Novak Djokovic outlasts Roger Federer in epic five-set final | 2019 Wimbledon Highlights

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Novak Djokovic defeats Roger Federer in a five-set thriller 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6, 13-12 to win his fifth Wimbledon title and 16th grand slam overall. This match also saw the first ever fifth-set tiebreak in Wimbledon history.
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Jul 14, 2019

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Comments 2 209
Tony Homer
Tony Homer 13 days ago
Great match
Orale Carnal
Orale Carnal 13 days ago
djokovic, puta que jugai feo wn oh
enrique ramirez
enrique ramirez 14 days ago
federer se canso de ganar ala nena de djokovic federer es el uno indiscutido aguante federer es el crak mundial no hay con que darle a esa bestia
White Power
White Power 14 days ago
Lance Armstrong
John Pith
John Pith 16 days ago
Federer y Djokovic son un crak...de otro planeta..buen tennis insuperables..maestros
Ganesh Iyer
Ganesh Iyer 17 days ago
If size were everything, then elephant would have been the 'King' of the jungle. If number of slams were everything, Serena should be the 'King' of the jungle. Djokovic is an absolute beast and would most likely end up with the largest # grand slams. His legend though may not achieve the same stature and respect from the tennis fraternity, as would Roger's and Rafa's........!! One could say, Roger and Rafa, triggered the 'BIG BANG' and Novak mastered evolution.
Sanjap 18 days ago
This has got to be Novak's worst performance in a slam ever, yet he still won. Shame on Federer.
pepe otero
pepe otero 18 days ago
Del potro was the last men to win a grand slam final after go down 1-2 sets, since there are 39 straight matches with no come back. Federer have 2 match points to broke that straek YOLO.
Richard Laurente
Richard Laurente 19 days ago
juan pablo izquierdo
iron maiden ... the mumber of de best 40.15 the new song
unowen7591 20 days ago
Still fucking fuming about this loss. Federer could have finally beaten both Nadal and Djokovic in a Grand Slam. He could have snapped a 4 loss losing streak. He could have finally beaten Djokovic since 2012. But nooooo. Had to make some errors and now it's 5 losses in a row.
Long Dang
Long Dang 20 days ago
Djokovic's backhand was lethal as it never lets him down throughout the match. Novak eating grass to celebrate his victory over Federer was so cool. I never saw anybody doing that.
Stephani Bertho Rodriguez
40-15 😢
Vladimir Debeljak
Djokovic had to fight crowd at Wimbledon and this 3 guys from ESPN. Just pathetic cheering for Rodger. "Sure he is most beautiful player who ever played this game" J.M. but he lost, so suck it you haters. Please post below your excuses for Federer.
Danny Cooper
Danny Cooper 9 days ago
Yes!! I'm not the only one! You sensed the clear bias as well from Chris, Patrick, and John! Novak wins again!!
Redskins win win
Redskins win win 21 day ago
Pistol pete is best ever 14 slams in 14 years should of won 17
Jeffrey Joseph
Jeffrey Joseph 23 days ago
There's too many GOAT arguments now. Here's a simple checklist for GOAT: Basketball: Jordan (No. This isn't debatable. Only argument that can be made is for Abdul Jabbar NOT Lebron) Football: Tom Brady or Jerry Rice depending on if you want to put Tom Brady into QB category and Jerry as overall player/playmaker Soccer: Pele, Messi, or Ronaldo Swimming: Phelps Tennis: Roger Federer. Arguments could be made for Nadal and Djokovic but how many grad slams from just French Open for Nadal? 12? Also Djokovic and Nadal are both younger than Federer by 4-5 years and Fed had MATCH POINT twice in this match. So for Sustained excellence since 1999 to 2019 you have to give it to Fed
Vantika Lazar
Vantika Lazar 24 days ago
instead of Grand Slam, Federer's got Grand Slap
Perry Arrington
Perry Arrington 24 days ago
The best player on this day did not win. It's that simple.
Redskins win win
Redskins win win 21 day ago
who says he's the best player?????
