Pay equality at the forefront of the USWNT parade | First Take

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Will Cain, Ryan Hollins and Charly Arnolt discuss the USWNT’s call for equal pay while celebrating their second-consecutive World Cup win.
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Published on


Jul 11, 2019




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Comments 4 330
Be DaMan
Be DaMan 10 hours ago
If nothing else, it's nice to see someone actually having civil discourse on both sides of an argument for once. Instead of just shouting and arguing themselves in circles.
M. Dieng
M. Dieng Day ago
Will Cain is exactly right...you get paid for the revenue you generate. A male model also can't ask to be paid the same as a female model.
Nocivo 10 days ago
If they want equal pay equal to what their skill is they should be getting paid the same as under 15 kids.
Thomas Corder
Thomas Corder 11 days ago
Women’s soccer is boring!
James Andrew
James Andrew 18 days ago
Lionel Messi earns more in a week than all the women soccer players in the world will make in a life time and thats totally amazing
vdcg2010 23 days ago
That guy’s getting fired
miloraca 25 days ago
World cup of sandwich making, women take the Gold!
The mentor
The mentor Month ago
watching americans talk about something they dont understand
Leonel  Castillo
Leonel Castillo Month ago
Facts don't care your feeling......
RSM82 Month ago
It's simply a matter of revenue, as many others have pointed out. Not so long along, playing a professional mens sport in the USA (such as the NFL) was a "side gig" with many of the players working jobs off the field. The growing fortunes of the owners and players has been a direct result of the boost in money the league generates. More revenue = higher salaries. It's nearly that simple.
kefkapalazzo1 Month ago
“Don’t strive for getting the same, strive for what you’re worth” okay will I’m listening
Daniel Baltzell
Daniel Baltzell Month ago
"the womens had a higher rating than the men's though" with the I gotcha tone A. the men didn't qualify for the last world cup so of course their ratings will be down because they aren't playing dumbass B. imagine if the men's team made the world cup final... the ratings in the U.S would blow the womens ratings out of the water C. my favorite point that I don't see brought up as much.. the U.S. womens team is playing some of the worst competition I've ever seen at a world cup level... them being the best womens team in the world is like being the best hockey team in EL Salvador
Will McCullough
Will McCullough Month ago
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye Month ago
Unbelievable that woman on this panel tries to compare men/women US World Cup final TV ratings in the US for viewership...just laughable, as the US men were not in the final as the women were, if the men made the final, the ratings would be through the roof....just another feminist using spin to make her point, not facts.
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye Month ago
"This is an economic 'conversation.' This is not a discrimination conversation." That guy is spot on - and love how he notes Megan Rapinoe unwittingly points that out. This is not a complicated issue, profits are based on how much you sell. Sell more/make more. Dying your hair purple and speaking your perceived plight to Rachel Maddow and MSNBC will not change this reality.
terah101 2 months ago
Will Cain is the only person I've heard talk about this intelligently. It's simple math and economics. If they want equal pay, they need more people to buy tickets, buy merchandise and tune in at home on TV instead of only caring about the women's game once every 4 years. The men's game gets viewership all around the world every week, of every month of every year.
Jakob Macdonald
Jakob Macdonald 2 months ago
Buddy said the WNBA is growing but the viewing chart is at an all time low lol
joeashbubemma 2 months ago
Why aren't the women who play on the SAME TEAM paid EQUALLY? Whatever justification you come up with, apply that to MEN, then you can sit down and shut up.
sky bliz
sky bliz 2 months ago
I'm black and i want to punch that black dude so harrrrd
Brandon A. English
Brandon A. English 2 months ago
I refuse to believe that the promotions of men's sports by these large sports organizations and businesses are primary reasons why men's sports are more popular and make more money. That's just stupid. From the youth leagues to the pros, the men's leagues are consistently the most popular and by far. I actually enjoy watching several women's soccer teams, primarily China and Japan, but I loathe the USWNT. They are already making almost 3 times the percentage of the men and behave like a spoiled batch of entitled brats. I smile every time they lose. I still remember cheering against them with my daughter when Japan shocked them years ago in the final. That was a great memory! Always happy to see people like Solo go down.
Samrudh Rao
Samrudh Rao 2 months ago
my boy will cain spitting major facts
