PART TWO: Our Thoughts on Jillian Michaels Criticizing Lizzo

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Real fam, do you think Jillian Michaels went too far?


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Jan 14, 2020




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Jazmin Valtierra
Jazmin Valtierra 12 minutes ago
Amanda dropping a black comment once again. I literally watched 5 shows this morning. Amanada is always about "racism" girl bye your annoying this show has died with amandas ghetto ass
Bad Bee
Bad Bee 17 minutes ago
Loni not everything is a race or gender attack .... Obesity might be a norm now but it’s still not right .. it’s not healthy.... SHE SAID WHAT SHE SAID
KNOCK KNOCK who's here
KNOCK KNOCK who's here 33 minutes ago
All the comments about loni's obesity are being deleted.
TruCentrinoTech 38 minutes ago
This is America! And if we're "being real" (A phrase that's lost allot of its validity), allot of our life style choices and perspectives on other ppl's life style choices, will be biased because of things like our Upbringing, socioeconomic opportunities (lack there of) & enviably race, in context of how we 'live our lives' -Literally the premise of this show. I think with this panel, it's less about "let's stick it to the White man and be divisive", but more about showing how cultural and perspective differences can/should influence topics like weight etc.
TruCentrinoTech 36 minutes ago
And for the comments about the black experience being hyper discussed on this show... 1. Check your privilege: that fact that you even NOTICED, is because this isn't done 'much' anywhere else 2. Jeannie & Adrienne contribute and will continue to contribute about their respective cultural experiences, and it isn't for the other panelists to make segments about cultures, with which they are not intimate. I wouldn't want other races weighing in on my experience -Speak your truth, educate me on your experience, because I already know mine. And 3. Same as my first point, if you exclude race from the history of this country, America loses its definition... Perhaps for the better, but that isn't the country we live in today and those are the topics this show seeks to discuss.
Anita F
Anita F Hour ago
I only have ONE thing to say...IT IS NOT ABOUT RACE! 🙄
DeAnna Mayes
DeAnna Mayes Hour ago
Put Amanda on the end and give Jeannie and Tam back their spots! Amanda and Loni are too loud together. I’m a black woman and the whole “let’s make this about us/race” thing is tiring. Amanda’s face when others are sharing opinions is annoying and reminds me of when Tamar used to do the same thing. Tamera looked scared to say her opinion. Jeannie is constantly getting cut off by Loni or Amanda and poor Adrienne just has to throw her opinion out there and leave it but no one really listens.
Caroline Nelson
YES TAMERA!! it is so important that people like Amanda who try to divide people in every subject based on race get a perspective that we need to be healthier as a country!
Amanda Mei
Amanda Mei Hour ago
I get their point but... let’s not ignore the fact that the risk for diabetes, heart disease, etc. is significantly higher in women who are overweight. That is just a biological fact. Was Jillian correct in her delivery? No. But was she correct? Yes. And btw Adele got soooooo much hate for being overweight. And now for losing it all.
Darla Devi
Darla Devi 2 hours ago
I'm proud of Tamera
Rasha Suleiman
Rasha Suleiman 4 hours ago
I fucking hate Amanda's face when Tamera was speaking. Borderline disrespectful
Olivia Crawford
Olivia Crawford 5 hours ago
So we’re not gonna talk about how Adele was ALSO body shamed WAY before Lizzo was even on the scene. This is not about race. Don’t be disrespecting ANYONE not just black women. ANYONE about their physical appearances. It’s not just black women who get scolded or spoken to like that, it’s all plus size women. This is NOT about race. And tamera should speak up more, the real is about keeping it REAL not keeping it SILENT.
Wesley Imschoot
Wesley Imschoot 5 hours ago
I actually prefer reading the comments here than listening to Loni and that Amanda girl.
Jasmyn Jade'
Jasmyn Jade' 5 hours ago
Oh God, Now its ALL women??? Black women are most affected by obesity related health issues Loni, and she knows this, as big as she is. Where was this ALL MEN when you were talking about black men the other day? I really hate when shes dishonest.
D. Martinez
D. Martinez 6 hours ago
D. Martinez
D. Martinez 6 hours ago
Willisha Alford
Willisha Alford 7 hours ago
I think a lot of the ppl in the comment section missed some points being made by the others too...Tamera WAS NOT the only one that spoke truth...but everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinions
barbie_shuks 7 hours ago
I really don't get this.. Jillian might have said it in a harsh way. But she never said lizzo wasn't successful or beautiful because she's fat. She said she's not healthy because she's fat. Why y'all pressed
Eden Kastonguay
Eden Kastonguay 8 hours ago
No Amanda, everything is not about race. In that case it was about weight and nothing else
Violetta Taula
Violetta Taula 9 hours ago
They’ve become so fricken messy 😳 Like wtaf?? They all got each others heads so far up their asses they starting to talk too much ish. Tamera’s opinion is the only one I care for tbh. Love them as individuals, but this show is just not it no more 😭😭
Blessing Amorel
Blessing Amorel 10 hours ago
Everyone on the table is not wrong though but I quite agree with Tamera
sylvia basco
sylvia basco 10 hours ago
Loni and Amanda's eyeroll and their gestures , when others are giving their opinions is downright Ghetto . When you can speak your mind, others can too.. Atleast the others are respectful when you are voicing out.. Learn something from them!
