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They don’t come back the same. Watch the second trailer for #PetSematary, based on Stephen King's terrifying novel. In theatres April 5, 2019.
Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, (#StephenKing) #PetSematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (#JohnLithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.
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Feb 7, 2019




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Comments 9 580
Rose Petal
Rose Petal Minute ago
great movie just finished it
justintj 9 minutes ago
I was going to go see this movie today. Then I took a peek at this trailer. Now I don't need to go see the movie. Who needs to pay for a movie when you can see it for free in the trailer? Thanks for saving me money, Paramount!
fernaz fathima
fernaz fathima 2 hours ago
Release date
Banditø 2 hours ago
This is why you don’t re-read the books in preparation for the movies kids. What a fuck up
Moto Moto
Moto Moto 2 hours ago
Just watched this
BinnaiTV 2 hours ago
years 1989 years 1989 cat dies ,buried , girl deaad buried , fear :D $500 MİLLİONS REVENUE years 1989 years 1992 cat dies ,buried ,girl deaad buried ,fear :D $500 MİLLİONS REVENUE years 1989 years 2019 cat dies ,buried , girl deaad buried ,fear :D $500 MİLLİONS REVENUE
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 3 hours ago
Didn't watch this trailer until after I saw the movie because I heard it was full of spoilers. I'm glad because I had no idea Ellie would die instead and actually had the impact of the surprise which I guess everyone else who saw the trailer was robbed of. Anyway, the movie wasn't really worth it. The original movie isn't much good either. In fact, it's one of kings most miserable boring books.
Equine Stars
Equine Stars 4 hours ago
what rating is it? im stupid ok UwU
Livy R
Livy R 6 hours ago
I’m sure the movie is really good but is it bad I was just not scared at all from the trailer 🤷‍♀️
Elias Martinez
Elias Martinez 7 hours ago
It was boring
James Matthews
James Matthews 8 hours ago
So the feminist Hollywpod writers changed the story to make it all about Ellie. Total bs.
Liriko Lirika
Liriko Lirika 11 hours ago
NICE HORROR MOVIE! Check out also the ENDGAME TRAILER wishes2.com/lL4RY
Gandy Perdana
Gandy Perdana 11 hours ago
omg, i saw this movie last night, and now see the trailers.. so i thought i see this trailers first, so i don’t buy the ticket in cinema, because this trailers give you all the story lol
Ashley Minano
Ashley Minano 12 hours ago
Just came back from watching this movie. Half of what was on the trailer wasn't even in the movie. It was still an overall good movie. 7/10
keysa aja
keysa aja 12 hours ago
Aku udah nonton film nya, ngagetin terus
TØĶYØ GAMR 13 hours ago
Tbh i dont think this movie is that scary........im about to watch it so idk 😷😷😷😷😷😅
Jane May
Jane May 14 hours ago
Oh its Mike
Oh its Mike 15 hours ago
I'm 27 and just now realizing this is what that one farmer guy in South Park is based off of. Read a lot of King books but this one never appealed to me...the name always deterred me. Ill definitely be seeing this!
bich bye
bich bye 15 hours ago
Bro I just watched this movie and it’s fucking amazing
The_speedy_gonzalez 15 hours ago
The furries attack again
Daniel 16 hours ago
this looks like a shitty version of the original. changed the boy to a girl to be woke or something lol. hollywood is such a joke. i would never give them my money anymore.
diddly Flanders
diddly Flanders 16 hours ago
this movie wasn't to bad.
:4 year olds this is so scary pls don’t make me see this :9 year olds meh
The420Gamer 19 hours ago
Pet Spoiltary 2 Coming Soon!
Kevin Yeowolf
Kevin Yeowolf 22 hours ago
I just got out of seeing the movie and personally I didn't think it was that bad. Since it was basically shown in the trailer I don't think this is much of a spoiler, but I don't think that switching Gage's death was Ellie's detracted from the story at all. Unless you're a rigid nostalgia junkie who only wants to see a verbatim recreation of the original adaptation I don't think you'll see that much of a difference between them switching Ellie and Gage's roles in the film. I give props to the filmmakers for trying something original. They know that the original Pet Sematary is a classic horror film of the 80's and that the audience of the 2019 film are going to be familiar with the original so they decided to give you something new that doesn't stray too far from the spirit of the original film. My only gripes with the film would be that they glossed over some things that I believe deserved more attention and the jump scares didn't really do much for me.
Victoria Olympia Tziamtzis
The avengers endgame trailer literally shows completely nothing.
Izdiyad Ahmad
Awesomeclaudi 07
The wonder work after
Pepsi Cola
Pepsi Cola Day ago
The movie was good in it's own right and as a modern remake. The plot was fascinating and I got scared at some parts. Horrors never scare me but they perfected the jump scares here. I hated the ending though. It was as if they dragged the movie and in the end tried to make everything happen so quickly so that it could finally end.
