Patient with coronavirus speaks out

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Rebecca Frasure of Forest Grove, Ore., tested positive for the novel coronavirus after two weeks aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, currently moored off Yokohama, Japan. She was removed from the ship Friday and taken to hospital in Tokyo.
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Feb 11, 2020




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Comments 3 940
sandro Zuniga
sandro Zuniga 40 minutes ago
Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Host:Is the hospital a private hospital or public hospital?
Mary Hynes
Mary Hynes Hour ago
This is sending a false sense of security. I'm glad she's not symptomatic but had they not caught it she would have spread it to someone who may not have been so lucky.
vendomnu Hour ago
Re-infection is a thing with coronavirus. First round can be harmless with no or little symptom for 10-12. Then you get re-infected and go critical. Scary stuff. Watch MedCram - he's a pulmonary specialist and has some good videos on the coronavirus. Especially, watch the one named 'How Coronavirus kills.' It mentions how symptoms can be alleviated (prone positioning is a simple and effective survival enhancer).
Betty Pickle
Betty Pickle Hour ago
Viruses are usually strongest with the first infected and weaken as they are passed along. Although this woman is highly suspect, if my opinion means anything.
Johnathan Johnson
10:17 that slip up tho smh i call bs on all this
X Amiphy
X Amiphy 2 hours ago
Cough on as many people as you can I don't want school
Mirian Magallon
Mirian Magallon 2 hours ago
Crazy, I’m from Portland Oregon. Minutes away
Annalise Santos
Annalise Santos 2 hours ago
I wouldn’t even believe anything that comes from the media FOH
:3 Cookiesssfever
:3 Cookiesssfever 3 hours ago
Guys you can survive the corona virus just try your best to stay healthy
Meli Edelmira
Meli Edelmira 3 hours ago
Haha randomly chosen.... She ain't sick. Someone sick with upper respiratory or flu like symptoms isnt going to feel great like her. Smh lies. Go check yalls disinfectants. Every season they list on the labels what virals & bacterias will be active. Guess what lysol lists as top viral??? Human Coronavirus, Influenza A. Not all of us are ignorant. Some of us pay attention to everything and we SEE EVERYTHING THAT THE CDC IS LYING ABOUT
Kimberly K
Kimberly K 4 hours ago
She does sound congested to me. Not being given any medication 😟 let’s wait until it’s severe?
Alexis Marie
Alexis Marie 4 hours ago
So how many people didn’t check that they were taking pain killers because they were thinking along the lines of narcotics.... so there could be so many more who are positive without knowing or having any symptoms. Scary times.
Tracy McCardle
Tracy McCardle 4 hours ago
Its like an interview with a "Stepford Wife" with the Coronavirus .... See public, nothing to worry about (wink wink wink) Disregard those deaths that have been reported
Connie Roberts
Connie Roberts 5 hours ago
She's a carrier.
Jesusita Mejia
Jesusita Mejia 5 hours ago
Great we have lots of hosts. Look forward to next year when the the bug comes alive again in them.
TheNorseGinger 6 hours ago
I’m glad that she’s doing well, but that’s a first world perspective from an adult with a healthy immune system. I’d be interested to hear from someone with health problems in a third world country that has to deal with it, considering that’s who it’s really heavily effecting.
Daniélín NicG
Daniélín NicG 7 hours ago
My normal flu that ive been sick for 2 wks with sounds worst than this
Landhaus Idyll
Landhaus Idyll 10 hours ago
"Show us your room, looks like a western room" did she think that a Japanese hospital have tatami floors and paper walls? 🙄
Daphne 11 hours ago
I can find no updates on her!!
Maximalt 11 hours ago
The reporter looks so anoying
simon ling
simon ling 11 hours ago
Well she is very fortunate. Heightened immune system & good rest should see her discharged soon.
Sauntah Rae
Sauntah Rae 13 hours ago
Well,lady. Idk how much you were paid to lie but there are several cases in the midwest alone..
XxPink_ LoverxX
XxPink_ LoverxX 13 hours ago
The fact 300+ from Japan cruise ship were infected makes me sad because I'm scared
TheRealDealGal 13 hours ago
This whole thing seems off...
Yenelly 15 hours ago
I look like I’m dying with a cold, 😐
Seza Belle
Seza Belle 15 hours ago
Ridiculous, so if you take painkillers you have a higher chance of contracting? Wtf
Scott KlosEnuf - to Polish
Was she targeted just because the government wants to? Even if someone is not symptomatic, interesting....
April Shower
April Shower 19 hours ago
Tamara Vandagriff
Tamara Vandagriff 19 hours ago
Get Well Soon Rebecca, 💞🇺🇸🌹🙏 The world health org. Has strict guidelines to clear you. Two negative test, like you said. Media might need to really educate the public on that all-clear guidelines, so paranoid people won't be
yong Li
yong Li 20 hours ago
avgrim77 20 hours ago
WTF does taking Advil have to do with anything????
