Net Gun Prisoner Chase Challenge!

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Jan 4, 2019




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Comments 3 202
Kavin Rau
Kavin Rau Day ago
Hurry up and catch him
Shelby Wells
Shelby Wells Day ago
(Bobbys a teadybear) XD now thats true
Ellie-Mae Ford
Ellie-Mae Ford 9 days ago
''This is the least dangerous game,cause Bobby's a teddy bear!" -Joey 2019 Also,I did Booby's instead of Bobby's..
Cole Stone
Cole Stone 11 days ago
Bryan and Joey speaking in Morse code or something
Shadow Okeze
Shadow Okeze 15 days ago
Shadow Okeze
Shadow Okeze 15 days ago
Luna Heart
Luna Heart 18 days ago
If anyone knows the party rainbow song PLEASSEEEE tell me also like bc this is awsome!
JIGGLE JAGGLE 20 days ago
who do u like best billy: comment bobby:like joey:reply turtle
Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts
Why is the fugitive a Asian guy? I’m Asian so it’s fine
KSM_ OPS 22 days ago
I watch you guys when I am sad and lonely and you guys make my day happy
Niss & Chloe
Niss & Chloe 28 days ago
Wow. Billy did Bobby’s voice perfectly.😂 “I like to fish.” Haha
Niss & Chloe
Niss & Chloe 28 days ago
At 4:51 I cried laughing 😂
Ayla C
Ayla C Month ago
this is pretty wholesome, just a couple of guys playing cops and robbers outside
Gacha Blue 푸른
Tip: when you’re running keep high knees & when you see your hand come up immediately pull it back.
Capitate Cab
Capitate Cab 2 months ago
I wish they would do this again in the forest with Bobby as the prisioner because this one was really unfair, i mean they get net guns and in the other videos they had bolas
Good vibes only o.
Good vibes only o. 2 months ago
he just wanted to go to dennys
Raimee Sala Tenna
Raimee Sala Tenna 2 months ago
🐠 🦈
Raimee Sala Tenna
Raimee Sala Tenna 2 months ago
I like fish
Samson Studios
Samson Studios 3 months ago
Me: Hey Ma I got a like on my comment Ma: (walks into room) Oh, good job honey Also Ma: Wait,why is the thumb blue Me: 😑
darian olari
darian olari 3 months ago
Do more of this it’s super cool
Tyler Molt
Tyler Molt 3 months ago
k mon
k mon 3 months ago
were did you buy this
Kris Vetter
Kris Vetter 3 months ago
I laughing so hard on the part where Bryan made the tent get stuck on Joey's butt
Sh3ll3y214 3 months ago
Next do the edge games with Bryan Joey and Bobby.
Maccaroney 3 months ago
Most out of shape dudes ever. lol
pan flip
pan flip 3 months ago
Yessss I love these videos
Hasan Khan
Hasan Khan 3 months ago
joey sounds just like bobby holy
Ashley Boyle
Ashley Boyle 3 months ago
"I'm Bobby, hey, I like to fish"
mandie sayavedra
mandie sayavedra 3 months ago
Storm 2
Christianne Laroya
Christianne Laroya 4 months ago
Lol Billy "I'm Bobby. I like to fish"
Allyson Nascimento
Allyson Nascimento 4 months ago
billy needs a gopro
Cody Cosgrove
Cody Cosgrove 4 months ago
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis 4 months ago
so i re-watched this video and all i imagined was the tent was some random persons tent and was in there and J-fred just tackling them.
Maxim Still
Maxim Still 4 months ago
Dude perfect Tyler "I would like to introduce you to the net gun" everyone greens it
leah Nord
leah Nord 4 months ago
Nice grass mohawk
Cool man 4445 For the memes
Where did you get a net gun
JASSLEPTICAL 4 months ago
6:30. That’s Chris from the dangie bros’ dodge
Proozguy 1
Proozguy 1 4 months ago
Where do we get a net gun
Gorge Arney
Gorge Arney 4 months ago
Kris Vetter
Kris Vetter 4 months ago
Joey: * tackles tent* Bryan: *watches Joey * Joey: look under my leg Bryan: * lifta flap up* Joey: ow... My goodies... Me: 😂😂😂
GD._13 GD
GD._13 GD 4 months ago
GD._13 GD
GD._13 GD 4 months ago
The best
Brian Ordaz
Brian Ordaz 4 months ago
Is it just me or does Bobby kinda look like ricegum
Owen Stallings
Owen Stallings 4 months ago
3:58 Don’t Fall!!!
Twisted Originals
Twisted Originals 4 months ago
what's the song at 4:43?
Jade Adams
Jade Adams 4 months ago
I love how Brian couldn’t jump up that hill but Joey just hopped lol 😂
Shark rock Productions
Bobby’s only reaction to being seen “oh no”
Jessica Nguyen
Jessica Nguyen 4 months ago
I accidentally watched end person vid to beg! XD
John Fortnite Kennedy
May 4 months ago
J-Fred is my favorite but your all super awesome.
Rinki 834
Rinki 834 4 months ago
6:32 “I have the lungs of a parakeet” I’m so dead!
Douglas:-D Lee
Douglas:-D Lee 4 months ago
Bobbys got to fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........(I'm STUPID and nerdy)
Logan DeJoy
Logan DeJoy 4 months ago
Kaylee Bowman
Kaylee Bowman 4 months ago
4:51 you won’t regret it!😂
Chelsey Strong
Chelsey Strong 4 months ago
petar malović
petar malović 5 months ago
1:52 srbija
Luz Garcia
Luz Garcia 5 months ago
This is teddy 🐻 he said hi he said one like will give luck for 3 months
Maryam Alsaffar
Maryam Alsaffar 5 months ago
Btw a 10-7 in police code means out of service which is accurate when describing how quickly you guys get tired😂
Eljo Kuka
Eljo Kuka 5 months ago
Maryam Alsaffar Are you a cop or what? 👮‍♂️
Lauren Vander Plaats
Joey reminds me of someone part of a k-9 unit
Khorne 5 months ago
When they net gun trick shot bobby first try TURN DOWN FOR weed BRRBRBRBRBBRBRBRBRBRBRBRRRRR
Gaby Garside
Gaby Garside 5 months ago
I love you guys. Your so funny 😂
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