RON Hill
RON Hill 24 days ago
When push comes to shove and everything is on the line, Djoko continuously makes Federer look like a club player and makes his fans look like idiots. That fat skank pointing her finger up suggesting that Federer was #1 and had this match in his pocket is priceless and is the perfect example.
RON Hill
RON Hill 21 day ago
@Redskins win win What gets me is that all the fedtards say it's all about age but he's been having this problem for years. Even if you're feddy's age, what the heck, your on your on serve and should be able to finish off the match. Yeah, every long now and then things just happen and you lose, but I've never seen a player at Federer's level screw up so many times at match point, and he only does it against players in the top 10 who aren't intimidated by him and fight back. He is just so mentally fragile when compared to the other top players- especially against Djokovic because Djoko is one of those extremely rare players who actually thrives in pressure situations. Federer won so much in his early career because he bullied his opponents. Most of the MAJORS won by Federer back then were against good players but not great players, so he rarely had to face pressure situations. Rafa and Djoko changed that, and it's the inability to win under pressure rather than age that's seen him struggle to win MAJORS over the course of the last 8 years or so.
Redskins win win
Redskins win win 21 day ago
this aint the first time fed boy choked.Didnt fed boy choke against del po indian wells last year with double match points and Theim this year at indians well on his serve only to lose. 201o and 11 us open fed boy had triple match points against novak only to lose
RON Hill
RON Hill 23 days ago
@Iris Fryer That is possible, but my understanding was that, at the time, Roger was at 40-15 and had 2 match points on his racket. Whatever the case, and judging from Roger's history of blowing match points against Djoko, it came off as being a very self-assured gesture that Federer had this match in his pocket. Just not a smart move from this lady, in my opinion.
Iris Fryer
Iris Fryer 23 days ago
I think she meant Roger had one more point to win when he had match point; they should have shown her afterwards. She was probably sobbing, lol.
Leo Smileater
Leo Smileater 25 days ago
He ewnt vegan, that's why he won :D
Javier Lara
Javier Lara 25 days ago
Marilyn Anderson
Marilyn Anderson 25 days ago
Fed is the current Goat but move over and make room for the New and Incoming Goatkovic 🐐❤️🏆
paul broderick
paul broderick 26 days ago
Novak, please reduce the 'ball bouncing' prior to serving! Well done.
Dejaya8 Ahora
Dejaya8 Ahora 27 days ago
Federer choked on his two match points. Long match and lazy footwork caused the GOAT another grand slam final against Djokovic.
junheng hao
junheng hao 28 days ago
This is definitely not the highlight at all. It can be renamed as Federer's winning points and Federer's errors.
Emilio Saure
Emilio Saure 28 days ago
Sorry Roger, Novak is the best
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson 28 days ago
Just as I obviously thought. Came here to see all the salty, mad, insecure Fedtards not giving Novak credit. LOL! Deal with it Fedtards. Roger lost. Nole won. Plain and simple. Get over yourselves. lol. This is the 3rd time that Nole has done this to Roger. Call it luck the first time, but you don't save match points 3 times over without skill and mental toughness playing a role. Roger knew this and he was psyched out by Nole's nerves of steel to the point where the match points against were already won mentally for Nole and lost mentally by Roger. This actually causes Fed to not play the biggest of points at the level that he does apart from those points. We had seen that against Nadal time and time again throughout his career as well.
John Cardenas
John Cardenas 28 days ago
All 3 are great but Federer is heads and shoulders above the other two because how he has reinvented his game and continues to compete against the very best even though they are 5 to 6 years younger then he. I really doubt either Djokovic or Nadal will be in grand slam finals in their late 30s.
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson 28 days ago
So Fedtarded. Roger played in the weak sauce era and racked up many of his gs titles before rafa and nole came along. nice try. you fail fedtard.
Sebastian Carrasco
Sebastian Carrasco 28 days ago
The best of the all time..! Invictus djoko
Ham 29 days ago
tennis is such a beta sport
Matt ta
Matt ta 29 days ago
How do you not show jokers running forehand angle to save match point? That was arguably one of his greatest shots ever
AlMaslool 29 days ago
Most of the points in the highlights show how most of Federer's points were off of winners....and most of Djokovic's points were off of unforced errors from Roger.....pretty much what happened in that godforsaken service game for Federer in the end.
