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Pedro Martinez 1999 and Pedro Martinez 2000 are two examples of the best pitching season of all time. Bob Gibson 1968 is commonly brought up, but in this episode of Baseball Bits, a Foolish Baseball production, I suggest that perhaps Pedro Martinez Red Sox star pitched the MLB best season ever.
In this video, we talk about his arsenal of pitches. That Pedro Martinez changeup is one of the best pitches you'll ever see. We talk about some of his noteworthy games, such as various Pedro Martinez vs Yankees outings. This video also includes a breakdown of a Pedro Martinez All Star Game outing in Fenway, and Pedro Martinez Game 5 1999 ALDS heroics.
Some stats included in this video include ERA , WHIP, and FIP. This video includes explanations of all three. Baseball certainly is a numbers game, so knowing how they work is key to understanding my argument.
Finally, we discuss an always tricky topic. The best pitcher in baseball history. I won't try to bore you with some Pedro Martinez Cy Young comps, though. At the end of the day, it's just about appreciating what a great pitcher did...twice.
Soundtrack: tobyfox.bandcamp.com/album/undertale-soundtrack
538 on the best pitchers of all time: fivethirtyeight.com/features/the-best-pitchers-of-all-time/
ALDS Game 5 full: usvid.net/video/video-HkfnfWhO_u0.html
17 strikeouts vs Yankees full: usvid.net/video/video-OAHOw5656G0.html


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Sep 20, 2019




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chris P
chris P 3 hours ago
Gooden from the middle of 84 through the middle of 86 was pretty much one of the bests 2 years ever 37 wins 5 losses 1.38 era. Unfortunately drugs and injuries greatly reduced his potential Gooden, nicknamed "Doc" or "Doctor K", was a sensation when he first came up with the Mets, leading the National League in strikeouts in his first two seasons. He was the 1984 National League Rookie of the Year (the youngest to win the honor) and followed that up by being the 1985 National League Cy Young Award and Triple Crown winner. His 1.53 ERA that year is one of the lowest of the live-ball era. He finished the 1984 season 8-1 with a 1.07 ERA, was 24-4 with a 1.53 ERA in 1985, and began the 1986 season 5-0 with a 1.04 ERA. During that phenomenal stretch, encompassing more than 400 innings pitched, most of it before his 21st birthday, he was 37-5 with an ERA of 1.38.
Jimmi Stone
Jimmi Stone 8 hours ago
Dreamcast baby
Chris Contact
Chris Contact 12 hours ago
Was Joey Bell leg less by then? Or did he leave the indians?
TheMusicMike 13 hours ago
WE NEED a Jacob Degrom video thankssssss
Hermes Cruz
Hermes Cruz 15 hours ago
The "Later Life and Legacy" section of Tim Keefe's wikipedia page ends with "In recent years, Keefe’s fan club has infiltrated the social media of Foolish Baseball, mentioning his 0.86 ERA in 1880. These “fan boys” have been largely ridiculed for these actions." 😂
Sean S.
Sean S. 18 hours ago
Randy Johnson is my vote....maybe I’m biased since I grew up a mariners fan? Idk though.
Tulio Fonseca
I was a 13 year old Brazilian kid back in 1998 when my dad got Directv. All of a sudden baseball was being shown on ESPN. That slow sport caught my attention for some reason. I obviously liked the McGwire - Sosa HR race. But the thing I actually loved was the art of pitching. And then Pedro pitched a game. From that moment on I became a Red Sox fan. That's the power someone like him has. To me, he is the GOAT.
Ray B
Ray B Day ago
I miss the MLB on FOX music from the late 90's lol
Potato Crisp
Potato Crisp Day ago
Players like Pedro are why RiNgZ is a stupid argument. That being said longevity is a factor in the GOAT discussion but it's okay to acknowledge that Pedro's absolute apex year was the best pitching performance ever.
J.R. Spliff 212
I remember Joe Torre’s Yankees beat the Red Sox 4-1 in an ALCS and he said he didn’t count that 1 loss because it was Pedro pitching. Going against Pedro, you were just as good as dead.
