Nintendo Announces New Smash Fighter, Plus Six More Coming - IGN Now

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A new Smash Bros. Ultimate character has been announced...and it’s not Devil May Cry’s Dante! Despite your best guesses, the new fighter is Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
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Jan 17, 2020




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Comments 132
Kyle Wilson
Kyle Wilson 28 days ago
Get cuphead character!!!!
snoww2000 Month ago
Theres six more fighters coming u say? Steve.
ichiroJP Month ago
Another Fire Emblem... boring.
edogg450 Month ago
6 more chances for Waluigi
Christian Wallace
Smash Fan Base: "We want a diverse cast of characters." Sakurai: "Did I hear fire emblem???"
Carpet Month ago
Hoes mad
The Flexicutioner
Knack 2 Baby!
Mightyraptor Colby
Anime gonra gamer really getting their shine in the game.
Tit0Matic Month ago
Sorry Dante, the next 6 dlc will be Fire Emblem characters
clickboym2k Month ago
Another fire emblem character? I can’t roll my eyes harder 🙄
G-ame Spot
G-ame Spot Month ago
PapaDankus Month ago
Maia Capuano
Maia Capuano Month ago
Is tifa Lockhart showing up? Or sora?
Cori Gamble
Cori Gamble Month ago
How many people are mad that it's just another Fire Emblem character?
Jaylan Mayfield
Jaylan Mayfield Month ago
I want waluigi
jokatech Month ago
How much can 1 game hold?
Right Eye
Right Eye Month ago
Why y'all try to do wierd thing with your hands, some times y'all force whatever y'all trying to do.
Frederik the Wolfman
Shame we can’t have Crash.
Fürst Raziel
Fürst Raziel Month ago
Oh boi I'm wondering which Megaman Character we'll get as a Mii costume next!
smash is such a boring game. Too repetitive
Brother Savage!
Brother Savage! Month ago
Big four here, Doom guy, Master Chief, Spyro and Crash. Nuff said
SPYN GANG Month ago
Brother Savage! They would never get doom guy or master cheif, mark my words
Fate862 Month ago
Smash confirmed to not being intended or called a fighting game by Sakurai the creator himself. Not calling it one in the FGC ever again lol.
EST Rapture
EST Rapture Month ago
My list: Sora/Roxas (echo)😏 Dante Crash Bandicoot Steve from Minecraft Waluigi Pokémon Trainer 2: Chimchar, Grotel and Empoleon
EST Rapture
EST Rapture Month ago
Blacki Chan loll I lowkey thought that’s what you meant but i wasn’t sure. I feel thatd be a dope Pokémon Trainer to have as well
Blacki Chan
Blacki Chan Month ago
@EST Rapture because that's gen 4
Blacki Chan
Blacki Chan Month ago
@EST Rapture bad joke sorry
EST Rapture
EST Rapture Month ago
Blacki Chan
Blacki Chan Month ago
wouldn't that be Pokemon trainer 4
willhughes20 Month ago
Might as well just make a fire emblem character fighting game at this rate. The have enough to fill a roster.
Dimitri Month ago
@David McPhedran Mario has 9 FE has 8 Learn to count
David McPhedran
David McPhedran Month ago
Perfect?!? More fire emblem then mario and thats perfect?
Bradley Atkin
Bradley Atkin Month ago
Do those 20 plus Mario stages mean nothing to you? The roster is already perfect so I don't see the problem with Byleth
jokatech Month ago
thank you. And I'm a huge fan of the series, but this is ridiculous.
That Film Guy
That Film Guy Month ago
Hoes mad Hoes mad
JJ Month ago
This fighters pass was vastly underwhelming with the exception of Banjo and Kazooie...
Action Shorts
Action Shorts Month ago
Master Chief for Smash Bros, we need a new Gunner character
BearableWhale9 Bash
“Sad Xenoblade 2 noises”
Dimitri Month ago
@Navi Rex plz
Navi Month ago
Shulk is lonely boi, with so many notable characters from xeno franchise as a whole, how can we only have one? If we can have 9 FE characters.....we can have at least one more xeno based character dang it!
