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Call of Duty
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The Apocalypse is here.
Play as Reaper in MP, drop into newly updated Blackout maps, take on a new Zombies experience, and much more tomorrow in Operation Apocalypse Z for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 on PS4, with other platforms to follow.


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Jul 8, 2019

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Comments 5 738
The Miniman
The Miniman 2 minutes ago
Pvz garden warfare knockoff?
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 Hour ago
Oh what happen to the dive idea like you tap the duck button to slide and hold the button to dive, that also would bring the Black Ops 2 fans. That and the idea to let us pick the sensitivity on each individual class. That be so great because I hate going into the options when I'm picking classes that need a high sensitivity or a low sensitivity.
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 2 hours ago
To top it all off the bazooka should have anti-personal rounds or fire rounds that act like a Molotov cocktail.
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 2 hours ago
Oh the Paladin HB50 Operator Mod should be called High Caliber 3.
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 2 hours ago
Operator Mods for the Paladin could make the body explode, like a real 50.cal or pins enemies to walls. The SMD could have smart rounds and a custom scope that comes with it. That locks on to enemies when in the reticule sights, if you think that be over powered maybe a lock on time for the smart rounds. Yeah all this and the posts on the Call of Duty website and my post on Xbox. That should cover the guns and melee weapons for Operator Mods.
dead mask
dead mask 2 hours ago
I liked it broo
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 3 hours ago
If you could buff up the health of the Chopper in Black Out that be nice, definitely the most fun of Black Out. Oh about Ground War maybe create on more small Black Out map, thats suited for all kind of engagements. I good idea if you made it for boots on ground and off ground, so it be perfect for the boots off ground event. Why not a Season 2, weather its free or not.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 3 hours ago
This still doesn't make up for how bad Black Ops 4 is!
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 4 hours ago
The Captin Price Black Out character is nice but if you want us to buy the Operator Enhanced Edition, I'd like 5 or 10 reserve crates for a extra 20 bucks. Please and thanks. Oh Operator Mods for melee weapons should have cinematic take downs. Lets make Black Ops 4 unstoppable.
Daconti StrYKR
Daconti StrYKR 5 hours ago
So no one gonna say anything about the M16 at 0:49 ?
andrico hinds
andrico hinds 5 hours ago
I swear to God if I do have that mod I would be like Reaper and kill every zombie
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 5 hours ago
Oh and why not Grear as score streaks in Barebones to, like buff up the Body Armor to level 3. People shouldn't care because the player had to earn them and have to re-earn them if they die, when equiped. The Barebones section is what the Black Ops 2 fans really want.
Mylan Maag
Mylan Maag 5 hours ago
Omg I love this game
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 8 hours ago
So where's the assault rifle with a grenade laucher and the Operator Mod is a 40 mili-meter shotgun round, so you can take down a large of enemies at once or a duck bill Operator Mod for the Rampage so the shotgun round spread is flat to take down multiple enemies. There's alot of things you can do to give all the guns Operator Mods and this way you can do gun streaks on Barebones. Yeah please do the Barebones update.
Skylar durrant
Skylar durrant 9 hours ago
Can you add the C7 into the new call of duty because you add everything else but a Canadian rifles into your games with the exception of ww2
Desnous Julien
Desnous Julien 9 hours ago
ETHAN MWR 10 hours ago
You should add bo2 and bo1 to ps4
Daniel Vávra
Daniel Vávra 12 hours ago
Who else is replaing the reaper's comeback
Rudex, The Invincible
Why are the robots from Origins in this? I can't seem to find them anywhere in the game.
Dragon Eye 700
Dragon Eye 700 21 hour ago
Lol M. Shadows
Matt G.
Matt G. 21 hour ago
They are great on making trailers that deceive you... blackout is not as creepy or as zombified as they made it out to be... bunch of liars
Deathman 135
Deathman 135 22 hours ago
Um I just wanna say treyarch sense you add Sergei to blackout who only appeard in one mission can you add Weaver from the 1st game
Arcticwolf8319 22 hours ago
Jay Incognito
Jay Incognito 22 hours ago
From the dust 92
Hey fix the horrible frame drops in split-screen multiplayer!
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 Day ago
Yeah please give us Black Ops 1 and 2 fans what we want. With a Barebones section with classic health and classic health regeneration with Specialist equipment and weapons as score streaks that be more score streaks then Black Ops 2. That it be really cool if we got all the characters options like in Black Out and more customization for build your own character in Barebones and Black Out. Seriously lets try to make this game for everyone like 5 or 10 boots off ground maps maybe with the new Zombie Chronicles 2, maybe call it Season 2. That bring in all the boots off ground fans. Oh me and my friends where wondering why no tier progression in Zombies, that and why doesn't Share Pass work for Zombies.
owna Keeper
owna Keeper Day ago
This looks like a new PS2 game
x1234 5678
x1234 5678 Day ago
dont like black ops 4 dont like black ops 3 but thats cool they put matt shadows in the game
Fredi Jimenez
I bought cp and he did not give me ahything and i took my money
Im Boss
Im Boss Day ago
Pls add transit pls
A Heccin' Lemon
Nerf reaper
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 Day ago
The spiked boots melee weapon, the spikes should come out when ground pounding or when kicking someone when equiped. That can pick up a downed enemey and spartan kick them, like in the reserve video.
ずーなま Day ago
0:49 m16?
baxterdark antonio
Metan a elena siegman xd
tamás tv ultra
Új Skylanders játék?
tamás tv ultra
New Skylanders game?
Bob Builder
Bob Builder Day ago
Absolutely shite bored of it already All the updates are not well thought off Oh let’s at a flood Oh let’s add different weather Oh let’s add more zombies Oh let’s turn water red ADD LOCATIONS AND GUNS TO THE MAP OR MAKE A BIGGER MAP LOADS OF SPACE UP THE MOUNTAINS.
Kacper Chelmowski
What is the Name of the music?
AncientCrawfis //PUBG
Let's see. I more like BR and Zombies. But if in COD:BO4... MAKE ME LOVELY MANIAC(LY) INSANE!
AncientCrawfis //PUBG
I mean more maniac(ly) insane.
VisionGaming Day ago
We need some operation outer space
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia Day ago
How tf does Reaper heal?
Crismodin Day ago
The sync of the music and the heavy gunfire is on point.
LighterX 1
LighterX 1 2 days ago
Lmao the sound of machine gun going with the beat 😂😂😂
Eclipze 2 days ago
Yessss The are finally bringing back Transit!!
SanAnMan 1
SanAnMan 1 2 days ago
Yeah about the spiked boots, you should be able to ground pound with a weapon equiped as long as its your secondary but when switch to the boots you be able to kick your enemies and the spikes on boot explodes forward and sends enemies flying. That be off the hook. So what about Barebones getting its own section with classic health and classic health regeneration, with all the specialist equipment and weapons as score streaks. With the open button you should be able to put the specialist equipment on the open button. Yeah more Black Ops 2 maps and Barebones update would make Black Ops 4 the best ever and the boots off ground maps with multi-jumps, power slides and wall runs. Black Ops 4 would be unstoppable.
Dafresh Prince
Dafresh Prince 2 days ago
Is there a mystery box that you can use in the new museum mp map?
NonverbalGore24 2 days ago
I REFUSE to support greedy triple A companies!
R34L G4M3R
R34L G4M3R 2 days ago
Another long update... this game is getting old w this bs! Still no leader boards...
IJ 2 days ago
Is this on xbox already?
Chase Mathis
Chase Mathis 2 days ago
So just to be clear, you have to unlock Shadows from loot boxes?
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