Rebecca Anandarajah
Rebecca Anandarajah 11 hours ago
This segment made no sense, they're talking about everything but the topic at hand. Jillian Michaels is a health professional and literally only said what anyone else in her line of work would of said. Tamera was the only one that made sense.
Antonia Curtis
Antonia Curtis 12 hours ago
They need to get Amanda off the show . She is constantly bringing race into everything that it has nothing to do with . She is the main voice I hear on my screen I never hear Tamera,Jeannie or Adrienne anymore . Loni was the mediator but she STILL let the other women speak when they needed to. Amanda wants to be right all the time and wants to get her point out as if it’s the most important one .
Lorenzo 16 hours ago
‘Don’t be taking about sistahs like that?’ Who is this ghetto clown ass bitch? They were talking about weight! No one even mentioned race. You don’t get a pass cause you’re any color, she’s a public figure who is overweight!
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis 16 hours ago
Here we go making this about attacking black women. Racism is real, but not everything every non black person says is racism.
Dominique Thomas
Dominique Thomas 16 hours ago
I use to be like Loni and Amanda but honestly, I'm plus size I'm a size 16-18 I have a older sister who is size 5-7, we both went to the doctors and he told me even though I'm bigger then her I'm in better shape, I do kickboxing, I think the real honestly issue is people need to stop believing that health solely equals about your weight, because not all the time does, HOWEVER, there is a certain BMI level that if you are over it, you're obese, its science, but there IS a such thing of being biological "obese" but also being healthy. Everybody is different, in personality, and in physical appearance and body types, you have to look at it from all angles and I just feel people are choosing left or right when honestly its left AND right.
Dan 18 hours ago
Bunch or ignorant hens clucking.
Dan 18 hours ago
Who is mad at Lizzo? Where did that comment come from? That was such a ridiculous comment. People arent mad at Lizzo for not looking like a thin popstar. That's absurd. People are mad at the left and mainstream media taking a perfectly respectful and reasonable comment by Jillian and crying "fat shamer".
Kaela Hunt
Kaela Hunt 20 hours ago
Everything always has to be about race huh
Sakeenah Evans
Sakeenah Evans 20 hours ago
So the new Tamar is on the show but because she is cool with Loni she can go overboard with her comments...okay
Florida Nyasha Mlambo
Miss the old Jeanie😣. She's a bit reserved these days...
Jay Roti
Jay Roti 20 hours ago
Nah yall too sensitive. Jillian is right, we shouldn’t be celebrating obesity. No one is saying you cant get diet related diseases when you’re slim but you are more susceptible if u are obese
Jay Roti
Jay Roti 20 hours ago
Nah yall too sensitive. Jillian is right, we shouldn’t be celebrating obesity. No one is saying you cant get diet related diseases when you’re slim but you are more susceptible if u are obese
Bossy Tweed
Bossy Tweed 21 hour ago
Loni needs to stop. Lizzo is not the first morbidly obese entertainer to make it🙄 and the women on the panel would not let themselves get to Lizzo's size and Loni been trying to lose the weight so they can cut the, "love yourself BS". They know damn well they don't like Lizzo's body either!
Chanel -Segura
Chanel -Segura 21 hour ago
I loved that part and when Amanda said “and next topic”
QueenSoap 22 hours ago
Weight loss, health and a person's relationship with their body is such a personal thing which is why I think people should mind their own business unless asked. There are plenty of thin people who have issues, and they get annoyed because people ignore their challenges with the assumption that thin = healthy. There are overweight people who excercise and eat a balanced diet but you might not know that just by looking at them. Truth is, we dont know all that is going on inside of a person just by looking at them and we need to worry more about ourselves and less about others.
tiffany curtis
tiffany curtis 22 hours ago
tiffany 22 hours ago
Truth hurts! Loni always throws shade as her defense mechanism.
Gee W
Gee W 22 hours ago
Of course Loni would take up for Lizzo.... I get exactly what Jillian is saying. Of course we want you to love yourself Lizzo.. But if you think living your best life being obese is if life then that’s sad. You can stand to lose a few pounds sis... it’s not healthy.. Period
Ceci_so_fly 22 hours ago
This is the loni show
Evelyn Marx
Evelyn Marx 22 hours ago
Adele got thin now appearntly in a healthy way!
arii nali
arii nali 23 hours ago
dont we all love how loni tries to then talk badly about thin women, saying we do unhealthy things to stay thin ,when majority of thin women are naturally thin or they exercise lol didn't realize that working out or eating healthier was a crime ,also this has nothing to do with race its just the simple fact that people are so sensitive and want to immediately say that someone is fat shaming because they are speaking the truth, her insecurities are shining through real bad because of this topic
alondra villagrana
alondra villagrana 23 hours ago
Yes but obesity is obesity and it's a major problem in the U.S 🤷‍♀️
Mateo Banda
Mateo Banda 23 hours ago
Loni can just LEAVE now. Seriously. Also, that new chick Amanda is wasting spacs on that seat. Please, get another Sister in that chair. Her best friend on Insecure would do wonders on this show.
