Nipsey Hussle's mother reveals his last words to her | ABC7

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The mother of Nipsey Hussle spoke at his memorial service, telling of the final conversations she had with her son before he was slain. Details and full video of her eulogy here: abc7.la/2DlfTMb

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Apr 11, 2019

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Comments 451
Davi Villa
Davi Villa 2 months ago
Who the hell would put thumbs down. Rip Nipsey 👍🏽
Lenin Trujillo
Lenin Trujillo 2 months ago
Your son mam was a great man even after his death his family is taken care of that mam speccs highly of him
Mr Eighteen
Mr Eighteen 2 months ago
Daaamn my nigga nips. Miss you homie...
Shaun Lowekey45
Shaun Lowekey45 2 months ago
My condolences goes out to his, mom, brothers, sisters, father, his wife, his kids and the rest of the family, stay strong because that is what he wants.
Ricardo Nuno
Ricardo Nuno 2 months ago
I swear she could say chicken nugget and everyone would start clapping
Josh Semrok
Josh Semrok 2 months ago
We need programs in place so bad people can't do this. Like for example if you are using a gun in public there should be a electric device to prevent from using it *Idk a lock or a pin on a lock that police only can activate* . However in the shooting range it will activate without police involvement. That way gun people are happy and people don't have to worry, I just sick of seeing people dying for no reason!
greg con
greg con 2 months ago
It’s sad that no one knew who he was till he was killed and now they profit over his death.
Real Talk
Real Talk 2 months ago
Well he is not A-1, ran his mouth and got dealt with welcome to the streets
Miss T
Miss T 2 months ago
She’s beautiful and I miss him Forreal beautiful people
Daniel Mc Dowell
Daniel Mc Dowell 2 months ago
"Bullets Aint Got No Names". Well, as a member of the Crips too late to change that tune. Time to sing with the Heavenly Choir
EnJ FunnyCouple
EnJ FunnyCouple 2 months ago
Autumn Sky
Autumn Sky 2 months ago
So sad to see a mom burying her child so heart breaking.....may god give her strength to move forward 💔
Curtis Tisberger
Curtis Tisberger 2 months ago
Boo fucking hoo....a Jew puppet is sacrificed...👏 👏 👏
Ms Peacock
Ms Peacock 2 months ago
All white at a funeral SMH
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He Looks so much like his Father. Wow!
tribefenatic 2 months ago
i pound of Nipsy and pound of his work and pound of his gorgeous mother
Caligula Germanicus
Caligula Germanicus 2 months ago
His last words were “yo beatchh” That’s the sort of refined gentleman he was.
Cola lol
Cola lol 2 months ago
Cant believe we learned about him at school a day after this. 😢
QUEEN EDITS 2 months ago
🧢🧢🧢🧢🧢💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 1 LIKE = RIP Nipsey
AyyScythe 2 months ago
Who else cried?
Sherry Tolani
Sherry Tolani 2 months ago
I got tears in my eyes is not easy for a mother to speak in her son funeral she's a very strong woman God is ur strength mum..
P90 2 months ago
Is his mom Indian
Lau knowsbest
Lau knowsbest 2 months ago
Mama stay strong😢
Cosmic J52
Cosmic J52 2 months ago
U can’t escape the hood
Eyob I.
Eyob I. 2 months ago
May God bless his soul.
White Wolf
White Wolf 2 months ago
Be a gangster die like one !🤔
kiki Ethiopiawit
kiki Ethiopiawit 2 months ago
Forever my king of music nipsey & 2pac
Trusspike15 2 months ago
Good things the kings are ass so this event can be held in such a nice arena!
Mata Rochas
Mata Rochas 2 months ago
😑nipsey a real dude some times born in the rong places butt that’s gods plan
EYE 2 months ago
Are they Indian?
Thirteenth Tribe
Thirteenth Tribe 2 months ago
Mk ultra
Damon Brown
Damon Brown 2 months ago
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 2 months ago
R.I.P Nipsey Hussle TERRANCE OUT
Blueberry Slurpzz
Blueberry Slurpzz 2 months ago
What kind of world do we live in 😰☹️rip Nipsey
Avery William
Avery William 2 months ago
He look just like his daddy
Bruno Williams
Bruno Williams 2 months ago
Who?? Is this the guy that said said f trump and hung out the window of a car going 100 mph “rapping” I don’t believe in Karma but my alter ego does. Go Karma
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 2 months ago
She is a thot.
Alexander Torres
Alexander Torres 2 months ago
For some reason I feel silence would’ve been better, clapping didn’t feel right for the mourning of a soul. Peace and love
Sandra Morgan
Sandra Morgan 2 months ago
RIP Nipsey
tmcfootball96 2 months ago
Nipsey Hussle was a good rapper. RIP my nigga. Obama was responsible for bringing back slavery to Libya.
