Neymar Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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International soccer star Neymar goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles, and talks about meeting Michael Jordan and spends a record-setting $18,000 plus on shoes.
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Episode 25
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Jul 24, 2017

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Comments 19 093
gatsby79 40 minutes ago
there are 2 shoes $5000
CallMeKlicks 3 hours ago
Those kaws 4s are beautiful
MrClean IsMe
MrClean IsMe 8 hours ago
Please do Messi on the complex doing sneaker shopping.
DARRYL 360 11 hours ago
Neymar can speak english right?
Buggy Bugson
Buggy Bugson 13 hours ago
There are so many more shoes in America than there are even in Europe. It's nuts
Rudolf Nolasco
Rudolf Nolasco 18 hours ago
And imagine how rich is christiano ronaldo are
Gyaltsen_ 26
Gyaltsen_ 26 19 hours ago
Lewis Hamilton should also come
Rupam Dhal
Rupam Dhal 23 hours ago
Jeff Bezos and he buys Complex, Ronaldo, Future, Juice Wrld, Robert Kraft
Jason vhories
Soccer players have underrated drip
Jaden Roberts
My man literally spent 18 Gs
Gabriel García
We should talk less about the money artists pay buying shoes, this section is unique we should enjoy the video and happy for they than can pay all that money, let's work hard if we want to do the same!
Mohsin Ahmed
Mohsin Ahmed Day ago
Lmao, neymar is bigger worldwide than Jordan will ever be.
Ryuga Zeus
Ryuga Zeus 3 hours ago
@Rupam Dhal yeah cause of hes shoe but neymar is more popular
Mohsin Ahmed
Mohsin Ahmed 17 hours ago
@Rupam Dhal I was talking about popularity...
Rupam Dhal
Rupam Dhal 17 hours ago
Talking about popularity. Football is a popular sport. So he sure as hell is more famous. But MJ is a legend.
Rupam Dhal
Rupam Dhal 17 hours ago
Jordan's got more money
Mohsin Ahmed
Mohsin Ahmed 17 hours ago
@Rupam Dhal you read that right
Mohsin Ahmed
Mohsin Ahmed Day ago
This one man is more famous than anyone you have ever had on your show. Except for CR7.
Emil Engberg
Emil Engberg Day ago
Song 0:38 ???????
ivan acosta
ivan acosta Day ago
how they understand what the other is saying?
Rameuneu Channel
$18,000 wtf😍👍
Rameuneu Channel
Sting Rogue
Sting Rogue Day ago
I do not understand how they understand each other knowing that there are no auricles in their ears. There is surely a translator and they cut to the editing
João Paulo
João Paulo Day ago
Neymar cuidado pra ñ cair kkk
Hypebeast Soldier
be easy on neymar so he doesnt roll away
Chris Hira
Chris Hira 2 days ago
He could’ve bought the entire store if he wanted to lmao.
Man0vitt _
Man0vitt _ 2 days ago
O menino Ney aki!!???
JackAller 3 days ago
Ney was thinking " wait what? I spent 18.000 dollars in shoes ? Oh who cares , I gain 22 million dollars every year
LÆ ZNM 3 days ago
Jo acting like he understand what Neymar talkin about.
LÆ ZNM 3 days ago
U laugh at his English, he laughs at your bank account.
Dooby Rosensaft
Dooby Rosensaft 3 days ago
What color way is the vapor max he is wearin. Looked everywhere but I couldn’t find them
Dooby Rosensaft
Dooby Rosensaft 2 days ago
egydude15 thanks!
egydude15 2 days ago
Dooby Rosensaft Nike vapor max Royal blue black. Style number 849558-400
Dennis Lin
Dennis Lin 3 days ago
If I spent what neymar spent then I would have bought the more well known ones. Not lebrons or huraches.
Nathan MM
Nathan MM 3 days ago
Man makes 107 Mil a year 18k is basically Candy money 🤣
Neymar wasn't lying when he said he was going to get a whole bunch of sneakers
vict oria
vict oria 4 days ago
He liked the check out girl
teemokale 4 days ago
Fuck neymar
Andreia Cardoso
Andreia Cardoso 4 days ago
Neymar é foda brother 👌✌❤❤
Antoine Rosenthal
Cuál es el nombre de las zapatillas que usa?
JoseMi 5 days ago
Gasto más el canelo 🛍
vchang3 5 days ago
Who's here after Mbappe Sneaker Shopping video?
Santii 5 days ago
Esta bien que se gaste tanto dinero si esa compra la debe hacer una vez x año
Mahyar 5 days ago
Neymar should learn English
Duke. 1.2M views
Duke. 1.2M views 5 days ago
*Neymar:* I’m choosing a whole bunch He wasn’t lying
Jadri MC125
Jadri MC125 6 days ago
Maxwell Reyes
Maxwell Reyes 6 days ago
7 min of this video they were just asking him question
hello bye
hello bye 6 days ago
I like how Neymar laughs at his own jokes every time he finishes a sentence
Sebastian Cardoza
Neymar just whant to make people see how much he gets
Berry Blue
Berry Blue 6 days ago
How tall r u man ?
It is your boi, OOOFMAN
Can u come back to Barcelona Neymar
crispy 7 days ago
6:17 kid does his hair in window
Kylin Ramond
Kylin Ramond 7 days ago
Sneaker shopping record
Kylin Ramond
Kylin Ramond 7 days ago
Does he understand what Neymar is saying
Adham Abdelrazek
Adham Abdelrazek 7 days ago
My dude made him spend money when he gets them stuff for free off of Nike.
muhammad helmy
muhammad helmy 7 days ago
Subtitle indonesian please
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