Neymar's improved attitude and goal-scoring ability on full display in PSG's win vs. Lyon | Ligue 1

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ESPN FC's Ligue 1 correspondent Julien Laurens discusses Neymar's impact without the help of Edinson Cavani and Kylian Mbappe in Paris Saint-Germain's 1-0 victory vs. Lyon. Laurens praises Neymar for his team mentality, improved attitude and leadership. Laurens also adds that PSG played every bit as well with Neymar back in the lineup as they did when he missed out in their UEFA Champions League group stage win vs. Real Madrid.
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Sep 23, 2019




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Comments 365
NIMA! 24 days ago
Neymar is best
Praba Y
Praba Y 25 days ago
This panel is stupid. Lol. Put some respect on the guys name. French league is a big mess. First deal with your fans.
victor promiseviz
victor promiseviz 25 days ago
neymar is the best player similar to messi and everyone knows that, dont get me wrong 2 best players are messi and cr7, but messi has total football and neymar has it too, ie build up, assist, dribbles, and neymar has this amazing skill set and techniques, the only problem is he loses focus doing tricks and getting opponents mad and gets too carried away with other stuffs outside football, but if he was in barca and kept growing all those stuffs would have reduced because he has messi around, the greatest footballer, he would stay humble, also no need saying he is getting great, he is already great, plus he most likely would leave psg eventually
Malone 25 days ago
Imagine living in a world where Neymar is at Man City or Barcelona
Malone 25 days ago
Yay, Jules
SizzerX 25 days ago
He is becoming a good farmer that's it
Kerron Birju
Kerron Birju 25 days ago
Sustainable? Bro this guy can easily have a couple goals in every match.
William Kelly
William Kelly 26 days ago
Neymar is so overrated! The World Cup he was a disgrace
Sebastian Towles
Sebastian Towles 26 days ago
Love seeing him shut them up
Cj Morientes
Cj Morientes 26 days ago
He brought all this on himself, horrible player to have on your team because ultimately he’s selfish and his father is an enabler of his son’s petulance and disregard for team ethos. They’ll win nothing with of substance at PSG while he’s there.
Jecob Reza
Jecob Reza 26 days ago
I don’t think neymar deserve so much hate. He’s a great as a player. After messi,Ronaldo he’s the best. If he was in Barcelona nobody would find a scope to criticize him. He’s a natural player.
DEXTEROUS WUBS 26 days ago
You guys act like Neymar isn’t one top 3 in the world. He has never shown any doubt about his ability. Just attitude.
Yolo Polo
Yolo Polo 26 days ago
Performing for a move out of PSG. Even though he's performing exceptionally with 54goals in 60games, football fans won't take him seriously because is "French League". He's done it in Spain and won the Trebel with Barca but still people doubt him. He could stay but that won't likely happen because he seems to be trying to regain his title as top 3 and compete for the Ballon D'or. If he stays fit and performing like the usual he'll easily be out of there by summer..
Chile Gunner
Chile Gunner 26 days ago
Jules has always been critical of neymar by using the fans and ultras reaction. Fans don't matter, they are fickle. if the team is delivering and the player performs, they will support.
I would laugh if neymarjr takes to them the UCL Final 😂
samuel dias
samuel dias 26 days ago
samuel dias
samuel dias 26 days ago
Roger Stephen Roth
Roger Stephen Roth 26 days ago
After the years of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo dominance, Neymar and Mbappe would represent the next generation of the next players who could start winning the ballon d'ors in the 2020's and beyond.
Roger Stephen Roth
Roger Stephen Roth 26 days ago
Neymar has to really step up his game because he will have a tough time to compete against Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Mbappe for the future world player of the year. He may be considered a mercenary for hire in PSG but he is a very talented mercenary which PSG paid a lot of money for.
Jason Red
Jason Red 26 days ago
The accent of the reporter pissies me off . In his voice . We see he's french 🤭
Gabriel Clarke
Gabriel Clarke 26 days ago
So hard for Neymar ffs.
Junyer 26 days ago
ESPN FC punching the air while posting this
Speechy Israelite
Speechy Israelite 26 days ago
PSG as already won d league
Marian M
Marian M 26 days ago
I will not stop disliking their videos until they remove that outro.
Marian M
Marian M 26 days ago
Oh look, PSG is first.. soooo interesti...zzz
Ismael Dah
Ismael Dah 26 days ago
With the way PSG has started, they might actually be good enough to compete and probably win against City and even Liverpool
jvaldez5 26 days ago
The prodigal son of PSG I hope people can forgive him he seems to be back
Prinston Dunken
Prinston Dunken 26 days ago
Neymar has been consistent for years far better than many players these days. Consistency is a 🔑
Douglas Faria
Douglas Faria 26 days ago
I might’ve misjudged him a little bit. He was honest about wanting out but I don’t think he ever intended to sulk or sew division in the club. This shows me he tries his best no matter what
The Mouse
The Mouse 26 days ago
What garbage! Show the goal not these clowns!