Gamera 5
Gamera 5 Month ago
Like we really need another fire emblem character
ChrisCa1601 Month ago
Forget Dante, I want Earthworm Jim.
Marc Franks
Marc Franks Month ago
Loved that game old character.
Jelliot Month ago
huzzah! a man of culture!
Top Dawg
Top Dawg Month ago
I Got The Munchies
All of those leaks were wrong I wanted Dante 😑
Mack Voodoo
Mack Voodoo Month ago
Hopefully some cool megaman or castlevania stuff. Soma cruz
Terry Syvertson
Terry Syvertson Month ago
it's possible that 3 of the new dlc fighters could be geno, shantae and sora
Lerone McKenzie
Lerone McKenzie Month ago
Or.....more fire emblem characters. That's always fun........right?
Petit Month ago
Yay another Fire Emblem character
Destroyr Month ago
Thanks, Satan.
AIAI GRIM Month ago
I just want Hollow Knight in smash bros that's the only character I want oh and Hornet you know how nice that would be? And the Hollow Knight stages nice🤗
Ian Cowell
Ian Cowell Month ago
Here's betting Hollow Knight is the next indie character mii outfit with the included song.
AIAI GRIM Month ago
I just want Hollow Knight in smash bros that's the only character I want oh and Hornet you know how nice that would be? And the Hollow Knight stages nice🤗
Cortlan B.
Cortlan B. Month ago
Dante? We need Doomslayer
Ali Adam
Ali Adam Month ago
Cortlan B. Doomsayer?We need DANTE
soguys wedidit
soguys wedidit Month ago
If they release doom guys as a switch character I'm deadass gonna buy a switch.
soguys wedidit
soguys wedidit Month ago
@Brother Savage! Nah all I want to do is blast sonic head off with a 12 gauge.(though now thinking about obliterating someone with a Spartan later sounds dope as hell.)
Brother Savage!
Brother Savage! Month ago
Also Master Chief, crash and Spyro so be prepared and start saving
Brother Savage!
Brother Savage! Month ago
It's gonna happen, trust me.
The Dave Gamer
The Dave Gamer Month ago
Cup head is better than skaufuvk
9_Bucks Month ago
I love Three Houses, I was hoping Byleth would get in. Stay salty my friends.
The Cringey Otaku
@Kensama zeez Why are you trying to tell someone what they like dude not cool
Kensama zeez
Kensama zeez Month ago
No you didnt, but enjoy the virtue points I guess?
DuhChampion Month ago
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Professor Marth
dmaster001 Month ago
You can't pre-order the pass right now until the last character from the first pack comes out (1/28).
Fate862 Month ago
Nobody wants to order that anymore after this fighters pass. Plus the next pass is ANOTHER secret that you have to buy and then you get to know what's in it after it comes out. Pissing people off.
2021 is a long f***en time!
sunshock Month ago
Why, we already have a bunch of fire emblem characters and they're all the same
Destroyr Month ago
This character looks pretty unique ngl
Msane Month ago
3 out of 6 are the same the rest are no where near the same.
The Cringey Otaku
But that's not true for most and even for the ones that it true for they told you they were echo fighters
Argenis Raul
Argenis Raul Month ago
The amount of salt coming from smash fans is just fantastic. And like the true games they are, death threats have been made and sent over A BLOODY VIDEOGAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grow the hell up! Its just a game.
It's just a game....FULL OF FE CHARACTERS
True Monado
True Monado Month ago
I’d rather have byleth than Dante
StaticShock42 Month ago
I'd rather Byleth be in the base roster and Dante be dlc.
Scott Burnhard
Scott Burnhard Month ago
KAZZNORE Month ago
Fire Emblem Ft. Nintendo All-Stars
Mr. Bepis
Mr. Bepis Month ago
Action Shorts there are 8 fire emblem characters now with the new DLC
Action Shorts
Action Shorts Month ago
Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach/Daisy, Yoshi, Dr. Mario, Wario, Rosalina & Luma. Theres 8 Mario Characters and 7 Fire Emblem characters in Smash Ultimate
Waheed Abdullah
Waheed Abdullah Month ago
Sakurai working on 6 more fighters is giving me Fear of a Krabby Patty vibes all over
Waheed Abdullah
Waheed Abdullah Month ago
Corrin: Don't worry Byleth, this toxic community thing will be over in a couple months. Believe me, I've been there.