bossman bossman
bossman bossman 2 months ago
the woman in the middle is getting uncomfortable becuase Will Cain spitting nothing but the truth
JJ Angelo
JJ Angelo 2 months ago
Charlie tried to trip Will up haha
Alexander suzie
Alexander suzie 2 months ago
Ryan is a dumbass.
Someone On the Internet
They cant be payed equally if they aren't watched equally.
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis 3 months ago
It’s that retard that was in WWE
Chase Turner
Chase Turner 3 months ago
Get more fans then you get more money
Zinon 3 months ago
finally, someone talking some sense and doesn't try to appear likable to feminazis for good publicity.
Jermaine Reid
Jermaine Reid 3 months ago
the only number that matter is how much money it generate ....
Debasmita Nandy
Debasmita Nandy 3 months ago
I am a woman and I completely support this. You get what you are worth. Don't go begging for something you didn't earn. I am all for equal pay. But its not fair if you are not generating the value or revenue in this case that the opposite gender generates. Same goes in the work force. If you are a woman and doing equal work and generating equal revenue than yes you should be paid equally but if you are not then you don't deserve it sister
Maxim Lekov
Maxim Lekov 3 months ago
to get there. to get where exactly? women's soccer will never be able to get even close to the standard of the mens, let alone the $$ . a team of U-15 national boys would kill these girls. that's not sexist, that just facts.
JR 12
JR 12 3 months ago
Their brands ? I only know morgon cus of fifa 😂
Vinnie Mascaro
Vinnie Mascaro 3 months ago
hahahah the other analyst... says WNBA picked up over time lol.... NO IT HASN'T. Had he not made that comment I would have questioned the status of the whole league as I have not heard a peep from WNBA to the point I wouldn't know any better if they didn't exist anymore. That's some desperate prideful comment if I have ever seen one.
Vinnie Mascaro
Vinnie Mascaro 3 months ago
This would be like if a cricket team complained about NFL pay lol
Vinnie Mascaro
Vinnie Mascaro 3 months ago
Society is getting so disengaged that it thinks it can create pays... without reasoning anymore. When you see something NOT making money... what in the hell tells people to come together an look stupid as a group.. to tell a company what they should pay people. This is all why these big mouths do NOT work for the organization.. Do NOT have organizational information nor knowledge of their workings.
Pennywise Wadford
Pennywise Wadford 3 months ago
Hahaha, they going to talk about the way the women are paid more than the mens team? Fuck that faggot.
Notorious1503 3 months ago
Why do we care if rich ppl become richer or not....
rivernorthhomes 3 months ago
6 Billion vs 135 Million..case closed you woke douchebags
terah101 3 months ago
These women have taken their position for granted and have no idea how lucky they are. They live in a country with the best infrastructure in the world for women's soccer. Their funding & investment into youth programs, recruitment & training facilities etc... are among the highest. Women in the USA are among the most fairly treated in the world with the most freedom. It's given them a platform to pursue a career in the sport full time from a young age including college scholarships. A lot of aspiring females around the world don't have the same luxuries. The USWNT each receive a guaranteed minimum base salary of $170k per year, to which they can add bonuses on top for playing and winning. That already puts them in the world's top 0.1% of earners. The USMNT players are only paid bonuses for playing/winning. If they don't play, they are not paid. The men's bonuses are higher but that's due to the fact they have forgone the safety of a guaranteed base salary. They also generate more revenue per game which also justifies the higher bonus. To add further, this is what they each bargained for. The women also receive benefits like health, vision & dental insurance as well as a retirement plan, severance pay, injury protection, paid maternity leave and childcare assistance. The men receive none of this under their contract with the national team. Based on the open letter and externally audited fact sheet provided by US Soccer, the USWNT have actually earned more from the USSF than their male counterparts during the last 10 years. In that same time, the men have generated $185m from 191 games while the women managed $101m from 238 games. That puts the women's average at $420k per game and the men's average at $970k per game. I'm not sure why they are taking the federation to court claiming gender discrimination. They should honestly be grateful for the position they are already in. If they really cared about women's equality in the sport, they would be campaigning for all women around the world. Instead it just seems like they want more money in their wallets.
Coleman Tipton
Coleman Tipton 3 months ago
5:16 Life ain’t fair. Nobody wants to watch women’s soccer
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