Jeff Pape
Jeff Pape 29 days ago
Two legends at play
Elardification 29 days ago
This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.
Nicool333 29 days ago
Federer played better than Novak in almost every measurable statistic in this match, but he still lost. Well that's tennis for you...
MmmSyLaR 29 days ago
12:17 Andy Roddick 2009 --> Karma?
Stannjob Month ago
Some one correct me please, im kinda watching here Federer lost because so many no forced errores he had? Novak seems (to me) to be a more lazy player than the others, i mean, Federer outclass everyone with his tricks and shots but, this time he had so many errors, not sure if thats why he really lost.
James B
James B Month ago
Good accurate description. 'OUTLASTS", thats the oooonly way novack has ever ever beaten Fed.....or anyone else for that matter. Even Rafa 7 murray are FAR MORE talented hands....return...net play ...than nole...and lets not EVEN talk overhead......ooooooof ...it's a WHAT NOT TO DO film for my students
Thutmosis7 Month ago
This is the time third where Federer losses to Djokovic in GS where he shoulda or coulda win. Twice at USO semis and now at Wimbledon finals. Clearly this one is gonna hurt more than the two since this was his second favorite surface.
Kbe123 Month ago
Ugh!! I’m still dwelling Federer’s loss!!! I hope he gets the chance to win next week and retire with 10 wimbledon titles!
CaseyCJL Month ago
the grass isn't even fresh at a winbledon final? someone needs to be fired.
Juan Ponte
Juan Ponte Month ago
Fed is tennis greatest currently. But Fed fan's don't say he better then Novak and Nadal let the records speak for themselves when the big 3 retire and say these 3 are the greatest in their own way during this century. I personally have my favorite and enjoy letting others know. But I do want to see an underdog win (Let's go D. Thiem)!!!
nilton mamani bulnes
Uno de los mejores partidos q he visto
Juan Miguel Arana Velázquez
En términos mexicanos: Federer la cruzazuleó
raul_mark Month ago
Point at 7:03 is just awesome.
Elliot Tardif
Elliot Tardif Month ago
Novak "get the ball back in play" Djokovic
Jean Belmondo
Jean Belmondo Month ago
If tiebreakers were not allowed in the final match as in the 1960s, Federer would have beaten Djokovic in three straight sets after only 34 games played. Excluding the tiebreakers and Counting only the first 34 games as they occurred chronologically we have Federer winning 8-6 6-4 6-4. So actually in this match the first two tiebreakers have prolonged the match by 31 more games plus a third tiebreaker.
sam frankss
sam frankss Month ago
NYCzora Month ago
How do you NOT show Djokovic saving 2 championship points?!
2028 END
2028 END Month ago
Absolutely Mind Bending !!!!!!!!!
janakiram suswaram
Is it me or both players looked like they would not have minded playing another set. God the fitness level is unbelievable!
James B
James B Month ago
The gap between Roger Federer and the FIELD is wider than Serena and the field. But, 2 BIG ASKS come out of this years Wimbledon Both Pro or mabye Con....#1 If ages were reversed do you REALLY think Fed loses a single game? #2 If PETE SAMPRAS were seving for Title at 40-15 , does ANY EARTHLING think Petes NOT champ right now? (And I absolutely mean 50 Year Old Pete, as he is, serving to TODAY NOVACK)......Intresting right ????
Sandy Sunrise
Sandy Sunrise Month ago
Cerph Month ago
Novak didn't win this match- Roger lost it- (bad shots galore).
MIMIC8801 Month ago
Federer’s passing shot to break Djokovic is included, but not Djokovic’s passing shot to save match point 🤔
themastroiannis Month ago
s a d.... das..... s a d
Nikolas Lynch
Nikolas Lynch Month ago
Felt bad for Roger
Jose Luis Garcia rojas
Como deja pasar ese octavo set federes
Joseph Wang
Joseph Wang Month ago
Speaking if athleticism, just look at the guy that gets the ball at around 0:56.