L F 2 months ago
R.I.P my man nipple hustler
Aregash Ejigu
Aregash Ejigu 2 months ago
Khanh Vlog
Khanh Vlog 2 months ago
Tyler Osborne
Tyler Osborne 2 months ago
A parent shouldn’t have too burry there kid man 😭
Juanboy Original
Juanboy Original 2 months ago
Bitch is so fake, trying to fake her tears.
EDWARD91 END 2 months ago
Puta maldita perra murio tu hijo como una puta chola
tray4168 2 months ago
Never heard of this colored fella and why is that colored female wearing a wedding veil?
Marie Powell
Marie Powell 2 months ago
Bitch go fuck your self this isn't funny
Noice 2 months ago
Dick riders have entered the chat
Noice 2 months ago
blah blah I listen xs shit before he died not after lmao
L F 2 months ago
Dude you're name is lil tentacion
lissa tv
lissa tv 2 months ago
Strength, LOVE ...DEVOTION...perfectly expressed... May Nipsey Rest In Peace ❤️
JM Buenrostro
JM Buenrostro 2 months ago
Elaine Douglas
Elaine Douglas 2 months ago
What a beautiful, gracious woman! I could totally relate to her spirit of unrest she was experiencing prior to her son's demise. It's hard to explain but I get it. Praying for her an family. Rest well Nipsey.
Casey5693 2 months ago
I didn't even know the guy, but I feel their pain. Nipsey must have been a great guy.
Please_enter_name 2 months ago
Why is she wearing white at a memorial
imtechguy 2 months ago
Fashion lol
Robert Justin
Robert Justin 2 months ago
Fake as fuck. What a clown show
Tt Tt
Tt Tt 2 months ago
We love u ! And we will miss u brother 🇪🇷
Lillian Azizpor
Lillian Azizpor 2 months ago
My son past away 3 years ago I feel your pain it hurts I cried his funeral I didn’t cry but after I did
Erica Fumador
Erica Fumador 2 months ago
Nipsey will always will be rembered
SASH VZ 2 months ago
Derek Irons
Derek Irons 2 months ago
She’s very cool, he was a nice guy but what’s the big deal about this rapper? There’s millions of nice guys people don’t give a shit about.
josem123jr 2 months ago
Gorgeous flowers only the best for Nipsey.
Saleena Young
Saleena Young 2 months ago
Yes he’s so loved by so many good people. I don’t know him or heard about him until the day he got shot. I’m so sad to hear
Ben G
Ben G 2 months ago
This another one of those 10 hour service where it starts 3 hours late?
Trinika Owens
Trinika Owens 2 months ago
William Parks
William Parks 2 months ago
A shit rapper died oh the wonderful news the world is better with one less worthless shit in it
MaMa Katt
MaMa Katt 2 months ago
Everyone’s Great when they are dead
Mike Morris
Mike Morris 2 months ago
WTF is a nipsy? Eh no one cares.
Natanael Romero
Natanael Romero 2 months ago
Who's was this niggah ?
MizIron Box
MizIron Box 2 months ago
That's Eastern ⭐attire. She sure is calm. 🤔
Candie P
Candie P 2 months ago
When you are content and spiritually full and rich, you prepare yourself for tragedy like this. The only people hooping and hollering are those with tortured souls inside them. They are afraid where they or their loved ones would end up in the afterlife so you see them falling out all over on the floor acting a damn fool. This woman knows her son’s plight, she knows his journey into the afterlife would be a good one and she knows no one can hurt him now for he is forever with his lord and savior.
Black heart Travii
Black heart Travii 2 months ago
This world is going to change
Black heart Travii
Black heart Travii 2 months ago
Nick ProGamer
Nick ProGamer 2 months ago
Nipsey look just like them niggas
Eddie Sanchez
Eddie Sanchez 2 months ago
Every son wants to hear that from their mama❤😢
Lana K.