Zeta corruption
"If you think you hear voices, just the Loons down in Prospect, sound carries, its funny." -Jud Crandall 1900-1984
Scott Parker
Scott Parker Day ago
Way different to the book
latosha adams
The whole movie I'm thinking about Gage
Daffy Duck
Daffy Duck Day ago
Can someone please fire whoever edited and made this fucking trailer.
Kady Stout-Ryder
I don’t even have to watch the movie anymore ahah
Max Rockatansky
Shit movie.
kevin leon
kevin leon Day ago
En el libro es Guge el que muere pff
Jen Day ago
The original was scary as hell - I used to watch it when I was a kid and it always creeped me out. I don't think you can top that one with a remake; It's like the remake of IT...just not the same!
Kylis Haywood
Welp we watched the movie y’all no need to spend money
Rylie Levesque
Ima go watch it right now
Bernardo de Alba
The movie sucked.
Arni Seizoivć
I didnt like this film to short no story at all they just move in saw bunch of crack kids with cat masks on and here yall have it folks a scary movie an old man in a lonely house a demon cat a mother that crys more then la lorona herself a dad who took to much pain pills and a lill boy that has no idea he is in a movie fuck this
Richard Schreivogl
Going to see it tonight
Adi Puran
Adi Puran Day ago
Just watched the movie. Kinda disappointed.... The whole movie is based on scare jumps. The scary parts are predictable, and i kinda feel that I lost 2 hours of my life
lana Day ago
this movie was so stupid😂
Connor Wilcox
I don’t see why they remade the movie, the 1989 one was really good.
Cinnamon Roberts
They had to train cats to do stuff like this
DestinysEdge Day ago
Is this horror?
Coconut Day ago
Kitty cat, hug kitty cat... I love kitties. At least the kitty is safe, right? Maybe the doggy? Maybe my life just got buried there and that's why I have it again???
project 2501
project 2501 Day ago
Hey! ho! let’s go!
Andrea Mendez
Andrea Mendez 2 days ago
When I saw this movie i thought it was going to be great but I'm gonna be honest here it wasn't scary at all. I mean, it not the worst movie ever i just don't think it's worth going to see. Btw this is all my opinion.
Furious Styles
Furious Styles 2 days ago
the little boy doesnt die his dad saves him and the girl is hit by the truck ,the whole family dies one by one and comes back from the dead to kill the only survivor the little boy....the end
Janet J
Janet J 2 days ago
Going to see this tomorrow but this trailer showed so much 😩😩😩
Emily Vangesen
Emily Vangesen 2 days ago
Worst movie I’ve ever seen
Sinyo tan
Sinyo tan 2 days ago
And the devil won, really??....
Hannah Perkins
Hannah Perkins 2 days ago
"The barrier is broken"
Licht Von Edelweiss
Leo.. 💕 such an incredible kitty actor
Oscar Carlson
Oscar Carlson 2 days ago
Hol up, that’s were the South Park episode is from. Bruh every year I learn were these SP episodes are coming g from.
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson 2 days ago
Really really good movie , million times better than the original , holly fuck what a ride go see it !!!
Too'`'\/ 2 days ago
It's that damn road I tell you!
Teucumseh El
Teucumseh El 2 days ago
The trailer was more Thrilling and Terrifying rather than the actual movie itself! 😑😔😴😴😴
Mariagrazia Mariani
Just Another non-sense remake...
Mario Ibarra
Mario Ibarra 2 days ago
Si los entierran ahí se convierten en anbu de konoha
cnote 2 days ago
They prolly making another version in 30 years
joey smith
joey smith 2 days ago
The one thing that made the orginal so creepy is the old man's (neighbor) creepy voice. I still can here him say in his creepy voice "Sometimes dead is better"
Juicy Tomatoes
Juicy Tomatoes 2 days ago
This is like a zombie movie 😴
jack pame
jack pame 2 days ago
rating scale 1-not much 10-Alot Scariness-10 Funny-1 Characters being dumb-10000000000000000
EssexSpark 2 days ago
Just watched this. Pile. Of. Shit.
EssexSpark 2 days ago
+Evil DAX moron
Evil DAX
Evil DAX 2 days ago
Go play fortnite kid😂😂😂😶😂
Nicholas Sales
Nicholas Sales 2 days ago
oh shit its one of those horror movies where a girl dies and comes back from the dead and dose the creepy bone cracking sound effect and crawls on the floor like the god dam ring i'm going to see this movie but when i go home that day i will go on my phone and watch funny videos before bed that's how scared i am. i simply do this every day after watching a scary movie like the ring Heidi the doll but except the 2019 movie Halloween slashers don't scare me. Nightmare on elm street did not scare me. Friday the 13th did not scare me not even with Jason. Child's play did not scare me. no slashers scare me
ungspiller- 05
ungspiller- 05 2 days ago
It literally spoiled almost everything of this movie in the trailer
No Stop
No Stop 2 days ago
This is really a shame. I was super excited about this movie, but when I heard rumors of them changing it to Ellie my heart sank. Now, after seeing the trailer, there's not even a reason to pay to see it. What a shame.
