NBA Legends On How Good Shawn Kemp Was

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Mar 18, 2019




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blasterskv1 9 days ago
Ahhh man... Those days... Every single team then had at least one player who was a attention magnet
Citizenthirteen 10 days ago
Kentucky wanted to sign Kemp so bad but he was as dumb as a post and could not make academic eligibility. They said he could hardly spell his name. This unfortunately showed up in his later life with the obesity , drugs and baby mama's . He probably has some kind of undiagnosed deficiency like ADD , ADHD or similar . What a waste of a career and financials.
Chris H
Chris H 10 days ago
watched him fly through King Arena. so much talent.
marcus. 11 days ago
mane was too damn trill #KangShit👑™
Hugh S. Hay
Hugh S. Hay 13 days ago
He was not so good at pulling out tho
Kobe Superfan
Kobe Superfan 14 days ago
lets talk about his 12 kids with 13 baby mama
Eddie Sille
Eddie Sille 15 days ago
Too much Blow...
jackinyoubaby 15 days ago
If he hadn't smoked crack and gotten fat he could have been one of the greats
everyday life
everyday life 16 days ago
The rain man was the greek freak back in the 90's
Mgifford 1274
Mgifford 1274 18 days ago
I remember as a kid from a small town in the south watching every nationally televised Seattle game I possibly could because of Kemp & Gary Payton. They were so exciting to watch! Kemp was my favorite of the two, but Payton was no joke either. I had the same addiction to watching Dominique Wilkins & the "Grandmama" Larry Johnson. How lucky we were to watch all those 1980's-1990's legends. It was so special.
Justin Aeneas
Justin Aeneas 18 days ago
The basket was too low for that man. It just wasn't fair. Damn, I miss Kemp.
Hugh Howard
Hugh Howard 19 days ago
Anybody who's anybody remember Shawn Kemp from NBA JAM..#80sBaby
Victor Guzman
Victor Guzman 19 days ago
That guy was a savage!
Mariusz Lubko
Mariusz Lubko 20 days ago
He was good at doing coke
phroz 20 days ago
1:14 He clearly hasnt seen Giannis
Ian Purdy
Ian Purdy 20 days ago
Steve Kerr makes a great point about the lockout. But let’s be honest here: he started declining in Cleveland. Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp had complimentary skill sets. Not to understate either one of them, but those two together on the court was absolute fucking fire.
Stephen R
Stephen R 21 day ago
And he couldn't even palm the ball so he had to get up that much more
Insurgent Ewok
Insurgent Ewok 21 day ago
He was my childhood superhero!!!!
Abdus Shakur
Abdus Shakur 21 day ago
after Jordan, the reign man was my favorite player when he was a Super Sonic.
Angel josue Ramirez
lets go north team
Daniel Kelegian
Daniel Kelegian 21 day ago
Best in game dunk - Tom Chambers on Mark Jackson
Ron Kellam
Ron Kellam 21 day ago
No mention of Dominique Wilkins. Totally disrespectful.
Ambition 22 days ago
Chuck remembered getting boomed on
Shane Pleasants
Shane Pleasants 22 days ago
Weight wasn’t the issue it was Krispy Kreme
worken360 22 days ago
Everyone seems to forget that he was on cocaine for most of his career. Yeah he was fun to watch because he was all coked up.
Tyler Rollinson
Tyler Rollinson 22 days ago
It wasn't just eating and weight. It was that alch and chasing women!! lol
Jeremy Eaton
Jeremy Eaton 22 days ago
My old dealer in South Seattle told me he used to sell crack to Shawn Kemp. He was a legend
Superman J
Superman J 22 days ago
I've been saying this for years and years and years that "if only" The Reignman would've KEPT HIS FOCUS on his talent/career, he would've went down as not just a HOF but also argubaly the BEST PF the game has ever seen!!!! And I NEVER liked the Sonics!!!! Him and LJ(Larry Johnson) were beasts that couldn't be stopped!!!!!! Injuries and drugs!!!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Also to me the 5 greatest "In game dunkers 🤾🏾‍♂️" are Jordan, Kemp, Vin-sanity, Dominique Wilkins and insert in whoever else you want......
MSotelo503 23 days ago
They talking about him like he died, invite him on!
Edward Rivera
Edward Rivera 23 days ago
Barkley is the biggest uncle tom
afkaz 23 days ago
OKC legend Shawn Kemp
eric zulu
eric zulu 23 days ago
Nowadays, that "pointing" dunk would cost you about $75,000
Tra Ho
Tra Ho 23 days ago
I’ll pick Hoosier Shawn Kemp over Hoosier Larry bird any day! The nba makes their players go to collage now for at least 2 years, because they’re afraid of the Shawn Kemp’s out there!