Jay Ray
Jay Ray Month ago
"toxic community." So so so desperate to defend garbage
Peridot Month ago
Cuphead mii was the best thing
John Oghomi
John Oghomi Month ago
I don’t really care, this is cool. I’m just glad that we have a 2nd challenger pack
Mr. Bepis
Mr. Bepis Month ago
Bob Wulf
Bob Wulf Month ago
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Month ago
I'm hoping for the hunter from monster hunter makes it to smash since it mhw became game of the year in 2018 and it's a capcom game that's pretty loved by capcom. Funny thing about byleth,his gameplay with switching weapon was a concept idea by monster hunter fans so it really hurts us even myself when I like fire emblem games
Everyone disappointed themselves by assuming with Dante.
LeapOfFaith23 Month ago
I'm more disappointed that they added an altair skin instead of an actual assassins creed character. I mean I never thought assassins creed would ever make it to smash but the fact that it made it only as a skin is so disappointing.
Ali Adam
Ali Adam Month ago
IndigoKilla it is the fact it’s dante
ZeroTheeHero Month ago
Jakob N he did in one of the directs, i mean im personally not upset about Byleth (tho no hype even tho i loved 3H) but its completely understandable why a lot of ppl are. They prolly should have saved Banjo for the end of the pass
IndigoKilla Month ago
@Loading 21 thats what i said tho?
Jakob N
Jakob N Month ago
@ZeroTheeHero Sakurai never said that
Pandajam79 Month ago
I don’t care about Byleth at least we got the Gatekeeper
Piper Coughlin
Piper Coughlin Month ago
however much it upsets me we probably won't get waluigi
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Month ago
valitsaki AVG did we ask
valitsaki AVG
valitsaki AVG Month ago
I couldnt give 2 sheits
Msane Month ago
It's been confirmed a long time ago that Sakurai won't be adding Waluigi.
Dont let Horizon Zero Dawn come to PC....PLS!!!It will be a terrible move for Sony......
Apolonioman Month ago
Why would it be a terrible move for Sony?
an anarchist
an anarchist Month ago
Least we got more coming we still have a chance for dante or travis
Luis Inostroza
Luis Inostroza Month ago
We need PS Allstars Battle Royal 2
John Ross
John Ross Month ago
I think Sony would be wise to completely reboot the idea and make an arena game like Overwatch out of it. I loved All-Stars, but it was a massive ball of wasted potential. :/
Eric Pennington
Eric Pennington Month ago
Can't wait for six more Fire Emblem characters!
Jay Ray
Jay Ray Month ago
Msane lol so desperate to defend sh_t
Msane Month ago
Eric Pennington if anything we would most likely get 1 more after that there should be no reason to give FE anymore reps since it's somewhat diverse(<------keyword you can read people). AS FE fan this was a slight underwhelming thing but I can handle that since I got my favorite character in so in can shut up when they are released.
Jay Ray
Jay Ray Month ago
Pfft.. more like 3 more FE characters, 2 more boring pokemon, and another Animal Crossing character
Alex Perez
Alex Perez Month ago
Me too. I can't wait to see which fire emblem characters they are adding to smash😬
Skorflash95 Month ago
No more Fire Emblem PLEASE!!!
Weston Meyer
Weston Meyer Month ago
Too bad
Skorflash95 Month ago
@shadow 626 No, there's simply too many Fire Emblem characters ~most of them sword mains~ Nintendo has so many options they could've taken instead of going back to FE 🤦‍♂️ But at least we can have hope that FE won't be back in the next 6 DLC characters
shadow 626
shadow 626 Month ago
As long as they use something other than swords i would like another one otherwise no not another sword fighter I'm fine with chrom ike roy and marth, no more swords, unless it's from something else like breath of fire etc but idk about that...
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