OZZY OSBOURNE - "Under The Graveyard" (Official Audio)

Ozzy Osbourne
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Today I woke up and I hate myself
Death doesn’t answer when I cry for help
No high could save me from the depths of hell
I’ll drown my mind until I’m someone else

Don’t take care of me
Be scared of me
My misery owns me
I don’t wanna be my enemy
My misery owns me now

Under the graveyard
We’re all rotting bones
Everything you are
Can’t take it when you go
I ain’t livin this lie no more
Ain’t livin this lie no more
It's cold in the graveyard
We all die alone
Cover my eyes so I can see it clear
One sip away from everything I fear
Ashes to ashes watch me disappear
Closer to home because the end is near
Don’t take care of me
Be scared of me
My misery owns me
I don’t wanna be my enemy
My misery owns me now
Under the graveyard
We’re all rotting bones
Everything you are
Can’t take it when you go
I ain’t livin this lie no more
Ain’t livin this lie no more
It's cold in the graveyard
We all die alone
I’m waiting for you

Under the graveyard
We’re all rotting bones
Everything you are
Can’t take it when you go
I ain’t livin this lie no more
Ain’t livin this lie no more
It's cold in the graveyard
We all die alone
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Nov 8, 2019




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Comments 7 488
Michael Coffey
Michael Coffey 11 minutes ago
Cool 😀
Roman Duganov
Roman Duganov 20 minutes ago
We love you, OZZY
Marcos Paulo Fam
Marcos Paulo Fam 25 minutes ago
Three biggest mysteries of mankind: Where we came from Where Will we go How Ozzy is still alive!!!??
funk off
funk off 46 minutes ago
When Guitar Solo sounds like a Keyboard....U can say Randy is a really dead and ....Ozzy is too Old for Rock N' Roll
Out Space
Out Space 31 minute ago
A7x fan kkk
AxeMastersINC 55 minutes ago
What the fuck is a post malone?
Frank Arrietta
OZZY still having the worst year of his life an infinite number of years later.
Alize Ibarra
Alize Ibarra Hour ago
I fucking love it keep rocking on ozzy I Love love you
John Bari
John Bari Hour ago
Where's Zakk?!
Projeto Pilar
Projeto Pilar Hour ago
O maior vocal do universo!
the final crusade
Rex Wolford
Rex Wolford 2 hours ago
Is this a new lydnsey lowhan song?
Keven Smith
Keven Smith 2 hours ago
Ozzy Osbourne never disappoints when it comes to music
Ahmed Klai
Ahmed Klai 2 hours ago
the beginning sounds like his collab with Post Malone on Take What You Want
Luiz Paulo
Luiz Paulo 2 hours ago
Someone know who are that guitarrist? That's Gus G?
Pyraweed Official
Pyraweed Official 2 hours ago
Sergey V
Sergey V 3 hours ago
Бабушка Ozzy.
Roughneck80 3 hours ago
Man is like 90..damn this shit is good
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 4 hours ago
whats next? Ozzy Osbourne ft. Lil Pump
Nestor Mantz
Nestor Mantz 3 hours ago
fuck off pussy!!
Vag Rocker
Vag Rocker 4 hours ago
I cant wait to listen this song Live from our Father Ozzy !!
Alexander Wilkie
Alexander Wilkie 4 hours ago
Everything cool...but where’s Zakk?
Braidon Baptiste
Braidon Baptiste 4 hours ago
Condemned to help because the end is near... I love you ozzy
keith walters
keith walters 4 hours ago
I know its a lot of work but ozzy again please produce as many songs as you can.
keith walters
keith walters 4 hours ago
keep rocking keep the music comming ozzy please
Кирилл Мичурин
Шедевр!!! Спасибо, Оззи🤘🤘🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥
Firitus 5 hours ago
“My misery owns me now”, I felt that shit, intensely!
Florida isn't real
Florida isn't real 5 hours ago
I fucking love Ozzy he still loves the game
Julie Gogola
Julie Gogola 5 hours ago
Wow, Ozzy has new stuff out now, great. I don't think he should try to tour again though. He can't do it anymore physically. He should STILL put out new music though. As for how he is still live after using rugs and booze for years to the extreme, I heard (It may be made up BS) that he actually has more Neanderthal DNA than most people do. And THAT has helped him NOT have organ failure and real problems after so much drug and boozing for so long. BTW, only white people, certain ethnicities have ANY Neanderthal DNA at all. Scientists say this after studying the migration of certain groups of people, I don't know about them all. Those from Africa never met up with Neandethals' so, never interbred with them. Many Europeans did. Now, those in the far east, I have NO idea. (I see I've gone off topic here) Anyway, Ozzy has been said to be MORE Neanderthal than MOST of us, so, is it BS or True? Hell, IDK.
Brittann Heflin
Brittann Heflin 6 hours ago
