New Battery technology that lasts decades, Lithium Titanate Oxid - LTO

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A battery with a lifespan of a human being? Yes, with up to 30 000 cycles, it may serve you 82 years (one cycle per day).
Lithium-based technology:
Lithium titanate (Li4Ti5O12, referred to as LTO in the battery industry) is a promising technology for applications with high requirements like high charge and/or discharge current rate, long lifetime and extreme temperature conditions.
Safety, stability:
LTO offers advantages in terms of power and chemical stability. The LTO based batteries have lower voltage: between 2.8V and 1.5V (the nominal voltage is 2.3V). Nevertheless, the lower operating voltage brings significant advantages in terms of safety.
Fast charge and discharge:
Further, these batteries can be charged fast. Data shows that these batteries can be safely charged at rates higher than 5C. This means the battery can be charged in less than 10 minutes. The maximum charge and discharge rate is 10C so in this case, it is 400A!
High efficiency:
The LTO based batteries also have a wider operating temperature range and a recharge efficiency exceeding 98%.
Wide operation temperature range:
LTO based batteries provide much better low-temperature performance compared to carbon-based batteries. The operation ambient temperature range is from -50°C to 65°C.
Extreme durable life-cycle:
The large cycle life and high rate capability of LTO based batteries also bring unique advantages in applications where maximal cycle life is required. Using those cells properly you can easily exceed 30,000 cycles lifetime.
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Jul 24, 2019




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Comments 1 187
ksmith68wm6 4 hours ago
30,000 cycles at what depth of discharge? Its nit really much improvement if its only 50% DOD like lead acid batteries, or less. 85%, 90% or 100% DOD wirh a 30,000 cycle life span then ya id consider using it if the price is comparable to LiFePO4
David Kennedy
David Kennedy 3 days ago
And they only cost 26,000.00 dollars a piece.
Kurt Jensen
Kurt Jensen 3 days ago
Can you imagine the size of the flashlight those batteries 🔦?
NerfingHerder 4 days ago
Nominal voltage of 2.3? So youll need, at minimum, 5 cells to equal a lead acid car battery and thats at best. Even the 45ah is on par with current batteries. What problem is this solving... they are larger and weaker than almost anything on the market now. Honestly they look like RV external water filters.
WEST 4 days ago
Thx to show me the battery
Muhamad N. Zaki
Muhamad N. Zaki 5 days ago
In the next few years, this battery will powering up lots of electric vehicles.
- -
- - 6 days ago
21.1 gigawatts battery and flux capacitor will enter the market before this
Double D
Double D 6 days ago
Chinese? PASS!!!
Osama Omar
Osama Omar 7 days ago
كام السعر فى مصر
Al Somethin
Al Somethin 7 days ago
How do these hold up to low tempratures?
Abc 7 days ago
Do you offer higher Volts?
nichevl 11 days ago
Where can I try a few of these in Western Australia ?
JesusIsGodAlmightySavior GodJesus
Why only 1 cycle per day please to get 30,000 cycles life?
Wakky Wabbit
Wakky Wabbit 12 days ago
How do they know the batteries will last 8 decades? They have only been available since 2008 -2009ish.
Roger didit
Roger didit 15 days ago
I'm not buying anything from China.
Jared Faye
Jared Faye 15 days ago
Seems like a scam!! No warranty... seems fishy ...
Fake news, Fake food, Fake world
Only one main problem. Fully charged it's 2.6 volts meaning you'll need 6 of these to make a 12 volt battery pack. No charging profile is around yet for these. If only they were 3.2 volts and the same size. They would work well to store power off grid but with 400 amp load it would do better in a car but then they are way too big for this.
Linda Reinen
Linda Reinen 16 days ago
Please - Can you have the company send me, free of charge, a big battery bank, inverters, solar panels, all hardware and everything else I need to run my home completely on solar power? Oh, I would need a couple people to set it all up too, because I do not know how to do this. You see, we just found out my husband has cancer in his kidneys, lungs and liver. He also has Blastomycosis in his L lung. He has to have surgery to remove his R kidney, L lung and then go thru treatment on the other cancerous areas, he is on medication for the Blastomycosis now and the Drs. say he will continue on this medication for 6-12 mths, or until it’s gone. We are trying very hard to make ends meet on a little over $800. a mth, my SSDI and his SSI. It is getting seriously hard to pay what few bills we have and our electric bill is always our highest bill. We live in Northern Minnesota, so we have to make sure we have electricity as our winters are very cold and long. We have to travel 180 miles every 2 weeks for an over nite stay for his medical issues, but when they decide to do the surgery, he will be in the hospital for a much longer stay. If you could help us, it would be so appreciated. This has been a very hard last 2 years, as I became disabled from 2 very bad accidents, then my husband was laid off from his job and 3 months later we found out he has all this cancer and Blastomycosis on top of it. We do know my husband will have 3-4 more years to live, once all his surgeries and medical procedures are done. I sure would like something good to happen for a change. I will save this video and wait n watch for a reply. Thank you 🙏.