Kenesha Horne
when the real hosts are not being real. Go Tamera and shame on them all for making you feel nervous in having to defend your point
Korie Nadeau
Korie Nadeau Day ago
Jillian was simply explaining the consequences when you do not take care of your health. While it’s important to encourage self love it is also important to keep people in the reality that their health is the #1 priority. I think loni gets offended whenever there is a subject regarding the weight of others and I have sympathy for that, however it is important when giving an opinion that your emotions don’t get the better of you.
Keddeasha Brown
No one on this panel is a journalist, everyone just talking from the top of their head. Countless research has proven that excess weight contributes to numerous illnesses, including diabetes. This show is no longer the Real, Tam hands were shaking giving her opinion, and thats what she was paid to do. Bullies, thats what those two are.
Carl Headley
Carl Headley Day ago
Ok For 1. Jillian didn’t mention Lizzo it was the other co host who was taking about Lizzo at first that’s how the conversation got that point. 2. Yes people of all sizes can get diabetes and have health related issues, however being overweight CAN increase the likelihood of getting diabetes.
Chrys N
Chrys N Day ago
Not enjoying The Real these days. Loni needs to go. She’s just overpowering every convo with her opinions. Your weight does affect your longevity and quality of life.
SOLIA Day ago
As a big girl myself, I stand with Lizzo in that you have to love yourself where you are. Speaking down on myself, criticizing myself, & comparing myself has never helped me lose weight, feel healthy, or feel good. And I will continue to say that YOU CANNOT TELL SOMEONE IS HEALTHY BY THEIR WEIGHT!! For example, Lizzo does 1.5-2 hours of cardio and physical movement every night on her tour. I‘ve had doctors assume things about my health by just looking at me until they looked in my chart to see that actually I am healthy on paper. Regardless of whether Lizzo’s body is part of her brand doesn’t take away from the fact that body acceptance is a negative thing. Why should a big body be covered in order to be acceptable? Performing and dancing the way Lizzo does you get hot and sweaty. The clothes need to breathe and be conducive to all of that. It’s what dancers wear when they perform!! Anyways, I appreciate all of the perspectives from everyone. We don’t have to agree to be able to talk about things.
Elle Day ago
I was really disappointed in Loni in this episode. She never kept it ‘real’ and only listened to her own biased opinion.
V Love-Williams
Obesity is part of Lizzo's brand, though, so whether she says it or not, "who she is" is the obese singer. Her weight is ALWAYS at the forefront of conversations about her. The woman who interviewed Jillian Michaels brought up Lizzo as a "body positive" influence, so YES, Lizzo's message is about accepting obesity. It is. Period. And it's wrong.
Kathy Sandru
Kathy Sandru Day ago
Monie made a good point. I didn't see Michaels make those remarks to Adele or Melissa McCarthy, both who are also successful, plus-sized entertainers.
ND Day ago
Isn't it funny how this show was considered petty or shady etc when Tamar was on and since she was asked to leave, these ladies have managed to go even further with that mess, their lazy reporting and can't be bothered attitude (unless it's a black issue or related to a black person) to even get names right, and why oh why is Amanda on here?? She needs her own soap box full of nuances on BET cause other than white and black there are many other races and cultures that COULD be discussed or mentioned without it ALWAYS going back to her own agenda. Bar Tamera, this show is just gossipy women, trying to sound somewhat clued up on issues, its not fun or comfortable to watch unfortunately.
Jessica Fal
Jessica Fal Day ago
Amanda is woke woke
Maricela Teresa
Adele went thru this. People need to start accepting others the way they are! Stop picking on us big girls!!
Dinguis Day ago
Maricela Teresa lose weight fatty
Pearl Gleason
I’m so over this show. Not everything is all about race and loni and Amanda seem to always make it that way.
Joanne Eid
Joanne Eid Day ago
they need to do some REAL research.. they just cut jillians clip to the one line that sounds bad.. Amanda and Loni are the reason people dont take the race card seriously because they use it when its not necessary. Amanda, are you saying Jillian is allowed to talk about a white girl like that and not a black girl?
Dominique K.
Dominique K. Day ago
Tamera gave a real answer and a good answer
Medine Charles
I’m with Jillian. She didn’t bring up Lizzo, the interviewer did. And as a fitness expert she clearly said why are we celebrating her body and not the music? And then after said what she said. But she ain’t lie. Lizzo could be healthy but imagine the other people who thinks it’s ok to be obese cuz they look at her and have health issues. That’s all she tryna say.
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