OMG! Back to School? 11 Cool DIY School Hacks and School Supplies

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Do you hear the school bell ringing? ‘Cause you’re about to put our amazing school hack ideas to good use! Discover ways on how to revive or reuse your old school supplies! Learn to organize your highlighters, make a cute cactus pocket out of those disposable cups and make a bookmark out of a clip and a rubber band! So stay tuned for even more amazing life hacks to get you back to school!
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00:04 Cheat Note in a Sharpener
01:24 Restore Pen with a Hairdryer
02:13 On-Cover Pocket
03:26 DIY Pen Case
04:31 Color Pencil Accessory
05:56 Tic Tac Toe Notebook
06:23 Highlighter Titles
07:03 Rubber Band Bookmark
08:10 DIY Backpack Decoration
08:57 Locker Cactus Cups
09:58 Stylish Pen Pocket
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Aug 14, 2019




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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda 6 months ago
Hey, School Pandas 🐼🎓 I can almost hear the school bell! What about you?! 🏫🚌🔔 No worries, I’ve got some ideas on how to refresh your old school supplies! 📔📐✏ Let me know which of these school hacks you're going to try out first!? 🎒💻📏 Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.s. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉: usvid.net/video/video-eP8zEflRVpQ.html
Ashok Pokar
Ashok Pokar 17 days ago
Which school
Ashok Pokar
Ashok Pokar 17 days ago
Arti Negi
Arti Negi 19 days ago
I. Lovely. this. Video
Arti Negi
Arti Negi 19 days ago
Xv he ajgdja di FL
Silas Simon
Silas Simon 15 hours ago
*Trusthackers* on IG, made me happy by hacking into my school database and gave me a good grade.
Pedroniah Pierre
Why did he RIP the patch off his shirt that us gross I did not want to see that
Selena Hasic
Selena Hasic 16 days ago
I love you ideas☺️
albert Kaculi
albert Kaculi 17 days ago
Emily is the best
Jaylynn Mascorro
Jaylynn Mascorro 18 days ago
I will not subscribe😒🖕
امير حسن
امير حسن 21 day ago
Meman Maharjan
Meman Maharjan 21 day ago
it is not goob
Meman Maharjan
Meman Maharjan 21 day ago
it i s agood
Hazel & Nora Prentice
Yeah cause everyone has a blowdryer at school. Good to know i am missing out lol
marija 23 days ago
LOVE 💖💕💟💞💗👍👍👍👍
Mara Iulia Salagean
vrishak himanish
Paola Cruz
Paola Cruz Month ago
mentira por que ise eso i la profe me descubrio
Paola Cruz
Paola Cruz Month ago
si es verdad
qaseh masy
qaseh masy Month ago
Jessica Bergman
Jessica Bergman Month ago
rovsen ibrahimova
Çok güzel yaxwi 😘😘😘
Danijela Milivojevic
Ramya Ramya
Ramya Ramya Month ago
Super craft panda l like😏😏😏😏
Mary Selhorst
Mary Selhorst Month ago
Love USvid
Prashant Jawale
Prashant Jawale Month ago
So nice idea of copy paper👌
Janice Macatuno
Janice Macatuno Month ago
Thanh Phùng Hương
2:41 làm tất cả dành crush
Balamurugan Kuppurao Thyagarajan
see from 2 15 to 3 24 emily ; oh no my pouch has a hole how can i keep my i tems jacob ; give me your note book emily ; okey jacob ; what should i do in her note book jacob ; lets do with my pocket [ jacob tear his poket and his nail changed into yellow and he pasted his pocket in note book and when giving her his nails change into normal] jacob ; emily see here . your note book emily ; [ puts her i tems in that ] thank you jacob [hugs that note book ]
Leamarie Zuiker
Leamarie Zuiker 2 months ago
Who has a hair dryer in school
Hassane Mereime
Hassane Mereime 2 months ago
Hassane padzo
Kharisma Hattu
Kharisma Hattu 2 months ago
Doua Djellout
Doua Djellout 2 months ago
Anca Aurora
Anca Aurora 2 months ago
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Anca Aurora
Anca Aurora 2 months ago
Gdjgugufh dnjd y la verdad disculpa por u otra rklonmxtujopwgchjug Gmkloijrewaszxlpjof Gkfjtyrcjjemti Bnjkkmewrk Fkwwekoicxaklnmvghia Wkeuhkmeayr Glflgkucbklogl Gjoghhhhhggj Hjhjhhvogk Dkwhddyq IU ey lo AaRsWAfbt IU k julio Bde ahs QA tújskrhs Un equipo que
OBSIDIAN MIST 2 months ago
Guys don't follow the first hack you can get caught like in my country if your caught you can get expelled or go to jail
Autumn 2 months ago
yay i love ur hacks
Jayden Mckay
Jayden Mckay 2 months ago
Your videos are sick so ceep it up ❤❤❤
Larisa Maria Diaconu
guadalupes pelayes
guadalupes pelayes 2 months ago
Hola canal crafy panda
Sofia Leal
Sofia Leal 2 months ago
Son ideas geniales
Jaoued salim
Jaoued salim 2 months ago
Wow 😱☺☺☺😜😍😍
Kavi Viva
Kavi Viva 2 months ago
I like crafty panda
Lisa Wireman
Lisa Wireman 2 months ago
2:40 what in the world
توتة الدليمي
LemonAidz 2 months ago
2:46 Jacob nails are beautiful
Salsa Bila
Salsa Bila 2 months ago
oke goodd 🤗😘😍🌺💐
Cutie -Night senpai
Cutie -Night senpai 2 months ago
Só não gostei de insinuaram as pessoas a colar Já que e errado
Jose Luis Mendoza
Jose Luis Mendoza 2 months ago
Gabriel Bertony
Gabriel Bertony 2 months ago
Jfjdud Jfjeje
Jfjdud Jfjeje 2 months ago
Eres muy linda rosa
•rosa• 2 months ago
Nunca colem
???. Paz
???. Paz 2 months ago
I am watching this when my mom told me to go to bed I have not got cogito yet
Jasmina Matic
Jasmina Matic 2 months ago
Ovo je od 1000 godina telefon
Random Tanker
Random Tanker 2 months ago
Shame on you telling kids that cheat 😂😂😂😂😡😡😡
Алмата Мерке
Leni Pimentel
Leni Pimentel 2 months ago
À menina nova ela é feia
Katarzyna Dębska
Katarzyna Dębska 3 months ago
Poland ? Englis?
Thota Sudheer
Thota Sudheer 3 months ago
Ko nomk
Nathally Mathias
Nathally Mathias 3 months ago
Essa merda desse canal ensina as crianças e colarem na prova vcs são doidos
Jindra Sedláček
Jindra Sedláček 3 months ago
Brian Hayes
Brian Hayes 3 months ago
I’m sorry but I miss maya lurin and paddie there my old barbers And we moved I miss them so much*cries*😭😭😭😭😭
nylah King
nylah King 3 months ago
I'm not subscribing to something as stupid as this
Yassmine123 Ayssoune
Selin Zeitschel
Selin Zeitschel 3 months ago
Emily and Jakob is Love
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