Nipsey Hussle was set up well planned hit

Real life TV
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This video shows how the parking lot was arranged before and after the hit.

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Apr 22, 2019




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Champagne Style#1
Champagne Style#1 10 days ago
The man in the white car that met Eric at the trash can is the 2nd shooter 2 SHOOTERS 2guns watch him closely after Eric shoot Nip and run off the man in the white car goes in and shoot Nipsey then he goes in the store keep your eyes on him. Him and his car was part of the crime how was he able to leave the crime scene?? They blackened and blurred out the video to deliberately hide his Identity but Cowboy's knows the truth.......he's part of the setup and cover up. Lets shine the spotlight back on the person in the white car he needs to be arrested!!! Justice for Nipsey!!! Amani!!! and Kross!!!!!!!!πŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜°πŸ˜’
Champagne Style#1
Champagne Style#1 13 days ago
Take a closer look Realife!!
Etta Haven
Etta Haven 16 days ago
All you dumb MFers just keep your eye on one target at a time. Female in Black Audi has eyes on Nipsey before the shooting, looks right at Nipsey's area & gestures down the alley after initial shots..Female runs back to the SUV and looks again at Nipsey's area (where i'm from MOST people run away).....Hits the brake light (Holder turns around at the same time to finish the job.) and then the Female looks down the alley once more.
Gappz music
Gappz music 18 days ago
you guys in the comments copy what each other say , stupid ass niggas big set up fam are you madddd kmt
TheMobbz1 20 days ago
For those who don’t know Latest news confirm that nipsey was shot 10 times !!! Not 6 times but 10 times By 2 gun We know Eric holder was the first shooters Who is the second ?? Nipsey was assasinated
Splash KiD
Splash KiD 21 day ago
Is that the babymama
Kenneth Richards
Kenneth Richards 21 day ago
YEP All V12 Whips YAH Mean 🚬✌🏽
christian rendon
christian rendon 23 days ago
"We on that truck" (Taps screen with pen)πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ’€
Wilma Jones
Wilma Jones 24 days ago
they all had something to do with Nipsey Hussle death they just ain't going to come forward and say nothing because to be scared if God got something to do with it. coming to the light
George TG 512
George TG 512 26 days ago
Kev Row!!!! You been watching....
Ms OhSoSolo
Ms OhSoSolo Month ago
No...THIS version on the video has been edited. At 0:50 the black lady from the Audi is OUT of the vehicle & FADES OUT THE SCENE NOT WALS OUT NORMALLY. One thing I will say is this.... Nip was hemmed up & blocked in all the way around that day. Cowboy is just a lying conniving ass bastard.πŸ€”
kim rotter
kim rotter Month ago
Check out the video on the God is good channel. There's a bit more coverage of the parking lot.
kim rotter
kim rotter Month ago
@4:51 there's another video from this that shows the whole sidewalk where you can see people getting on the ground on the sidewalk before the shooting starts. But notice how there are NO gun flashes.
Real life TV
Real life TV Month ago
None what so ever!πŸ€”
Jeremiah Rodriguez
RIP my man's
ricardo barbosa
ricardo barbosa Month ago
they erased all of jimmy pooles investigation
Amour’ luxe
🀣🀣🀣✌🏾✌🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾mannnn I’m done!! Where is her interview frfr
Tiffany Dave
Tiffany Dave Month ago
3 min after the shooting me and my son was passing by comming from the dispensary and we passed by the science min before the police and ambulance got there and that same bitch was waving her hand tell the traffic in the street to keep moving ..yea its something fishy about all this and her..crazy but I hope somebody put it out there to expose these people on the set up ..smh
Angela Swinton
Angela Swinton Month ago
I saw who got droped
RellyRell Exclusive
This what I don't understand I see body movement but no face showing, this video is a bunch of bullshit. Someone in that complex have the correct surveillance camera & and I feel don't nobody want to know who did it. Nipsey they couldn't beat you and they know they couldn't beat you so they had to kill you with a gun, cowardness. This USvid channel gets no respect there's more to this video then what actually happen in reality. You can't bring wood to a burnyard without any flames & expected to start a fire so in other words something about this video I can say is false prophecy. The truth will one day come out until then long-live Nipsey. (Leo-Nation) Favorite track : Rap Niggas
Richard Davila
Richard Davila Month ago
While all yall bullssshiting. On these comments ...yall well never learn ...cant nobody peep game or out smart da streets an speak better than us who actually reside outside residence playa