Oldbatwit 18 days ago
The third 'brand new technology to beat all others' battery I've seen on youtube today. These cells out to a practical test.... usvid.net/video/video-p1xildSl4Hk.html
Dak Kol
Dak Kol 20 days ago
nickel iron about the same price and last a lifetime Are more robust. Perhaps next gen of batteries will be better.
Nino Catacutan
Nino Catacutan 20 days ago
It lasts all Yin long.
Joe O
Joe O 23 days ago
Too much accent
mrvoyagerm 23 days ago
Sorry I can't understand a word that is spoken.
Esau Picado
Esau Picado 21 day ago
I understand and I'm not native speaker. Some ppl just don't want to understand just because they hear a different accent
michellekonzack 24 days ago
Hmmm, I live Off-the-Grid with a 24V DC system and use SOPzS (Solar-Traction-Batteries) with 2940Ah. I bought them from "Bater" (Poland) and they have 1500 cycles @DOD80 and 20 years material life time which give me a worst case autonomie of 5 days under a fullload of 8-11kWh/day (normal household). The batteries cost me including shipping from Warschau/Poland to Miila/Estonia only 8000 Euro. Replacing them with LTO cells results in 55.000 US$ + Shipping and I have to assemble 814 cells plus an enormous Batterie Management System... No mather which Lithium battery you use, they are all absolutely NON-RELIABLE for systems Off-the-Grid.
Lu Cho
Lu Cho 24 days ago
Imagine the size of the vibrator.. 😝😂🤣😜
Aditya Pant
Aditya Pant 16 days ago
Lol :D
Desire Enterprises
Desire Enterprises 25 days ago
dear pricing & specification please at desireentp@gmail.com
K. N. Paranjothi
K. N. Paranjothi 25 days ago
You may offer it - affordable price - in future
Happy Fox
Happy Fox 26 days ago
"New tech" - Incredible how buisness can hold back development, and make everybody that don't pay close attention believe that we really are "waiting for the new battery technology to be invented for the electric car" f.ex. - that you read everywhere the last few decades. Toyota/Panasonic had a nice car battery patent in the 90's that was bought by chevron right after testing. Never to be produced again. Mitsubishi/Toshiba started to produce Scib(LTO-batteries) commercially in cars in 2010-11 - they bragged about it in two years since 2009 but when the I-Miev finally came with Scib-batteries(same technology as in the video here) they never got to be exported out of Japan for some reason. It's the conspiracy of buisness and making money that got in the way for the rest of the world having these (pretty good Lithium batteries with more durable electrodes, still prettyold idea, though) earlier, but now finally we can at least buy and enjoy these. Still, if people had any idea what kind of electric power engineering that goes on literally over our heads, in orbit in satellites and other space applications for example, they would be pretty upset and maybe not in democratic agreement on why these patents and discoveries should remain classified, in the name of money or national security.
Happy Fox
Happy Fox 14 days ago
@Oldbatwit going back to the start before you started throwing actual excriments for arguments - did you mean that LTO is a brand new tech, without a troublesome birth ? Or that there's no classified patents going into let's say a military satellite ?
Happy Fox
Happy Fox 14 days ago
@Oldbatwit you just can't stop with the shit , can you ! No there's no conspiracies in the world, no classified patents, no Dyna-soars and you know absolutely everything. Oh, I forgot - and you're not here to argue or to throw shit with no valid arguments at all. Happy now ? I'm gonna hang up. ... or you could maybe cough up something that relates to my original comment about LTO and other battery technologies and how they've been bought up and shelved, stopped from export, etc. and please don't start out again about all the other things in a satellite besides the classified power technoogy I was mentioning(or that it don't exsist).
