Pay equality at the forefront of the USWNT parade | First Take

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Will Cain, Ryan Hollins and Charly Arnolt discuss the USWNT’s call for equal pay while celebrating their second-consecutive World Cup win.
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Published on


Jul 11, 2019

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Comments 4 464
jakezimms22 3 hours ago
I say give them equal pay! In 5 years they’ll bankrupt the sport and learn how a business works the hard way.
Pro Baller
Pro Baller 9 hours ago
These commentators make me very angry. Someone should be calling out women’s USA football team as liars and discrimination baiter. . They are making false allegations of discrimination in order to gain higher pay when they know the allegation has nothing to do with why are not getting higher pay. Imagine if someone shouted out that it was racism that was causing the differential in pay? That allegation will be just as valid now as gender discrimination
D Safety
D Safety Day ago
Women’s pro hockey league failed in Canada. No one In Stands. Junior A boys hockey fills arenas. And they get paid nothing. So who wants a rapino jersey....vs Beckham....
Gonzo Gaming
Gonzo Gaming Day ago
The number one factor is the dreadful lack of quality in the Womens game, it is just nowhere near good enough when under 15 boys are thrashing your National team, until this is addressed we will continue to not watch it.
CLG 400
CLG 400 Day ago
Tumelo Mabeta
Jeff M
Jeff M 2 days ago
Their are no household names in WNBA, Ryan. You’re dumb.
god's in heaven, all is right with the world
God, didn't we already settle the wage gap debate in 2015? An unequal distribution of income between men and women doesn't necessarily imply that said inequality is malicious, even if the income arises from the same type of work. People who think that it is don't take into account different factors which could very easily explain why there is an unequal distribution of income. They also don't take into account that it is much easier to file suits against employers on the basis of discrimination in the workplace, so employers are that much less likely to discriminate against women by paying them less than men. This person's behaviour perfectly parallels what Kaczynski said about leftists; if there is no problem in a society, a leftist will create one.
Renshai32 3 days ago
Exactly Will Cain. It's all about business revenue. Equal pay between 2 businesses is a lie. If it was 2 men's leagues we wouldn't be having this conversation. The women are hijacking pay equality for their own personal use. You can't force fans to show up. No matter what you scream.
smoove mental
smoove mental 3 days ago
why does Charlie get to voice and stomp her feet "but its not fair"
Christopher Jordan
I'd kill for a base-pay of $100,000
nichad29 3 days ago
Theres literally not a single household name in the wnba
Tyler Knowles
Tyler Knowles 3 days ago
Thank God somebody is finally praising the truth!!!!
Tanner Broyles
Tanner Broyles 4 days ago
Here’s an idea. Let’s gather up a bunch of young men from some random country. Have them all identify as women. And then laugh out asses off as these guys dominate the next woman’s World Cup. That’ll really confuse those stupid lib-tards yelling for equal pay and trans rights in sports. 😂
colby kirane
colby kirane 4 days ago
When a team of children (boys) can beat the top team in women's soccer that says enough lol
Hokage San
Hokage San 5 days ago
Here's my opinion on equal pay and I'll try and break it up into points Just before you start reading I just want to say that I'm not a "sexist" or "typical male" as many like to say. I'm actually a big supporter of the women's game. I properly started following it a couple years ago and i watch Arsenal women week in week out as well as the men. I even got a lot of my friends to watch the women's world cup when they initially made fun of the women's game. Anyway... 1) THE TEAM THAT WINS THE GREATEST NUMBER OF TROPHIES IS IRRELEVANT E.g. the England youth teams have won more trophies, world cups etc than the men's 1st team but that doesn't mean that they should be paid equal or more in comparison to the men's 1st team (it's not a gender issue and it's not an age issue) 2) EQUAL PAY IS A STUPID IDEA Idk the statistics in the US regarding the amount of revenue drawn in (and I've been hearing two different things) but if the uswnt draws in the same amount revenue as the usmnt they should be paid the same. If they draw in more (which some ppl say they do) then they should be paid more than the usmnt simple as. So it should be 'Fair pay' not 'Equal pay'. Also ppl should realise that which team earns more money is always subject to change as I'll explain in the next point 3) USSF VS FIFA As a continuation from point 2) when I say they should be paid equal or more I'm referring to the amount that they are paid by