OMG! Back to School? 11 Cool DIY School Hacks and School Supplies

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Do you hear the school bell ringing? ‘Cause you’re about to put our amazing school hack ideas to good use! Discover ways on how to revive or reuse your old school supplies! Learn to organize your highlighters, make a cute cactus pocket out of those disposable cups and make a bookmark out of a clip and a rubber band! So stay tuned for even more amazing life hacks to get you back to school!
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00:04 Cheat Note in a Sharpener
01:24 Restore Pen with a Hairdryer
02:13 On-Cover Pocket
03:26 DIY Pen Case
04:31 Color Pencil Accessory
05:56 Tic Tac Toe Notebook
06:23 Highlighter Titles
07:03 Rubber Band Bookmark
08:10 DIY Backpack Decoration
08:57 Locker Cactus Cups
09:58 Stylish Pen Pocket
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Aug 14, 2019




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Crafty Panda
Crafty Panda Month ago
Hey, School Pandas 🐼🎓 I can almost hear the school bell! What about you?! 🏫🚌🔔 No worries, I’ve got some ideas on how to refresh your old school supplies! 📔📐✏ Let me know which of these school hacks you're going to try out first!? 🎒💻📏 Don't forget to subscribe to my channel! 🌟🌟🌟 Much love from the Crafty Panda 💖💖💖 P.s. If you enjoyed this video, you might also like 😉: usvid.net/video/video-eP8zEflRVpQ.html
schleich sartu zirgynas tesiog sartu zirgynas
Jus visi letuviai?
Lukman hakim
Lukman hakim 23 hours ago
Nina Mori
Nina Mori 2 days ago
Ja gda boste pa seksali
Lakshmi Kashyap
Lakshmi Kashyap 2 days ago
Abey chl tu sikhaega
Nina Mori
Nina Mori 2 days ago
Gda boste seksali
Jagdeep Singh Gill
Jagdeep Singh Gill 21 hour ago
8:32 MORAL- koi cheej thora kharab hui hoo toh sari kardo 👍😁😁🤘
Emilio Cervantes
They copied this from a different channel because the pocket on the notebook his nails were regaled then they changed yellow
gule zard
gule zard Day ago
Hey , School nabeart😜😜😜😜😜
Mariyam bluebell
At 2:46 it was not him who pasted it because there was nail polish on the hand
Sjs Ameen
Sjs Ameen Day ago
금사보kim chaewoo
2:34 when you gotta impress your crush somehow
Paula Caldeira
Paula Caldeira 2 days ago
I love video
Thia Mawaddah
Thia Mawaddah 2 days ago
Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar 2 days ago
You have great subscribers 😍
ดินแดน นันตะสุข
Afik FTR
Afik FTR 2 days ago
احبك ربي
احبك ربي 2 days ago
هاذا شيء حراك ويعاقبنا الله عليه
khusnul official khotimah
Temen kreatif jelek ya kayak orang tua jangan kaya orang gila senyum-senyum sendiri apa-apa sendiri aku mah nggak mau jadi yang kayak tanya nungguin tanamannya jatuh itu tuh jelek tahu
eclipsepilot 2 days ago
I’m sorry but some hacks are not cool😕👎🏻
Livia Cavalcanti Coutinho
Isso é errado estão ensinando a colar
Julie Wu
Julie Wu 4 days ago
I like craft panda because my school supplies is boering
Isabela Magalhaes
super funny🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lucineide Nunes
Lucineide Nunes 4 days ago
Lucineide Nunes
Lucineide Nunes 4 days ago
Sema Hsen
Sema Hsen 4 days ago
•TaylorThe Rebel•
The guy trying to write a song just cringes me out and is cringy .-.