Oldbatwit 14 days ago
I'm not playing with myself and I don't chase teens. I am merely correcting an idiot who hasn't a clue what he is posting and doesn't care that he doesn't have a clue. I am also quite sure that you do have better things to waste your time on. Talking and posting shite mainly but also reading and believing stories about wackjobs and their anti-gravity devices, government and 'big-business' conspiracies etc. Ask mummy for some tinfoil. Make a nice hat.
Happy Fox
Happy Fox 15 days ago
@Oldbatwit ok, have fun playing with yourself, chasing teens to argue with on youtube, me I have better things to waste my time on.
Oldbatwit 15 days ago
I have, I did. The only thing like a question was that ludicrous piece of nonsense about TT Brown. If you take TT at face value or put any credence into his thoroughly disproven horseshit then you are even dumber than you make out.
Random God
Random God 27 days ago
when i get this on my phone
Denny De waal
Denny De waal 27 days ago
But can you charge them in sup temperatures 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
Denny De waal
Denny De waal 27 days ago
18650 you cant whit out damaging the cell
Anh Tuấn
Anh Tuấn 27 days ago
ExOduS 666
ExOduS 666 28 days ago
Ying technol_gie made in china soon the 1 world power fuck US
Emil .Honganmäki
Emil .Honganmäki 28 days ago
Very good cells!
robert heritage
robert heritage 29 days ago
Nickel iron batteries last 30 plus years
Dave Allen
Dave Allen 29 days ago
This is very true but they are for an educated user.
Mj Jones
Mj Jones 29 days ago
This is not Progress how will all those women out there fit these over large batteries in there vibrators 😁👋🏻
Far Que
Far Que Month ago
When they come down to $5 each, I will buy,.....
Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed Month ago
The comments are piss funny 🤣🤣🤣
Taunter Atwill
Taunter Atwill Month ago
Nice for a (very) BIG box mod. :-)
Bharat Bhagya Vidahata BBV
What's the rate for India
Dave Fredrock
Dave Fredrock Month ago
Wow. Thanks for sharing this with us. These look very cool and I'd love to experiment with this technology. The form factor looks great. The stats you presented here seem pretty amazing. The temperature range seems amazing.
Shane Anderson
Shane Anderson Month ago
Lol so enough of these things can suck up lightening ?
J Wagner
J Wagner Month ago
We don't trust
Amit Garg
Amit Garg Month ago
This Video may be Sarcasm!! #SuperCapacitor Yeah! I got it! .. Its Sarcasm!
Rashmi Ranjan Nayak
Nice device but how much price for a single battery ?
truboy555 Month ago
Now make some for RC cars please
Oleg Ruban
Oleg Ruban Month ago
Google1 User
Google1 User Month ago
Would these be good for the RV camper? I'm interested in replacing my two heavy Trojan T145 six volt flooded lead acid batteries ( 150 amp hour each )that I connect in series for twelve volt power with a better battery. I also am shopping for a portable solar kit. Thanks for your helpful video. Prost 🌏👋☀️
Nick L
Nick L Month ago
You trade longevity for a lighter weight and higher cost. LiFePO4 batteries are a lot cheaper. But you still trade longevity for weight savings.
jwsolarusa Month ago
Where can we buy these and how much?
James the Other One
Me yin you long time... :)
Chris Carson
Chris Carson Month ago
My stack of fully charged LiIons is staying charged perfectly. I have a couple of years on them now and they are not changing much.
Good2BGood Month ago
I want 48 v .. 120 amp ... is that possible
GWL Power
GWL Power 29 days ago
Yes, as a serial-parallel combination (20S3P), the result will be 48V/120Ah pack. You may increase the amount of parallel strings to match your desired capacity.
barão do metal
barão do metal Month ago
Wallof sound
Wallof sound Month ago
I'll never get two of those in my walkman 😂
Oldbatwit 18 days ago
Put one down your pants. You will never drink alone.
Luis Cuadro Moreno
Get someone to speak english please
Kumar Manoj
Kumar Manoj Month ago
will it be available in India
F O X Month ago
Какой жёсткий русский акцент. Hehe, i feel, i feel comrade.
michael agnew
michael agnew Month ago
they are only 25ah, 40ah is a lie
1danny2k Month ago
Shes nice. Umm what batteries?
Arash Reza
Arash Reza Month ago
Tell it to Tesla
Gökçe KURT
Gökçe KURT Month ago
1.25kg cell, gives 92kVA about 75Wh per kg. Three and half times less than standard lithium ion batteries.
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