FLV Productionz
FLV Productionz 24 days ago
Why isn't he a HOFer?
the blackconservative
Shawn kemp was a human highlight reel on ESPN but lazy...Jordan was a master at his craft,I miss those guys part of my childhood
blahzay beats
blahzay beats 24 days ago
zion is shawn kemp n da new form ty game the same
Von Dough
Von Dough 24 days ago
Kg and Shawn Kemp my 2 favorite players
Vinny Tesla
Vinny Tesla 24 days ago
greatest pure power-dunker, period..... no one comes close
MrHeepspo 24 days ago
Get on up for the down stroke!
Eli S. Ramirez
Eli S. Ramirez 24 days ago
That first dunk was a huge traveling
Enrique Espinosa
Enrique Espinosa 24 days ago
He scored ...20 pts or more usually and how many dunk's but in top physical dunks from the scores he got and if Kobe could play Michael on his play's on the better chances better then Shawn Kemp can get plays and on top dunk's a little better then Kobe but on dunk's of his then its the play and then dunk's that can show who get's around !
revmack22 24 days ago
The only reason the Sonics didnt go to 3 straight Finals, is because they faltered 2 years out of 3 in the first round, first to Denver in that epic 5 game shocker, and the following year against (i think) Utah. They slaughtered the Rockets in both regular seasons of their two title years!!! Houston had NO answer to Reign Man and co., and when they finally met them in the playoffs, the Sonics swept! The league might look real different of Seattle could have made it out of the first rounf in '93 and '94!!!
Ninjamaster77 24 days ago
Shawn Kemp was my favourite player.
Galv0822 24 days ago
This video is more about how he got fat than how good he was
Toma Radenkovic
Toma Radenkovic 24 days ago
tbh, Greek Freaks style reminds me of him...
Rey B
Rey B 25 days ago
I think Dominique Wilkens was the best in game dunker I've ever seen.
Jewel Clark
Jewel Clark 25 days ago
Shawn was fine,UNTIL THE TRADE TO PORTLAND & then everything changed
Carmelo Tansengco
Carmelo Tansengco 25 days ago
He was among my favorite players back in the mid 90's.
sOUnerfan 25 days ago
After the 96 Finals vs my Bulls, I really thought he was going to be next. Came back from that lockout season at 396 lbs.
Zalapski 25 days ago
Why do basketball fans have yell and act so excited when they see clips of someone dunking? Like I get it if you’re watching a live game and a guy dunks on someone. But why when you’re watching old hi lights you’ve seen before, why that reaction? It’s like it’s to show the world you’re so ball.
TU nguyen
TU nguyen 25 days ago
better than lbron
Jerome Bell
Jerome Bell 25 days ago
Kemp was a baller
Ashley Ndukwu
Ashley Ndukwu 25 days ago
Ernie is a master at edification
g513 25 days ago
Shawn Kemp's son used to live in my neighborhood
comfortat 25 days ago
Let's see... He had Payton, Schrempf, Perkins, Hawkins... ON THE SAME TEAM! And they never won. OV-ER-RATED (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap...) C'mon, chant it with me!
mtrujillo1973 23 days ago
comfortat Shut the fuck up
Tike Daniels
Tike Daniels 25 days ago
The Sonics played him....didn’t give him the money
Cheflee alicoka
Cheflee alicoka 25 days ago
Yes shawn Kemp should be in the hall of fame. He was like the first hip hop NBA player.
Santana H.
Santana H. 26 days ago
Zion aint NO WHERE near as explosive as KEMP....FOH!!! KEMP > zion
Cameron King
Cameron King 26 days ago
Went to a Too Short/Suga Free rap show in Everett,Wa a few years back and Shawn Kemp was onstage with Too Short just having a great time.
oregonpoop 26 days ago
Kemp was great....BUT GP WAS THE MAN!
Cornell Jones
Cornell Jones 26 days ago
Shawn Kemp with that dunk on Lister was like gotcha bitch!!
Rambo Picaso
Rambo Picaso 26 days ago
At Zeke Dominique
Christopher McLeod
Christopher McLeod 26 days ago
My brother, the talented barber he is, used to cut my fades like Shawn Kemp's. We used to always look forward to NBA on NBC for a Sonics game because it was good chance we were gonna see him put on a show!!!
jdm2339 26 days ago
c'mon man got like 8 ads on a 8 min video?
