Never Do This When Buying a Used Car on Craigslist, Don't Get Scammed

Scotty Kilmer
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Craigslist car buying and scams. Never Do This When Buying a Used Car on Craigslist or Don't Get Scammed. How not to get scammed on Craiglist, DIY tips with Scotty Kilmer. How to spot a scam on Craigslist. There's good cars, bad cars, and scam cars on Craigslist, learn how to tell them apart. Tips for buying a used car on Craigslist. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.
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Sep 21, 2018

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Comments 3 104
Scotty Kilmer
Scotty Kilmer 9 months ago
⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools: 1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: amzn.to/2nfvmaD 2. Cheap Scan Tool: amzn.to/2D8Tvae 3. Professional Socket Set: amzn.to/2Bzmccg 4. Wrench Set: amzn.to/2kmBaOU 5. No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: amzn.to/2CthnUU 6. Battery Pack Car Jump Starter: amzn.to/2nrc6qR ⬇Things used in this video: 1. Cheap Scan Tool: amzn.to/2OHNBik 2. Wireless Scan Tool: amzn.to/2nfvmaD 3. My Book on Buying Used Cars: amzn.to/2Af5DnJ 4. Common Sense 5. 4k Camera: amzn.to/2HkjavH 6. Camera Microphone: amzn.to/2Evn167 7. Camera Tripod: amzn.to/2Jwog8S 8. My computer for editing / uploading: amzn.to/2uUZ3lo 9. Video editing software: amzn.to/2jv5Fhf 10. Thumbnail software: amzn.to/2k7tz6C 🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ► goo.gl/rwYt2y 🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► goo.gl/pTAeca Subscribe and hit the notification bell! ► goo.gl/CFismN Scotty on Social: Facebook ► facebook.com/scottymechanic/ Instagram ► instagram.com/scotty_the_mechanic/ Twitter ► twitter.com/Scottymechanic?lang=en
D One
D One Day ago
do you know any good mechanic's in Nyc
Rolfe Klein
Rolfe Klein 24 days ago
Scotty Kilmer howdy
John Smith
John Smith 2 months ago
Hey Scotty, I’m thinking about buying a 1991 Lexus ES250, what do you think of those cars?
Jonathan Phan
Jonathan Phan 3 months ago
Hi, Scotty. I really admire you. My friend is looking for a used car and her budget is $5,000. Do you sell used car also?
Chimp Chowder
Chimp Chowder 5 months ago
Like the camera angle. And the content the personality is that of my goofy Uncle. lol so I hooked hahaha
Rob Osborn
Rob Osborn 49 seconds ago
Why does my wife's 2016 jeep engine sound so rough ?
Ringo Star
Ringo Star 8 hours ago
Scotty where else can I look for used cars
Saphire Blue
Saphire Blue 3 days ago
I bought a used car with a salvage title off craigslist and drove it for ten years. It was fine.
DJ Tech12zz
DJ Tech12zz 3 days ago
Verify the vin numbers as well
Leiron Aelrion
Leiron Aelrion 3 days ago
Meet any buyer/seller at the police station, fire house, or somewhere safe.
Leiron Aelrion
Leiron Aelrion 3 days ago
I'm coming Scotty.... To clean your damn garage!!!
scorpiomaj27 4 days ago
Scotty, one small correction, in Pennsylvania you CANNOT resell or drive a salvaged vehicle unless it is rebuilt and undergoes an extensive inspection complete with state paperwork. Granted, no way to know if the rebuilder/inspector is shady or not, but it's not as you can just flip right over and sell it.
girohead 6 days ago
very good advice. Craigslist is so creepy now, but such the biggest community bulletin board.
EJSFilms2K 7 days ago
Noone is meet me where i live, period
Roberrt Biniaszewski jr.
Good , Sound advise !!!
Draco 8 days ago
Why not buy a salvage vehicles longest it wasn't hit on the engine i got a salvage honda civic with no problems at all was hit on the passager side door buy salvage there cheaper
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 8 days ago
don't buy a car from someone who doesn't like you ! IE. relative, x-girlfriend,
npc #051011
npc #051011 8 days ago
This douche video ia still up! Remove it now! HATE SPEECH!
mahazzak mahazzak
Educational and entertaining. I think you would be a cool you to jut chill with for an afternoon. Thanks.
npc #051011
npc #051011 8 days ago
You would lose your hearing
Pat Mcgowan
Pat Mcgowan 10 days ago
I love this guy
Pat Mcgowan
Pat Mcgowan 10 days ago
What’s the make on that Lexus?
