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We’re taking the Noise Cancelling Headphones Challenge in this Good Mythical Smore! GMMORE #1553
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Jun 10, 2019

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Comments 868
Jamie Rae
Jamie Rae 16 minutes ago
8:53 the way link grunted while tapping him
Meghan Adkinson
Meghan Adkinson 20 minutes ago
*hiphop bagpipes*
FAITH FORD 5 hours ago
This is what it's going to be like when they're old men.
snow ghost247
snow ghost247 17 hours ago
I loved this
Leslee 20 hours ago
i accidentally started watching this before seeing the gmm and let me tell you i have never laughed so hard/been more confused than RESIDUAL GUILT lol
Gabriella Feliciano
Gabriella Feliciano 20 hours ago
2:50 and 3:48 is the part I laughed the most
Gabriella Feliciano
Gabriella Feliciano 20 hours ago
I did it but I lost
Carmenfoxy Day ago
One of the best episodes yet.. couldn't stop laughing!!!!!!!
Vonny Bennett
bruh. I am CRYING. 😂😂
Qstar Games
Qstar Games Day ago
Nobody: Link: dO yOu hAvE aNy rEsIdUaL gUiLt!??!
BangShanghai Day ago
Now can they do a react video to this
mercurymanfan 2 days ago
And why does Link suddenly have a speech impediment, but not Rhett?
mercurymanfan 2 days ago
OMG, this is me and my husband at home, we both deaf af!!😂😂
Manal 2 days ago
Awkward episode
Angelobot 3 days ago
So like another version of whisper challenge? 0•0
Gilвегт Tho
Gilвегт Tho 3 days ago
Link: are you mad Rhett: (laughs maniacally) yes I am mad
Paul Bagnoli
Paul Bagnoli 3 days ago
whyd they both get so nasally in when they spoke lol
ashsoo 3 days ago
this would be great time to know sign language ;)
Tanisha Akhand
Tanisha Akhand 3 days ago
This is hilarious! Please make a reaction video!!
Too Much Tk
Too Much Tk 3 days ago
two grown men yelling at eachother for 11 minutes
cary ulmer
cary ulmer 3 days ago
My husband had to stay at an extended care facility for a short while, that had alot of hard of hearing older women with Alzheimer's. (My husband has neither, he was only there after a hospital stay for o.t. on his arm.) There were 2 older ladies there that the staff always put at the same table for meals, & every meal their conversations sounded just like this. It always ended with Phyllis getting mad at Elsie & then the fight was on. We had to laugh at these 2 every day, their misunderstood conversations were hilarious. (Always wondered if that's why the staff seated them at the same table every day🤣)
Somebody 4 days ago
Glock seventeen
Glock seventeen 4 days ago
typical Oblivion NPC conversation
Advaita Manikkath Ambat
This was very...uhm...erotic.
MICHAEL Foster 4 days ago
Rhett and link are back
Oliva Kirstine Riis
"you don't want to sleep" "horses?"
Elisabeth McCurry
Why did Link's accent change
Meghan Hanczyc
Meghan Hanczyc 4 days ago
I wanna see a video of their reactions to this
Anthony Cordova
Anthony Cordova 4 days ago
I wish we got to see them reacting to watching themselves doing this. lol
Melody B
Melody B 4 days ago
Seanb3133 4 days ago
this is fake watch 2:14 they mess up
Meghan Collins
Meghan Collins 4 days ago
You guys should play another scary game!😂
Nicah Santos
Nicah Santos 4 days ago
This is the most I’ve laughed at a more in a while
Satan is a computer
Rhett: You have antisocial feelings? Link: *I have Ashton Kutcher's what?*
mikeysrose 5 days ago
This was way more entertaining than I thought it would be. My face hurts from smiling and laughing. Good work, Mythical Society!
Terrible Peanuts
Terrible Peanuts 5 days ago
Seriously though, CAN you bring elves to the Outback Steakhouse? Like, is that allowed? I'm asking for a friend.
Lydia Kellerhals
Lydia Kellerhals 5 days ago
gmm from the retirement homes in several decades
Payten Mescudi
Payten Mescudi 5 days ago
i just love how Rhett didn’t stop talking about the outback
Hattie Dame
Hattie Dame 5 days ago
I love how Link leans in like a predator or something.
therage800 5 days ago
This is my new favorite More! Funniest thing I've seen all month!
Roach Ant
Roach Ant 5 days ago
It’s like watching two elderly people trying to have a conversation.
ConfusedStranger 5 days ago
I laughed so much!
ITSH Productions
ITSH Productions 5 days ago
Love LoVE LOVE THIS!!!!!
Dj Ds1
Dj Ds1 5 days ago
I wish every episode was like this
crowninthesky 5 days ago
After watching this twice I concluded that I would really really really prefer being married to Rhett over Link.
Larissa -
Larissa - 5 days ago
I love the s’mores!
David L
David L 6 days ago
This is when they're both 80.