Le Var Grace
Le Var Grace 26 days ago
My second favorite player. Damn I miss this guy!
intlj 26 days ago
Shawn Kemp is my personal goat
TheBestFighter 26 days ago
Shawn Kemp needs to be in the Hall of Fame
kurt altschwager
kurt altschwager 26 days ago
Bucks fan here. I moved to Orlando for college in 02'-04' and got the opportunity to see him play in the waining moments of his career.... a true loner. His own way.
kurt altschwager
kurt altschwager 26 days ago
But speaking of which, nobody dunks like Giannis today. Good luck defending that
Con10der Regime Boxing
Man I miss watching Shawn Kemp.. reminds me of NBA Shootout 2002 on PlayStation
Seb Joseph
Seb Joseph 26 days ago
I remember I tried to steal Shawn Kemp shoes from my local mervyn s when I was in high school. I got caught. That was the beginning and end of my criminal career.
M Frusciante
M Frusciante 26 days ago
Some other ferocious dunkers that would try to rip the rim off: Michael Finley Stromile Swift Kelvin Cato Latrell Sprewell Keon Klark
M Frusciante
M Frusciante 26 days ago
Oh, can't believe I forgot but Dominique Wilkins too.
M Frusciante
M Frusciante 26 days ago
My grandma bought me his jersey when I was 15. Everybody at school was jealous. MJ was my fav but I asked for a Kemp because he was just so badass n nobody I knew had one yet. Wore the shit out of it.
rayt 26 days ago
Good team the sonics but only third bananas behind bulls and rockets .
Proud African American
There is no way to describe Shawn Kemp. You just have to watch and be prepared to be amazed.
Sylvanius Ross
Sylvanius Ross 26 days ago
sonics fucked over Kemp on that contract, you had bum ass players getting paid more than him that's why Seattle crumbled as a franchise. He was depressed he's diffently underrated
Sylvanius Ross
Sylvanius Ross 26 days ago
Shot out to Elkart indidana
markmac 26 days ago
reignman dunked like he hated the rim
NCYungin 26 days ago
He had alot of issues? Like what? Eating too much?
robj144 26 days ago
Eh... saw him play in his prime and the only thing that impressed me was his dunking. Didn't do anything else impressively like other great players.
Frank Shorter
Frank Shorter 26 days ago
Dominique Wilkens best dunker! In a crowd!
HeRb PopYoBitch
HeRb PopYoBitch 26 days ago
RainMan caught bodies on the court
Henry and Khloe's Channel SQUANCE
Kemp and Sonics got robbed for years by the refs in Seattle. Rockets and suns where favored for finals.
Brittany Garrison
Brittany Garrison 26 days ago
We all saw him play. Zion is nowhere near the savage Kemp was.
Hilton Bayayi
Hilton Bayayi 26 days ago
Most underated player ever He was a beast
Will M
Will M 27 days ago
He was vicious with those dunks
Alvin Stlouis
Alvin Stlouis 27 days ago
First player I look up to
El Bat
El Bat 27 days ago
Kemp & Payton all day err day
Rebmetpes4 27 days ago
George Karl nailed it about Payton and Kemp; Payton was a beast of a mouth and Kemp was more of a man of action!
Hello I am Charlie
Hello I am Charlie 27 days ago
I still have a newspaper clipping of a photo where Michael Jordan's dunk was almost blocked by shawn kemp
Jose Torres
Jose Torres 27 days ago
Shawn kemp might’ve been the first Zion if we would’ve had social media back then...
Deron McCombs
Deron McCombs 27 days ago
wilkins and kemp equal zion
GMS Shar Ahmath
GMS Shar Ahmath 27 days ago
they start off with the negative of his career smh
neal6473 27 days ago
Great upload 😉👍.
Omar Tahboub
Omar Tahboub 27 days ago
I still do have both Kemp's Kamikaze 1 and 2 OGs !!1
Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee Brewers 27 days ago
- Uploaded by Shawn Kemp
Hero 3
Hero 3 27 days ago
his freaking taking 4 steps maybe 5 on that first dunk.
David Ingram
David Ingram 27 days ago
Yo chuck is retarded 🤣🤣
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 27 days ago
Blake Griffin is the recantation of Shawn Kemp.
Dempsey Lewis
Dempsey Lewis 27 days ago
He was one of my favorites
One Deep Savage
One Deep Savage 27 days ago
2 best Sonic dunkers of all time Shawn Kemp and Desmond Mason. Cowboy & Rain Man
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