Neil deGrasse Tyson: Finding Extraterrestrial Life Might Unify Earth's Residents

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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America's favorite astrophysicist predicts what might happen if (or when) the people of Earth confirm the existence of life beyond this planet. #Colbert #NeildeGrasseTyson #Interviews
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Oct 8, 2019




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Comments 3 135
T. Smith
T. Smith 7 hours ago
We are the reason they won't return, humans for the most part are vile human waste.
Bikramjit Biswas
Bikramjit Biswas 7 hours ago
man neil is a great guy and an inspiration to the young and a true intellectual of our times
Pound_Cake1 8 hours ago
even neil can get caught with hot woman.
Dylan Ronan
Dylan Ronan 9 hours ago
Buddha and Jesus here.
Dylan Ronan
Dylan Ronan 9 hours ago
Rounak Medhi
Rounak Medhi 9 hours ago
This feels like my idea !! Am I living a time loop and somehow the characters and events change each time ? Help ! Help
freshmex85 9 hours ago
It isn’t that it might, we would need to unify.
Ardal Gimel
Ardal Gimel 9 hours ago
This me-2 movement is over-rated. Steve trying to get this man to cop-2-wrong doing. Also being tough on B-men makes everyone feel good.
richard bello
richard bello 10 hours ago
Bill Nye and Niel DeGras Tyson are both paid shills and know nothing about what they speak about because they never studied nor have degrees in the lies they speak of and live. The fact is the human race are a hybrid alien experiment with each nationality having eight different alien races giving their own DNA making the human race what they are today and is always on going through many thousands of years
Andy Tang
Andy Tang 10 hours ago
Good on him for bringing it up
Roberto Rojnic
Roberto Rojnic 10 hours ago
...'..you think the government is competent enough to pull that off.' I laughed so hard.
delerium2k 10 hours ago
anyone know what the opening song is from?
Pauly Walnuts
Pauly Walnuts 11 hours ago
Looks like the Left is trying to solidify a Special Interest in History. Watch folks. Think about what's going on behind the scenes ;) And what peoples motives truly are.
mondaye03 8 hours ago
Lay off the video games.
bill jones
bill jones 11 hours ago
yes the new world order will save humanity. ahahahahahahahahahahaahaahahahahahahahahahah
mondaye03 7 hours ago
@bill jones I'm not a socialist though. Try something else.
bill jones
bill jones 7 hours ago
nah it will be on all you socialist communists just like before. history repeats.
mondaye03 7 hours ago
@bill jones this 3rd one will be on Trump.
bill jones
bill jones 7 hours ago
they only started 2 world wars trying to force a one world government. they will also start the 3rd.
mondaye03 8 hours ago
What's wrong with the new world order?
jerolvilladolid 12 hours ago
Everyone born after the year 2000 already knows there are aliens. Growing up with the openness of the internet gives them wisdom. Its older folks born in the 20th century that are shaking in fear thinking there could actually be aliens
Bacons Strip
Bacons Strip 14 hours ago
Evangelicals would call it fake news and ignore whatever you found.
Nefertiti Marak
Nefertiti Marak 16 hours ago
Stephen not knowing the word chiral but me being a Sc student knowing that one particular word 'AHA!!!!'
Kapt'n Pee
Kapt'n Pee 16 hours ago
*Jason harvote* "i think you are n fantasy land some. Humans minds are as good as minds gets for the most part. Only diference to minds are as we know some learn faster than others. A genious wont be as smart as an average guy who went to school and genious didnt you see what i mean? So an aliens wont be so stupid or advanced that they cant comprehemd simple thinking proceses. As you see humans can be both good and evil and aliens are the same. There is no utopia they would have governments and all that tell people what to do and have wars still..." *Now all I am going to say about your comment is, yes the human/terrestrial mind is highly evolved and there is potential for genius' and very high IQs, BUT the human mind is also VERY limited, it is strong on the physical awareness, as like with all life on earth, humans live in a 3rd dimensional reality where physical senses are used, and because of this the human mind is inefficient (or you could say low IQ or as poor as they can get) in the non physical senses/awareness.* *the non physical senses include the ability to be able to communicate via telepathy where distance is not an issue, or the ability to move(travel) to a higher density outside the physical reality that would make possible the ability to go anywhere in the universe in an instant as well as the ability to be in multiple places at the same time, etc etc...* *i know that what I said sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick, BUT the growth of the human minds ability to use and be aware of the non physical senses is real, the human mind and humanities 'reality' only sees a small fraction of what is the ACTUAL 'universal reality'.* *how many times have you have you had the urge to look up (and for no real reason) your eyes wander straight to where a person is staring/lookong at you? That there is an example of one your human minds ( although very weak) non physical senses in operation.* *google 'Dimethyltryptamine', it is virtually a gateway to the non physical reality. it's a molecule that is produced in ALL living creatures including humans, the human body produces Dimethyltryptamine and dumps it into the bloodstream as the person is dying, and when the molecule has been extracted from plants and consumed it opens up a gateway to a different dimension or understanding of reality. If you want to try understand what a non physical minded genius can achieve then check out some scientific Dimethyltryptamine studies or even USvid videos on people's experiences. IT WILL REALLY OOEN UP UR EYES*
Akilan Mohan
Akilan Mohan 17 hours ago
Starting bgm is awesome, does anyone know is it from some song or movie to get full version of it or just composed by Late Light show guys ?
Aaron Kortas
Aaron Kortas 20 hours ago
The sexual misconduct accusations against him were to vague. At worst he was a little creepy
Ronins 23 hours ago
Please let's build TMT. TMT is a game changer for universal exploration. Stop the Illegal occupation of the access road. TMT is designed to find life on other planets.
