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Real Time with Bill Maher
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In his editorial New Rule, Bill declares that Trump Derangement Syndrome is real - and that it applies to anyone condoning the president's indefensible behavior.
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Sep 21, 2019




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Comments 4 176
Ralph Bourke
Ralph Bourke 3 hours ago
Bill your a very wealthy guy and this crap you just displayed put's you smack dab in the middle of the Trump hysteria. You just stooped to his level job well done! And by the way Maher every politician does and will lie to every one they can in order to keep the real truth from it's tax payers. The one thing Washington has no interests in and that is the truth. So you did your job in this segment. You do what you do best and that is to get a few cheap laughs at the expense of others. The cheap jokes made you a wealthy guy but in the eyes of the public turned you into a bottom feeder. Not bad considering you have no other talents to offer. Carry on Bill and good luck with your peddling the hate campaign!
Annie S.
Annie S. 5 hours ago
Someone under seventy 2020!!!!
Become a Web Designer and Developer
All about Trump's personaltiy, no substance.
Mona Amaya
Mona Amaya 14 hours ago
usvid.net/video/video-usDPeffvaBk.html I love ❤️ you bill
Amanda Wyllis
Amanda Wyllis 20 hours ago
I haven't laughed so hard in a while LOL 😂 🤣
Dan Africk
Dan Africk Day ago
Trump can be an awful president and shitty human being, and the left can be utterly deranged with a pathological obsession with Trump. The two are not mutually exclusive, and both are very much true.
Austin White
Austin White Day ago
It's OK, though, because "the country is divided."
TheBee87bee 2 days ago
I laughed so hard I hurt!!!!!
Sniper 3 days ago
TRUMP 2020
Hi-Ougi Demon fang
Can we all just appreciate that even as bad as bill maher’s imaginary Biden is, he’d still legitimately be a better president. I mean he wouldn’t be stealing kids from their parents, or wanting to send a firing squad to greet refugees.
Tim Nelson
Tim Nelson 3 days ago
He sums up Trump Derangement Syndrome perfectly by still peddling Russian interference. TDS started for Bill when he bet Trump 5 million dollars that he couldn’t prove he wasn’t an orangutan. Trump, in an epic troll rebuttal, sent him proof and filed a lawsuit for his money. Since then I heard nothing about it which leads me to believe that he did just to piss off Bill Maher. It was fucking fantastic. Since then, Bill has gone off the rails. If anyone follows Bill, you will see the hilarious hypocrisy of this segment.
Crunchy Napkin247
Trump doesnt even have to campaign. Its over. 2020 easily then cruz or pence easily 2024 because trump will campaign for them. Deal with it betas and fat feminists 👍
Adam Dominguez
Adam Dominguez 4 days ago
Trump basically chose Biden as the next candidate to run against him. Haven’t heard about the other candidates in a while.
MingTuck Chung
MingTuck Chung 4 days ago
There are many countries that would kill any American if they go there but NOTHING. Nothing is done, but when China deals with there own people who continue destroying their own country, America wants to do something?
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 4 days ago
You Bill fans Trump wins again. To 2024. Feral judges dominate as Ginsberg dies. Biden old senile man. Son loser.
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 4 days ago
Hannity said every thing right. Bill you 69 in.2025 not on HBO. Go fuck a black woman.
The truth Facts
The truth Facts 4 days ago
Let's start taking bets on if bill has a mental break down or not when Trump is re-elected. My bet is he will be eating a hamburger off the floor in 2020 lol
The truth Facts
The truth Facts 4 days ago
You have mislabeled the right. They don't think trump is never wrong or say liberals have TDS because they get mad (about everything) about trumps actions. They say you have TDS because of the hypocrisy you all overlook. Also this video didnt age very well as Biden got caught doing exactly what the left accused trump of doing. Im sure your video of Biden's withholding of foreign aid just hasn't aired yet lol.
Peg202 XO
Peg202 XO 4 days ago
Caligula made a horse a Senator and the other senators thought "He's nuts!" and SAID "Great!" That's where the GOP is now. They have a horse's a** for a leader and SAY "He's great!"
