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A huge thanks to Papa John for coming on!
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Feb 10, 2020




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maria landry
maria landry 7 hours ago
PLEASE! let papa talk 🥺
Cody Pline
Cody Pline 7 hours ago
Papa and Ethan should launch their own pizza chain.
MandeeBe 8 hours ago
People Are Not Stupid: PANS -hila
i want to die
i want to die 8 hours ago
battle of the lip smackers
pluckyduck11y 8 hours ago
Papa did nothing wrong. Said nothing untrue.
Wolf !
Wolf ! 8 hours ago
Remember when Ethan was a good interviewer? Yeah me neither.
Donovan Kinney
Donovan Kinney 8 hours ago
You couldn't give this video 30 more damn seconds, come on man
J D 9 hours ago
mother of the bees
mother of the bees 9 hours ago
Okay but can we all just appreciate Hila’s outfit? It looks amazing
MichelleObama isAman
papa is speaking out about bad decisions that are being made by the board of directors. by "bad" he doesnt even mention money, he says "bad things that are happening to the franchisees and employees." this is a man who cares and who understands business.
Nat Hauck
Nat Hauck 10 hours ago
Love the podcast but it has gotten increasingly difficult to listen to Ethan's interruptions😂😂 it's like he's trying to summarize what they are saying before they finish saying it. Not great contwnt
Jr Beans
Jr Beans 11 hours ago
When I saw the thumbnail I just screamed NO
jon soda
jon soda 11 hours ago
That’s the problem with Jews the older they get. The more they interrupt
Clazyo 11 hours ago
Hell yeah! He'll be back!! good job team H3H3!!! Papa bless
intruder313 13 hours ago
I highly doubt he stormed out of 'multiple dinners because someone used the N-Word just once' or 'dozens of employees were crying with happiness' to see him. Anyway, I want to buy and rate some pizzas now :)
VHuffx 14 hours ago
Kelly Bumgardner
Kelly Bumgardner 14 hours ago
He said "they gotta take care of the food" but it came out more fluid like, I suppose bc of his accent. The English auto-generated CC for USvid is horrible at its job.
zombie3785 14 hours ago
1:14:29 "if I was really hard, 7.5"
Prince Diop
Prince Diop 15 hours ago
Papa should make a new gourmet pizza restaurant just focused on high quality pizza. Plus he has the funds to.
MacGuffin 16 hours ago
Everyone, remember that this guy didn't want to pay his workers fairly. In this context, it's easy to find the guy likable.
Hugo A
Hugo A 16 hours ago
Ouch kinda cringe bro
Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear]
15:35 good point
Franklin Collective
Franklin Collective 17 hours ago
about 10 years ago i worked at a Papa Johns, and Papa John was coming to town to meet the chain of franchises in the PNW. A few people from each store drove down to the corporate office to take a photo with him, he introduced himself to everyone. Hours later, back at work, he showed up to the store for a tour and he remembered everyone's name from earlier that day, was very cool and really crushed it as far as his image goes to an hourly worker.
Jake Watson
Jake Watson 17 hours ago
Smart move on Papa, worked at a corporate locations for five years from the dough table to general manager. I was fired and then switched to Domino's ten years ago. Pj's was a fun place to work and met John a few times, genuinely my opinion is he's a decent guy who cares for the business and the employees of the company.
RedFoxLevel101 17 hours ago
Papa john is giving me a little rise
Antoine le
Antoine le 17 hours ago
stop interrupting your guests jew
Sour 17 hours ago
You guys are overreacting Ethans interrupting...
Game Sparks
Game Sparks 18 hours ago
Ethan said he could never get Papa John because he is millionare doing own thing and would never be on a show like h3h3 podcast but he did it, he did what he thought was impossible
Jenni Nexus
Jenni Nexus 19 hours ago
1:28:09 I can't believe u guys finally got him on - you're always talking about Papa John :-D
CooLuke 19 hours ago
I never thought it would be done
Mal 19 hours ago
idk if it's just me but Ethan constantly rolling his eyebrows is startinng to irritate me, Every time he does it I can't help but just stare...