Lana K. 2 months ago
100% Youtubers Tea
100% Youtubers Tea 2 months ago
She’s the only one I saw that was actually sad
humpty flu
humpty flu 2 months ago
The killer can go to hell! 😤
Nathan White
Nathan White 2 months ago
She sounds very educated
gaston gonzalez
gaston gonzalez 2 months ago
Consequences of gang banging not the white man. Trump 2020 all hail the king
gaston gonzalez
gaston gonzalez 2 months ago
@Brianna Rose ummm yes if u say so lol. He was a gang banger....what's the problem? Even if he helped the community didnt change the fact he was a banger. What's the problem lol that's the risk you take. I didn't say anything offensive
Brianna Rose
Brianna Rose 2 months ago
gaston gonzalez You sound like you wanna make Trump supporters look bad. You probably hate Trump
Japan Movies New
Japan Movies New 2 months ago
Hello All , wellcome to channel video Full HD Japanese . thanks you
Brandon Ali
Brandon Ali 2 months ago
R.I.P nipsey I never listened to ur music but I still have respect for you and I very sorry for all of ur family memebers loss your my G
hideouse blob
hideouse blob 2 months ago
There's a reason that the guy named Eric Holder killed Nipsey Hussle , it's a freaking message y'all, Eric Holder from Chicago is a big-time Democrat and God's trying to show y'all the quit being a bunch of satanic Democrats, quit worshipping blackness, and quit holding up these men over God , truth
WhirledPeace 2 months ago
What a beautiful and well spoken woman. My condolences to his family and friends. He wanted the violence to stop. He wanted change. Amen.
Hhijvghh Iv lifogkfkfkf
She kind of made me mad , she was to happy and not grieving like you lost your kid what is wrong with you
Marie Powell
Marie Powell 2 months ago
She is a spiritual person when you died you celebrate your life
Dman2020 2 months ago
king beef
king beef 2 months ago
They act like they are buring a head of state.if niggas put their minds together for a bigger cause we would achieve great things.not making light of this mans death but he was just a rapper.
Omar Ismail
Omar Ismail 2 months ago
X didn't have this
dbltrplx 2 months ago
Play stupid games Win stupid prizes
زلزال الاخبار
I am a dream of my life. I get 1000 subscribers. I, your brother from Egypt, can help me
Tito Perez
Tito Perez 2 months ago
Oh lord this hit me right in the heart.. Made me tear up real bad. God bless his family.
Cpt.Flippy Birds
Cpt.Flippy Birds 2 months ago
🎼Do the Hussle....
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd 2 months ago
I didn’t hear his last words. Fuck this
White Pride
White Pride 2 months ago
areesha ali
areesha ali 2 months ago
God bless you all and your family 🙏❤
Popped Popcorn
Popped Popcorn 2 months ago
If she only gave that thug a spanking , I bet he still would've been a live...
Popped Popcorn
Popped Popcorn 2 months ago
@Marie Powell that's my point , if the mom discipline him, showed him good values. He would not be claiming a gang , doing drugs, thinking he is above everyone and unstoppable. He just another statistic . Black , Gangmember, Bad Man, Dead...
Marie Powell
Marie Powell 2 months ago
@Popped Popcorn you don't no that have you ever had a child or family member killed like that.
Popped Popcorn
Popped Popcorn 2 months ago
@Marie Powell they are making it public ( money) why not??? I am I wrong ???
Marie Powell
Marie Powell 2 months ago
You need to watch your mouth that's not call for
Alex G
Alex G 2 months ago
Spoiler: "I shouldn't have been a rapper." I guess he knew that rap culture is violent and hateful and that it eventually claims the life of everyone who participates.
OmgDoubleD TV
OmgDoubleD TV 2 months ago
There's alot of good hearted people in this world it may look like we're losing at times but in the end we will win ...god bless 🙏
ke ne
ke ne 2 months ago
You're so beautiful! Great video?
Albert Anthony Alvarez
Oh please reveal the holy ones last words. Gtfo
Tamara Kennedy
Tamara Kennedy 2 months ago
No mother should ever have to go through the pain of hurrying her child...it's a cry in ass shame that in this world we have so many people to love and who give love and are loving and good...and you have those who hate are hateful who want to take everything you worked your entire life to achieve ...nobody knows what anyone else's journey is, you can't look at someone and make a judgement you have no right to Rob anyone of another tomorrow and a mother another day to spend with her child...no one has that right... haters will hate because that's what they know that's how they live....if we want change let it begin by being by becoming that change we want to see in this world...let's start by standing up for each other no matter what our culture our religion our skin color...whether or not there are those who won't accept it there is only one Creator and that makes us all brothers and sisters as the children of one creator...end hatred...end violence we all deserve better than this nonsense this tragedy...my heart and prayers go to Nipseys mother...namaste everyone..I am broken hearted...no more violence and senseless ego boosting murders. Enough!!!🌎✌🏼
ALL IN 2 months ago
S Boy
S Boy 2 months ago
ALL IN no she look like bill Cosby
Susan’s Journey in Everything
I can just feel all the love and hurt as she speaks about her beloved son ❤️
JM Buenrostro
JM Buenrostro 2 months ago
Lit Lyfe
Lit Lyfe 2 months ago
Sad thing is, people don’t leave much impact till they’re dead. What a shitty mentality our society has.
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