Take Beer
Take Beer Day ago
I agree with the idea that Pedro Martinez is one of the GOATs, but especially when looking at single season run prevention, discarding ERA seems disingenuous. I can matter of factly state that Gibson's 68 season, even if the league on average was scoring less runs, resulted in less runs than anything presented by Pedro. One of my biggest pet peeves when discussing dominance throughout eras of all sports is the idea that a player dominated an era because of their competition, and this goes regardless of sports. Inflation and adjustment doesn't apply to anything, and, in fact, is intellectually dishonest. Gibson played his competition and played it better than anyone with modern rules. The idea that "well, offense was totally different in the 90s and early 00s," while it is true, is also forgetting that every part of the training, exercising, and preparation that existed in that era existed equally for both sides. Meaning, if we assume that training was better during the "steroid" era, or, hell, any specific era which resulted in a shift in the dynamic of the sport, it's intellectually dishonest to say that a player from the past, if given these same conditions that exist in the era you're comparing them to, wouldn't do as good of a job as they did in their actual era. It's not like humans are genetically superior compared to our counterparts from 50 years ago. Athletes that were dominant 50 years ago would still be dominant today if brought up in the same standards of today's athletic world.
Grant A
Grant A 2 days ago
Pedro, also a juicer?
Chris '
Chris ' 2 days ago
Vs the Indians was pedros flu game
Leonardo Garces
Leonardo Garces 2 days ago
No doubt 🐐
Some Bödy
Some Bödy 2 days ago
I don’t even like baseball
Landó Orlando
Landó Orlando 2 days ago
Pedro: Want to see me dominate batter like they’re dogs? Also Pedro: Wanna see me do it again?
Mayor West CSGO
Mayor West CSGO 2 days ago
Pedro got a lot of those outside strike calls lol.
Matthew Hayden
Matthew Hayden 2 days ago
I know Pedro was good and all but the league had to change the rules due to the fact that Bob Gibson was so dominate and was arguably the greatest pitcher of the time. -Coach Will 2019
Arman and Rayhan channel
Allowing runs, is for suckers - Clayton Kershaw 2013
Helix 3 days ago
3:25 "He did a nice job putting the ball in play." Me: I see what you did there..
Just Nobody
Just Nobody 3 days ago
Thumbnail: lies *nolan Ryan has entered the chat angrily with 7 no hitters and 5714 strikeouts*
J.R. Spliff 212
But did he 1 hit the Yankees tho
Adam Bruce
Adam Bruce 3 days ago
hey bud Kerry Woods did it as well in his MLB tying second 20 strike out game with 0 walks and that's why he gave the fist pump at the end of the game as it was his first ever game without walking anyone
Courtney Hostetler
Best pitcher of all time and in the steroid era debate me..
kenneth griffin
kenneth griffin 3 days ago
this dude obviously never heard of sandy kofax
adf adf
adf adf 3 days ago
Show, don't tell. How do you know Seat Geek is the best place to buy tickets online? You're just stupidly saying that because they told you to, aren't you?
Scott Sullivan
Scott Sullivan 3 days ago
Great Pedro Fact: Pedro threw a perfect game through 9 innings, then lost it in the 10th inning on a double. Hes the only pitcher to throw a perfect game AND then not throw a perfect game because the game didnt end
slither king
slither king 3 days ago
Kershaw a bum when it matters so no he’s not in it .
Garrett VanHorn
Garrett VanHorn 3 days ago
why not mention the 9 1/3 perfect innings he threw vs san diego in 95
manifestgtr 3 days ago
Ba De Ya! Pedro in September! Dude...flawless...highly under-appreciated graphic
p caz
p caz 3 days ago
barry bonds ..please
Mitchel Valentino
As a Tim Keefe fanboy, I still enjoyed this video.