James B
James B Month ago
.it is a very veeeery RARE player that has both supreme talent AND toughness. They come along about every 10-15 Yrs. Know what you call him /her ?? You call them Borg or Sampras or Federer or Mcenroe or Edberg or Aggassi or Graf or Navratilova or Seles. Respectfully you DON'T call them Evert, or Lendl, or Connors, or Chang, or Hewitt, or Djokivic
Geovanni Veloz Perez
Claramente fue un partido donde ninguno de los 2 debió perder.. pero así es el tenis.. lo justo hubiese sido un empate.... fue épico..no viene am caso pero comparando con Star Wars.. pelea de Yoda con dark sidiuos..
Omar Vara
Omar Vara Month ago
He is different, he is incomparable, is Federer.
Poke Fan Club
Poke Fan Club Month ago
Lou Ivan
Lou Ivan Month ago
Best match ever. Glad it went Novak’s way.
Jenaro Garcia
Jenaro Garcia Month ago
I think is good for Djocovic, in 2007 he lost the US Open final 7-6 7/6 7/6 to Federer and Novak had set point in each set
Lach Jack
Lach Jack Month ago
Everyone in these comments saying Djokovic is the best ever... the score is 16-20 so on numbers alone, no he’s not. Also, he beat Federer by a hair and Federer is 37. Maybe wait to see if Djokovic can still beat guys like Nadal and perform at this level when he’s 37 before you try to say he’s the best ever
agent 007
agent 007 Month ago
He is dominating with more tougher opponents than federer weak era. Federer has 13 of his grand slams against players who haven't even managed to win more than two grand slams in their career and against old Agassi in 2005 from a few months for retirement. If djoko definitely gets the record, he is the greatest. He can't force ppl to like him
Jmichael Isbell
Jmichael Isbell Month ago
I wonder about this strategy. WHEN Federer had two match points, I think he was up 40/15, why not serve four straight 1st serves, and if he double faulted the first time, he would still have 40/30 for one more try with TWO first serves. That means he would only need to get one of four first serves in, then come to the net behind the serve. No, not a guarantee and no, his serve is not like the great Pete Sampras but it IS an offensive weapon. Just one serve of four, in and powerful, come in behind that serve. Of course that is hindsight, because since he did not capitalize on those two points, you can say "why not try that--he could not have done worse". But as a winning strategy, I wonder if his team ever considered that as a strategy when you have two match points: only serve first serves, you got four tries to get ONE in.
Kantri Valli
Kantri Valli Month ago
I am so happy Federer lost
Paul Liebhart
Paul Liebhart Month ago
In seeing these highlights again...... I think that Federer did not choke.....it was a back and forth match.
HSUN KO Month ago
the only solution to in-form Djokovic is in-form Wawrinka
John Richardson
John Richardson Month ago
Thanks gentlemen for making history, and to Mac for being there to comment:)
Michael Kagan
Michael Kagan Month ago
These players have an almost divine gift for playing this game. Beauty, athleticism, sportsmanship. What more could a tennis fan ask for?
Demetrius James
Demetrius James Month ago
Love this match was on the edge of my seat
Rafael Sanchez
Rafael Sanchez Month ago
While Novak is extremely talented, Federer is a prodigy, and that is counting against him over the last few years. While everybody else is accustom to fight, Federer was that good that he was never challenged until now, he is not very good at coming from behind because he has always been in front.
Mae Davis
Mae Davis Month ago
When you stop seeing this great athlete as a 'Serb', you will then see him as the 2019 Wimbledon gentlemen's champion and congratulate him accordingly. Congratulations Novak Djokovic.
Dennis Sioson
Dennis Sioson Month ago
056! Gg/h
Manuel Leon
Manuel Leon Month ago
Creo que se encontro este torneo...
Raveesh Shenoy
Raveesh Shenoy Month ago
The best moment of the match was the metaphorical "fuck you" to the crowd at the end by eating a piece of wimbledon. Although Federer did not deserve to lose, the crowd certainly did. Ah, tasting the tears of the crowd makes me want to cry out of joy.
Alan Goswami
Alan Goswami Month ago
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