Chris Terrence
Chris Terrence 4 days ago
Sanders/Buttigieg, or Warren/Buttigieg, or, Buttigieg/anybody.
Matt Kirk
Matt Kirk 4 days ago
Bill pretending like he doesn't know fully that we dont want someone who "behaves like a President". That got us to where we are now. If we wanted that, we had Mitt. We had Jeb. We dont want them.
My Name
My Name 5 days ago
Let's not forget that bill maher voted for hillary, who got us into Iraqi war, Syrian war, Libyan war and Afghan war, wich collectively killed over 2million women & children. Gave rise to isis which brought back slavery in Libya. Bill maher voted for somebody that was against LGBT rights, shamed rape victims and illegaly deleted 30,000 emails. Ohh and bengazi. Fuck bill maher. He is a treasonous cunt!
david snider
david snider 5 days ago
5 more years fk tard trumps-ville
Cyndi Moring
Cyndi Moring 5 days ago
Bill knows he's the American Voice of Reason. And so do all Americans.
Stranger 5 days ago
Talk about exaggerating much, I'm trying to find his jokes funny but he's clearly doing the typical thing that mainstream liberal media does, which is take something Trump does, take it out of context and try to make him look like an evil crazy dictator, but unlike mainstream news media, comedians on the left try to be funny with it, and I'm not laughing. I like bill maher but he seems to have fallen into the same trap as most leftist comedians, which is to take the safe and not edgy route, which to make the majority of your jokes about Trump and his supporters and almost nothing else, which gets boring after a while, smfh lol!
GrimX 5 days ago
Biden isn't the answer. We can't beat corruption with corruption.
TheBee87bee 2 days ago
Who would you suggest,Hitler to run against Trump,lol!
Stevie Anderson
Stevie Anderson 5 days ago
Dems would impeach Biden in record time. They kill their own in a heartbeat.
Tim Entry
Tim Entry 5 days ago
Maher is soooo ugly. He looks like he got hit in the face with a flat iron.
D J,
D J, 5 days ago
Bill Joe Crime Biden will NEVER BE PRESIDENT ... Remember except the Out come, Hillary said it would be Un-American to Not except it... you have lost your minds anyone who would want a Democrat that believes that most Americans want Free everything for illegals before anything else is Crazy. it does Guarantee trump 2020 So Thanks .... Please Turn Off That Applause sign Bill ....
sky driver
sky driver 5 days ago
dont worry, biden will never be president
maxhammertruth 5 days ago
Bernie, Elizabeth, Pete are running TOO.
Jay Ramsey
Jay Ramsey 3 days ago
Yeah, but did you want Bill to talk shit about them?
Arturo Hernandez
Arturo Hernandez 4 days ago
Wish pete wins that'll piss off the Christians 😁😁
Mike North
Mike North 5 days ago
If Biden was the nominee I would feel ok cause at least it might be as funny as Trump but Warren and Bernie are just boring and mad all the time.
ศศิญาภา พิมพ์บุตร
I love this gay guy ..great videos....but Trump is honest compared to mainstream media
Cheyemos 6 days ago
And no mention of Biden’s propensity to touch children inappropriately.... I like Maher, but he’s not very consistent sometimes.
eli goldman
eli goldman 3 days ago
Umm yeah sorry to burst your bubble but that is actual conspiracy theory.
Tony Kohanek
Tony Kohanek 4 days ago
You mean that shit where there's no proof? How about Trump's propensity to assault women? Like he actually admitted to
Rebel Scum
Rebel Scum 6 days ago
or we could elect Bernie Sanders and have a sane president.
Bodiless Voice
Bodiless Voice 2 days ago
Bill is too rich to consider that.
athlonz2007 6 days ago
Yang 2020
tina Haynes
tina Haynes 6 days ago
Right on Bill !