GP100 __
GP100 __ 20 hours ago
Taiwan scientists claim , the virus may show no symptoms for 3-40 days. Some of these people look fine , and they are dead in 2 weeks. The real crisis , will be if 300k people need to go to the hospital on the same day, us medical system will be overwhelmed. Also the majority of our prescription drugs come from china. As of now there is almost no drugs coming out of china, or any other medical supplies.
Barbie Sioux Cherokee Sparrow Hawk
Sounds Scripted to me Why isn't she wearing a mask or wearing protective clothing ? She's putting nurses and doctors at risk is she not ? She's contaminating the room is she not ? Seems like legit questions I mean seems to me even being under quarantine they would take those precautions Right ? How much is she being paid ? $💰$
Yvette Brand
Yvette Brand 21 hour ago
Finally! It's a miracle! There's at least one survivor! Seriously tho, where are they???
Kelley Perine
Kelley Perine 22 hours ago
When they return after passing quarantine they need to do an additional 14 day quarantine here before being released. And i dont want to hear any whining about they have a life to get back to. This is too important to other people lives to just let them run willie nillie among the rest of us.
g8india 22 hours ago
Why does she look so happy to test positive for corona
Dirty Burger
Dirty Burger 22 hours ago
This is interesting. When is CBC going to get defunded?
Cody 23 hours ago
In China there are videos of people suddenly collapsing, vans being loaded with corpses, funeral homes running 24/7 with four to 5 times the bodies they would normally have. People are being barricaded into their own houses from the outside with their doors welded shut. Everyone aboard the cruise ship is likely infected with the central air conditioning and plumbing. People are asymptomatic for up to 24 days but still infectious. Nobody in the comment section is buying anything from this interview. Another interesting thing to look up is Wuhan virology located 10 miles from ground zero.
Truth Meter
Truth Meter 23 hours ago
Something is way off with your Information Miss Becky...🧐
Louis V
Louis V Day ago
And NOW how she's going?
Nathan Wegener
Incubation period can be at most 7 days so I reckon she could be dead in a week
liquid form
liquid form Day ago
Just eliminate anyone with corona virus simple.
B.Juliet B.
B.Juliet B. Day ago
Reeks of fakeness, she doesn't have a mask, gloves or eye protective gear on. She sounds like she just came from Disneyland. Scripted.
Lililetus C
Lililetus C Day ago
How odd she did not pass it onto the husband.
Ella 3927
Ella 3927 Day ago
Wi-Fi must be superb in Japan, amazingly no glitches or delays, 4k
Jacqueline Day ago
And yet.....?
April Denise Stefko
So, they’re not treating her. Just separating her from her husband. Smh
Lynda Faye
Lynda Faye Day ago
Where is Rebecca today February 16th? ABC & CBS are just not good at "Follow-up" or "Current" News; Calling it "Breaking?" Breaking my heart we can't see how this girl on February 11th, has progressed to 5 days later ? NOT NEW-NEWS! Going to Peak's Prosperity and Agenda Free TV for CURRENT -UPDATED-NEWS !
Kem Stew
Kem Stew Day ago
I don’t believe that for one minute and I am using please Siri to type this but this is pretty late so if there’s any typos then yeah that’s what it came from but I don’t trust us because she’s t00 calm
Shasha8674 Day ago
2000mg of fish oil daily stopped my colds/flu for more than 20 years. Vit A/Vit C/Vit D3/Zn/Mg/herbs like garlic/oil of oregano etc./onions/sauna/ozone/probiotic and more may help infections.
Shasha8674 Day ago
Pain killers lower the immune system. NO gluten may prevent pain. Low sunlight may cause gluten issues.
Sandra Cheeks
Just because someone is asymptotic, it doesn’t mean they are a “super-spreader”. Many people are asymptotic for many pathogens-that is perfectly normal. She, however, did have mild symptoms, a cough, which is also normal. She is not a “carrier”. The press and the public need to be very careful about throwing around these epidemiology terms without understanding their actual meaning....which seems to be the case in most of the comments...I finally gave up because I couldn’t take the stupidity any longer.
Curtis Fleabag
Great,I have to go to the Doctor on Friday!!!! Damn!!!!! The waiting room will be filled with people coughing etc...Most likely common cold/flu as one is going around lol,yeah.laugh at me!!! Oh well,if it's my time whatever!! Deal with it!
D J Day ago
Scripted or not. As long as you re good, safe, healthy at home, does it matter? Hopefully all in quarantine get better soon.
Be Happy
Be Happy Day ago
Wow what a trash reporter who seems disappointed that the patient is not on her deathbed.
Joe McJoe
Joe McJoe Day ago
This isn't "speaking out" it's "speaking about."
Thin Phyo
Thin Phyo Day ago
She probably got paid to say all this . Don’t really add up??? That she didn’t infect anyone else
sheila jones
sheila jones Day ago
Just because she's symptom free dosnt mean she hasn't infected several people
Ubet Day ago
This virus is laboratory made
Sucks2beU Day ago
I call bs.
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