Akasuki 10 days ago
My first time buying a car was few years ago. I searched online and found a good looking bmw e46 325i 2003. It looked good in the pictures. So i called the person, he said alright come to me and you will see it. So i took a taxi to his house that was 40km way. First thing i saw was a completely different car than the one he showed. It was a bmw 323 2000. The interior was a wreak and the engine sounded like a rat sketching in it. I was surprised. But, i told him it's good. And i told him to drive me home in the car so i see how it rides 😂 And he agreed. I stopped him like 3km away from my home and told him that i will call him later. And continued home. The same day at night he started calling and sending me voice messages. I didn't answered anything. After that he started calling over and over. I closed my phone for 3 days and he never called back ever again.
Trey McElroy
Trey McElroy 12 days ago
Hey Scotty, you're absolutely right! Right on! But there are new scams people and used car dealers popping up every day. I work for used car dealer auctions and it's soooo messed up and sad. I wouldn't buy a car, bicycle or apple from any of them. The main word here is "profit" and after they bought it, it's for sale minutes after they purchase it. I've heard them talking about how to get around things and make it look good for the next sucker. Yes, they buy low and sell high. I've seen karma catch up to them sometimes though. Research and thorough checks and proof of the history of the vehicle will pay off. VIN checks and a good mechanic check will limit headaches and buyers remorse. You should tell people Never! Buy a vehicle without a real original title, from an individual, especially if it's a good deal too good to be true. 99% of the time it's got a title loan on it and lots of interest and penalties and technically not owned anymore by that person and they've just been hiding the vehicle to scam someone for some quick cash. Happens everyday! Here in Kansas city Missouri
RHawk 24
RHawk 24 13 days ago
Also look at the title for LIENs, some states issue the title to the owner even if the bank has a lien on the vehicle. Ask me how i found that out!
Boot Hill
Boot Hill 13 days ago
Scotty - how in the world do you find a Lexus ES300 with only 60k miles for $4000? No where I have ever looked has had anything like that, but I could sure use a deal like that.
J Lizarraga
J Lizarraga 13 days ago
Rev up your craigs list
freshsauce 14 days ago
Just don't buy anything
npc #051011
npc #051011 8 days ago
Just walk
Kiki Lang
Kiki Lang 14 days ago
Thanks Scotty .
Cyberus Morphous
Cyberus Morphous 15 days ago
Hey I live north of Houston Texas. I'd hire this guy to check out my car
PAUL TANNER 15 days ago
I dont believe he bought that Lexus for 4 grand, unless there is something he is not telling us like it had a blown engine or was severely damaged. Go try to buy a 60k miles Lexus for 4 grand and you will see what I mean. Mechanics are dishonest crooks
npc #051011
npc #051011 8 days ago
Scotty probably sweet talked some old bird at a nursing home...took him all summer but it was worth the STDs
Matthew Schiller
Matthew Schiller 17 days ago
When you buy a car off the street first you take it to the dealer or a mechanic you trust. Get the research on the vehicle
Matthew Schiller
Matthew Schiller 17 days ago
When you buy a car from a private party because you don't know the condition of the vehicle
Zachary Heir
Zachary Heir 17 days ago
Rev up your cheap pizzas
Mikey Meatball
Mikey Meatball 17 days ago
6:46 rev up your road trip to see Scotty in Huston.
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 18 days ago
Fyi pizza is one of the least profitable businesses you can have
insert name here
insert name here 18 days ago
imagine if all car mechanics were as honest as Scotty. The world would be a much happier place.
Zach Meyer
Zach Meyer 18 days ago
Don’t buy a car with a rebuilt title? I can’t tell you how many salvage title cars I’ve seen resurrected, I have actually bought and rebuilt cars for my own family members. So many cars on the road that have been rebuilt that were never claimed on insurance. Salvage means nothing. The only salvage titles I stay away from is flood or biohazard.
jaime rivera
jaime rivera 20 days ago
Alot of rebuilt cars are good.
M Dinh
M Dinh 21 day ago
What's if the car's title is under the seller's cousin's name (insurance purposes) who will be present at the time for the sale? Is it odd that the car has no plates? Will I be able to test drive it with no plates?
David Boulton
David Boulton 24 days ago
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson 24 days ago
Once again, Scotty doesn't know. Rebuilt titles have to be inspected to be considered rebuilt. Otherwise they are salvage titles.
wshultz74 25 days ago
Great advice Scotty. I'm looking at used cars. I will take a scanner and use it.