the ussf. I know the usmnt didn't qualify for the last world cup but I thought that was meant to be an anomaly and assuming that they do qualify most times they will be paid more because although womens football may be more popular than mens football in the US, when you include the rest of the world you'll find that mens football is A LOT more popular. As a result of this the men's world cup draws in a lot more revenue and attention than the women's world cup and it only makes sense for the prize money to be greater. Due to the disparity it also makes sense for a team that reaches the last 16 of the men's world cup to earn more than the winners of the women's world cup. The usmnt didn't reach the world cup so over the past couple of years (assuming the people saying that the uswnt generated more money are correct) the uswnt should have earned more money. But anytime the usmnt qualify for the men's world it is inevitable that they will end up earning more Arguing against this is and calling it sexism is stupid because you can't force somebody to watch something they don't wanna watch. Football is a sport that should be open to everyone but it is also a fact that men tend to be fans of football a lot more than women are and men genrally prefer to watch to mens football because the quality of football is higher. 4) THE US DOESN'T = THE ENTIRE WORLD A lot of ppl seem to bring up the fact that the women's world cup final had higher viewership figures but they fail to understand that those figures only represent views the US. (of course a women's world cup final that has the US playing is gonna draw more viewers than the men's world cup final which doesn't involve the US, especially since football isn't the most popular sport in the US) 5) THEY AREN'T THE SAME GAME (This point may not apply to the usmnt and uswnt considering football is not as popular on the mens side in the states as it does in almost every other country) Using Europe, Africa and South America as an example football's something that has been ingrained in our cultures for a very long time and when I say this I don't mean this to cause any offence whatsoever but it means A LOT more to people in those parts of the world than it does to ppl in the US. For a lot of ppl football is even like a religion. As it happens, in these places that I have mentioned mens football has always been at the forefront and thus has a rich history and following whereas womens football is only just starting to take off. A couple of reasons as to why i disagree that its the same game is.. - if you look at national teams for example men and women both have the same number of places accessible to them but the number of ppl that are fighting for places on the men's national teams far exceeds the number fighting for places on the women's national teams and so the level of competition is a lot higher (again this may not apply to the US because a lot of men don't tend to play football but when examples about the Netherlands fighting for equal pay are brought up this is my view towards that) -The level of scrutiny and pressure that you face to perform being a player or manager in the womens game isn't even comparable to what is faced in the mens game. However I do acknowledge that many female player do face their own trials and tribulations through sexist comments but this is usually faced more as a group whereas in the men's game ppl are often targeted induvidually for poor performances and face constant abuse by fans. Due to the bigger following of the men's game this means that there will also be a lot more ppl directing abuse towards you and possibly your family as a result Again, I'm a big supporter of the women's game but I'm not gonna sit here and lie to myself saying that the quality is the same. Even if both men and women had equal opportunities and funding in football men will still always be better at the sport and that's an objective truth. Women can perform the same work as men in the workforce and I'm all for equal pay in that instance but on the pitch it's not the same 6) US CULTURE VS THE REST OF THE WORLD I dont agree with the comparison between the uswnt succes to the usmnt. Take nothing away from them, congratulations on winning 4 world cups but as I said the men's and women's game aren't the same game -The usmnt are coming from a nation where on the men's side football is not the most popular sport and they're expected to compete against nations where other men eat, drink and sleep football from birth and have been doing so for over a hundred years. Of course they aren't going to win anything... -on the other hand for women football it's been almost a polar opposite. In the US women's football has been very big for decades now and they're competing against nations where womens football is only just taking off. So really and truly they should be expected to win more often than not. 7) FIFA SHOULD DO MORE I do think Fifa and federations