Fox7seven Month ago
Cowboy is the key... (he a fed)
Maldini 2 months ago
So annoying! I watched the t.i / security guard at the entrance & thought that was wack *... But this???? You're just dumb as shyt
damarys c
damarys c 2 months ago
Look at bmw the dude was in the car until he saw eric they talk or the dude must give him the gun then ran to allie while eric shoot em then come back to kick him then run between the bmw then throw the gun in the window n ran wit the other with bmw this setup
Γ€nth0nY Esparza
Γ€nth0nY Esparza 2 months ago
U stuppid she was prolly just their waiting
Sharay Whitney
Sharay Whitney 2 months ago
I am in no way laughing at the situation because it’s very sad! We lost a real one! But when this nigga tapped that screen with that pen!! 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣I fell OUT! Lol
Jarrad 2 months ago
Some dumb cunt that speaks like Samuel l Jackson from pulp fiction, muthafucka that was a muthafuckin act of god, know what I’m saying nighaaa
HardworkUbeezY 2 months ago
Fred u a fuckin fool bro i knew that was u nixxa said thick bitch black πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
RellyRell Exclusive
RellyRell Exclusive 2 months ago
Nipsey Hussle was set up πŸ’―
TheMobbz1 20 days ago
RellyRell Exclusive agree bro The coroner confirm that nipsey was shot 10 times by 2 different gun Who is the second shooters ??
steven walker
steven walker 2 months ago
Nigga is that a Jeep?
Lou Ve
Lou Ve 2 months ago
yea u is, shit was a hoax
Christopher Haper
Christopher Haper 2 months ago
Blacc Sam must've seen the video camera footage right outside the store's door. He would've seen if the man in the white car handed him a gun. Also, he would've seen if Cowboy was taking shit from Nipsey's pockets. Cowboy was at the funeral and Sam hasn't mentioned anything like that. He would've seen the best video footage.
Maria Tovar
Maria Tovar 2 months ago
You really like to talk shit
Roman Johnson
Roman Johnson 2 months ago
I agree with you. Set up dumbass ppl will deny that
Wanda Walker
Wanda Walker 2 months ago
What is done in the darkness will come to light!πŸ€”πŸ˜³
John Wade
John Wade 2 months ago
Goin through niggas pockects😣😣🀣🀣
Susanna Bacharach
Susanna Bacharach 2 months ago
So why are homicide police checking why these videos are completely different in where the cars are set up and which angle they are shot from. BUT IN THE TMZ VIDEO THE GIRL IN BLACK AUDI RUNS FROM THE DRIVER SIDE OF THE CAR.... in the first video she runs out the passenger side.... "But the shooting goes down behind them in both videos...
Brandon Gilbey
Brandon Gilbey 2 months ago
Nice teaching in the beginning lol
Truebrouce 2 months ago
He tapped on that screen like he was a cop looking at the board with suspects informing his team πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
MR EAST ATLANTA 2 months ago
My thing is how did Eric know to walk ALLLLL the way out the alley then walk all the way up to them ...nipsey coulda been left or went into the store or anything , Eric didn't just take a chance and said ima pop up out the alley and HOPE he still outside
B-Rain Wash
B-Rain Wash 2 months ago
Transformation by Fabolous explains Nippsey's whole come up and down fall. Check it out
Nrehart aka Hart
Nrehart aka Hart 2 months ago
That lady is somebody, she on the wrong side of the tapeπŸ‘€
Rj Dafinesser
Rj Dafinesser 2 months ago
dude fried
TheIamSais 2 months ago
Homie broke his screen tapping on that shit hard af lol
stealth323 2 months ago
the girl if you pay close attention, at 2:38 she claps her hands, another strange signal.
Donte Clay
Donte Clay 2 months ago
She was about to try and save nipsey but really gave him up by letting the killer know nipsey was still alive. If she would had stay back he probably be still alive and dude would had left .she gave dude a second thought when she went back and started the car.His job was to kill nipsey with no chance of saving him that's why dude kicked him to make sure he was gone.
David A. Vasquez
David A. Vasquez 2 months ago
KINGJAYPARISH 2 months ago
I just wasted 8:09 mins of my life πŸ™
Real life TV
Real life TV 2 months ago
Just like yo mom wasted 8 minutes of her life giving birth to your ass πŸ€œπŸΏπŸ€•
Stephanie Washington
so why shawty tell the law she didnt know what bull was planning to do but u clearly was the driver and u stayed after the shooting to make sure the hit was done πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ shawty need to be in jail too
Stephen Barrett
Stephen Barrett 2 months ago
Shady cuz poped his fingers at the guy he was about to talk too
Stephen Barrett
Stephen Barrett 2 months ago
Talentless fucking cunts killint talented PEOPLE trying to raise there game and get out of the hole
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