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Nicki Minaj - Good Form ft. Lil Wayne

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Good Form ft. Lil Wayne (Official Video)
Song Available Here: nickiminaj.lnk.to/Queen-DLXYD
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Video Director: Colin Tilley
Video Producers: Keith Brown & Jamee Ranta
Video Editor: Vinnie Hobbs
Company: Boy In The Castle

Music video by Nicki Minaj performing Good Form. © 2018 Young Money/Cash Money Records


Published on


Nov 29, 2018





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Comments 150 835
Lo M
Lo M 35 minutes ago
80 million letsss goooooooooo!
I never nut
I never nut 36 minutes ago
Damn nicki really fell off
Dirty red river wave
Dirty red river wave 44 minutes ago
say what
Edgardo David
Edgardo David 45 minutes ago
My girl finally got my dick. Love u sorbet
denz mathew
denz mathew 47 minutes ago
boost up!nice song niki clap clap!!
Jay jay
Jay jay 48 minutes ago
Cmon barbz let get this to 100M views!!!!! We will not let them tear a queen down for a dirty stripper!!!!!
Video Reactions
Video Reactions 56 minutes ago
Let's go for that 100m kingdom!!!
BlkBunni Hour ago
USvid played this right after I watch City girls twerk lmao
GuettaSounds Hour ago
This woman is almost at 100M in a month and you’re telling me she isn’t worthy of a Grammy!? FOTH GRAMMYS IS BULLSHIT 😠
Subhodeep Chowdhury
Subhodeep Chowdhury 34 minutes ago
U guys saw ? QUEEN won best album in people's choice award😍
Subhodeep Chowdhury
Subhodeep Chowdhury 34 minutes ago
Grammy is shit Dont care about grammy
GuettaSounds 53 minutes ago
Video Reactions I 100000% agree with you! They snubbed the queen so bad 😩
Video Reactions
Video Reactions 55 minutes ago
Grammys are SHIT since 2014 they don't have taste
hasino hasino
hasino hasino Hour ago
nicki .... love my queenz stallionettes....facts my boro represent the real strong for the nyc ...faxcts
Apollo Hour ago
Anybody here in 2019????
shoeb Patel
shoeb Patel Hour ago
GuettaSounds Hour ago
GuettaSounds Hour ago
Jay Garcia oops, my bad! My phone still says 79M! Even better tho let’s get this to 100M this week for the Queen 😩🙌🏼
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia Hour ago
You mean 85.4 Million
SilverIlly3 Hour ago
Can someone explain to me why she sings about pussy in almost every song?
Video Reactions
Video Reactions 54 minutes ago
Because pussy is life?
Adnan/zain az
Adnan/zain az Hour ago
2 millions in one day
nunu nini
nunu nini Hour ago
Asian Pr1ngle
Asian Pr1ngle Hour ago
Why people hate people for some small mistakes, and then Niki is just here with the top inappropriate video. ?
Asian Pr1ngle
Asian Pr1ngle Hour ago
Does her Mother allow this?
Dee Li
Dee Li Hour ago
2:17 is dat roman??
Asian Pr1ngle
Asian Pr1ngle Hour ago
Wow.. she loves herself so much ☝🏻爱?
Chun Swae
Chun Swae Hour ago
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia Hour ago
Chun Swae 👏🏼👏🏼
yasmine 267
yasmine 267 Hour ago
Nicki's backup dancers showing out!!
Tae Vaughn
Tae Vaughn Hour ago
nope this suck... nicki sucks
Marina Hendou
Marina Hendou Hour ago
$MarinaLov if anyone is feeling generous..😘😘🥰🥰
🔥 *79M* 🔥
earth. lover
earth. lover Hour ago
why tyga just show at the end like that
earth. lover Cuz, Young Money.
Duong Pham
Duong Pham Hour ago
Duong Pham
Duong Pham Hour ago
Duong Pham
Duong Pham Hour ago
Duong Pham
Duong Pham Hour ago
Duong Pham
Duong Pham Hour ago
Duong Pham
Duong Pham Hour ago
Duong Pham
Duong Pham Hour ago
Duong Pham
Duong Pham Hour ago
78 million views
Calvin Morris
Calvin Morris Hour ago
That girl cardi could never ! ( cardi)Stay out ! Let the queens done talking!!!!!!!!!
Material Girl
Material Girl Hour ago
She’s back !!!!! 🥰
Samantha Jauer
Got a fake ass and don’t even know how to dance 🤫😶🤔
Fenty 2 hours ago
78,8m ❤
shoeb Patel
shoeb Patel 2 hours ago
comments are 150k yesterday youtube plzz stop this fucking nonsense
shoeb Patel
shoeb Patel 2 hours ago
comments are 150k yeterday
Angel Olivares
Angel Olivares 2 hours ago
Congrats Nicki! #QUEENOFRAP
As Estrelas
As Estrelas 2 hours ago
vas a hacer feat con Pabllo Vittar?
Austin Mahone Fans Chile
Esta mujer es un asco, Cardi b es mucho mejor. Ya toda Queen, pasando la chun-li nuevamente
Video Reactions
Video Reactions 53 minutes ago
omg you are fan of austin 💀 this ain't it sis
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia Hour ago
En tus sueños la retrasada b es mejor
As Estrelas
As Estrelas 2 hours ago
quiero Nicki Minaj feat. Pabllo Vittar, quien más?
Video Reactions
Video Reactions 53 minutes ago
Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson 2 hours ago
Cardi b
Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson 2 hours ago
I like cardio b better sorry
Ladarius Hayes
+Tamara Gipson lmao
Tamara Gipson
Tamara Gipson 2 hours ago
milli vanilli lol
