New iPad Pro review: can it replace your laptop?

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Apple’s new iPad Pro is a beast of a tablet, and Nilay Patel reviews it -- everything from its new design and screen to plugging in several devices to the new USB-C port. Dami Lee and William Joel, professional creatives at The Verge, also give their insight into the new iPad and Apple Pencil.
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Nov 5, 2018

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Comments 5 573
Marek Sławiński
Marek Sławiński 2 hours ago
I think next year iOS 13 will bring much needed software features to iPad. Right now software is two steps behind hardware.
Flash Thunder
Flash Thunder 2 hours ago
cheap HP printer did not work? what?! I would expect it to work in the first place!
NAD T 4 hours ago
No and too expensive
iforce2d 4 hours ago
12:10 lol I thought I heard him say $2200 for a minute there :D ohhhh.....
Herman Bodewes
Herman Bodewes 4 hours ago
Surface Pro with windows 10 is way more useful than the iPad pro. Better from every point of view.
adss70 5 hours ago
Best review to date.
Smart Computers Tech
screw this - nothing is better than my old Lenovo running Windows 7.
Theta 6 hours ago
I think (and hope) Apple have some big plans for iOS 13 in relation to iPad Pro. It needs a complete custom design on iPad with more exclusive features (and ability to use external storage media!) Sometimes it feels like Apple have absolutely no idea what they're doing.
Tong Yong
Tong Yong 7 hours ago
Good points!
Will Darling
Will Darling 7 hours ago
wow, no 4K youtube is a dealbreaker 7:20
BIG T. 7 hours ago
2 minutes in, got bored
Angry TechAddict
Angry TechAddict 8 hours ago
And the stupidest decision: Mac book Air (wich is definitely sitting in front of you when you want to use it and you are looking at it) gets Touch ID and the iPad Pro (wich may just be laying next to me on my desk) I have to pick up now and look at it from the right angle for every little thing I want to check... What genius came up with that??? Also screw the new iPad because of the removal of the headphone jack, huge camera bump and still the lack of mouse support...
Bodhisattwa Mondal
Bodhisattwa Mondal 8 hours ago
verge really knows how to make great reviews!!
Awang Shahirman
Awang Shahirman 8 hours ago
All i need is MacSpectacle Pro 😎😂
alkdfn 8 hours ago
That's a lot of unread emails! :O
txny 9 hours ago
If the bezel was thinner, it’d be harder to hold comfortably
Bernd Kiltz
Bernd Kiltz 9 hours ago
Thanks for that very well made review. You got the limitation right on spot, keeping my macbook and old ipadair2 :)
Paul Rone-Clarke
Paul Rone-Clarke 9 hours ago
Virtually none of the software I use is on it. Can't install proper office apps, doesn't run the CRM I use and when I want to game, most are not available. No use to me at all.
Lucho Nesemaro
Lucho Nesemaro 10 hours ago
Awesome video, thanks man!
Faye Petersen
Faye Petersen 11 hours ago
who really wants to watch USvid in 4k tho?
Ryles 11 hours ago
This iPad is nice and all, but does it have ActiveX controls?
Wawasjohn 11 hours ago
Thank you for telling me that iPad Pro can’t do 4k USvid. Main reason I was upgrading. can I assume that is also the case for Netflix? My air 2 is fine but has a medium size scratch and was liking everything else about the pro. Guess I’ll wait for next upgrade now.
Pedro Kritselis
Pedro Kritselis 11 hours ago
Best review I have seen thus far. Personally owning a iPad Pro, It will NEVER take over a MacBook Pro (not yet).
Carla E Photography
Carla E Photography 12 hours ago
Thank you for such an informative review!
Charles M Rinehart
Charles M Rinehart 12 hours ago
Now that 0 to low interest rates have ended, many companies are raising prices including Apple, which raised prices on the MacBook and iPad 20-25%. Glad I bought my 9.7 earlier this year.
Vince Friel
Vince Friel 12 hours ago
"the old apple pencil was pretty great specs-wise" lmfao
Fironic 13 hours ago
How do I get the shortcut for Adobe import you were mentioning for Lightroom CC?
Mike Martin
Mike Martin 13 hours ago
Very On point review
chariots8x 13 hours ago
I use USB flash drives a lot. Doesn't Apple have any accessory to allow us to connect a USB flash drive to the iPad?
Séverine Richet
Séverine Richet 14 hours ago
"I don't want to adapt to my computer, I want my computer to adapt to me." -> what a shame !!! life is about adaptation. My dad 77 use an ipad pro and no more computer, my son 19 use an ipad pro at university. If you do not want to go out your bondaries, your mind will stay so tight. Remember me something ...Is Microsoft a share holder of The Verge? Maybe yes... That's probably why the testers/journalists need more probity.
