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Today we are rebuilding the 76ers after the departure of Jimmy Butler and the signing of Al Horford. Process-Approved.
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Jul 11, 2019




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Comments 575
Dom Lonetti
Dom Lonetti Month ago
foreshadowing? Big al is a sixer now!
Jakeb Richard
Jakeb Richard 2 months ago
Who’s here after the embiid kat fight
Angelo Marchioni
Angelo Marchioni 4 months ago
MY GUY SIMMONS HIT A THREE!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊🎉🎉🎊🎊💈💈🎈🎈🎊🎊🎉🎉
Uganda’s Lord and savior
Only two i watch in yt on 2k rebuild its you and kot4k
Anthony Baller
Anthony Baller 6 months ago
Yo can you do a cavs rebuild
General Patton
General Patton 6 months ago
Who's the lady behind him
Sebastian Millz
Sebastian Millz 6 months ago
Stop picking good teams and calling it a “ Rebuild”
Cringy Stuff
Cringy Stuff 7 months ago
Imagine quitting before u lost so instead of getting swept u lost in 5
wyatt11 7 months ago
Lucas Iturrate
Lucas Iturrate 7 months ago
the one team that jiedel swept in the playoffs were the lakers in the NBA finals
Turner Allen
Turner Allen 7 months ago
If Jiedel likes big men why doesn’t he like Joakim Noah?
SuperJ3124 7 months ago
13:41 pause.....
trash aholic
trash aholic 7 months ago
U said the n word
Sammy Kim
Sammy Kim 7 months ago
Trust the Process
Classic Lin
Classic Lin 7 months ago
2k19 simulations are horrible as always... Trae Young would not have a back to back 40 point game against the Sixers at all
Ethan Payne
Ethan Payne 7 months ago
You can’t call it a rebuild if you don’t do anything😂
Charlie Doody
Charlie Doody 7 months ago
The girl in the back tho
Panda_Leader 7 months ago
G Man G
G Man G 7 months ago
Soooo more star Power then Westbrook/harden, James/Davis, Leonard/George, curry/Thompson, Irving/Durant.... Yea I don't think Simmons and embid are better then a single one of those combos
Kevin Smiley
Kevin Smiley 7 months ago
How can you be a Heat fan and like embid
bruh moment
bruh moment 7 months ago
Mirotic signed with Barcelona (Spain) and you put him in front of the Eiffel Tower
Cesar Delgadillo
Cesar Delgadillo 7 months ago
You can easily tell u playing in rookie
Bramson Ho
Bramson Ho 7 months ago
Do a raptors rebuild
edgey default
edgey default 7 months ago
Amy thicc
Brendan Carter
Brendan Carter 7 months ago
This video is so fucking trash imagine having to play in order to win a rebuild
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 7 months ago
How about an actual challenge?? Win the Cavaliers another ship ... without Lebeon
roberto carneiro
roberto carneiro 7 months ago
The girl that was behind jiedel is jiedel girlfriend????
Arion Phillips
Arion Phillips 7 months ago
What if you did a “debuild” and destroyed teams by making odd decisions
MM B 7 months ago
did anyone else think jidle said the n word for a minute 12:01
Dose Of Ball
Dose Of Ball 7 months ago
Stephin Mccloskey
Stephin Mccloskey 7 months ago
Earned a sixers sub here
Tez Jones
Tez Jones 7 months ago
Can you stop looking at the per 36 stats, It’s very cringe
Logan Wischler
Logan Wischler 7 months ago
What roster and sliders are you using?
Alessandro Manenti
Alessandro Manenti 7 months ago
Jiedel can You do a rebuild of the warriors
Ethan Cox
Ethan Cox 7 months ago
Minnesotaman 7 months ago
The 6ers don't have a sharpshooter anymore they didn't sign a replacement for JJ Reddick
Nolan McCloskey
Nolan McCloskey 7 months ago
jiedel, StOp mAkINg tHe ReAlIStiC TrAdEs like if u agree
The6ixthMan _Yt
The6ixthMan _Yt 7 months ago
Jiedel is the best
Chase Rougeou
Chase Rougeou 7 months ago
Y’all want to watch real rebuilding challenges where he doesn’t hop in when he’s losing? Check out KOT4Q
Andrew Mckale
Andrew Mckale 7 months ago
Who the female in the back
Big Chach
Big Chach 7 months ago
Rebuild? They’re the favorite in the east! Tf?
Christopher Bentley
Christopher Bentley 7 months ago
Count he many times he says losing record
johnny bravo
johnny bravo 7 months ago
Do the rockets cuz they got westbrook
Terence Austin
Terence Austin 7 months ago
Make a rebuild with Russ on the rockets
archxv 7 months ago
You traded zhaire fuck you
YK AJ 7 months ago
Jiedel read this... Do a rebuild on the Heat and Rockets🤙🏽✌🏽
Demarcus 7 months ago
Jezzer still scared from the time u was touchin him🤐
Sam Hoskins #17
Sam Hoskins #17 7 months ago
Rebuild the mavs
Slime Bitch
Slime Bitch 7 months ago
Bro James who cares you shoulda token that trade for jimmy butler🤦🏽‍♂️😭
nba fans
nba fans 7 months ago
Ben Simmons will be 93 overall when you turn him to small forward position in the vitals
TPP_ GetREKT 7 months ago
How do u get the new rosters already
AKA HIGH CALIBER 7 months ago
Eyebrow reveal soon??
Mario Sanguinetti
Mario Sanguinetti 7 months ago
4:01 Cavs make the playoffs
Lil’ JoJo White
Lil’ JoJo White 7 months ago
Why is Ben playing more minutes than Al horford And Joel Embid
Sports Highlights
Sports Highlights 7 months ago
2k disrespects the Pacers. You should do them next
The Weekly Commentators
When does Joel have a 91 freethrow
The Weekly Commentators
He would skip parts of the simulation during the playoffs to win games😂
Katelyn Martin
Katelyn Martin 7 months ago
I know this has nothing to do with the video but when are you making a new chopped video l
Jamoney 7 months ago
12:03 he says the n word
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