Philadelphia 76ers vs Milwaukee Bucks - Full Game Highlights | July 5, 2019 NBA Summer League

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Philadelphia 76ers vs Milwaukee Bucks - Full Game Highlights | July 5, 2019 NBA Summer League
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Jul 5, 2019




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Comments 204
Ace Fajardo
Ace Fajardo 7 months ago
I thought shayok was kd for some moment
Rafael Silva
Rafael Silva 7 months ago
35 number looks like KD
Naquan Seabury
Naquan Seabury 7 months ago
Daulton Hommes is a D2 player btw
Grey Poupon
Grey Poupon 7 months ago
Shake bakes 😂😂😂😂
Grey Poupon
Grey Poupon 7 months ago
The sixers have a goodlooking summer leauge team.for having avg picks this year.
10:06 lmaoo
Dave Babula
Dave Babula 7 months ago
Trademark Brett Brown 4th quarter.
ClapGodNate 7 months ago
Br3ndan6 7 months ago
Who that big mofo for 76ers? He's the height of the hoop 😂
inquizative44 7 months ago
Shayok is smooth like butter.
Liam Keaney
Liam Keaney 7 months ago
Anyone notice how many SMU guys are in this game? Sterling Brown, Shake Milton, and Jalen Jones. Kinda random
PostSniper- 7 months ago
35 gonna be a lockdown defender he has the will to play d
generation stupid
generation stupid 7 months ago
#35 on the Sixers needs a contract ASAP😂
max welner
max welner 7 months ago
Shayok going to be better than I thought. More than just 3 pt shooter. Also impressed by Christ.
H R 7 months ago
Zhaire looking like fire!!!! Shake 100% Aaassss
H R 7 months ago
Cool_T_215 how about tonight chump?
Cool_T_215 7 months ago
1 game chill bum he still had 15 and 7.
Basketball Fan
Basketball Fan 7 months ago
am I the only one Daulton Hommes is so talented?
Elijah Greig
Elijah Greig 7 months ago
Zhaire Smith looked calm and composed and in control whenever he had the ball.
Yerism 7 months ago
To think that Zhaire could've died last year. Here he is throwing it down. Kid's a fighter and i'm excited as to what he can deliver.
john hand
john hand 7 months ago
When your teammate used his head to catch the ball & did not work 5:04
Fox! Music
Fox! Music 7 months ago
I really just want to see Fletcher Magee
Connor Getz
Connor Getz 7 months ago
Reason why I watched this to see if he popped off
KingKhuna 7 months ago
i fucking love Zhaire!!!
King Diesel
King Diesel 7 months ago
Daulton most underrated
TheBeejAbides 7 months ago
Shayok is basically Kevin Durant. League Fucked.
Jihad Abouhatab
Jihad Abouhatab 7 months ago
Is that Kevin Durant?
Riley Wilson
Riley Wilson 7 months ago
insane game
Oscar Farrington
Oscar Farrington 7 months ago
Philly is like summer league lob city
LegitPlays 7 months ago
The end though 😂😂
Firesword 7 months ago
#35 on the sixers looking like an exact replica of KD lmaooo
tahir jennings
tahir jennings 7 months ago
That's whi they compared him to in college but I see alil harden to
ED Antetokounmpo
ED Antetokounmpo 7 months ago
9:40 KD?
Ratesteroc ACA
Ratesteroc ACA 7 months ago
You never disappoint!!
Youssef Kourime
Youssef Kourime 7 months ago
am i the only one who noticed that Shayok plays like Durant , also he's wearing the same number :o
William Blackfyre
William Blackfyre 7 months ago
Ive seen alot lf sixers fans say that today. Dont get my hopes up that another star emerges from our draft (whether its Shake, Smith, Thybulle or Shayok). We would be unstoppable
Arturo Ramos
Arturo Ramos 7 months ago
Not only u alot of sixers fan have said the same
Mad Gogeta
Mad Gogeta 7 months ago
Zhaire finna be another d rose (not in the injury way)
jay n.r.i. jknox
jay n.r.i. jknox 7 months ago
I hope so but don't forget that Derrick rose did win an MVP around his age
The Black Schwab
The Black Schwab 7 months ago
Zaire Smith has the highest vertical in the NBA. He better be in the Dunk Contest this year.
Cool_T_215 7 months ago
No Im cool he just had a foot injury.
