Nipsey Hussle Gets Asked 30 Questions by Lauren London | GQ

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It’s the GQ Couples Quiz, in which actress Lauren London grills her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle all about herself, their son Kross, and all those details that he should already know. Can Nipsey get all 30 of Lauren’s questions right?
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Nipsey Hussle Gets Asked 30 Questions by Lauren London | GQ

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Comments 100
GQ Month ago
Rest in peace to Nipsey Hussle. The GQ community sends its love to Lauren London and the family.
UndustedDash 2 days ago
Maream aziz
Maream aziz 2 days ago
He died? In what age?
Cassandra Zeller
Cassandra Zeller 10 days ago
GQ RIP Nipsey
Timothy Francois
Timothy Francois 13 days ago
whats that instrumental call
Deonte Macklin
Deonte Macklin 14 days ago
GQ 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
POOH FACE 39 minutes ago
Lauren London is almost finished mourning do you guys not agree? and I believe in my heart I can father Nipsey's offspring and be that male role model that they so rightfully and desperately need. I will be there at parent teacher interviews, I will be there to kick the soccer ball around with them, run their baths, read them bedtime stories and poems "There once was rapper named Nipsey who drank too much and got tipsy. He ran marathons but now he is gone, and that was the rapper named Nipsey". Yup, i'd be that dad... oh fo sho!
Cptain Planet
Cptain Planet 2 hours ago
This was so wonderful
Star Dust
Star Dust 4 hours ago
Desiree Swearingen Rainey
Simply one word "love"
Day d
Day d 6 hours ago
Lauren london looks like Vanity. When they do a movie on Vanity lauren should play her
Drippy Drop
Drippy Drop 7 hours ago
Didn't know the man but rip
Stephanie Hinojosa
Stephanie Hinojosa 7 hours ago
I don't know why I love watching this over and over. That love!!!
BolowArizona 8 hours ago
Yani David
Yani David 8 hours ago
F inna chat
Spotlight Digital Magazine
“Cowboy Breaks His Silence!” usvid.net/video/video-xCPxTPSlvMs.html
Sariyah D Bradshaw
Sariyah D Bradshaw 9 hours ago
real love never dies 💙🕊️🏁
bust down
bust down 9 hours ago
He didn’t know the ones about his children😭
SleepIsOverrated 10 hours ago
Got teary eyed after they discussed their sons first word was dada and now he gone. 😢
Dat Woop Thing
Dat Woop Thing 11 hours ago
3:40 LOVE
Mika Cotty
Mika Cotty 16 hours ago
I'm so crying with tear's this is what a couple should really be like Get to know your women instead of another women.. Love you two. This should have on T.V . I would have thought it would be on T.M.Z but they rather show blacks in a bad time.
EpicNoob1337 17 hours ago
Nipple Hustle
Ahmed Shah
Ahmed Shah 18 hours ago
This interview was posted two days before his death RIP 😔
Merkzz 18 hours ago
we’ll be back
Winner 2016
Winner 2016 18 hours ago
Greyson Barmak
Greyson Barmak 20 hours ago
this was published three days before he died :(
Darrell Bell
Darrell Bell 20 hours ago
Real love like Hussle and Boog 💙🙏🏾
Darrell Bell
Darrell Bell 20 hours ago
Bagged and tagged baby !
Daymien 21 hour ago
I like the way he carries himself and the ones around him up. RIP KING Hussle
just melissa
just melissa 21 hour ago
7:33 ♥️
Femi Eugene
Femi Eugene 21 hour ago
a weird answer. Guess he knew his time was up
joey dipalma
joey dipalma 23 hours ago
I can't believe he died 2 days later
Alaezsia Jackson
Dang this was March 28 he died March 31 but long live nipsey the Marathon continues🤞🏾🙏🏾
Average Joe
Average Joe Day ago
I couldn’t help but smile, they had some power most don’t have 😌
lil apple
lil apple Day ago
Bro when he said we'll be back to see how well she knows me I got sad
Jeremy Muffnim
My names milksy tussle. Son of butter cups and oily nuts.
kt 72
kt 72 Day ago
4 shoe size.. that’s like a 5 year old
RED Day ago
Three days later just like that their world was FLIPPED on its head! 😢 Time is so precious!
Solange Tchouaffe
They look so Sweet tru love never died 😍
Londyn Jones
Londyn Jones Day ago
My best friend name is Lauren and mine is Londyn........
BIG DARG Day ago
Good to see how good an genuine their relationship was an you can see the love they had for each other......proper sad maaan.RIP NIPSEY HUSTLE an condolences to Lauren London
YAWN !!!
Samuel Steiner
R. I. P My man
young bidnes
young bidnes Day ago
Kinda weird NIPSEY was 6 foot 3 and Lauren is barely 5 feet
Woww he knew almost all the answers. If this isn’t love I don’t know what is 😔 RIP Nipsey.
Ramya Mccaster
They went out
Kiersten S.