Gavplayz XP
Gavplayz XP 5 days ago
What teacher has a Blow dryer in there class
zahraa zahraa
zahraa zahraa 5 days ago
nius 😘😘😍😍👑👑
Haley Galea
Haley Galea 5 days ago
6:06 oof billie eillish
Kamlendra Singh
Kamlendra Singh 5 days ago
Your video are very much good 😄😄
Tu uyen Nguyen
Tu uyen Nguyen 5 days ago
Ai là người Việt Nam điểm Danh
Elloa Camilly
Elloa Camilly 5 days ago
Eu não gostei do de passar cola porque é muito feio
Phước Lâm
Phước Lâm 5 days ago
Wow wow.
Just Go
Just Go 5 days ago
1:19 omg the disclaimer and you guys prefer to cheat
بنوته فيكه وخدودي كيكه
I LOVE 😍😍😍
Anusuya M
Anusuya M 5 days ago
Emily's pencil case was broken Jacob fixed it
Jamila Bugam
Jamila Bugam 5 days ago
Kanaya Putri
Kanaya Putri 5 days ago
Hever Nain Ortiz
Hever Nain Ortiz 6 days ago
I like your pink hair
Farhat Shaikh
Farhat Shaikh 6 days ago
I think this is the best 5 minute craft
Marko sutinen
Marko sutinen 6 days ago
marta skrzypska
marta skrzypska 6 days ago
Łoc jor name
Jennifer Dcunha
Jennifer Dcunha 6 days ago
Have u ever tried any thing Most of the ans are no...... 😂😂
۵ Just Mæ ۵
۵ Just Mæ ۵ 5 days ago
@Jennifer Dcunha yeah sorry if I was rude I was just in a bad mood
Jennifer Dcunha
Jennifer Dcunha 5 days ago
@۵ Just Mæ ۵ haha, did you see them many times before? :D
۵ Just Mæ ۵
۵ Just Mæ ۵ 6 days ago
Bruh im tired of seeing these comments OF COURSE.
Samukinha nunes
Samukinha nunes 7 days ago
Eu amo esse canal mas vocês estão ensinando como dar cola para as crianças isso não é exato
みー 7 days ago
T6jpmgmwmtmtmtm-mpjpapa0.tjwv?jpa..wdj.p-wjg.admjgptw.-6m-mtjta-m.6 with credit by letter from experience the air with all are from hell of late for example
Him, gluing the pocket to the notebook: *suddenly has painted nails*
Derp cat
Derp cat 7 days ago
In the second clip why does he have a blow-dryer when he doesn't even have hair!😂
۵ Just Mæ ۵
۵ Just Mæ ۵ 6 days ago
If u took a look at his song, it shows that he might have a girlfriend since the song is about love And girls yse hair dryers soo
Aryan Rasal
Aryan Rasal 6 days ago
what!? you can clearly see his hair coming out of the hole in the cap at the back
Adomicil007 Hemtjanst
Jag älskar er💗💗💗💚💙💖💖💕💕💓💓💛💛❣❣💟💟💞💞💝💝💔💓💛
ZACK KNIGHT 7 days ago
3:21 clap for this hack
vinita Dhole
vinita Dhole 7 days ago
At2:54 minute the hand was of girl...And it was showed that the boy was doing it
sandhya anoop
sandhya anoop 7 days ago
تنونسو a
تنونسو a 7 days ago
Ayesha shaikh
Ayesha shaikh 7 days ago
Thank God, you don't repeat videos like 5 minutes craft💜
GLADSON JACOB 7 days ago
Omg 😯
Tanushree Majhi
Tanushree Majhi 7 days ago
I love crafty panda😆😊☺😍😍😙😛
No tempo 10:00 a menina deixa cair de propósito a caneta
ankana Haldar
ankana Haldar 8 days ago
Lmao..I have the same headphone as the guy has!!
Arch Mishra
Arch Mishra 8 days ago
This is bad to cheat
Ester Gomes
Ester Gomes 8 days ago
O love you🐼🐼🐼
Kunal Tantuway
Kunal Tantuway 8 days ago
All hacks I can seen in another videos
Azam Khan
Azam Khan 9 days ago
It is best supplies to school👍👏
Abdrhman Elsayed
Abdrhman Elsayed 9 days ago
الفديو كان جميل
Aldís Friðriksdóttir
I love your vidios
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