Paintball Marco Polo!! (We're Idiots)

Team Edge
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Hey guys! In this challenge, we Quick Draw to see who can shoot their opponent first with a paintball! Later in the challenge, we run and dodge "Marco's" shots to see who will be last! What other paintball ideas would you like to see us do? Let us know down below!
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May 2, 2019




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Comments 4 922
Malthe Jänichen
Malthe Jänichen 5 hours ago
Chris Salgado
Chris Salgado 11 hours ago
Nivde Neniksel
Nivde Neniksel 2 days ago
Team brayan
Zack Houff
Zack Houff 3 days ago
Hail Satan
LHS_J_Blazer_Plays 311
Team Bryan
Tony D'Archi
Tony D'Archi 3 days ago
Lucy Perez
Lucy Perez 5 days ago
Marco Chicken Pollo
Blue XIII 6 days ago
Marco Polo and they moving after the call???? Shoot them 10 time for each time they move...
Brandon Yelof
Brandon Yelof 8 days ago
Team Brian
Aiden Hammond
Aiden Hammond 8 days ago
Bobby:Jordan vs Joey Me:That says Jordan vs J-Fred😬
Rexys Channel
Rexys Channel 8 days ago
Jordan Jordan jordan
Austin Bishop
Austin Bishop 9 days ago
Jordan Jordan Jordan Jordan
Ron Sharma
Ron Sharma 9 days ago
Sam Gillespie
Sam Gillespie 10 days ago
team Bryan
bsantiago3 10 days ago
ayy BRYAN 4 THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ThatOneIdiot 10 days ago
Title : "We're idiots" Me : You're realising just now? Wow.
Diego Cruz
Diego Cruz 11 days ago
anyone else lowkey tired of bryans b*tching
Ali 11 days ago
J fred with that draw form.. this guy definitely has a concealed liscense
Lydia Vilardi
Lydia Vilardi 11 days ago
So this video proves that Joey and Jeff look the exact same when they are wearing the paintball gun mask.
Laubscher Boshoff
Laubscher Boshoff 11 days ago
Bryan is a sissy!
oh no
oh no 12 days ago
Team 3dge
The lone Hybrid skateboarding
Bryan:there all saying Jordan Jordan J-Fred:no there not they don’t even know him
Michael Maynard Jr
Michael Maynard Jr 13 days ago
Ouarda El Fekre
Ouarda El Fekre 13 days ago
Cameron Kirk
Cameron Kirk 14 days ago
Bryan and Bobby is my favorite😍💕
Cameron Kirk
Cameron Kirk 14 days ago
SnugParsley4527 On Xbox
When it becomes Joey v Joey
Heather Love
Heather Love 15 days ago
Bryan is my fav
Derecia Mcletchie
Derecia Mcletchie 15 days ago
team bryan i love you bryan
the party is on!!
the party is on!! 16 days ago
J-fred x100
Utachrom Lassek
Utachrom Lassek 17 days ago
Not team Joey, not team Bryan TEAM JESUS
Marcojk3 Knackstedt
I hate this video
Logan Dobosz
Logan Dobosz 17 days ago
Lilah Santacruz
Lilah Santacruz 18 days ago
DJL Karty
DJL Karty 18 days ago
yes Bryan won
DJL Karty
DJL Karty 18 days ago
I don't want Rich to get hit
Ahmed Homod
Ahmed Homod 18 days ago
Team Bryancitoo
Domingo Esquivel
Domingo Esquivel 19 days ago
So nobody was rooting team Bryan
Stephen Beentjes
Stephen Beentjes 19 days ago
Bry Bry! Hehe Good Luck/Job
Koen Sperry
Koen Sperry 19 days ago
Team Bryan
leo Juarez
leo Juarez 19 days ago
Heidi Berry
Heidi Berry 20 days ago
Heidi Berry
Heidi Berry 20 days ago
This is the first challenge Bryan is good at
Heidi Berry
Heidi Berry 20 days ago
Well ummmmmmmmmmm
Khalid Abdirisaq
Khalid Abdirisaq 20 days ago
Team Bryan
Turtle Kate
Turtle Kate 20 days ago
Uptown park leaked out of my underwear that's why I could not play meep city in the ocean show I was on the window sill and I'm looking forward to farting on you're ipad mini.Wal-Mart is behind me and my Tik tok profile pic so I saved the comments section below and I don't have a crush so we can plan a date with Lisa gurrero and my underwear that's why I could not find the Speedo ones who has rainbow trail and will trade it to me on Roblox for freed from the ocean show I was on the bottom half
vaičas 87
vaičas 87 21 day ago
Brian is my favorite but joey is very funny
SpoopyStation YT
SpoopyStation YT 21 day ago
Team edge: “we’re idiots” Me: “well I can’t say I disagree
Morgan Canham
Morgan Canham 20 days ago
SpoopyStation YT 2 tru
Katrina Gillings
Katrina Gillings 21 day ago
Rich is the best
josh2 vr
josh2 vr 22 days ago
this is good nice
Kim Duong
Kim Duong 22 days ago
Bryon win
Jace Olinger
Jace Olinger 22 days ago
Joey Joey Joey Joey Joey
sonia killam
sonia killam 23 days ago
BigCountry 44
BigCountry 44 25 days ago
joeys response when he got hit with the paintball was my response to when he lost
Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 25 days ago
J -Fred sh
Paula Udulutch
Paula Udulutch 25 days ago
Paula Udulutch
Paula Udulutch 25 days ago
Grisel Rosado
Grisel Rosado 25 days ago
yay bryan won !!!!!!!!!!!
Dylan Carter
Dylan Carter 25 days ago
Team cbdgcggxfgdghdydhhxuxxuuffffff. Hi
Abel Plazola
Abel Plazola 25 days ago
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