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Nicki Minaj & Little Mix "Good Form / Woman Like Me" Live | MTV EMAs 2018

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Little Mix and Nicki Minaj perform "Good Form" and "Woman Like Me" at the 2018 European Music Awards in Bilbao. Check out more from 2018 MTV European Music Awards here: www.mtvema.com/
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Nov 7, 2018

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Comments 9 298
MTV International
Cherdaria Simmons
Cherdaria Simmons 16 hours ago
I wish it came back on.
Venkatesan Subba Naidu
+Lalene MALIK ?
Sen Kimsin
Sen Kimsin Day ago
What’s the song in the beginning? The auuuu auuu one 😁
TinyLifeOfMaleek { Maleek }
I'm nath
I'm nath 2 days ago
Lyrics video woman like me usvid.net/video/video-xUKvHAboFAU.html
ANA PAULA CABRAL 33 minutes ago
Show mas Nicki ta mto gorda.
Diki BanjarNegara
Judul Nicki Minaj yang nyanyi pertama apa ya.. 🇮🇩🇮🇩
Tina Hour ago
Jade LPM 😍
Iza François
Iza François Hour ago
Kai mayla
Kai mayla 2 hours ago
Oh hey zayn!
Emanuel Sivan
Emanuel Sivan 2 hours ago
Love Yoona
Love Yoona 2 hours ago
Nicki Queen👑✨
Ashlee Nasis
Ashlee Nasis 2 hours ago
Omg 😯 are little mix in Germany 🇩🇪
plumberfiddle 2 hours ago
Nicki hella fat.
Nicki omggg slayyy
Fenna Hour ago
Editingtipschannel123 no just no, she sings really bad
Leonie Schuler
Leonie Schuler 3 hours ago
Slayed it baes
Camila Novaes
Camila Novaes 3 hours ago
Iris vz
Iris vz 3 hours ago
i lovveeee good form
Pijus the new
Pijus the new 3 hours ago
cardi has left a chat...
Muhamad Hakimi
Muhamad Hakimi 4 hours ago
The intro was superior! Speechless
Necro_ Mancer
Necro_ Mancer 4 hours ago
Omg. nikki so thigh thick.
Đôn Mai
Đôn Mai 4 hours ago
Yahhhhhhhhh Queennnnnnnnnnn
Sung Jae
Sung Jae 4 hours ago
Stilk 2.9 what the heck its trending here in the philippines even now!
The Elephant Man
The Elephant Man 5 hours ago
After watching this im unsubscribe fifthy harmony and subscribed to da new queen little mix!
nanna jules
nanna jules 2 hours ago
Welcome to mixers world. Your going to have the ride of your life
Mitchel van Eijk
Mitchel van Eijk 2 hours ago
welcome tot he Mixer fandom
Meilissa Johana Alexsaputri
Little mix sound so good during live! Im so blown away
Yasmin Warsame
Yasmin Warsame 36 minutes ago
Trust me watch brits shout out to my ex it shows their full potential
Mitchel van Eijk
Mitchel van Eijk 2 hours ago
first time hearing them live?
Mark Niel Sy
Mark Niel Sy 5 hours ago
This is sooo lit! 🔥🔥🔥
Gwyneth Lueders
Gwyneth Lueders 6 hours ago
jollyn castillo
jollyn castillo 6 hours ago
Nicki Minaj and LM So 🔥
Shannel Thompson
Shannel Thompson 6 hours ago
BlackAndWhite 6 hours ago
Puteria y zorrismo señores. Me encanta
shravani 3012
shravani 3012 6 hours ago
Irene Jennifer
Irene Jennifer 6 hours ago
Imagine parris goebel and her team be nicki's back dancer (flawless and full of queen vibe)
Maria Chihaya
Maria Chihaya 6 hours ago
Lula Bond
Lula Bond 7 hours ago
YouTube Addict
YouTube Addict 7 hours ago
Nikki very fat legs
Coley227 7 hours ago
I swear it seems like Nikki’s butt is bigger every time I see her but I’m not complaining
PitSweatandTears 7 hours ago
heart love
heart love 7 hours ago
Why did nicki minaj get so much plastic surgery :( she doesn't look good at all
Justin Lepardo
Justin Lepardo 8 hours ago
Queen is always a QUEEN 👑👑👑 😍😍😍
Matt Mison
Matt Mison 8 hours ago
Queen 😍😍
Gina Sandhu
Gina Sandhu 8 hours ago
My dad Indian and I want all that curry........ Love it!!!!!?
ginacarano 4ever
ginacarano 4ever 8 hours ago
Who is your favorite little mix member? Honestly can't choose between Jessy and Perrie
ginacarano 4ever
ginacarano 4ever 2 hours ago
+Mitchel van Eijk I know right they all so fabulous 😂👌👑
Mitchel van Eijk
Mitchel van Eijk 2 hours ago
I love all but I Jade :D
Lahdeedah 8 hours ago
Yaasss Little Mixers - they got their Queen!!! 😍😍👑
Enchanted AJ
Enchanted AJ 8 hours ago
why does nicki always say young money
Mitchel van Eijk
Mitchel van Eijk 2 hours ago
A Shoutout to her label
Julian Green
Julian Green 8 hours ago
Dear old Nicki please come back
Kaykie Harpur
Kaykie Harpur 8 hours ago
what a pile of shyte
Ulises L.F
Ulises L.F 9 hours ago
Eminem had to win the hip hop award
Ariadna Sancho Liz
Ariadna Sancho Liz 9 hours ago
nujiss jiss
nujiss jiss 9 hours ago
Programmed blacks, dumb ass whites,and retarded press ass Spanish people love this illusional stupid as shit
nujiss jiss
nujiss jiss 9 hours ago
Wtf queen skeezas
Wanmai DD ใหม่
Yuli Ita
Yuli Ita 9 hours ago
I am
I am 9 hours ago
Bet everyone is gay for Jade.
