Neymar Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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International soccer star Neymar goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles, and talks about meeting Michael Jordan and spends a record-setting $18,000 plus on shoes.
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Season 4
Episode 25
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Jul 24, 2017




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Comments 19 416
Diego Topete
Diego Topete 10 hours ago
Music credits?
Rodrigo Valenzuela
Rodrigo Valenzuela 14 hours ago
In euros or dollar?
Jesus Cabrera
A mi me dicen " Su total es de 2400 pesos" Y yo respondo, " Vuelan? O se ponen solos? "
kyl sathongnhoth
In the thumbnail he looks like he just bought the whole shop
Asher Abbasi
Asher Abbasi 2 days ago
I think the host has no idea how huge neymar is, that’s why he keep inferring how lucky neymar is to meet jordon
O Tênis que eu mais gosto é o que estava no pé do Neymar, Vapormax o tênis bom confortável e leve , Se tiver Brasileiros aqui Se escreve lá no meu Canal :)
deParsiaツ 2 days ago
Desiré Kanfom
Desiré Kanfom 2 days ago
On es très pauvre , mais on n'aime
Couch Potato
Couch Potato 2 days ago
Is it weird that he bought all his shoes for 18 k and this vid has 18 mill views ? Coincidence ? I think not.
Non non j'y crois pas tema comment il a mater la caissière avec un sourrir bg il a voulu pécho cte gow jpp Neymar Neymar
Schutzstaffel 3 days ago
Woman: The total is 18 thousand Neymar:😏 also Neymar : (I dont understand what is she saying)
Morshed Saifi
Morshed Saifi 3 days ago
no adidas
Splooh 4 days ago
18 000 вы охуели?
Splooh 4 days ago
Русские тут?
Distance Danzique
Everybody talking bout how he didn't mind the price while I'm here admiring his personality for calm and humble he is very outspoken person his energy just flows yo like damn
baby blue
baby blue 5 days ago
I wonder how that cashier survive after Neymar stares at her like that 😍 I would fainted if were her 😅
amaury joel
amaury joel 7 days ago
Neymar millionaire friend’s: lol let’s throw his $200 sneakers in the bath so they get messed up Neymar: lmao guys come on now i gotta buy some more
Maurice ter Stege
Now they can throw a $5000 pair of shoes in the bath
reynaldo ruvalcaba
Canelo Alvarez did 19K on the show not bad for a Mexican kid 😉
TheBeastCruz 18
TheBeastCruz 18 8 days ago
You know he's rich when he says his friends pranked him when they ruined them
ma ia
ma ia 8 days ago
So when Robert Lewandowski
Nathan D
Nathan D 9 days ago
I can't understand this ? So young SO Rich and still no English Dumbass, learn some English.
David Chavez
David Chavez 9 days ago
Do messi sneaker shopping
Andy Yoo
Andy Yoo 9 days ago
guys, he makes $41 million a year from PSG alone. He makes 100,821 EURO a day which is equivalent to $112,372 USD. $18k is literally him going to Chipotle and buying a burrito with chips, guac and a drink
The JudderMan
The JudderMan 9 days ago
The amount he spent on sneakers I don't even make in a year 😳
MND DNM 10 days ago
My guy went all out 18 thosand
K I Samad
K I Samad 12 days ago
♥ Back then many shoes he like but can't get them, if parents buy one pain It remain the reason to be happy♥ owh ♠♠♠♠♠
BVBZ WENT WILD 12 days ago
In his contract with psg he makes 172k per 24hrs And I didn't add his other sources of revenue such as Endorsements, sponsors, real estate, jewelry etc...
HADO JO 12 days ago
Mucha grasa
HIKE 14 days ago
If these people want to make records for highest price... They should just call bill gates .. He might just buy the whole store.
Moutamine 15 days ago
Neymar buys 18K of sneakers Driver calls another van to fit them in
tri p
tri p 16 days ago
Lynch 616
Lynch 616 16 days ago
Neymar gets $112.000 a day from just PSG. 18g on sneakers is pocket change
HeartShapedBox 17 days ago
I'm shocked he didn't fall dramatically like he does on the field😂😂😂😂😂😂 #Neymarisajoke
Edilson Guimarães de Sant'ana
Neymar lied about his poor childhood because he already had a millionaire contract at the age of 11.
Nosyvi Gamer
Nosyvi Gamer 17 days ago
Eita que é gringo nos comentários, aki é BR porra!
Gustavo Silva
Gustavo Silva 16 days ago
foi difícil achar um comentário br ein
juan carlos mendoza
Luís Pereira
Luís Pereira 20 days ago
Cr7 speak English easy Neylixo speak Portuguese 🤔🤔🤔🤔
aandgdesigngroup 20 days ago
Neymar is wack!
Calebe Videos
Calebe Videos 20 days ago
Fez a feira !!!
Mark Lalriliana Renthlei
Who else wants Marshmello on the show?
Naushad Hussain
Naushad Hussain 21 day ago
GODD! He is anyways sponsored by nike
Paul Lallogo
Paul Lallogo 21 day ago
So Neymar don't speak English OMG
Emanuel SAngma
Emanuel SAngma 21 day ago
Whose here again after October 2019?
reihan pratama
reihan pratama 22 days ago
Siapa yg Indonesia Like 👇👇👇
Denver Pelly
Denver Pelly 22 days ago
His English is better that lil pumps
Cresina 22 days ago
Neymar made 2x his money back while walking back to his car😂
Nanderlizer Nanderlizer
>takes pic with lewis hamilton and odell beckham >only asks about beckham wtf?
fujcfb jfhuu
fujcfb jfhuu 23 days ago
Pekin inglichs
A A 23 days ago
Jesus he spend that money cuz he knows he WLL get another 300 million from another soccer club 👁🤙🏾
Nehemyah Corbin
Nehemyah Corbin 23 days ago
Mans on approx.$784K a week, he makes $18 in a couple mins probably
Ays Perez
Ays Perez 23 days ago
Notice how when soccer players show up it’s when they get the most views
Soo I did the math... considering the fact that he gets paid so fucking much He spent $18 Roughly that day He get’s paid 50 million a year $136,986 a day $5,707 an Hour Soo for him to spend 18K is just the same as him wasting 3 hours
Ruhzyy 27 days ago
andddd then he realized he got them all in the wrong size.
8dab 27 days ago
Yo he’s taste in sneakers is actually fire 🔥
Dimiter Angelicheff
SPORTS FINESSE 28 days ago
Monstrao vmg
Monstrao vmg 29 days ago
Neymar precisa nem pagar esses tenis kkkkkkkkkk só pedir que a Nike da
W. Jordan
W. Jordan 22 days ago
Pois é kkk fora que 18 mil dólares não faz nem cócegas no que ele recebe...
alexvlad585 Month ago
The music is stressing me out, it's like i'm playing the dinosaur google game
Star Light
Star Light Month ago
This is not "sneaker shopping", it's NIKE ad.
Star Light
Star Light Month ago
18k on shoes but not even $1 on English lessons. LOL.
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