L H 26 days ago
New sub here. Thank you for these videos. I am about to buy a used car and I didn't really know what to look for, except the very obvious. The last car in had was new so this wasn't a worry as much. Thank you again!!!!
ma beži bre pukli smo
In one video he said he paid for his car 3000, here he said 4000,does not matter in general.
Gabriel Romero
Gabriel Romero 28 days ago
Omg Scotty I do love near Houston Texas
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 29 days ago
Make sure title is clean and clear no salvage. Check oil and air filter those will be indicative of how they took car of it. A slammed out air filter means they never took car of it. Also look for date code on battery. Older than 3 years it’s going to need a new one. Brake at high speed and if you feel shimmy in wheel. Brake rotors are warped
TheUrbanAdventurer 29 days ago
Look out behind you..... Its a CAT!
Jag V8
Jag V8 29 days ago
Well actually a “rebuild title” vehicle is required to go through a extensive inspection to make sure whatever reason the car was salvaged has been fixed and is road ready hence the difference between “salvage” and “rebuilt”
John C
John C 29 days ago
60k miles = 80% of its life left ..... Please show me a $4,000 Lexus with 60k miles on it that will last you until 300k miles. Not happening. That Lexus will fall apart and die at about 150k-175k... unless you start replacing blown motors and dead transmission, there is no way in hell that Lexus will ever reach 300k. Not to mention, this guy is bragging that he paid $4k for a $35k+ car like he got some killer deal on a new’ish car lmao this dude bought a 12-15 year old Lexus and is acting like $4k is a good deal. All cars drop in value, especially that old of a car.
david link
david link Month ago
Hey I recently had an accident in a 2005 hyundai sonata lx, front end is annihilated but other than cosmetics there is chassis damage in the bottom right of the front and the radiator is screwed, is it worth repairing it as it has 141,000 miles on it plus needs new tires. I bought it for $2000 so what I need to know is the car totalled
Karen Walker
Karen Walker Month ago
thank god! for scotty. i have saved so much cash listening to scotty and doing the work on the car myself.great piont on secondhand cars and insurance. Good on ya scotty.
j t
j t Month ago
Wear on the brake pedal, worn drivers seat, steering wheel gloss wear and worn gear shifter will always correspond with high miles. Scammers, who sell rebuilt/salvage titles are always rolling back speedos.
Johnny Knoxville
Scotty I'm thinkin about buyin a 2006 BMW 760IL - will you look at it?
Jonathan Betar
Jonathan Betar Month ago
I’ve learned 1 thing from all Of his videos. He once had a customer buying a old used Mercedes.
Christian Taylor
I think the worst s hit I've seen on Craigslist is the little kids that sell there slammed civics that have a coffee can for an exhaust tip!!!!!
Robin Jays
Robin Jays Month ago
Awesome video 😀
Art Noll
Art Noll Month ago
Super Video. I just wrote an article, advice on buying a used car. You hit nearly every major scam I've experienced or could think of... Next video- just tell car buying horror stories!
Adam Harrison
Adam Harrison Month ago
With all that USvid money why don’t you buy yourself a new garage and clean the pile of stuff up? How do you even find anything in there lol
Maximo Moreno
Maximo Moreno Month ago
I live in Dallas so if I need any help I’ll make sure to let you know!!
Chris Sorrels
Chris Sorrels Month ago
I keep seeing his celica gt in his vids and it makes me miss mine so bad :(
ercoolee Month ago
ercoolee Month ago
Gene Ladner
Gene Ladner Month ago
Scotty, I live in Houston, and I'm having an issue finding oxygen sensors for my Honda Element after my catalytic converter was stolen. They took my converter AND my sensors, but they actually left the connectors intact. Problem is, no matter where I try to buy replacements, whether it be at Autozone or online, the connectors don't match my 2003 Element. It appears I'm left with the possibility I might have to splice new ones in, without connector plugs. Oddly, I can't find anyone else who has had this particular problem! The last thing I want to do is go anywhere NEAR a dealer to see if they have the oxygen sensors with the correct connectors, since they should be available EVERYWHERE. Have you heard of this problem before?? I'm hoping you have some insight in this area. If so, please email me at carver24742@yahoo.com Your input might alleviate some stress I am having about this situation. Thanks in advance, Gene Ladner
Muilisx Month ago
Wish this guy was my neighbor
Cummin In Hot
Cummin In Hot Month ago
Everybody that watches this chanel and listens to this guy and believes it must not be car/truck enthusiasts. This guy would be the most shady mechanic😂 and put your fuckin hands down scotty, looking at your forehead is enough we dont want to watch your hands flopping everywhere as you talk
Devester One
Devester One Month ago
How do I get a hold of you Scotty I need to buy a van.