should do more to support the women's game in terms of... -making games more accessible to watch -allowing greater opportunities at grassroots level -Trying to help grow the game so that it to be a sustainable career pathway through higher wages however its undeniable that there is less quality in the womens game (not that there isn't any quality)... The best thing people can do to support the women's game rather than slating federations and chanting 'equal pay' is to go out and watch and support the games home and away and help grow the game. There are many ultras in Europe for example who would die and travel across the world for their clubs but I'm yet to see that same level of passion by fans of the women's game 8) ANALOGY A lot of football fans will obviously know what the UEFA champions league is at its the biggest competition in club football however many ppl might not know that as well as the European (UEFA) champions league there is also an equivalent competition in Asia, Africa, North America and South America. These competitions however are nowhere near as big as the European champions league which draws in alot more revenue and attention. So to argue that the winners on the other champions league should be paid the same as the winners of the European champions league is ridiculous 9) This is just a personal issue but what really annoys me is the fact (this doesn't seem to apply to you from what I've watched but i can't know for certain) a lot of ppl are undecided on the subject at all and know absolutely nothing but just try to jump a on the bandwagon and chant equal pay like a bunch of sheep. Celebrities as well... It's OK to not have an opinion on something you're not educated on From what I've seen there are a lot of ppl fighting under the same name of "equal pay" but what it is that they're fighting for or think they're fighting for aren't the same thing. Some ppl that fight for 'equal pay' i can 90% agree with what they're saying and some ppl that fight for 'equal pay' I think they're clowns who have no idea what they're talking about
Kevin W.
Kevin W. 5 days ago
"The investment needs to be made!" ... Charly is clueless. Nobody is going to invest if there is no profit in sight. Investing for the pure sake of equality is nonsensical in a capitalist system. As Will said, IF there is money to be made, the investments will come. Women's soccer is like a spoiled child that wants to have something so bad but has not earned it yet.
terah101 5 days ago
FUN FACT: FC Dallas's professional men's team are ranked 636th in the world. The US women's team, who are the number one ranked nation couldn't even beat FC Dallas's under 15 boys. The number one ranked women lost to the under 15's team of a club who's best squad are ranked 636th among the men. Let that sink in.
F Bi
F Bi 5 days ago
The white guy Is spitting FAXXXXXXXXXXSS
Mark Marin
Mark Marin 5 days ago
Ryan Hollins knows nothing. The WNBA grosses 32 million yearly, and Adam Silver has said that 32 million doesn't even get the WNBA out of debt
NormMacdonald Clips
I feel Ryan Hollins tryna get laid lol
JP Collider
JP Collider 6 days ago
Womens soccer is awful conpared to the mens game. Winning the womens world cup isn't a big achievement because of the standard so how can they they expect equal pay? They wouldn't get 10% of the viewing figures they got if the mens and womens WC were held at the same time. I remember in the UK that no other sports were on while the wwc was on so they got their max viewing audience. We watched because there was nothing else on.
Lemiii 6 days ago
4:47 That is maybe because men are better in football than women. That is just how it is. Do you really think that Ada Hegerberg who got the award for the best player could bet Messi or CR7? Same goes for basketball. Like Ben Shapiro said. There is a reason no one is paying to watch women shoot layups. Just accept that men are generally better in sports than women.
James Nnabeze
James Nnabeze 6 days ago
This woman is very dogmatic
James Nnabeze
James Nnabeze 6 days ago
Ryan Hollins is an idiot
Sarban 7 days ago
It's crazy that this is even a topic of debate here...
Coltimus Prime
Coltimus Prime 7 days ago
They actually make more money than the men based on share.
SAS 7 days ago
I think 'equal pay' in such sports is not fair on men, because it's not equal input for equal outcome. On average male athletes perform at a higher level than female athletes due to their physiology. For example I would wager that not a single womens national or club level soccer/football team in the world would defeat the opposite national or club level men's team because they are not playing at the same level. This goes pretty much across the board in any sport athletics, tennis, basketball and the issue I have then is that you are essentially saying that a sport being played at a lower level should be compensated to the same level as those playing at a higher level.