Mat D
Mat D Day ago
I think the first thing humans would want to know about extraterrestrial life is "can I have sex with it?"
Sav Day ago
I think Stephen's opinions are biased and I normally cant stand this show but I gave this one a like :)
A Day ago
can we eat it or could we fuck it?!
1point618034 Day ago
I can't believe he tapped the desk of doom, for luck!?
billykkutter Day ago
All the technology created by mankind has done little to cause nationwide unity. In fact we are probably on a major course direction of a "Black Swan" event.
rvScript Day ago
a mars probe drops microbes into the frozen water then life grows on mars now we say there is life on mars. NASA, seems like SNAKE OIL SALESMEN.
panache1204 Day ago
Any word from Nasa yet?
Príncipe Day ago
Jason Pitts
Jason Pitts Day ago
Love this guy
Joe K
Joe K Day ago
It's sad Colbert is basically forced to bring up something that he was exonerated from. He's on there to talk about science. We're supposed to withhold judgment until all the evidence is out and the evidence is out and it showed nothing serious. So why perpetuate it?
Kavisha Chandraratne
Who gives a fuck about what whether the women are satisfied! They tried to ruin a great man’s career with their baseless accusations. There were 3 investigations. Due process was done. Jesus!!!
Nathan Kayhan
"I believe women" is the stupidest notion.
Ryan Tatum
Ryan Tatum Day ago
The Middle East wouldn’t give af.
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto Day ago
Billions of galaxies. Is the evolution of creation only possible in this one?
Thomas Panto
Thomas Panto Day ago
In both body and in mind we are 13 billion years of evolving Truth shared across time by Life that Lived AND Died FOR the future of this evolving creation protecting the future from the failure of predators, disease and ignorance. Then we invented WORDS and trained babies to enforce lies at gun point.
Raphael Graciano
saying that we are not prepared to know if there are alien life out there, is the same logic if someone thinks they can't tell you the truth about something because you can not handle it, simple fact is, it is not up to them to decide, it is up to each individual to accept it or not.
Warren Jackson
Neil you are strange.
YTSince2006 Day ago
Free Assange and Snowden, then we can talk about uniting on truth instead of corrupt oligarchies.
Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka Day ago
Maybe he’s one of those types who, for whatever reason, enji
Dalop Phtty
Dalop Phtty Day ago
he is saying mars is opasit of earth. what is here is not there whats good is bad .whats left is right . no / yes . he is say without saying . there is not life on mars . flippity flop
Wow he started off with that? Nice.
jesus garcia
jesus garcia Day ago
Pri yon Joni
Pri yon Joni Day ago
I disagree. Republicans will find new aliens to hate on.
Big tickle
Big tickle Day ago
Why not admit that he might have been inappropriate and apologize for it. Or perhaps he is completely innocent.
Dayton Reed
Dayton Reed Day ago
If extraterrestrials have any knowledge about humanity they will kill us in our crib before we escape.
Cor Baerveldt
DNA turns in only one direction ... if you want to think of it as clockwise up. Gestures counter clockwise...
decadepast decadepast
So what did you learn about being falsely accused of sexual misconduct by three different women? I learned that there's no repercussion for people making false accusations that you can pretty much ruin anyone's career just by making an accusation...But hey that didn't happen to me so let's just say I'm grateful that people stood up for me and I didn't lose everything.
Manuel Mahdi
Manuel Mahdi Day ago
He is a actor a scientist of nothing or should I say science fiction.. and a alleged rapist stay away from him extraterrestrial women
Rene Lariviere
please, its very important that you read : the allies of humanity briefings. its available online for free in many languages.
john laborat
john laborat Day ago
Glad Stephen didn’t hold back, and asked the hard questions. He’s really an unbiased journalist and reporter, wanting to bring the truth to his audience - regardless of who he’s interviewing. Good job Stephen.
How about finding that their drinks have been tainted will unite all the women in NDT’s life.
joseph jeon
joseph jeon Day ago
OMG all my training in science has FINALLY made me feel superior to everyone else when he mentioned "chirality" in molecules :)
tecums3h Day ago
Is Neil related to Mike Tyson?
Thug Life
Thug Life Day ago
This is nuts neil, did nothing wrong, hes a good man, hes one of very few African-American astrophysicist, stop making up crap about him he's a good man he didn't do anything wrong!!!
I refused to watch this interview because NDT has lost me after the sexual harassment charges/his tone deaf response. Then a very credible rape allegation against him with no consequences. Now he's promoting his book on Ben (I'm somehow a Jew and a Nazi) Shapiro's show. Fuck him and maybe don't book his tarnished ass again without asking some real questions. #gross
Trevor Graham Welch
The Aliens Have Been Here For Thousands Of Years And Some Come From Far Beyond The Sun 🌞 You Don’t Have To Be A PhD Scientist 🥼 To Figure That Out .
David Morris
David Morris 2 days ago
Any men on this board said a harmless joke and was Mee Too? This is an abomination.
LeavingIt Blank
LeavingIt Blank 2 days ago
Sorry Neil, but finding life off of Earth will only further divide our species. There will be those who will feel threatened by it and want it destroyed; those who want to market it; those who want to revere it; those who will love it to death... Everyone will want a piece of it for their own purposes.
David Wallenstein
This interview was heartbreaking. I was so ready to forgive Neil deGrasse Tyson and move on, but he gave such a cop-out answer. Taking a little responsibility for the fact that he obviously made some (not totally heinous) mistakes would've been nice.
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