Ventriloquix 19 hours ago
The first 10-15 minutes were so uncomfortable LMAO
Eric p
Eric p 19 hours ago
1:31:28 Is Where the captions mess up really really really bad 😂
Jai Rey
Jai Rey 20 hours ago
Papa bless!
Four Ninety Five
Four Ninety Five 20 hours ago
Ethan do be pocket watching pretty hard though.
Ashley Vera Nichole
Ashley Vera Nichole 20 hours ago
3 minutes of clarifying what to call Papa John. Quality content.
CrankyWinter43 21 hour ago
Ethan enough. Loose some fuckin weight. Ridiculous we want you healthy. I do! Don’t put if off you’re like me! I have to stop getting fat then slowly get thinner. Just do it. You can, you’re attractive man come on don’t do this to yourself. You’re food just loose a bit. I have to as well. I’m starting now. I’m not happy with myself either. I know what you’re thinking. I know I’m being harsh. Accept or don’t. Do what you want. I just want you happy. Which to an extent I know you are but come on man help yourself. I’m drunk. Sorry. Phew. Go that off my chest. Good morning Ethan. (Diff time zones). Nighty for myself.
Al Boyd
Al Boyd 21 hour ago
Ethan and hila must not have any empathy or are already so out of touch they have no human emotion. The man lost the company he built from the ground. He doesn't need you ironically asking questions we already know.
Jay Bird
Jay Bird 21 hour ago
Papa John please go on JRE
Long tan And handsome
Ethan really struggles with making these podcasts feel like a genuine conversation, Whenever it’s a first time guest the whole episode feels like an awkward questionnaire with forced jokes. So much potential wasted in this episode please ditch the question list Ethan
Cause&Effect 21 hour ago
He said "chink" twice, cancel him!! I'm just kidding.
Dakota 22 hours ago
Very good interview with Papa bless
Josh Yarker
Josh Yarker 22 hours ago
1:20:55 he knew exactly where that piece of evidence was
Fluorescent Icon
Fluorescent Icon 22 hours ago
Can someone please tell me when they stop fucking talking about dating, I am cringing so hard lol
Nukem Nash
Nukem Nash 22 hours ago
Holy shit I love you Ethan but my goodness you gave me a headache with how many times you interrupted him. Worst game of ping pong I've ever seen. Papa Stressed.
William Howells
William Howells 22 hours ago
Remember when papa jhons pizza used to have rise?
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez 23 hours ago
I was waiting for the mention of his resign
Jo King
Jo King 23 hours ago
1:05:48 Sorry Ethan, Dan hasn't ruined the show, that's all you baby.
Omnipotent Apple
Omnipotent Apple 23 hours ago
I haven't bought PJ'd pizza since this shit went down, but as soon as the interview kicked off, my stomach went into alarm mode and I quit working out to order some pizza lmao This guy really is the company
DarkVoid 17
DarkVoid 17 23 hours ago
Papa Johns, Realer ingredients, realer Niggas
NBore 23 hours ago
vorga dekay
vorga dekay 23 hours ago
Yeah this is an awesome episode
Jacob Canote
Jacob Canote 23 hours ago
This is truly amazing.
Jo King
Jo King 23 hours ago
This boi Ethan sounds like he's baked, on one of his most important podcast to date.
Papa John's pizza has always been shit.
Papa bless
Trevor Conway
When this guy "cycles" he doesn't sweat water, it's Garlic Butter
Monica Day ago
Papa bless
Jo King
Jo King Day ago
Really Ethan, going straight for the divorce topic? What a shmuck.
Clorox Bleach
1:31:28 is when it shows papa saying the n word with subtitles on (even though he never actually said it)
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