sweet sweet
sweet sweet 2 hours ago
Kiaz Njeri
Kiaz Njeri 2 hours ago
Whose here after twerk video and see why Nicki is still Queen
Taccara Davis
Taccara Davis 2 hours ago
Okaaaay!!! Eh Eh....Yasss BarbBitches
Chula Vista
Chula Vista 2 hours ago
Just came over from City girls ft Cardi B video to compare. This is rated G compared to the other one. 😂
Calvin Morris
Calvin Morris 2 hours ago
We close to 90 million lets go , i wouldn't be suprissed if this is not on youtube rewind 2019
BizzleMizzle Rizzle
Listen To It On 1.5x 🔥
Jamaica Babe
Jamaica Babe 2 hours ago
1:03-1:08 sneak dissin Cardi B
Mario Miguel Scharer
If Nicki actually knew how to twerk it would have made the video way better as she could have danced. She looks hot tho.
Shavon Spann
Shavon Spann 2 hours ago
Who on barbie d who on barbie D ... #Everybody!!!
Sandro Pereira
Sandro Pereira 2 hours ago
Adorei a letra kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Rola rola rola rola rola!!!!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkk amooooo
beautiettes and glam
Nicki bad
Christian Francois
Christian Francois 2 hours ago
$hout-Out #Nicki & #weezy 🔥🔥🔥Track
Declan Sheppard
Declan Sheppard 2 hours ago
Wayne’s voice is so weak it’s like 90% auto tune he sounds so shy when he starts off A
Declan Sheppard
Declan Sheppard 2 hours ago
2:46 thank me later
RB25luvGT35R 2 hours ago
💯💯👌🏿Mannie Fresh 💯💯
Destiny Harper
Destiny Harper 2 hours ago
Good job
Kary The legendary Kitty
Jose Cantu
Jose Cantu 3 hours ago
Lets get it to 100 million!!! Barbz
Marte S
Marte S 3 hours ago
malenn Gar Res
malenn Gar Res 3 hours ago
Fake ass voice just like her body,, too squiky 🐒
Keyshia Floyd
Keyshia Floyd 3 hours ago
xanthony x
xanthony x 3 hours ago
Now when I clicked this video it said 150m views then went to 75m
Sam Sang
Sam Sang 3 hours ago
Okay found a way to get the pics to you barbz imgur.com/gallery/bNtUtgb views of the song just changed downwards wen i hit the refresh button
Mariana V
Mariana V 3 hours ago
Why does this song sound old
Maddisen Cox
Maddisen Cox 3 hours ago
more surgery
jdsmith0118 3 hours ago
Wtf was this 💩💩💩
El Pollo Guero
El Pollo Guero 3 hours ago
Stinky ass
Gilbert Rodriguez
Gilbert Rodriguez 3 hours ago
FeinoMadeit 3 hours ago
That’s ass in the milk 🥛 tho 🤦🏾‍♂️💯🤷🏾‍♂️
bootychain smith
bootychain smith 3 hours ago
does anyone actually bump this lmao can’t imagine playing this driving around or thru my air pods
BigFood Style
BigFood Style 3 hours ago
Nicki hips got smaller since the Barbie Tings and Chun Li video
Sam Sang
Sam Sang 3 hours ago
I gat receipts guys.....plain cheating in day light...still looking for how to post de screenshot
BigFood Style
BigFood Style 3 hours ago
This is just one of the songs I can never get sick of.
kingsmami7551 3 hours ago
They video was okay, but dont like the song sorry! So I'm just leave 😒
TruckerNation 3 hours ago
Washed up
Yahshua Dashkovitz
Yahshua Dashkovitz 3 hours ago
This video sucks.
Savage Eddie
Savage Eddie 3 hours ago
yall tripping thinking cardi got anything on Nikki
Cionna Smith
Cionna Smith 4 hours ago
I love this song ❤️🙌🏽
Kaybreonna Fletcher
I tell him eat the 🍪cause it's good for him
Kaybreonna Fletcher
You killed it Nicki
Kaybreonna Fletcher
Jalyn Burns
Jalyn Burns 4 hours ago
Hail the fucking Queeeeen👑
N. A.
N. A. 4 hours ago
I dunno. I feel like for once, this was a song where she could have done without the feature. You can tell it was a last-minute decision to include Lil' Wayne and his part in this video. She should have left him out and just did the original album version. It's actually a good song with her by herself. The songs where Nicki really shouldn't have a feature, she includes a feature. The songs where she could have used a feature, she doesn't have a feature. At least 60% of the tracks on Queen would have been a lot better without a feature. Her team will need to figure out how to work this and maybe her next album will do a lot better when she gets the formula right. This video was giving off really good "girl power" vibes but then Wayne comes in and fucks up the song AND the vibe.
Telescone Boy
Telescone Boy 4 hours ago
100M this month!!
Deon Smith
Deon Smith 4 hours ago
Best female rapper ... periodt 👸👑🦄
Deon Smith
Deon Smith 4 hours ago
Love you Nicki
Sammi Nelm
Sammi Nelm 4 hours ago
Crazy beat & bass😍
TheeRealScooby 4 hours ago
Funny how one of Wayne baby mama in this🤣
Jaya Cliff
Jaya Cliff 4 hours ago
Her and Lauren look like twinzzz
Unruly Jay
Unruly Jay 4 hours ago
I wish I had a girlfriend thick as nicki manaj
Vasjan 4 hours ago
Can't wait for the US tour 😩
Kahil Morales
Kahil Morales 4 hours ago
I have a boner
Isaac Cooper
Isaac Cooper 2 hours ago
Kahil Morales Oop lol
Antonia De La Rosa
Antonia De La Rosa 4 hours ago
Su cirujano debe aconsejarla
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