2Evan 14 hours ago
Really enjoyed the balanced review. Yep, powerful tablet, but that power can't be used to its fullest. Time to upgrade the Air-2. Need a pen too. Bummer the (no) headphone jack. Should not have to find a workaround at that price. Zero interest in geeky wireless earphones. Fingers crossed software will catch to hardware.
Joshua Lyle
Joshua Lyle 15 hours ago
Did he say PPI means points per inch?
Khmer Digital Store
Khmer Digital Store 16 hours ago
Our customer has placed order this New iPad Pro from Cambodia!!! It's best fit with Apple Filio Smart Keyboard. Believe it or not???
Near By Gamer
Near By Gamer 16 hours ago
the plug in play USB works better on android but Apple restricts I'd like to see the external GPU's work but eater a 2in1 or android will probably work
EvanWolf 17 hours ago
Honestly, this was a good review and an honest one but I feel like there was just so much negativity towards the new iPad. If I would have watched this before I bought mine it would have convinced me to not buy it but I'm glad I did buy one. Overall, great review keep up the content
Pineapple Head
Pineapple Head 17 hours ago
y’all understand there macbooks and iPads for a reason right....
John Ward
John Ward 17 hours ago
I old trust white people.
success 17 hours ago
Design - Cool Performance - Cool Type-C - Super Cool Price - not cool but Apple so oki Software - totally not cool The only people who are gonna make use of this are artists using it as an mobile drawing tablet. Apple Pencil totally awesome, but other than that for an average consumer a $400 android could do the same. If ios had a file manager it would be a game changer in the laptop market.
CHEICHEI .CHEI X2 17 hours ago
Always love watching you review videos. Honest and informative thank you
angel me
angel me 17 hours ago
No 4K video xD I LOVED IT!
Kyle Wright
Kyle Wright 19 hours ago
The A10X is already a beast🔥
jeromedeprins 19 hours ago
i would really love the new iphones to have the same kind of design as this ipad pro, like the iphone 5/5s. Really loved that design
Stephen Finley
Stephen Finley 19 hours ago
I was excited about the Ipad pro when it first came out, and went out and bought one. I am a travelling music teacher and was excited to be able to conduct from an ipad and not haul my scores and books around with me from school to school. The IOS was so limiting though that I took it back after about 2 weeks. His review was spot on with the limitations. I really need them to change IOS before I replace my computer with something like this. When they fix that, I'll pay for one, until then... still waiting.
XxThisIs MexX
XxThisIs MexX 19 hours ago
I have da case and it’s rose gold aaaaaaa >3
athenaskid 20 hours ago
3:16 okay this is cool
VeniuEN 20 hours ago
How many brackets does it have?
pd he
pd he 20 hours ago
One point that I hold is, I am more than happy if the headphone jack is gone with some random solution that can deliver better sound quality. But there is no improvement on sound quality when sacrificing head phone jack, from iphone x to this ipad pro
Ilija Djurinac
Ilija Djurinac 20 hours ago
Love the review, but the party light 😂 loving the lights
Varun Luthra
Varun Luthra 20 hours ago
This iPad Pro with MacOS. How would that be?
Steven Capp
Steven Capp 20 hours ago
Apple make it so U can't connect additional storage to try and get people to buy the more expensive iPad with more storage
abhishek mishra
abhishek mishra 21 hour ago
She is beautiful but nasty. Can’t handle that.
Ross Griffiths
Ross Griffiths 21 hour ago
Why do you have an iPad on a cutting board?
Andrew Rubiano
Andrew Rubiano 21 hour ago
If it could replace YOUR laptop then get it. If it can’t, then don’t. Easy. Now move on. It’s not supposed to replace all laptops.
TurboBass 21 hour ago
Well, "benchmarks" faster. Geekbench favors them unfairly and in general it's not comparable directly. Also, it's just a large iPhone. Who cares.
External hard-drive might work if you format it and change it to ExFat, who knows. Please do try that, I want to know if that works.
Gudelia Tamez
Gudelia Tamez 21 hour ago
Great review Nilay :0)
romo182 21 hour ago
Little stumbles? No External drive support, no headphone jack and no 4k youtube?!? These are huge issues! Moved from iphone to android and i was amazed at what i have been missing. I still use macbook pro and am dreading moving to a new version when mine dies. Great review cheers for the info
Idris fabkhr
Idris fabkhr 22 hours ago
0:06 aPpLe PeN
Joey Dudek
Joey Dudek 22 hours ago
ima just wait till next summer when they have their free beats promotion. Im going to college for graphic design next year and this would work better than an iMac or MacBook in my opinion
ıм Karma
ıм Karma 22 hours ago
Excellent review. Seriously, A1.
mr,fatality bulzo
mr,fatality bulzo 22 hours ago
Amazing people waste their money on things like apple pencil and other people die becouse they dont have money to eat and survive
therealknapster 22 hours ago
Answer to Q = No . Y ? Simple . A tablet is a . . . Tablet ! used for pleasure . A computer is for work as it accesses real full computer websites not crappy apps .
john Smith
john Smith 22 hours ago
Is there really that stupid people who pay 2200 for this bullshit??? This planet is sad
Roqitz 23 hours ago
Totally agree. This review is my thoughts exactly, but without the excessive cursing.