Evan Andrews
Evan Andrews 3 days ago
Shams Elfazari
Shams Elfazari 3 days ago
Don’t forget to get extra pants you don’t want any accidents ( peeing your pants ) I got three Incase
Beauty Failure
Beauty Failure 3 days ago
It shud be cemetary or sematary???
Beauty Failure
+TheGrayLink well, i guess yah.
TheGrayLink Day ago
Cliodna Druides it’s suppose to be misspelled
Icy Cam
Icy Cam 3 days ago
I haven’t seen the original movie or read the book but does it rlly spoil that much?? I was going to watch it today...
Ephrem Sisay
Ephrem Sisay 3 days ago
Jesus, Basic White People Drama
SilverTiger 3 days ago
It's so stupid that this trailer reveales too much information! It ruins some of the best moments in the movie! Please stop making such trailers!
¿ foxyGamer!:D [Au] ?
Eh, not scary
HodorThe SilentHero
was going to go see this but theres no point now , seen everything in the trailer
ArixWolfhard l
ArixWolfhard l 3 days ago
Im shaking even watching the trailer
Jamie Park
Jamie Park 3 days ago
This movie is awesome I'm definitely gonna go see it
wheelmanstan 3 days ago
wow, so a nearly two and a half minute trailer for a REMAKE, I mean that's as dumb as it gets, wow
j u l i a :0
j u l i a :0 3 days ago
bro why’d they tell us the girl dies tf- and the man gets stabbed- ok thanks ig
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 3 hours ago
+Christina J The girl doesn't die in the book, or the original movie.
Christina J
Christina J Day ago
Most people know from the original
Kxaria 3 days ago
Am I the only one who thinks the kids with the masks are kinda cute?
sylvia scott
sylvia scott 3 days ago
I so Want to see it
Olivier Adkin-Kaya
Hmm that was a cool movie I guess. Went by faster than I expected
Childish 3 days ago
This movie sucks
Lee Thompson
Lee Thompson 3 days ago
What did Stephen think of this movie?
Robert Herrmann
Robert Herrmann 3 days ago
this look pretty cool
Real Lies
Real Lies 3 days ago
Wait this is diferent on the 19s version!
mööd s
mööd s 3 days ago
i saw this yesterday on the cinema it was WOW
Gretchen Javaid
Hope they make a sequel
mööd s
mööd s 2 days ago
+Jeff Fritz like she died then she became alive again but not she wasnt kind she was evil
mööd s
mööd s 2 days ago
+Jeff Fritz no she didnt turn into a cat she just became in another world like the cat
Jeff Fritz
Jeff Fritz 2 days ago
how was it did the girl turn into a cat
Unicorn Nina
Unicorn Nina 3 days ago
I need movie review
kendollgt 3 days ago
The company who made the Trailer should be FIRED!!! No point of paying to see this crap.
kendollgt 3 days ago
Spoiler alert! The trailer shows the entire movie in 2 minutes. It shows how bad is it.
A P Ginanti
A P Ginanti 3 days ago
Did you guys actually watch the movie in the theatre because they did not spoil a whole movie in this trailer, sure they highlight some parts but it’s actually good and terrifying though the ending was unexpected and was ok. Overall, worth to watch. Appreciate the moments that was built throughout the movie.
Melina Dybbro
Melina Dybbro 4 days ago
I’m going to watch this today. I better not be dissapointed!
Melina Dybbro
Melina Dybbro 2 days ago
Scooby Doo i don’t know if i would recommend it. The movie is not really linked with the book. It was quite inetersting, but not that scary (if you can handle horror movies okay good enough) it’s kinda all over the place, but at the same time easy to understand. It’s not that the movie is the kind of movie to hit you with nightmares, but i guess it’s okay.
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo 2 days ago
Melina Dybbro was it good
rackt09 4 days ago
Wait... is this movie making Ellie the one who runs across the highway and gets killed as opposed to Gage in the book? Also, what's with the stupid masks?
Jens Paldam
Jens Paldam 4 days ago
Mark Fisher was right. Culture has stopped developing and have begun looping #slowcancellationofthefuture
Jake S
Jake S 4 days ago
“It looks scary but it’s not” *Me running for the hills* 👋🏻
Hunter Davis
Hunter Davis Day ago
Stfu dont spoil the movie
Pete Peterson
Pete Peterson 2 days ago
Jake S yes it is u loser
2403 Hafiz Channel
watch here ==> site:aluzmovz,com
kindaheroin 3 days ago
its actually not
Itz Miffi
Itz Miffi 4 days ago
5 second in and I’m scared
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