Kiersten S. Day ago
aww he said we’ll be back for part 2😢😢
ANENO Day ago
We lost a real one
TheGaming Channel
Rip nipsey💔
Destinee Tillman
Everybody moms favorite color is purple 😂💜💜
Jmikes1 YT
Jmikes1 YT Day ago
Takidra Young
We neeeeeed the outtakes 😩😩😩 PLEASEEEEEE
A. fight. ninjas Ross
R.I.P Earnis Joesph Ashadom 3 Days Later He Was Killed
queen Bitch Alvarez
haha he doesn't love you😂😂😂😂
Foreiign Briina
All Viral Access Media
ugly God jr
ugly God jr 2 days ago
RIP to the legend Nipsey Hussle
Eye Test
Eye Test 2 days ago
Victor P.
Victor P. 2 days ago
One day before his death
UndustedDash 2 days ago
E-Leazy 2 days ago
And three days after this video was published, nipsey dies
Ramzi M
Ramzi M 2 days ago
Baba is Arabic for dad so he was right
Ary’s Blogs
Ary’s Blogs 2 days ago
Who here after he passed😭😭
PrinceJetty 2 days ago
Next Question Cuh 😂😂😆😆
Daphney Wanjiru
Daphney Wanjiru 2 days ago
Leo + Sag 😍
dalov3ly1 2 days ago
I've lost count how many times I've watched this 💔
Veronica Christopher Author
I know y’all love these people but as a third party who knows neither, I don’t see a sizzling type of love. Again, y’all are biased cuz you follow them. I’m seeing what I see. I do see they dig each other but I’m not seeing deep undying love.
Ksupreme's Mind
Ksupreme's Mind 2 days ago
She a widow I’m a be the best man I can be foe her #lilYak
Mestou Mimi
Mestou Mimi 2 days ago
What is ur favorite part of my body 😂 he got shy
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 2 days ago
Rip nipsy
Brian Robertson
Brian Robertson 2 days ago
Is it just me or dyou think nipsey and snoop SOUND AND LOOK so alike RIP NIPSEY THE GREAT
Bobbito Chicon
Bobbito Chicon 2 days ago
💥 Cant Watch it
Monty Carlo🥀☕️
I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a celebrity couple so in tune with each other their spirit is beautiful❤️
Tasha O
Tasha O 2 days ago
I’m about to pass out.. I am currently reading Sacred Woman..I’m in tears.. That book is amazing..Love this couple , beautiful example of Royalty.
Briana DeLeon
Briana DeLeon 2 days ago
“We’ll be back, see how well she know me” 🥺 ugh my heart, rest in paradise Hussle💙👑
Romy Rol RoMaceo Mixtape Out
Lol how she goin say she hate chocolate but cookies in the cream is chocolate
Lonyea Penn
Lonyea Penn 2 days ago
'Nipsey & Lauren Had Chemistry And Loving Memories! 💙 'The Marathon Continues', RIP 'Nipsey Hussle'! 😇💙🙏
Hypebeast1018 2 days ago
Ruin Reyking
Ruin Reyking 2 days ago
Gucci Princessa
Gucci Princessa 2 days ago
Thus was made 3 days before he died💔. LONG LIVE NIPSY (LLN)🕊.
Shaya Hunter
Shaya Hunter 2 days ago
R.I.P a legend ... with all the other legends
Life With Kayla
Life With Kayla 2 days ago
I know this was last month but when he said " well be back for more" I cried😭😭😭😭
Branden Yates
Branden Yates 2 days ago
CupcakeMine 3 days ago
So sad watching this now
mouse_savage _money
Rip nipsey
Jazmeyne 3 days ago
I couldnt BARE to watch this until now. Wow. Smh. Also - 718!? That's NYC lmao
C J 3 days ago
Mob wife's
12cherrybomb 3 days ago
This saddens me Everytime I wat h🦋💯👑
JJ MM 3 days ago
R.I.P. :(
Irene Tarell
Irene Tarell 3 days ago
6:06 said every woman in the world #youbetterreplyboo
Will Power Prosperity
That was cute you could tell they were in love.
IAm Milliyanz
IAm Milliyanz 3 days ago
I love them soo much i can never get tired of watching this! is it weird that it feels new everytime? #RIPERMIAS LA king #TMC 💙🏁
Lashawn Jordan
Lashawn Jordan 3 days ago
I am sorry if I offend anyone but you all are hyping his persona up..like he was some type of God half of you don't get on your knees and pray but mourn this human being whom you've never met ?
Jøsëph Tembo
Jøsëph Tembo 3 days ago
Demn...... Real man
Nicholas Mahoney
Nicholas Mahoney 3 days ago
QuietStorm84 3 days ago
They were the cutest couple. Not perfect, but so real.💙
Jawden Crowley
Jawden Crowley 3 days ago
We'll never get a apart 2 😢😢😭😭
xxx Nickangelo20xxx
Rip Nipsey The Great
Arelius McGregor
Arelius McGregor 4 days ago
This makes me want to date someone again
John Zagami
John Zagami 4 days ago
...just realize dude sounds a lot like Eminem ...
Repro Hermans
Repro Hermans 4 days ago
Zenzo Khumalo
Zenzo Khumalo 4 days ago
So sad man miss nispey
Mathew Tran
Mathew Tran 4 days ago
So i heard she is single... not like that ever stopped me
Tarik Scott
Tarik Scott 4 days ago
No fake pictures . They are truly honest each other. She missed him.be strong Lauren. We love you.
Alex Smokess
Alex Smokess 4 days ago
Real Love
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