Ghalib Al-Harthy
Ghalib Al-Harthy 23 hours ago
Amazing bias review
Drag Lol
Drag Lol 23 hours ago
ActuallyArmani Productions
The same question came up when the last iPad Pro came out.. I picked up the 12.9” with 512gb, and for me it did replace the laptop.. for a few months... until I needed after effects 😥
Asnickel 23 hours ago
Best review of the new ipad pros but why are the colors muted in this video?
9enius 23 hours ago
It's all about finding a purpose for it. You either do or you don't. Average plain ppl dont.
The Road To Mars
The Road To Mars 23 hours ago
2nd gen pin feels better to me, it feels like a wooden pencil.
Matthew Hughes
Matthew Hughes 23 hours ago
He nailed it at 6:14
Zach Hampton
Zach Hampton Day ago
Doesn’t seem as good as the surface pro and I like Apple phones and laptops.
you asked apple kkkkkk they will never say that
lehninger Day ago
lol. no.
George Santos
I am a big fan of the iPad Pro models and can at times blindly defend them. After watching this review it is clear to see that the product is a hardware model for others to follow, but the software falls short of what it needs to be if it is to replace the practicality of a laptop. Admirable review that empowers consumers to make smart decisions. I think there is plenty to gain for Apple if it were to custom make software that empowers iPad Pros to bridge the gap between tablets and laptops better. It has the hardware down. Just make a version of iOS that is closer to what we have on the MacBook Pros and the other half of the battle will be won. The question would then be, would a risk be taken of Apple Products cannibalising themselves? It really has not kept Apple from making other quality improvement decisions. Why not go for it? Kudos to this review, Mr Patel and to @theverge for the quality of this publication.
username username
Rediculos, it should run apple os
CumberCube Day ago
No it can't.
Hi Brendi
Hi Brendi Day ago
Can I connect a GTX1080 to the iPad Pro now?
Аитор Хара
$500 more and you can get the 15 inch razer blade 144Hz, just saying.....
All the stuff you're missing with this 2300 USD iPad Pro... I had that, on my Nexus 4 Android smartphone in 2012.
YouTube Ivan
YouTube Ivan Day ago
It’s annoying to see that haters of Apple will look for the smallest flaw in any of the Apple devices and go apeshit about it. You don’t see Apple people going on literally every android video in existence and bashing on android’s less powerful devices
lipschutz Day ago
No USvid 4k? What the hell is Apple thinking ?
Jonáš Hájek
Great video! So how is it with the adobe shortcut? I have the same struggle with copying dozens of gigabytes to my camera roll, which then syncs onto my iCloud drive, which is stupid. Is there any downloadable shortcut or tutorial to make it?
Aspiradora Aspiradoras
Apple not the same anymore.. i love all my apple devices still.. we will see how it goes...
Rizalyn Delacruz
hiii that ipad pro has garageband???
Im Confused
Im Confused Day ago
dude you broke this review!! and i love it!
No u
No u Day ago
But can it do this *REEEEEEEEEEE*
kabramble Day ago
The demise of apple. I'm not sure if people will keep buying Apple products the previous clip. Good time to short
mokta abdul
mokta abdul Day ago
iBastards iSheeps iTurds iMorons iBraindead iJerks iZombies iCults iPos Apple users are the biggest idiots on the planet
Technik India
Can't have a better review. One word for this 'Awesome'
Aadh 24
Aadh 24 Day ago
All it needs is a desktop os and it will demolish the surface pro
Wenzel Massag
Awesome review, luckily lots of the things that bother you, don’t bother me. For example I’m happy to move all my external storage to the cloud - which is several TB.
Lalith Chandra
Guess U need to wait till WWDC 2019 for iOS 13 which is supposed to redesign iOS and is also focused on iPads. U gotta wait till 2019
elisabeth grill
How expensive would be the device in Microsoft’s world ?
Art Time with Aaron
Surprised to see Dami Lee! Love her humor and comics 😀😂
Yiqiu Deng
Yiqiu Deng Day ago
Until the Microsoft office excel on iPad supports solver, it’s not a laptop replacement for me
justyjust Day ago
If you can't connect a portable drive to it what's the point, load of rubbish I'll have to still with my Macbook pro come on apple give us what we want. Macbook pro pad or macpad
S Winter
S Winter Day ago
Great review! I agree, Ipad's are the best tablets out there and the Ipad Pro 2018 is the best there is but it will never replace a laptop.
Tom Collingwood
Best review I’ve ever seen you do imao
Alexander Jaeger
is it possible to use this USBc port for watching movies on a TV?
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