Legend Of b-ball
Legend Of b-ball 20 hours ago
SAS no shit Sherlock you didn’t have to write an essay on it
Eddie Sasa
Eddie Sasa 7 days ago
Equal pay for equal skill. Ronda Rousey got paid alot more than alot of men in mma. Because she had skill and brought in revenue.
cam runner
cam runner 8 days ago
The key to equal pay is equal work
Hunter Thunell
Hunter Thunell 8 days ago
The women’s World Cup sucked and the only reason they actually gained revenue was due to the recent controversy around it Change my mind
Don sprash
Don sprash 9 days ago
The woman should get 7 percent
ray 007
ray 007 9 days ago
If u have to tell ppl to watch u n convince them then maybe u shouldnt be paid more than ppl who we actually watch on our own
Silenttuber PJ24
Silenttuber PJ24 9 days ago
Compare Megan Rapinoe and Cristiano Ronaldo, you'll know the difference.
310smoker 9 days ago
I'll watch it if TV was free
Kat Jerouac
Kat Jerouac 9 days ago
1:24 🤣🤣🤣🤣
burants 9 days ago
Why is this even an issue ?? Women's stadiums are always empty.....if you can't beat a boys under 15 team don't expect Messi wages
Damon R
Damon R 9 days ago
Every person on the womens soccer team makes more money than me, I feel oppressed
Danken Dabby
Danken Dabby 10 days ago
They should have celebrated USA winning before going to the equality stuff right after. Wrong move on the womans part.
Artur Harper
Artur Harper 10 days ago
Respect. Was not afraid to tell the facts, even though he risked being critisized for it.
Ramjet164 10 days ago
The women are playing in a competition that generates far less revenue. It’s not sexist it’s common fucking sense.
sunil singh
sunil singh 10 days ago
Black guy is dumb
Limaj Sivad
Limaj Sivad 11 days ago
It's fundamemtaly very simple and nobody wants to say it. In general watching woman team sports is just not as entertaining, plain and simple...
Gerrylynn Mako
Gerrylynn Mako 11 days ago
That’s a damn good point on marketing themselves. But let’s be real women’s soccer is boring as fuck
A Garcia
A Garcia 11 days ago
Abbey Wambach is right, Men's soccer got ripped off for 800 million if equal pay is concerned!! Meninists have to fight the system for equal pay!!
Round Robin
Round Robin 11 days ago
SOOOOOOOOOO, all the usually ignorant commenters LOVE Will Cain today.....that'll happen.
HockeyBlitz 303
HockeyBlitz 303 11 days ago
First 90 seconds all brutal facts and economics 101. I think baseball players are extremely over paid, but they generate insane revenue. Its all relative.
The Man
The Man 12 days ago
Nonono. Stop right there. Why are the women being payed less than the men? There is no ”mens soccer” or any other ”mens sport”. Those leagues are just the leagues open for everyone, no matter if you are man, woman, under 18 years old, blind, paraplegic etc. There are however a number of leagues open to you only if you fullfill certain specific criteria, such as a U18 league, womens league, paralympics etc. If you want equal pay, take a spot on the roster of the one big league that is open to anyone - the so called ”mens league”. I can’t believe noone told them about this before...
MrB1923 12 days ago
Try competing against the men. You'd have ZERO chance.
MrB1923 12 days ago
Wow some ACTUAL facts, truth and logic.
SIGMA MALE 12 days ago
Men out produce women in every field its why men earn more. Women are inferior and need to get over themselves
Michael Hinchliffe
Michael Hinchliffe 12 days ago
Less people watch women’s soccer because of the simple fact that men are better at the sport. It’s silly to ask to be paid the same amount as someone who is much better than you at what you do🤷‍♂️
Lawrence Mashonga
Lawrence Mashonga 12 days ago
Whose the guy on the left talking rubbish 😂
harry dixson
harry dixson 12 days ago
The revenue speaks for itself. Don’t be retarded people.
s. Armitage
s. Armitage 12 days ago
There is no gender pay gap, there is an economic value gap. If they want more they should earn it on merit, not steal it from someone who did.