Laurence Loreto
Laurence Loreto Month ago
Is pep boys good? If i want to get it inspected, what kind of inspection should i get done with it. Like theres a name for like a ehole bunch of inspection theyll do. TIA! Bout to see one this weekend, the guy sound old so i think ill be fine and he dont mind driving to me cuz hes going to his daughters that live near me. Im feeling good about tjis one but well see.
Venom Gaming
Venom Gaming Month ago
Never buy anything of that lame site.. everything is garbage!
Cisco 1013
Cisco 1013 Month ago
l live in houston how can i get u to check my car out scotty?
Andrew Sadler
Andrew Sadler Month ago
I wish I saw this 3 weeks ago.... 😭😭😭
libertyn jeopardy
Why are they your friends if their such crooks? Rev up your hypocrisy!
stdavis22 Month ago
dude reminds me of harry karey...hey!
manuel esteban
manuel esteban Month ago
I only disliked this video Bc I’m a Craigslist flipper
Chris King
Chris King 13 days ago
@Tim Ewa Put key in on position no CEL you been found out.
Tim Ewa
Tim Ewa Month ago
yeah I sold my sister's civic in a diner parking lot & I pulled the check engine bulb because I was tired of looking at it. omg I'm THAT GUY!!
John Month ago
I always tell sellers to meet at the DMV. Three* reasons. First, you want to make sure that the title transfers with no surprises. Second, its also a very safe environment. Where I live, they have armed guards hanging around. Third, its also for the seller's protection. I knew a guy who sold a car to someone who never turned up at the DMV and used his car to rob a bank. As a seller you also want to know that the title and registration have been changed out of your name. When you get a red light camera ticket in the mail, try explaining that you sold the car 2-3 days earlier.
Mustache Merlin
Mustache Merlin Month ago
buying a used car sounds like a rediculous amount of work just to avoid getting ripped off. Maybe the couple thousand extra it costs to buy new is worth it, I might be willing to pay that much to avoid the used car market. Any day I can buy a car without worrying that I might get stabbed in the process is a good day...
Raheem X
Raheem X Month ago
Just put me on so much game
Beenster Month ago
old man
Eric Month ago
Scotty's garage triggers my OCD in the worst way.
erick perez
erick perez Month ago
Been watching your videos for a while now and didn't know you stayed in Houston Tx 😯😯
kitty at 3:20
Kleed Meho
Kleed Meho Month ago
I bought a rebuilt car honda accord with 60k miles on 14 years later im still driving no issue
Allan Brogdon
Allan Brogdon Month ago
severalM eing on a fixed income i have to be frugal.I was looking at a 98 4-runner and i told the seller no cash until we could meet at the tag office.A buddy was letting me use his Yukon for the search.Finally looked at the 4 runner ran good interior was trashed.On the test drive he would not let me on the highway and a slight pull to the right was huge.He told me that his firm 2500 was down to 2200 beacause of fines for not getting the title in his name.He was rude to the point i wouldn't buy it anyway.He showed me the title and the name was Vietnamese and he was white.He asked me if i had the money and was mad i didn't bring it even though i told him i had to have it checked out first.He asked how much cash u got i said 2000 he was mad saying. I agreed to 2200.I told him he asked for 2200 i never agreed.The guy was an obvious crook and i wouldn't see that kind of money for a while.I bought the Yukon i had borrowed severalM times and knew it was running great! My only complaint is the gas mileage.
Ben Pitt
Ben Pitt Month ago
love all the crap in the garage
npc #051011
npc #051011 Month ago
Dislike, dude your scummy seedy garage looks poorly lit and improperly maintained....why take your advice? (Also bet your breath stinks)
Anton G
Anton G Month ago
those scanners can throw out bogus codes sometimes and you are basically telling people who dont know better to walk away
AtomicAJ74 Month ago
I'm terribly sorry (not sorry) that Scotty is cutting into your business model.
glen johnson
glen johnson Month ago
don't forget if its a pink title because you can never put them on the street again. no matter what you do to it. you can't even get tags for it.
heddu you
heddu you Month ago
The materials to make a pizza cost less than a buck... lol
Mc007Queen Month ago
Thank God they have Honda and Toyota used cars then
Dominic Commisso
You're a cool fucking dude man. I love your videos. Subbed.
Jrod Alvord
Jrod Alvord Month ago
Salvage titles shouldn't be an automatic disqualifier for a purchase, just consider why it totaled. Being totaled for hail dents doesnt affect anything mechanical. But you shouldn't pay as much for it either.
