 i feel bad for kawhi tbh
timeisnow316 4 months ago
SIMMONS & BUTLER WILL BLAST the Raptors(Game 4)...BTW, Jig is up....Raptors' shorter guards can not GUARD their opponents(Sixers) guards. #25 SIMMONS missed EAZZZZY Shots over Raptors' guards. VanVleet great in regular season games as far as offense(playoffs? He's playing like JLin who lost his confidence), DEFENSE? He's 10x worst than Kemba Walker. Sixer's coach has the smarts and he'd pushing his guards to attack the DEFENSELESS NO TALENT IN DEFENSE guards of the Raptors. Only Lowry is decent. Just don't force it. That's why Simmons missed.
Leo S
Leo S 4 months ago
limit lowreys minute.raptors bench is the key to victory
timeisnow316 4 months ago
Anyone here played basketball? I mean TEAM basketball? Then pump your brain by watching the Warriors. KL took most of the shots or worst, Harden type like "Me Only aka ISO" 90% time, IT DOES NOT WORK! Warriors--IF you are free and your a bench warmer or even the water boy you have the right to take it, of course IF you've been very good in practice. And IF you are hot, Warriors will help you set up screen, double screen, until you are dry. ISO-Crap? Ahhh, yes KL, ahhh, you take it. Oh you are triple team? Oh OK I'll shoot this ball that I have not touch b4 in a while and just running back N forth and rebounding and setting screen for you KL. Chances are the other guys will miss, till they get going. You should know what I am talking about. That is IF you ever play team basketball. Of course, there's a guy, the go to guy, who can take tough shot when there's no time left or clutch is needed. When KL FINALLY STARTS MISSING ALSO,,,,,DISASTER HAPPENS. Exactly what happened. Meanwhile, 76ers they play pretty good TEAM Basketball. Since NO ONE IS A MACHINE, KL inevitable he will miss. So the shots he was making in a way, IT IS A CURSE ON HIS TEAM. For NURSE the VERY OVER RATED COACH, Thinks PSiakam, will take over now and the other back up guys who are ave 10 pts/game in 3 games, will begin to make shots. DUMB. Again those who had really played TEAM basketball, if you switch to another system as this Titanical-Ship-of-Doom AKA Nurse's Raptor system,,,,,How would U like to run back and forth just to set up screen, rebound for one guy, your master KL? And then and SUDDENLY KL has no place to go passes the ball to another team mate(BY FORCE), WHAT ARE THE ODDS THIS TEAM MATE WILL MAKE THAT ONCE IN A WHILE BASKETBALL IN HIS HANDS TO SHOOT, MIND YOU WITH A FEW CLICKS, AND YOUR OFFENSE AS A TEAM IS SO PREDICTABLE? I say 10%. UNLESS.....You are Derick Fisher, Robert Horry, Steve Kerr, Danny Ainge, Michael Cooper, Scotty Pippen, and so many enough in the records, but few exist in this universe...UNSUNG HEROES who would had taken few shots and makes them even though their main guy takes many shots. Fisher and Horry, you don't find these type of players. They've taken FEWER shots but MOST were clutch and GAME WINNERS. That's why when they were gone, Kobe became ordinary. ISO does not work, unless your back up are Fisher and Horry. Ooops forgot Allen, best 3pt clutch ever. Lebron got his rings due to Wade, Bosch, and Allen. Now without clutch players who takes a LOT-LESS SHOTS...., he's just a greedy ISO-KOBE type in a losing team.
Aime Lunio
Aime Lunio 4 months ago
Drake left the party
Dave 4 months ago
Its frustration for kawhi , he put in the work kinda sad at the end
bkzlatan 4 months ago
aging GARBASOL got schooled by big J
bkzlatan 4 months ago
raptors should have signed deandre jordan!! he is the only one who can play D against big JOE!
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen 4 months ago
Nick Nurse said “Jeez, they look bigger.” hahaha. As a matter of fact the Raptors have good bigger players beside Kawhi and Siakam like OG, Ibaka, and Marc Gasol. OG is still in injury list, Ibaka is too slow, and Marc Gasol is too old and seem running out of gas.
Dave 4 months ago
Toronto fans here : the game from most of the roster was really bad.....siakam and leonard cant win game by themself. From my point of view I miss delon Wright....last year in playof he was good on both end....now out bench is poor...
JayDee Jemistel
JayDee Jemistel 4 months ago
I wonder why the Raptors is benching Jeremy Lin. Thanks.
kiloechocharlie 4 months ago
We're sorry the team has let you down Kawhi. Nobody here is on your level. But thanks for the year and it'l be warmer anywhere else...
Kpaw 4 months ago
I was going to say Simmons deserved something for that groin shot to Lowry, but then I figure no harm since Lowry leaves his balls home during the playoffs.
ICphi 4 months ago
Game 4 will be fire. Raps had a bad game no biggie.. we still believe in you go Raptors!!!
John Lai
John Lai 4 months ago
Agreed always will. But if they don't bring it Sunday it's done always believe in the Raptors though always will!
Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller 4 months ago
1:15 dayuuuum!
Arthur Sistoso
Arthur Sistoso 4 months ago
They have to replace gasol for a compitative bigman.
Jewelz 4 months ago
Why is the philly roster have a bunch of disrespectful cocky (dirty) players? I saw this all year. It will come back to haunt them. Not a good mentality to have. Philly is usually a team you root for but this roster makes that very difficult. Nba should get on the unsportmanlike behaviour. Very big difference between celebrating and taunting trolling on and off the court.
Jewelz 4 months ago
@Wey Cool we'll see
Wey Cool
Wey Cool 4 months ago
@Jewelz Unfortunately the time is not on Raptor's side. Those talents at Philly are still very young. Raptor's got a bunch of veteran players in their 30's. Hopefully a reality check on Sunday? ;-)
Jewelz 4 months ago
@Wey Cool the worst was vs the nets. It is just so wrong. But they will receive a reality check.
Wey Cool
Wey Cool 4 months ago
@Jewelz Simmons actually got a technical foul after Siakim was doing a practice shoot at the end of 3rd quarter. Simmons jumped to block that shot? really? I really don't respect Simmons and Embidd. These two are young talents without respects to the game and the players. when Raptors won big at home, you didn't see Kawhi and Siakim dance around to disrespect Philly. When Raptors blew out Magic twice in Game4 and Game 5, Raptors players did not disrespect the other team. It's all about showing sportsmanship and class.
Jewelz 4 months ago
@Wey Cool and they haven't done nothing in the league to be allowed to act like that.
Ronnie Ochero
Ronnie Ochero 4 months ago
Kawhi is incredible! but hes a one man band atm
nurberz bernuz
nurberz bernuz 4 months ago
I feel bad for Kawhi carrying this bum ass lulry
Pavel Likhovid
Pavel Likhovid 4 months ago
I'm very sorry for Kawhi... He has to change team next season
Paul Nicholas
Paul Nicholas 4 months ago
Yo, Dawkins. You have the best NBA game highlights. By Far! The way you edit the audio, the FTs PIP, and the fact that you also show great defensive plays? You are killing the competition! This is the only place I will come for highlights. Keep it up. Please!
Chen JingTao
Chen JingTao 4 months ago
The raptors coach is a big problem, if they keep Dwane Casey, they would not have any problem like this, Casey builds the raptors system both offense and defense, he can also masters it, so good luck to the north, you lost your coach of the year and you about to lose your former defensive player of the year.
Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon 4 months ago
Kawhi is leaving no doubt in my mind.....
John Doe
John Doe 4 months ago
John Lai
John Lai 4 months ago
Pretty much at this point yup.
Nahuel Cassullo Diaz
I always said it was Lowry, so inconsistent man. It’s insane with his salary.
Louie Fernando
Louie Fernando 4 months ago
The sixers are clicking at the right time, the new roster seems to mesh well now. They are playing hard on defense and moving the ball well. If this continues they just might win the series because of their big 4.
Bongcayao Vlogz
Bongcayao Vlogz 4 months ago
andyan si tallo?
Pens Suck
Pens Suck 4 months ago
I've been saying for years that once you make Ben Simmons your PG, you deny yourself a lot of offensive plays, such as pick-and-rolls, which is perhaps the most useful offensive play in the game. Now with Jimmy running the point, we're getting some easy buckets and getting mismatches. Make Ben earn the PG position by learning to shoot jumpers. If he doesn't, then keep him as a forward with the liberty of pushing the rock, but he should by no means run the offense otherwise.
J Real
J Real 4 months ago
Embid lol his celebrations lol. That head fake before windmill was ugly lol. He was knocking guys all over the floor. Lol
Alexia Is On Fire
Alexia Is On Fire 4 months ago
I never want to hear Lowry being called a "star" ever again, fucking pure trash
LiNingAir 4 months ago
Why is Kyle celebrated... he's so shit
Republika Dugave
Republika Dugave 4 months ago
Harris is a poor mans Melo...
toinks naman
toinks naman 4 months ago
Lowry a no body except a waste of money
Justin Jordan
Justin Jordan 4 months ago
Simmons needs to be suspended that low blow elbow was crazy.
RIP LITTLE 4 months ago
lol Salty Raptors fan.
Velha Guarda Tricolor
Can somebody PLEASE help Kawhi
SmithN' Wesson
SmithN' Wesson 4 months ago
The Sixers are starting to gel and that is DANGEROUS 🔥
Harder Way
Harder Way 4 months ago
Just perfect from Embiid, you can't do any better than this.
David J. Ridgway
David J. Ridgway 4 months ago
ben simmons is ass!
Yeet YT
Yeet YT 4 months ago
All the raptors have to do is win game 4 and then the series changes alot
hoop dreams
hoop dreams 4 months ago
The irony. Number 7 only scores 7 points.
DELAY OUT 4 months ago
12:00 kawhi face after Boban assist😂😂😂
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