Sinethemba Botha
Sinethemba Botha 9 hours ago
Why people always bring in Cardi B when it is Niki's shine.The feud is over and both women are focusing on pushing and making money.Cardi has been doing very well and her records are selling.Almost every artist wants to work with her and that is great because it is her time but taking all the hard work Niki has put on her career for all these years including making history in the Billboard Charts as the first female to ever accomplish what she did just because someone new is being compared to her is totally wrong.What I am trying to say is Niki is focusing on doing what she does best.Making music that her fans love and pulling hella performances for them.
ItzDiego C
ItzDiego C 10 hours ago
Nickis performances are worth it
Clare Vela
Clare Vela 10 hours ago
That illuminati intro though!!! (Cough, cough)
Puertorican 100%
Puertorican 100% 11 hours ago
4:03 the porn starts 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Puertorican 100%
Puertorican 100% 11 hours ago
4:03 Nicky trying to twerk 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Callow Convivial
Callow Convivial 11 hours ago
Damn Nicki will always be nicki🙈🔥🔥🔥Rrggghhhhhh
Valeriana 11 hours ago
Puertorican 100%
Puertorican 100% 11 hours ago
Perrie needs to go solo she has an amazing voice and she is wasting it in this group 🤦🏼‍♀️
Zatara Glover
Zatara Glover 11 hours ago
Loved it
taymixtay 11 hours ago
my cover of Woman Like Me is now on my channel. it means so much to me if you take some time to watch it and leave your comments 😊
aRv 'Z
aRv 'Z 11 hours ago
so that's how u prounounce "hold up" - hola hola?
geoff last
geoff last 11 hours ago
4:15. Anyone else help jelious of that girl
josé barahona velarde
ah cardy b no le gusta esto 😂
Jennifer Elizondo
Jennifer Elizondo 11 hours ago
im sorry but niki does not pull of the short hair lol
Andy Mandy
Andy Mandy 11 hours ago
I just still dont know why nicci is THICC
Sung Jae
Sung Jae 11 hours ago
Wow what with the views wthe hell are they freezibg the views😬😬
Calii Bizzle
Calii Bizzle 11 hours ago
Yass Queen 🥰❤️💥😍🔥
Sakshi Yadav
Sakshi Yadav 11 hours ago
When the entrance is THAT GRAND you already know it's gon be LIT!!
Tomas Joel Beramendi
They're all fierce and then you got one of the girls in an oversized man suit. Why!
Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown 12 hours ago
A hot damn mess! 😂😂😂😂😃
Abe Mccluskey
Abe Mccluskey 12 hours ago
This is cringy as fuk
Nermheil Arcenal
Nermheil Arcenal 12 hours ago
What now cardi hahaha
Daquan Stephens
Daquan Stephens 10 hours ago
I think she's unbothered
Wendell 12 hours ago
Wait... the first woman to sing in lil mix.. Is she the BALEGDA girl?
Mitchel van Eijk
Mitchel van Eijk 2 hours ago
haha yes she is
Kazeno Raiha Bararaq
Hhhaha nice choreo nicki gyal . .
Anisa Muthia
Anisa Muthia 13 hours ago
So proud of you my little mix 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Diva Box
Diva Box 13 hours ago
It's so impressive that in every live presentation this girls deliver a different concept for the same song. And it's happening since always. It's exaustive to thing about how hard this girls work to make it flawless every time!
Callie Blum
Callie Blum 13 hours ago
What happened to her body she looks terrible
funny lady
funny lady 13 hours ago
This is how you put on a show🤘💜
HeyItsRayo 13 hours ago
Diego Lucena
Diego Lucena 13 hours ago
Like for #Nicki
Sheree R
Sheree R 13 hours ago
Slayed this to the Gods!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Fenty 14 hours ago
2,8M 🔥
Joohoney & his Marsmallow
you don't know how much I love Nicki and Little Mix... I love them to the moon and back
Jocelyn Castaneda
Jocelyn Castaneda 14 hours ago
5h much like damn
Max Culley
Max Culley 14 hours ago
Finally little mix performs on the MTV awards!
Joey Delgado
Joey Delgado 14 hours ago
Tala Leilua
Tala Leilua 14 hours ago
Love how little mix is showing no skin at all. Keeping it classy af
butterli bloom
butterli bloom 14 hours ago
Nicki Minaj shaped like lil kim
DustApple 14 hours ago
So overdramatic for two of her crappy songs.
Buffaylo 15 hours ago
Kay Nic
Kay Nic 15 hours ago
Damn nickis body is a botch😬😬 it sucks she let people tell her in her career how she needed to get plastic surgery. Now it looks horrible☹️☹️
Schemelda Saintilien
Nicki never disappoints
kevon 15 hours ago
this is giving me madonna vibes
Robert Gonzales
Robert Gonzales 15 hours ago
Whoever nicki’s stylist is needs to get fired
Maria Camila Vieira Soares
Emlyn Macalintal
Emlyn Macalintal 16 hours ago
Goosebumps 😍
dnd mixer
dnd mixer 16 hours ago
Little Mix upcoming album, LM5, drops this friday! ✨
Alejandro Briceño
Alejandro Briceño 16 hours ago
I Love nicky but she looks fat here, and don't like the outfit..
Londy Cox
Londy Cox 16 hours ago
🔥 🔥 🔥
Your_Bike_Is_Mine 16 hours ago
Who is scrolling down the comments while watching??
Cherdaria Simmons
Cherdaria Simmons 16 hours ago
I was so mad I missed the award show!!!! I forgot to record it and I kno they want show it again.
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