Jrod Alvord
Jrod Alvord Month ago
Matthew Gaines goes back to WHY IT WAS TOTALED, if it was totaled for mainly cosmetic reasons that's not any reason to buy it but only to pay less
Jrod Alvord
Jrod Alvord Month ago
Matthew Gaines carfax tells ya why their totaled. That's why I get a vin and research it before I ever go look at them.
Matthew Gaines
Matthew Gaines Month ago
But often, the buyer won't know the reason why the vehicle was totaled and sometimes the sellers don't know either because they didn't own it when it was totaled. Unless you are skilled in inspecting vehicles in detail and have good resources and time to fully investigate a vehicle's title, there is not much point to buying salvage. It's too much of a gamble to recommend. If you're going to ignore the advice and buy salvage, buy it from the salvage auction directly, do a title search to make sure the entity holding the title is an insurance company. Cars are laundered through auctions to clean them of a prior damaged history through partial repairs and re-listing. So, pretty much buying salvage cars is a bad idea because: 1) Unscrupulous peoples can filter away the cause of a salvage tiltle. State laws vary in how much information is associated with the salvage 'brand' so you may never know the details of how it became a salvage. 2) The car may look repaired but may be concealing hidden damage, even dangerously unroadworthy damage. Alot of salvage repairs are improper. USvid is flush with improper repairs and repairers with a huge fan base. Everyone is impressed with their work but don't realize the repairs are improper and have compromised the structural integrity of the vehicle. Amateurs are not metallurgists, welding experts, nor structural engineers. They can make them look good but it doesn't mean they will protect you in an accident. When you shortcut the manufacturer's repair process, you are charting your own course free of the engineering used to design the car. 3) Unless you are an expert in automotive inspection and repair you could end up overpaying to save money. There are so many precautions to buying salvage that it's best to give general advise to avoid.
Eric Talaska
Eric Talaska Month ago
Also look under the engine. If it's wet, run.
Andrew Layton
Andrew Layton Month ago
In Georgia, A rebuilt title requires an inspection.
Von Musklaus
Von Musklaus Month ago
Wow , $1 for all the Pizza ingredients to make a pizza ! Meaning I can eat 1 Pizza everyday for a month for only $30. If I make it myself. Where in the usa is this cheap store?
AlainHubert Month ago
I bought many used cars in the past, with all of what this entails, and I finally understood one day that there's little money to be saved in the long run doing so. Not to mention all the potential problems of maintaining them. When you buy a used car, there's no way for you to know how it was treated from the day it was first bought new. That's why nowadays I only buy brand new ones every 8 or 10 years or so. And I take the shortest amount of time to pay them (usually 48 months) to maximize the years the car doesn't cost me anything except regular maintenance and gas. That way I can be sure that nobody else has mistreated it, or if it's a "salvage" crap, and I know how well it'll be maintained by me. As I get older, I need peace of mind, not pieces of junk. There are other more interesting things in life beside constantly fixing used cars. Unless you do that for a living, of course, which is perfectly fine for those who like such things. I'm not one of them.
npc #051011
npc #051011 Month ago
Knowledge is power. Learn some basic mechanics,purchase an affordable car(or 3) with ONE payment,and live happy. Not a slave to car payments...
queasyRider3 Month ago
OK, that does it; now I gotta move to Houston :)
ftchico1 Month ago
Thanks Scotty
Kef103 Month ago
Yeah some states didn’t say salvage and if sold in another state
Metalgear SolidSnake
I wish i knew a good mechanic like you. Some knowledge you have about cars:)
Meme Month ago
Subscribed. I am not buying a car, this guy is just awesome 🤣😂
mrdidovets Month ago
1:22 yes i used to work for papa johns, it cost about $1 for pizza
Cyle Enos
Cyle Enos Month ago
He lives in new hampshire .. live free or die 🤙
TDubsKid Month ago
Don’t always trust a clean title, run a car fax, I almost bought a Lexus that had a clean title and appeared to be in amazing shape. I ran a car fax before buying and it was a total loss vehicle that was in a really bad accident. Either the title was washed by transferring it to another state and back or it was stolen with swapped out vins
Alfa75V6 Month ago
your garage looks like a pile of junk
npc #051011
npc #051011 Month ago
I agree
Paige F
Paige F Month ago
What scan tool do you recommend?
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Month ago
If you're new to the channel: 1. Toyota is king 2. Buying a used Lexus is genius 3. Everything else is garbage
npc #051011
npc #051011 Month ago
Sippin on straight chlorine
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