Onion Dip
Onion Dip 26 days ago
One minute they hate you..the next minute they love you ...
Jimmy and the Resurrection
Improved refereeing too. They are not allowing Neymar to be voluntarily chopped by defenders. My congratulation to them.
Robert Doyle
Robert Doyle 26 days ago
Lol !!!
Junior Imafidon
Junior Imafidon 26 days ago
I clicked so fast more than I bust my nuts
G. Chady
G. Chady 26 days ago
Lol what redemption, hes just playing to be on top form when he comes back to barca 😏😂
Let us keep on praying for Neymar. I believe that as long as he remains humble, Jesus Himself will lift him up (1 Peter 5:6).
Chekka T
Chekka T 26 days ago
Jesus believed in God so ultimately God chooses.
Marshall Smith
Marshall Smith 26 days ago
ESPN wear Neymar name like their every day clothing The media always talking stupidness But one thing for sure Only injury can stop that boy Once he up on running Bad mind is going to feel that pain On if u have that type of mind setting U will know what am talking about For now...am out. Blessings to u Neymar.
Ehsan Kamran
Ehsan Kamran 26 days ago
Well thank you very much for watching ESPN about Neymar on uuuuuuuuutube
Shahel Shah
Shahel Shah 26 days ago
A well motivated Neymar will score even when you stack best defenders and defensive midfielders.
João Paulo Andrade
Neymar > PSG
Juan Moreno
Juan Moreno 26 days ago
Ghiulai Dani
Ghiulai Dani 26 days ago
Lyon parked the bus at home the whole game and they should be the main rival for PSG! That tells you all you need to know about Ligue 1
GAMEZSTAA 26 days ago
Winning cures all. The Neymar saga will be forgotten as long as PSG keeps winning.
windydonutz 26 days ago
Tuchel is a fantastic manager
Anamauwa Dimgba
Anamauwa Dimgba 26 days ago
Julien’s (first sports analyst) french accent just on full display
Jn Mc
Jn Mc 26 days ago
Di maria needs to stay in starting 11 even when cavani icardi and mbappe comes back. I dont care PSG are better with him because he is less of a me-first player.
satrac 26 days ago
He matured a little at the end of the summer. It's time to get to work.
Jorge Oliveira
Jorge Oliveira 26 days ago
The Mexican BSer... that was protecting the mexican player that literaly steped on Neymar's legs during the last world cup. It seams that lack of honesty is the way for professional advancement at ESPN. Just another soccer hater.
Dantanna 26 days ago
French toast dude was asked about Neymar and he changes the subject and says the teams effort no way dummy the team isn’t scoring the win , give credit to where credit is due its Neymar at the las minute scoring after the team has the entire time to score so tell the phoney fans to stop throwing garbage
Samuel Atohoun
Samuel Atohoun 26 days ago
He is himself a PSG fan
Borussia Dortmund 4EVER
I heard Barca and man u are monitoring Thomas tuchel
Ronaldo Terris
Ronaldo Terris 26 days ago
Di Maria is a perfect combination of talent and hardwork...underrated for sure
John Wick
John Wick 26 days ago
Neymar is still my fav after Messi
Patrick Moses
Patrick Moses 26 days ago
Only if I can meet them I would tell them how incredible player Naymar is.
Aka Su
Aka Su 26 days ago
Officially French people are stupid
michel brillaud
michel brillaud 26 days ago
Neymarbashing should be toned down. PSG needs him more than ever !
Asim Yadav
Asim Yadav 27 days ago
Who was the one to like the comment
Burberrydae 27 days ago
Y’all are dumb seriously like y’all bash him, said he was this in that but Neymar always played the same even before he was injured like he stay carrying PSG like who else can carry a Team like him Messi and Ronald Right But who else can do it consistently over over not many players
robertbslee 27 days ago
Lol 1 goal and now Neymar is a saviour
robertbslee 26 days ago
@djj gaming No one is doubting that he has talent, it is his respect for the club that pays him. Do you think his few games have wiped the slate clean?
djj gaming
djj gaming 26 days ago
So what do you want to say? Neymar is not talented?
Chekka T
Chekka T 27 days ago
😂😂😂 Burly couldn't even string a sentence out of his mouth for Neymar 🖕🏽
Chekka T
Chekka T 27 days ago
The Mexican "is this sustainable " 😂😂😂🖕🏽 Neymar's stats as the main man are on par with Messi & Ronaldo.
Strollic 26 days ago
I think he meant, how long till he's injured again.
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