Jay Mac
Jay Mac 12 days ago
There football/soccer knowledge is woeful it’s about the passion of the fans that WANT to see good football nothing to do with money.
mainstreem J
mainstreem J 13 days ago
Women always want to be seen as equal to men, always trying to prove themselves. The fact is the system is set up for females and discriminates against men but still we are having this debate. If females did the exact same jobs as men they would make the same money, its actually illegal for them to be paid less.
J. B.
J. B. 13 days ago
Megan Obscene -Ho should go fuck herself. That would generate more revenue than their worthless soccer accomplishments..... Lol
J. B.
J. B. 13 days ago
You got played fool
woman will never get the same pay as men in football. They just arent fun to watch. This charlie female is totally delusional and clueless btw.
Great Value
Great Value 13 days ago
I’ve literally never seen a person in a WNBA jersey
JLR 87
JLR 87 14 days ago
Let’s see France men vs USA women and when the men win 20-0 we’ll see who deserves the money
Counter Striker
Counter Striker 14 days ago
That girl is so retarted. She just needs to shut up.
Cap285 14 days ago
Is that broad in the middle serious? People pretend to care about women’s soccer. No one’s going to give a fuck from September. Hopefully sooner.
Hyprezz 14 days ago
Why aren’t the u15 boys that beat them aren’t payed as much as them 🤬 we need equality 👊let’s make a parade for them
Timothy Antoine
Timothy Antoine 14 days ago
I wouldn't watch women's soccer if they played naked !
Alyssa B
Alyssa B 14 days ago
Well this is bull shit😂
Buom Kunen
Buom Kunen 14 days ago
There’s a reason women pornstars make more than men....... MORE FUCKING REVENUE🤦🏿‍♂️
Jay Willey
Jay Willey 15 days ago
Rapinoe is a douchebag with Bazooka Joe hair.
Dark Woods
Dark Woods 15 days ago
Women just want it all handed on a plate. That's why we see more and more successful and popular male characters in media being hijacked by women so they can piggyback on that success rather than build and earn it themselves.
Abu Hajaar
Abu Hajaar 16 days ago
Ryan probably never watched the us womens football except the world cup
Dizzy Gaming972
Dizzy Gaming972 16 days ago
Pay equality, ok everyone even sport players should make the same pay then and also she said they can help equal pay by pple going to they games and buy more stuff, thts not fighting for equal pay thts just tryna get u guys more money fuck u bitch
Zach B
Zach B 13 days ago
Equal pay means she wants more money
stevepd1 17 days ago
Let's Get Behind Trump Quickly!!!
Foug 17 days ago
Lmao what do they want
Michael Cramer
Michael Cramer 17 days ago
They get paid MORE than the men..
kymani henry
kymani henry 17 days ago
Why is this even up for debate, the men get paid more because they make more.
GodofSport24 *
GodofSport24 * 17 days ago
As a fan of women's sports, the problem with women's sports is that most women don't watch or support women's sports. They may need to begin with changing the minds of fellow average women to help grow the popularity of their sports.
Zach B
Zach B 13 days ago
GodofSport24 * many don’t because men’s sport is just more interesting, more skilful. It’s all biological, men are just naturally stronger, faster and more enduring.
Hawk M
Hawk M 17 days ago
Ffs, this isn't rocket science...
Fuck Utube
Fuck Utube 17 days ago
To the two idiots talking about equal pay. Here is my question to them. If a woman team in any sport was making more money than an under performing man team. Would the woman take a pay cut to make it equal.
jack frost
jack frost 17 days ago
This bitch charlie. Every time she talks makes me dumber
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