Patricia Hyland
Patricia Hyland 6 days ago
BERNIE 2020!!😍😍😍
Kim Brown
Kim Brown 6 days ago
But Obama is the worst President ever vs this narcissistic prick
Gloomy Blackfur
Gloomy Blackfur 6 days ago
We are truly living through the end of the Republic.
rsavis 6 days ago
Most trump supporters are like me, we do not truthfuly repsond to opinion polls or political surveys, we love the US Consitution most of all, we are scared to death of another america hating liberal in office.
Brian Hurtado
Brian Hurtado 6 days ago
There is "a bit" of that? Trump's dumbest point is still head and shoulders above your side's "intersectional" stupidity. AOC being the face of your party demonstrates why your incessant Trump attacks are meaningless. Moreover, if you smell it all the time (left), it's more than likely your upper lip...
911 Never Forget
911 Never Forget 6 days ago
Russia messed without election while under Obama’s watch. Right?
Ed Doyle
Ed Doyle 6 days ago
He launched one of the biggest child sex trafficking investigations that so far has lead to over 400 arrests and ICE agent have recused over 2000 children. It gets no coverage in the mainstream media and with recent arrest of Ed Buck in California, they are starting to crack down on the Hollywood pedophile rings that Kevin Spacey was involved with along with jeff Epstein. This is a good thing. Why would you and so many others hate him so much you can't appreciate the cracking down on.... Oh... You know what... Probably nothing.. Nevermind...
XELLTRONICS 6 days ago
D J,
D J, 6 days ago
Trump always says what's on his mind, doing GREAT THING"S also he has exposed all the Closet Racist, What Trump did about Otto " Nothing " Really Pisses Me Off, Something should be done, Trump don't hide anything, Like The Ass Kissing Democrats, They Stand in Line to Kiss the behind of the Most Hated Sewer Rat in America.. Al Sharpton... another Reason to Vote Trump 2020 .. you talk about Russia Obama was Kissing his behind you don't seem to Care .. Hot mic. Thug Biden's Lock them up ...
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 6 days ago
trump 2020 100%
THE DIABLO DOG 6 days ago
You just don't get it! And you never will!
Irving Kurlinski
Irving Kurlinski 6 days ago
I would vote Green, again, before I'd vote for status quo Joe. If schmucks are what the DNC is going to continue to field as acceptable because they're "not as bad", my vote will go to the Green Party. Sanders/Warren 2020.
Teri Fehl
Teri Fehl 6 days ago
Those with the most to lose scream the loudest.
youdodat2 6 days ago
FU bill
paul mc
paul mc 6 days ago
How many politicans family members, are working for gas companies, in ukraine and elsewhere?
Beck V
Beck V 6 days ago
If I could frame this segment I would. I'd love for it to be the first thing my republican tRump-loving crazy sisters watch the second they walk into my house. Why am I related to them?
Bodiless Voice
Bodiless Voice 2 days ago
People had siblings on both sides of the civil war too. It happens.
rdelrosso2001 7 days ago
At the 2:15 Mark, Bill defines "Trump Derange Syndrome" as I did to myself, long ago: "The inability to see that a President who says "Windmills CAUSE cancer" is a "normal" President. IOW, the inability to see that "Trump is Deranged"!
iicei 7 days ago
Stop with the Biden is President. Go Bernie Go!!!
Lynda Mackrous
Lynda Mackrous 7 days ago
Your job was obviously not sold to China
Michael McBride
Michael McBride 7 days ago
I get it you need a post-tRump butt head comic target.
John Edward Gallagher
All of them lie, but Trump lies pro american. Truth I don't care about third worlders at all.
John Edward Gallagher
the Kurd this is making me insane about trump. The Democrats will sell us out but then so will the republicans. If the were not so democrats were not so difficult he would have done better. It is going bad the media is lying and will get us ruined. How about some party putting up a canditate that we all can beleive in. I will still vote for a crazy Trump that wants america great than any "sane" person who supports things like ANTIFA, or who will sell us out for a profit like Obama who got the noble peace prize for just being black.; americans supported Trump because all the others were harming us.
Dr. Jim McHugh
Dr. Jim McHugh 7 days ago
Please understand, Trump will win again. He paid for it with our money. drjimxlaw64@gmail.com
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