Devon TWood
Devon TWood 7 months ago
The Black Schwab lol not even close
ViralModel TV
ViralModel TV 7 months ago
Cj Morley
Cj Morley 7 months ago
First play of the game he almost broke his leg 0:13
Zephan Joseph
Zephan Joseph 7 months ago
Really wanted to see terry Harris today
Zephan Joseph
Zephan Joseph 7 months ago
Zhaire for most improved player
Zephan Joseph
Zephan Joseph 7 months ago
I’m so happy to see zhaire playing well especially after his whole life threatening allergy. #TTP
Mason Tronsor
Mason Tronsor 7 months ago
Happy to see Zaire Smith back out and playing well after what happened to him last year!
GalaxyIsHumble 7 months ago
Marial Shayok is looking 🥶 can’t wait for him to develop over these next couple years, but he was definitely a steal in the second...
AJ JONEZ 7 months ago
Shyok not lookin bad out there
AJ JONEZ 7 months ago
What a game
Christian Gold
Christian Gold 7 months ago
As a Sixers fan, so happy to see Zhaire playing great after what he went through last year
Double Depresso
Double Depresso 3 months ago
his allergy was actually fatal in some circumstances, he was considered lucky to come out alive
Christian Gold
Christian Gold 7 months ago
Khalif Moore yeah and that too
Khalif Moore
Khalif Moore 7 months ago
Christian Gold don’t forget the hole in his esophagus, he was coughing/vomiting blood too
Christian Gold
Christian Gold 7 months ago
Broke his foot at the beginning of the year, then was hospitalized for months after having a severe allergic reaction, and he lost a lot of weight
R 7 months ago
Christian Gold what he went thru?
D3K! 7 months ago
that center I thought it was bo bol great c for 76rs
maximus rivera
maximus rivera 7 months ago
you gotta give it to the bucks bro they came back at the last quarter and almost won
Nabhan Hossain
Nabhan Hossain 7 months ago
Take a shot every time the sixers dunk lmao
1k Reek
1k Reek 7 months ago
zhaire smith back. watch out🔥💪🏾
Free Fluffy
Free Fluffy 7 months ago
I love this dunk show😁
Joel Lobo
Joel Lobo 7 months ago
Shake milton was trash this game. He got to do better.
Michael Williams
Michael Williams 7 months ago
The LoboGamer yeah
solo sports
solo sports 7 months ago
zhaire and thybulle will be a good duo coming off the bench for philly
Look out for Zhaire Smith!!!
Scott Lawrence
Scott Lawrence 7 months ago
Damn these Sixers looking great
mbiid 7 months ago
Shayock stroke so nice
Cassidy Leonard
Cassidy Leonard 7 months ago
mbiid sus
TrustTheVibes 7 months ago
Ben Simmons gonna be throwing lobs to Zhaire Smith all year next season.
California Crook
California Crook 27 days ago
TrustTheVibes never mind that
TrustTheVibes 7 months ago
Raging Rubie funny and original!!! Lololololol :/
Raging Rubie
Raging Rubie 7 months ago
TrustTheVibes might as well throw lobs inside the bucket
Melvin Rowland
Melvin Rowland 7 months ago
It's the first game for these guys they play pretty good just got to keep your heads up keep playing defense they gave up over a hundred points but they still won so that's a good thing
joseph 14 hd & full hd
Saben que se llama el pivot alto de los sixers?¿?
Goon 7 months ago
solid 365 days
solid 365 days 7 months ago
Lob city
Nat Buskirk
Nat Buskirk 7 months ago
koumadje the new Boban/embiid hybrid. THE NEXT GOAT
Jxhn TV
Jxhn TV 7 months ago
William Blackfyre
William Blackfyre 7 months ago
@Nat Buskirk not usually...but cmon, jokes are supposed to be funny. How am i supposed to now thats a joke?
Nat Buskirk
Nat Buskirk 7 months ago
@William Blackfyre oml IM JOKING. he just looks fun and entertaining thats all lmao you take stuff so literally
William Blackfyre
William Blackfyre 7 months ago
@Nat Buskirk i read it...you said he was the greatest of all time...the greatest of all time that wont play...your statement made more sense when it seemed like you wanted him to play
Nat Buskirk
Nat Buskirk 7 months ago
@William Blackfyre lmao when did I say he was gonna play, I just thought that it was what his game kinda resembled and he reminded me of them. read the comment
Mark G
Mark G 7 months ago
why didn’t he pass the ball at the end of the game 🤦🏾‍♂️
Mark G
Mark G 7 months ago
logan perkins yah true , but that extra dribble could’ve been an pass .
Osi Mahino
Osi Mahino 7 months ago
Riight 🤦‍♂️
logan perkins
logan perkins 7 months ago
He had a guy in front of him then when he finally got space it was to late to pass it
Basketball Goat
Basketball Goat 7 months ago
Let’s go Sixers
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