Usadaislegit 4 days ago
I see holes in his bat - Pedro "The beantown phenom" Martinez
XxMETALJAREDxX 4 days ago
Gotta love the Undertale music.
jay kaipi
jay kaipi 5 days ago
I laughed hard when you said clayton kershaw in the conversation of greatest pitcher of all time
um52 5 days ago
Greatest 3-4 year span of pure dominance from a pitcher I've ever seen. Better than Maddux, Big Unit, Kershaw..list goes on
E 5 days ago
Didn't Bob Gibson do something similarly amazing? 1.12 ERA 300+ innings, 268 Strikeouts, 258 ERA+ (7th highest all time in a season), and a WAR of 11.2
manintheskiff 7 days ago
Holy wows, I love your presentation and style! This amazing pixelated late 80s early 90s game box esq cool whip never quits!
Chris Patton
Chris Patton 7 days ago
“Hi, I’m Pedro Martinez.”
Chris Patton
Chris Patton 2 days ago
Aaron Tolbert
Aaron Tolbert 7 days ago
Nothing more epic than Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez with meglavania in the background
Aaron 7 days ago
Megalovania is at 13:48, love the undertale music
cris rodriguez
cris rodriguez 8 days ago
Could you do a video on the difference between Kershaw's regular season career vs his postseason career? It's crazy to look at the splits and if anything like it has ever happened.
sublimelouie 8 days ago
Watching this and then seeing Kershaw blow up, it makes me think there may be an interesting baseball bits/deep dive into the question of whether or not you should bring an elite starter in from the pen during the playoffs.
Antonio Duverge
Antonio Duverge 9 days ago
Great compilation for a great pitcher!
Orlando Telenova
Orlando Telenova 10 days ago
This channel is so sick
Dylan Rodriguez
Dylan Rodriguez 10 days ago
the beat at 8:57 is pitstop by carti, boy you got a healthy taste of tunes mr foolish
cris rodriguez
cris rodriguez 8 days ago
If you check the credits or scroll the comments you'd see that it's all "Undertale" mucic.
Dylan Rodriguez
Dylan Rodriguez 10 days ago
that beat at 6:00 is unotheactivist - boofpack prod. milanmakesbeats
Jewfish 13 days ago
Best steroid using pitcher of the steroid era.
versatyle45 13 days ago
I have always said this exact same thing....for 2 years..Pedro Martinez was the best baseball player the world will ever see. Fantastic ratios in strike outs and walks and a Perfect Game through 9 IP. Also this video against the Mariners.... usvid.net/video/video--yWa0e7hAvk.html
Xarity Allyn
Xarity Allyn 14 days ago
Can we get a fr video on the best pickoff moves? I want to see how you rank Jon Lester.
Oldstuff Man
Oldstuff Man 15 days ago
I give a shit about none of the stuff you cover but I still watch because you are quite entertaining.
moedanglez 15 days ago
How about a video on if Billy Hamilton could hit?
TD Sports Cards
TD Sports Cards 16 days ago
I totally agree...Pedro's peek was one of the best of all time...Pedro was just comparing himself to DeGrom last tonight...Mets just have inconsistent run support
chole priicce
chole priicce 16 days ago
Large attractive haha
Redout9122 16 days ago
What the hell are you talking about? Nobody has pitched a better season than Bob Gibson, 1968. NOBODY. 1.12 ERA recorded but real ERA of 1.09. He pitched against almost every all-star hitter that year and made them look below average, literally. Gibson was so good, even by the standards of what was known ever since as "The Year Of The Pitcher," the MLB lowered the pitcher's mound and shrank the strike zone to compensate. Pedro is an all-time great, don't get me wrong, but he did not pitch the greatest season of all time, it's an objective fact.
Ace 1999
Ace 1999 16 days ago
Dont forget about tom seaver
Jay B. Wright
Jay B. Wright 17 days ago
Do you think you could do one on the greatest pitching career on Nolan Ryan? It seems like there isn’t too much about his accolades anywhere in media which is crazy to think because of what he’s actually been able to do in his career.
armychowmein 18 days ago
Can you do a video on how the Mariners let down Felix Hernandez for a decade?
jonfishmacon 18 days ago
do one on dale murphy :) plz
DCU SCOPE 19 days ago
These videos are f’ing amazing! Keep.It.Up
ktpinnacle 19 days ago
Mr. McLain, Mr. Koufax and Mr. Gibson would like a word with you . . . .
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