Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React

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Ninja DESTROYS Fortnite Players (Secret Pro Gamer) | React


Published on


Jul 9, 2019

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Comments 11 453
REACT 9 days ago
Come hang out with us LIVE on FBE2. Multiple Generations streaming every week: usvid.net/u-FBE2 Be part of the FBE Family! Subscribe, then hit the 🔔! Notification Squad: We respond to comments the first 30 minutes a video is uploaded, so be sure to turn on notifications and come say hi sometime! Thank you for supporting us all & our company! You’re all amazing! - FBE Team
Ward1724 Day ago
ghost all avina
ghost all avina 2 days ago
Hi I love your videos please do more USvid and I want to meet you one day and you are awesome and notification squads
Bryn ʌʌʇ
Bryn ʌʌʇ 3 days ago
REACT I just wish I was their
Vexzify Xbl
Vexzify Xbl 3 days ago
Adrianna Rodriguez I thought it was a image of ninja in the top right. He’s literally a statue
Dead on one eye
Dead on one eye 3 days ago
When will you put apex on here?
MikeH 510
MikeH 510 Hour ago
Why does ninja look like Eric from that 70's Show
Gamingwolfz Zz
Gamingwolfz Zz 2 hours ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Ninja:im not used to this setup
a dude with internet
Tom looks like cloakzy
minun_hapie 5 hours ago
Ummm it's not a secret pro gamer Some people know him
MixFatal 6 hours ago
Woah, Ninja played with a girl 😂
Devin 0rtega
Devin 0rtega 6 hours ago
Dude Fortnite is crap Minecraft is better
مكافحة شحاذين الايكات السرية
Void Fuqi well okay can we be just friends
مكافحة شحاذين الايكات السرية
Void Fuqii I just thought when u said u still playing minecraft meant u were saying the game is dead but okay
مكافحة شحاذين الايكات السرية
Void Fuqii I think u are the only one who rated it E
Void Fuqii
Void Fuqii 18 minutes ago
مكافحة شحاذين الايكات السرية first of all what’s wrong with playing a game that’s dying? And second of all If Fortnite was dying I doubt they would keep putting $1million tournament every week. And a $30M one this week lol
مكافحة شحاذين الايكات السرية
Void Fuqii try again minecraft is popular again and fortnite is dying plus I play more then just minecraft
choco miel
choco miel 6 hours ago
Fortnite will get knock out by pewdiepie's MINECRAFT meatball
javier jaramillo
javier jaramillo 6 hours ago
Ninja comes out: the f you say to me you little piece of sh
BleachMaster 7 hours ago
All these people were Garbo
Dylan Mullarkey
Dylan Mullarkey 5 hours ago
The girl wasn’t that bad
Lenii Schneiderova
Lenii Schneiderova 7 hours ago
Pls make react on Hitman blood money
Hazer Graham
Hazer Graham 8 hours ago
Ninja looks serious 😕😕😕
Daniel Hearn
Daniel Hearn 8 hours ago
Nicolas Lopes
Nicolas Lopes 5 hours ago
@Nyxsun VN it was one word
Nyxsun VN
Nyxsun VN 7 hours ago
Daniel Hearn I seriously don’t care for Ninja, so your comment speaks to me
PiggyGamersTR 11 hours ago
Teens react to ninja vs tfue (live in the office)
Jim errol barnido fy
ninja play with a girl.now
SnootyGiraffe86 13 hours ago
I was so confused who was who most the time
Tuft 14 hours ago
Stream sniping
Danger Deep
Danger Deep 14 hours ago
Ninja should try playing in asian servers, i bet he would get clapped most of the time
Fra Zix
Fra Zix 12 hours ago
It depends on players
Fra Zix
Fra Zix 12 hours ago
Newgamer 13 hours ago
He also gets clapped in tournaments by Dafran.
ParadoxClouds TTV
ParadoxClouds TTV 17 hours ago
Lmao ninja ain't that good without all of his 10k special items
Fernando Cordero Gil
Like ir yo want playing dying light