Too all the dislikes ,What a bunch of f****** haters live your life be free stop being a pussy
Jack Garvey
Jack Garvey 6 hours ago
another bad ass tune added to all the rest of your bad ass songs thank you ozzy you are the greatest
Crybabiboy 607 mommy's baby boy
Ozzy is my favorite can't get tired of listening to his music , I'm loving this song
Angel Salvador Valette Paris Jr
Sslutations to 1981Hialeah and miami Beach high school; also Special CSI class Colombian Girl fried, and to charly,Anays,and Ricky Cavarcas.I remember Jhon Bedoya and Carlitos from los angeles U A cinema 150.
Josh Miller
Josh Miller 6 hours ago
Ozzy be putting out music after he dies, featuring Lucifer himself 🔥
Andrea Layne
Andrea Layne 6 hours ago
I love OZZY
jsdragonwing70452 7 hours ago
The fking prince of fking darkness! A legend! Bring back Zakk tho!
Angel Stoyanov
Angel Stoyanov 7 hours ago
Amazing Ozzy !
James Ewing
James Ewing 7 hours ago
If anyone gets the chance to please check out this gofund me of a family member of mine please if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated much love. m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1280517315452716&id=100004833786643
melvin carter jr
melvin carter jr 8 hours ago
AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!;)
Joseph Farr
Joseph Farr 8 hours ago
I love this song!!! Best song since Dreamer
R.J McCready
R.J McCready 8 hours ago
This is his farewell song ' About to show us how he's ridden shooting Star's.
UpIn ThemWoods
UpIn ThemWoods 9 hours ago
Fucking legend.
bohdilama 9 hours ago
This is some sludgy garbage guitar tone.
Ax Equinox
Ax Equinox 9 hours ago
It's not bad. Hat's off to Ozzy still doing his thing. I do find it a bit lacklustre however. Don't think much of the guitar sound, not sure how to describe it, sounds a bit bland, washed out distortion that lacks character... The overall layers/colour to the song also feels lacking to me. Comparing to the likes of Devils Daughter, it feels bland to me. But again, hat is off to Ozzy to be still doing his thing. I would like to see a return to 80's guitar sounds with more layers to the music. Just my opinion and eager to hear more from this legend.
Left brain Society
Left brain Society 9 hours ago
This song is so killer
ABW Backyard Wrestling & Randomness
Damn he still sounds good.
Pedro Martínez
Pedro Martínez 9 hours ago
tremendo!!!! Ozzy eres un grande!!!
MostlyIrishCarGuy 9 hours ago
Long live the Prince of Darkness 🤘
Tommybagadonuts :D
Tommybagadonuts :D 10 hours ago
One thing I love is when you listen to ozzy talk you can hardly understand what he is saying but when it comes to singing he can’t be stopped
Emily Alterio
Emily Alterio 10 hours ago
YESSSS!!! HE IS BACK! New song for me to learn!!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Beatriz Santos
Beatriz Santos 10 hours ago
Yesss ❤️🇧🇷
BigManSDMF 10 hours ago
Ok..... Ok.... Ok.... Let me go ahead and get some hate because I know I'm going to I'm going to say it because I know nobody else wants to because he is the Prince of darkness but I do not like this new single by Ozzy Osbourne yes I know he was fighting illnesses when he recorded this but it has too much of a pop feel to it the guitarist Andrew Watt tried to get heavy with the solo but it just didn't come out right and I'm not saying because Zakk wasn't on the track either his voice is still there but the beat of the whole song I just did not like So go ahead and tell me I have no taste I'm just saying I don't like this song and if the album is like this I do not want to hear it You have to know when to just hang up your boots and enjoy life
Todd P
Todd P 10 hours ago
You can’t understand what he says when he speaks, but his singing vocals are super clear. 🤔
craig seddon
craig seddon 10 hours ago
Zack would of put about 50 pinch harmonics in this
craig seddon
craig seddon 10 hours ago
So glad zack is not on this he is so boring
Deadman_Inc86 10 hours ago
This is pure mediocrity imo.
SCARECROWZ BAND 10 hours ago
I like it, except the whoa whoa whoa part...a little too much of that, but otherwise it's good!
Sheree Frey
Sheree Frey 10 hours ago
I love it Ozzy!!!!
mark luceñara
mark luceñara 10 hours ago
THEHOAG 11 hours ago
It's weird he can still sing but you can hardly understand him when he talks
Shane Higginbotham
Shane Higginbotham 11 hours ago
LOVE YOU FOREVER OZZY!!!!!!!!!!!💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Rockyrayne 99
Rockyrayne 99 11 hours ago
*cool guitar noises* Ozzy- Today I woke up and I hate myself Me- Well that escalated quickly... Long live the Prince! 🤘😝🤘
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