My Wish: Dude Perfect performs trick shots with 11-year-old Nolan | SportsCenter

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Nolan Harm, an 11-year-old living with cystic fibrosis, spends time with trick shot artists Dude Perfect as part of ESPN's "My Wish" series.
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Jul 15, 2019

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Comments 729
John McBride
John McBride Day ago
Yes Nolan ☝🏻dude perfect is awesome 👏
Phoenix Fire Gaming
This is truly heart-warming
CryPtic GaMing
CryPtic GaMing 11 days ago
Wohhhh at the end he got that shot Hope u live a huge se*y life and HAPPINESS just fires off Good Luck DP 2
max mr.awesome
max mr.awesome 12 days ago
prays fr nolha and his brother
Jason Stuart
Jason Stuart 13 days ago
So sweet
Nicolas Pierce
Nicolas Pierce 16 days ago
who are the total losers who disliked this video
Ruben T
Ruben T 18 days ago
Dude Perfect are the positive male role models that boys so desperately need these days.
Owen Raefield
Owen Raefield 19 days ago
Who are the losers who disliked this video?
A. Grace Gamer
A. Grace Gamer 19 days ago
Praying for you and you're brother! Dude Perfect is the best!!!
Wimbo Jimbo
Wimbo Jimbo 19 days ago
I love this. I think hes gonna be the coolest kid in school now XD. I wish the best for nolan and his brother.
GoldenDimond 81
GoldenDimond 81 19 days ago
I hope he gets better! We are all praying for you!! :)
SokkerGamer 20 days ago
Bro Dude Perfect, you guys are amazing! I’m so glad you guys are a Christian channel. Please stay like this!
Janith Abston
Janith Abston 21 day ago
For anyone that disliked this video, you should take a reality check and put yourself in Nolan's shoes.
Kristen Lee
Kristen Lee 21 day ago
Hi nolan
Jeff the third
Jeff the third 21 day ago
Heart touching
Oliver Lee
Oliver Lee 21 day ago
That’s awesome that you did that guys!!!
Zman thegreat
Zman thegreat 21 day ago
Head ass
Chubbs Sabric
Chubbs Sabric 22 days ago
Sub to chubbs Sabric
TripleA Gamer
TripleA Gamer 22 days ago
He ugly
Mark Abu Ayash
Mark Abu Ayash 23 days ago
Your the man nolan
josiah fox
josiah fox 24 days ago
1 like 1 prayer for nolan
LittleLight Gaming
LittleLight Gaming 24 days ago
5ft apart😭
your mom YT
your mom YT 25 days ago
Prayer for nolan
IveeTheProducer 25 days ago
Hey this was uploaded on my birthday
New Identity
New Identity 25 days ago
I'm perfectly healthy with great genes and haven't had children.... These folks have 2 kids they know won't be perfect. Don't know whether that's the most amazing thing I've ever seen or the opposite. Props to the parents for sticking with them regardless though!
Mary Beth Holland
Mary Beth Holland 25 days ago
I'm literally crying. DP is my faveorite Channel!!!! THEY ARE SUCH GOOD PEOPLE.
JDown077 25 days ago
These stories man. Please put away the onions.
Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara 25 days ago
Carsyn Hunt
Carsyn Hunt 25 days ago
“I may have to bury my kids some day...” That um, no, I can’t. 💔
Lefty 941
Lefty 941 25 days ago
So awesome.Hope for the best for those brothers. Wish i could come work for those guys. Always having fun. Keep it up Dude Perfect!
TheSillySalmon 25 days ago
Goo nolannn
AstronauX 26 days ago
Dude Perfect just warms my heart, I love their videos, and they are just so nice.
REZTHEBEAST 26 days ago
Nice shot Nolan! Hope you have a happy life!
thecrimedog 26 days ago
slaynfillet 26 days ago
awesome kid, wish the best for him
Tony Playz
Tony Playz 26 days ago
Could y’all check my fortnite vid out, thanks
OutdoorMadnessTV 26 days ago
Daniel Castellanos
Daniel Castellanos 26 days ago
ESPN you suck dude perfect good job
Michael Diehl
Michael Diehl 26 days ago
God bless you buddy, praying for you. P.S you are one hell of a basketball player. I couldn't even make 10% of them.
