Nick Cannon Reveals Who the Real Marshmello Is 😱 Wild 'N Out | #Wildstyle

Wild 'N Out
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Nick Cannon wasn’t about lose this Wildstyle to Marshmello, so Justina Valentine picked up the jabs roasting Marshmello like this Wildstyle was a campfire.
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.


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Aug 12, 2019

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Comments 2 566
Robert Morales
Robert Morales 21 minute ago
i need to sue they click baited me it is very unacceptable 😂😭
Alani Tomlinson
Alani Tomlinson 23 minutes ago
Spoiler nick did not expose who the real marshmello is. Clickbatee but it was still an awsome video
Rick S
Rick S 38 minutes ago
@2:28 is when the Henny kicked in DJ Dwreck 😂 everyone was caught off guard
Yeetymcfleety Yeet
Yeetymcfleety Yeet 42 minutes ago
Y’all know that Chris comstock is the real marshmallow
Lizeth Young
Lizeth Young 50 minutes ago
Red squad has all the pros
Milo Jamez
Milo Jamez 51 minute ago
Nick hot coco bar underrated honestly
Aräbia Palmër
0:35 nicks face🤤
Zariah Nation
Zariah Nation Hour ago
Click bait
Jayden Young
Jayden Young Hour ago
Mr. cumy
Mr. cumy Hour ago
Marshmallow in wildn out let him be DJ🌝
xPxnk Hour ago
Clickbated. Well played.
Mario Jimenez
Mario Jimenez 2 hours ago
Clickbait 😭
Dezmond Larkin
Dezmond Larkin 2 hours ago
Click bait
juju smith scahuster
White boy is always aggressive af
winmyat aung
winmyat aung 3 hours ago
I like the red hair lady.
ッPohlz 3 hours ago
Nick cannon really needs views I see
Copyringht Music
Copyringht Music 4 hours ago
Is Marshmello cake expensive? How do I buy it? I'm Indonesian. I really want Marshmello cake because I'm a big fan.
Lauren Maroon
Lauren Maroon 7 hours ago
Y’all real mean for that ...
Mazen Hamdan
Mazen Hamdan 7 hours ago
bru that shit was hella funny
ty surfs
ty surfs 8 hours ago
I think he's not able to speak so he uses music to express him self.
Joe M
Joe M 8 hours ago
Got click baited by MTV. Crazy.
Deejay JeanP
Deejay JeanP 8 hours ago
Their reactions at 2:25 I'M DONE 😂😂😂
fortnite funny
fortnite funny 8 hours ago
The real marshmello is old and white no racist
Lit Ty52
Lit Ty52 9 hours ago
SimpleTap 9 hours ago
How everyone looked at the dj when he pushed the wrong button 👀😂
Tyrese Ty-Get It Colbert VeVo
Charlie Clips Is Too Funny At The End Towards Big Mac 😭😭😭😭
Zoe G.
Zoe G. 9 hours ago
“ these buttons are close “ 😭
T - Gamer
T - Gamer 10 hours ago
Next Eminem is taking the that mike
Maurice Baltimore
Maurice Baltimore 10 hours ago
Cassie Swift
Cassie Swift 10 hours ago
I must know who Marshmello is
I’m Goated1
I’m Goated1 10 hours ago
Ailua 11 hours ago
straight fuckin clickbait lmao
Jazzmion Brown
Jazzmion Brown 12 hours ago
Cameron Damon
Cameron Damon 12 hours ago
Why is he even in this he didn’t say anything
Francis Crank
Francis Crank 12 hours ago
Black man what ❓
Francis Crank
Francis Crank 12 hours ago
Who came for marshmallow
Sami Rendel
Sami Rendel 12 hours ago
Y’all don’t have to agree but Justina is really good at freestyle
spider human
spider human 12 hours ago
Jaden Cooper
Jaden Cooper 12 hours ago
sexiiredbone619773 13 hours ago
Ya lost Nick lol
Allen Alonso
Allen Alonso 13 hours ago
Fucking clickbait
bee to b
bee to b 13 hours ago
Who else watched it till the end to see if they were gonna reveal marshmello's face Coz i know i did
blueskull3920 13 hours ago
I obviously knew it was fake cause marshmallow won’t just show his identity
This Dog is fat
This Dog is fat 13 hours ago
this is just so bad who the fuck enjoys this
car gaming life
car gaming life 14 hours ago
What is this
Myc Rut
Myc Rut 14 hours ago
most pathetic clickbait title ever..sad!
Jai'Dyn Jones
Jai'Dyn Jones 14 hours ago
Steven Mmadi
Steven Mmadi 14 hours ago
Eman Hudson’s look 😂
CeezerTheGOAT 14 hours ago
the clickbait is so real
Dogo 14 hours ago
The Snipes
The Snipes 15 hours ago
Marsh Eli a bitch he aint say nothing
Matario Ellen
Matario Ellen 15 hours ago
I’m screaming CLICKBAIT❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
Itz Madame Foster
Itz Madame Foster 15 hours ago
How everybody just lost it and almost fell at the last joke 😂😂😂
kingz Glitch
kingz Glitch 15 hours ago
I got scamed
elisha phillips
elisha phillips 15 hours ago
Anderson García
Anderson García 15 hours ago
Fucken clickbait
nika gamble
nika gamble 15 hours ago
Click bait at its finest 💀
Lalo Garcia
Lalo Garcia 15 hours ago
Dislike cuz y’all didn’t revealed him ..
lockjaw 303
lockjaw 303 16 hours ago
If marshmello 5ft 11 and Nick cannon is 6ft why does marshmello look 4 inches bigger than Nick, I don't know maybe his helmet just makes him look bigger
Harrietta Menjay
Harrietta Menjay 16 hours ago
It’s Delaney
It’s Delaney 16 hours ago
He didn’t reveal marshmallow
Filthy VloGs
Filthy VloGs 16 hours ago
Click bait
Ace Gitanga
Ace Gitanga 16 hours ago
The bait is real
Ruben Villatoro
Ruben Villatoro 16 hours ago
If you a marsh mello then I want this hot coco lmao
Loo Loo
Loo Loo 16 hours ago
Bro click bate
Zade Shepherd
Zade Shepherd 17 hours ago
Courtney Mitchell
Courtney Mitchell 17 hours ago
Kay Kay
Kay Kay 17 hours ago
2:27 the way they all turned their heads cause he pressed the wrong button 😭😭😂
Tye Padilla
Tye Padilla 17 hours ago
It's click bait
Wolf gang
Wolf gang 17 hours ago
Carlton Hicks Jr.
Carlton Hicks Jr. 17 hours ago
Click bate yll
Coder 17 hours ago
Everyone knows who marshmello is lmao
KenOOF-white 17 hours ago
Marshmello name is chris
danthegoat131 17 hours ago
First time I witnessed y’all clickbait
Cynthia Clemmons
Cynthia Clemmons 17 hours ago
Fucking liar
Cate52 17 hours ago
I can't decide if I'm extremely confused or just extremely cringing
Arnix 56
Arnix 56 18 hours ago
what if there's a actual marshmallow/man under that mask
Jameson Speed
Jameson Speed 18 hours ago
The real marshmello is Christopher Comstock
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