Eve Lambrick
Eve Lambrick 6 days ago
I can always tell when you say outback... Can you? 😂
Ethan Hlawaty
Ethan Hlawaty 6 days ago
This is how every conversation with my dad goes😂
recorder-ometer 6 days ago
Sharice Johnson
Sharice Johnson 6 days ago
Drew Tha Panda
Drew Tha Panda 6 days ago
Why did I barely get the notification?!
ADDButterfly 6 days ago
This really got me laughing. It was cute they were trying so hard to understand what the other was saying
Dozerfreitas 6 days ago
My parents are deaf they would win easily As would I😂
SmolBoi 6 days ago
Top ten anime betrayls
K Murdoch
K Murdoch 6 days ago
Watch this on 0.75x speed
Martin Bui
Martin Bui 6 days ago
Rhett and Link when getting older XD XD XD - Angry and deaf
A D 6 days ago
This reminds me of my grandparents trying to talk to eachother. Lol
Sara Hughes
Sara Hughes 6 days ago
OMG I was laughing so hard! GMM never disappoints
Angelina Mae
Angelina Mae 6 days ago
I love this ahahaha
fridge 6 days ago
link got so nasally
greengeekgirl 7 days ago
Link developed kind of a Christopher Walken cadence toward the end.
rachel morgan
rachel morgan 7 days ago
I feel like I’m watching two grumpy old men fighting over where to eat.
Samara Whitus
Samara Whitus 7 days ago
Your full of tofu? 😂 HAHAHAH!THIS IS HILARIOUS!!
LAURA NUNEZ 7 days ago
Ryan Vermooten
Ryan Vermooten 7 days ago
Reminds me of speaking to a person when we both don't speak the same languages.
The Three Muskateens
Just all of a sudden....Horses?
Ash Will Rule the Forest
they're getting ticked at each other
Jackie S
Jackie S 7 days ago
1 pillow crew for life
Jessie 7 days ago
Now do an episode where they watch this!
Cristoph rynds
Cristoph rynds 7 days ago
Best gmmore ever. Please do this again !.😂
Wadizzit 7 days ago
This is like 2 alexas talking to each other
Synnøve Strand
Synnøve Strand 7 days ago
Never laughed so hard of a gmmore 😂
Angeline Napoles
Angeline Napoles 7 days ago
Its like im watching 2 really old and barely hearing people shouting to each other
Annie Hendrix
Annie Hendrix 7 days ago
It’s a couple of people in a nursing home!!
Sydney Bajsa
Sydney Bajsa 7 days ago
I need more of this!!!!
GuideBeauté Jeu
GuideBeauté Jeu 7 days ago
This is just a glimpse in the future when Rhett and Link are really OLD MEN. XD! We'll STILL be watch'n GMM! :D
maya capps
maya capps 7 days ago
We just wanna know... Does Rhett have any residual guilt associated with choosing outback steakhouse over the roadhouse
Sonya Lillis
Sonya Lillis 7 days ago
This is so funny. Can you guys do a full episode like this every month? I laughed so hard. I wanna see you guys react to yourselves on LTAT
Something Wicked
Something Wicked 7 days ago
wow, fantastic that so many people are watching this unaired cone of silence scene from the original Get Smart series
Ali Cat
Ali Cat 7 days ago
You guys vibe so well together and are so used to each other that you could believe the convo for a moment! Hilarious vid
Gus 7 days ago
Youaresoloud now is your turn
John Gumban
John Gumban 8 days ago
no one: absolutely no one: Link: dO yOu HaVE aNY REsIDuAL GuILt? 🤣🤣🤣
Mattress Bordi
Mattress Bordi 8 days ago
This was amazing. I literally cried
Megan Ober
Megan Ober 8 days ago
this is what it is like inside my head
Janna Shepherd
Janna Shepherd 8 days ago
This is what it's like to watch my grandparents have a conversation 😂
Ezri 8 days ago
d o y o u h a v e a n y r e s i d u a l g u i l t
SASI 8 days ago
This is exactly how they‘ll speak to each other when they‘re old😂
E-Motion Less
E-Motion Less 8 days ago
"You're full of tofu" OoooooOoooo ~ That burn ~
Koko Ya
Koko Ya 8 days ago
Rhett and link in 40 years still doing the show minus the headphones.
Kim Weir
Kim Weir 8 days ago
The way Link looks at Rhett is so funny.
Daniela Materna
Daniela Materna 8 days ago
This was sooooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!
Koda jablonski
Koda jablonski 8 days ago
When they were talking about feelings they got weird accents
Alex Russett
Alex Russett 8 days ago
Do you have an residual guilt?
Andrew Criss
Andrew Criss 8 days ago
nessapenguin 8 days ago
Mythical Society, you chose well.
Lina Inverse
Lina Inverse 8 days ago
This is just a glimpse in the future when Rhett and Link are really OLD MEN. XD! We'll STILL be watch'n GMM! :D
BRokTLittrells princess
😂 😂 😂
BRokTLittrells princess
You wanna go sleep at the outback? You wanna ride a horse to the outback?😂😂😂
AlleyCap 8 days ago
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