Cesar Sanchez
Cesar Sanchez 26 days ago
i think everyone gets tired when they play soccer but thats just me
Aaron Matthews
Aaron Matthews 26 days ago
This hits my heart. As my brother/Bestfriend died of CF. My prayers are with you buddy.
Micah Armbruster
Micah Armbruster 27 days ago
Crank Boys
Crank Boys 27 days ago
one of my old friends has Cystic Fibroses and he don’t get none of this shi
Evan Rath
Evan Rath 27 days ago
Hi dude prfict
Lindsey Fenstermaker
DP is a very kind group
jodimerren 27 days ago
I agree
jodimerren 27 days ago
Yeah dude perfect
Alfie's Videos
Alfie's Videos 27 days ago
I would be excited to come to DPHQ2
ILLUSION CESAR 27 days ago
Same thing happening to me but my parents don't now if there is a problem
Xxgaming102xX Dave
Xxgaming102xX Dave 27 days ago
It makes me happy to see him smile 1like = 1 prayer
World of Drawing
World of Drawing 27 days ago
If I knew this kid, I feel like he would be my best friend
Dillan Wiemer
Dillan Wiemer 27 days ago
I have chronic depression is that close enough to get on dp
Argee Learner
Argee Learner 27 days ago
ANTHONY PHAM 27 days ago
Hope u feel better Nolan!
Garrett Irick
Garrett Irick 27 days ago
I know the threat of CF. My 3 year old niece also has it. Prayers for you.
OPTAZED_hoot 27 days ago
All the other class mates are like “it’s so stupid! He gets to go see them but I don’t”
Carson G.
Carson G. 27 days ago
The dudes are so nice to have him over at the dphq2. I’m sure they could have been busy with other things but they made time for Nolan.
I have cystic fibrosis!
Ive also never been sick
FunRun Pro
FunRun Pro 27 days ago
My mom lost her life to cystic fibrosis may 17 2007
andres Mendez
andres Mendez 27 days ago
But 5 feet apart said CF’ers no close 😂😂
Scott Blaylock
Scott Blaylock 27 days ago
I personally lost my best friend to cf at 33 this video is amazing
YoLo_Morp H
YoLo_Morp H 27 days ago
I feel so bad
wao[rnfwojfl 27 days ago
I was about to cry 😢. You guys are so nice 👍.
NerferGD 27 days ago
my name is nolan and im 11 years old too!!!
Miles Fitzpatrick
Miles Fitzpatrick 27 days ago
Mobile Master
Mobile Master 27 days ago
I am from New Jersey
Chaunce Fontaine
Chaunce Fontaine 27 days ago
He missed the chance to call it the make a wish swish
Phoenix Hunter
Phoenix Hunter 27 days ago
Pray for the man. 😘
Jonah 27 days ago
279 people were crying so hard they missed the like button
L1mp4no 27 days ago
The 279 disslikeers most be blind
TheMobile Beast
TheMobile Beast 27 days ago
I had this disease when I was 5 years old
Eliseoj awsome
Eliseoj awsome 27 days ago
Impossible can be possible so in god we trust and to him give chance
Defyng 27 days ago
Imagine disliking this video
Natalie Tobiasz
Natalie Tobiasz 27 days ago
my heart melted wtaching this dude perfect is such a gunuine group of guys and i hope nolan and is brother live for very long
FusionNeboulous 27 days ago
i love dude perfect and what they do, such great people. And did you see him wearing a golden state warriors hat lol so lucky to meet the most awesome people in the world
Cracking Trains
Cracking Trains 27 days ago
God bless him and his family.
Renee Maher
Renee Maher 27 days ago
Do some Baseball stuff
Passive Pixel
Passive Pixel 27 days ago
I know a girl with CF who’s really positive and upbeat. Let’s hope we can cure CF soon! Prayers for both of them.
Luke Ryan
Luke Ryan 27 days ago
What a great kid! I really hope there's a cure for cystic fibrosis one day
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