Tea Sipper
Tea Sipper 21 hour ago
He looks dead the whole time👀
Zone Minishot
Zone Minishot 22 hours ago
Same cahi
Oxford Kitchen
Oxford Kitchen 22 hours ago
I never saw his hair like that
Owen Heijnen
Owen Heijnen 22 hours ago
That face of ninja😅😅😅
Jordyn Harris
Jordyn Harris 23 hours ago
dude i feel bad for the last kid
Flame 20 hours ago
Jordyn Harris I mean he meet ninja so it doesn’t matter
Cjk Kandell
Cjk Kandell Day ago
Ninjas face is still all the time
KaneBruce 05
KaneBruce 05 Day ago
Nobody: Ninja:😑
Randeliinz _
Randeliinz _ Day ago
4:41 nope wasn’t looking
blackmask _spider
@Juan oh buddy me too
Juan 15 hours ago
I was😉
Mustachio ツ
Nobody: Ninja: *Don't go hard on me because I have a very ExPeNsIvE setup and I'm not used to this garbage one*
falcon5008 Day ago
I thought Ninja didn’t play with girls. Money changes everything.
Curvy ttv
Curvy ttv 22 hours ago
Maybe because it's not on his channel
SLAYER 6309 Day ago
falcon5008 dang #the truth
falcon5008 Day ago
Video uploaded one week ago.... Why is it on everyone’s recommended now??
alex villalobos
why does ninja look like he’s constipated😂 Like if you agree
Crimzon Day ago
Nobody: Literally not a soul: Ninja: ThIs Is NoT wHaT iM uSeD tO, i HaVe A vErY eXpEnSiVe SeTuP.
Kendrick M
Kendrick M 23 hours ago
@Martinus Heistad he's joking so don't get defensive over this comment /:
Martinus Heistad
Crimzon he is just defending himself
Chris Salasar
Why is ninja terriable in this vid no hate tho srry but I’m just noticed it
KoRnfedPsycho 19 hours ago
It's completely different setup than the one he used to. Because hes used to having a very expensive setup with high optimisation so it can hinder his experience. Not because expensive is always better but because it's not comfortable for him
Kobie Cruse
Kobie Cruse Day ago
No Name
No Name Day ago
You should get true and Troy to play that would be perfect
Ariana Cochran
I was wondering how they were gonna do this cause people know Ninja, but this makes sense
《¡MaRri¡》 i
i prefer playing with ninyaXD
Ninja's facial expressions while playing xD
Ayden Chapman
When’s nick eh 30 video coming out
Wolf DrawingQuest
Ewww when he changed his hair
Wolf DrawingQuest
@Maddox Ruehl 1 I'm not making fun of him I'm simply saying my opinion on his hair 2 Im not as much of a furry it's just my channels mascot
Maddox Ruehl
Maddox Ruehl Day ago
You can’t make fun of people for their hair when your a furry.
Wolf DrawingQuest
@Kaneki -_- I'm not much of a furry anymore tbh but it's just my channel
Kaneki -_-
Kaneki -_- Day ago
Wolf DrawingQuest I can agree on the hair though lmao.
Keiko Matsui
Keiko Matsui Day ago
No one: Literally no one: Ninja: LETS GET A EPIC VICTORY ROYAL!!!
G S Day ago
Episode #407 of USvid recommendations. How y'all doin
Peter lol Parker
I have those headphones
I dont build to im just not used to building cuz most of the games i play there is no building like pgd cod modern combat 5 pubg and idk
gmperotti Day ago
ForknifeSuperGuy ok cool
Deep hug
Deep hug Day ago
Ninjas face doe
OlympusEU Day ago
This suddenly on everyone's reccomended?
James Perry
James Perry Day ago
Ethan Richarte
I love how ninja didn’t make things awkward when he met everyone. Such a great guy.
Repoi Day ago
React to super mario maker 2!
Mr Cloud
Mr Cloud Day ago
Ninja is just an awful person.
CoolQ 11 hours ago
No u *plays uno reverse card*
4_28_19_2019 21 hour ago
Mr Cloud how?
gmperotti Day ago
Mr Cloud What he do you
Mr Cloud
Mr Cloud Day ago
xd Shadoez no u 2
Nabil Fikry
Nabil Fikry Day ago
Do shroud with fps games
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