My Weird Trip to the UK

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The UK was great and i had a time
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you never pee on your wallet if you don't want pee on it


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Jun 9, 2019




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Comments 38 793
DeadlyPanda 2 hours ago
guys you realize her phone notifier popped up with "Weirdo Detected"
Idgylizzie 3 hours ago
ya goober
KASSIDY WIESE 3 hours ago
Hi Jaiden I am nine and I love your videos and I enjoy them :3
N Nam
N Nam 3 hours ago
Sometimes I'll just listen to ur videos while im doing stuff but then I relize it's animated and u spend a lot of time working on it so I'll listen to it then I'll watch it again later
TRD Plays Plays
TRD Plays Plays 3 hours ago
You know when you were doing karate. Wanna spar
Aesthtic Unicorn
Aesthtic Unicorn 3 hours ago
Does jaiden not flush when she uses the toilet? She mentioned that wallet must've fell in the toilet before she started peeing. That would mean if she flushed toilet then the wallet either would've gone down the toilet or clogged it (which I'm sure she would've noticed). Also, I'm pretty sure at some point her friends had to use the bathroom so they should've seen the wallet if it was just floating in the toilet. Edit: Also, she would've heard the wallet hit the water
Leo K
Leo K 3 hours ago
I wonder if there are high taxes there. Just like in the colonies
Sater_n 3 hours ago
Does that mean Jaiden doesn’t flush?
Olivia Holt
Olivia Holt 4 hours ago
Jaiden, you are so beautiful just the way you are. Some people might be going through the same pain you are and that they think very lowly of themselves. But everyone is unique, special, and awesome in their own way just like you. Don't ever treat yourself badly because (and I know this might sound cheesy, heh...) it's not on the outside that counts, but on the inside. People might cover themselves up with makeup and pretend to be someone they're not because they are ashamed of what others might think of them. But let me tell you what, nothing in this world makes you more beautiful than showing your real self. Don't ever think that you are a mistake in this world. Either other people tell you, or you tell yourself, but listen, it is not true. They're people in this world who are going through the same thing, so just know that you are not alone, ever. Friends, family, and even pets (Ari, heh) are there for you! This doesn't just go out to Jaiden alone, but to everyone who is also going through some difficult times. You are getting better each and every day! We're here for you and always will be!! :3 Hahahaha, I'm so extra. This comment also has nothing to do with this video, heh... I'm weird.
Lemuela இனியாழ்
Maybe when you pulled up your pants it fell in the toilet????
UniGameVerse 4 hours ago
Jaiden's next video: My trip to Chernobyl
Miss. Nobody
Miss. Nobody 4 hours ago
"I peed on my wallet-" -Jaiden..
Husky Fangs
Husky Fangs 5 hours ago
Are Ari's flight wings cut a bit?
sonic the hedgehog Gamer 2019
Pee ...... Wallet ...... Peepeewalet
Aishath adjh
Aishath adjh 5 hours ago
Jaiden please make more vids please, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Support catto
Support catto 6 hours ago
Make a trip to Finland
Twilyx360 6 hours ago
Is it just me or has it become a tradition that every time Jaiden goes to Europe something completely unexpected always happens? The Netherlands: Blows a hotel room fuse France: Scammed twice one of them had this weird 100€ scam UK: Wallet and this weird guy. Idk but I feel like this could be a meme at some point don't you think? XD
Lilly Smith
Lilly Smith 6 hours ago
Hi Jaiden. I really love your videos, they make me laugh and make me happy 😁 Thx for putting so much time and effort into your vids (and for being an amazing mum to Ari 😘🐦)
mohammed yassin
mohammed yassin 6 hours ago
Man I'm even a man
OIᒪ EᑎᔕEᗰᗷᒪE
minimalist ridge wallet. is what you need. fantano is just trying to help.
Cyrus Schoneman
Cyrus Schoneman 7 hours ago
ur lez
JTTJMD/ All 8 hours ago
My bird died a month ago 😭 He had a stress problems and was laying eggs
Harrypotamus !
Harrypotamus ! 8 hours ago
*I peed on my wallet*
Saval CRAFT 9 hours ago
you sound like you don't know what "materialistic" mean
твой друг
твой друг 9 hours ago
Чо блять
ennard 1246
ennard 1246 10 hours ago
am a 97 like you
Cat Cat
Cat Cat 10 hours ago
Theodd1onesout is better lol just my opinion
alo polisia
alo polisia 10 hours ago
Aqua Grizzlord
Aqua Grizzlord 11 hours ago
Thunk? That's a real word?! damn, so this is how it is living in asia. You don't know shit
cc661692 12 hours ago
All girls are ass
Violence Daily
Violence Daily 12 hours ago
Do you guys still remember gave the dog?
kawaii meow kittie
kawaii meow kittie 13 hours ago
Rama Al shami
Rama Al shami 13 hours ago
4:49 0-0 **that is extremely rude oof**
JZ_ Playz_299
JZ_ Playz_299 13 hours ago
I'm hyped for scribble showdown!
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson 13 hours ago
Hey jadin my gf Isabella relly likes you something else and james can you please help me out could you just make a minute long vid telling her how much her life means shes suicidel and this relly. Would help jadin please Like for support
indian grimreaper
indian grimreaper 14 hours ago
0:47 "Like that one video" I see you're a person of trauma as well
Stary—Crow 14 hours ago
you sound like someone called Skymin
Cloudycorn 14 hours ago
Why are there no uk tour dates for the show?! I am a brit!
Reed 14 hours ago
You didn’t flush?? After pee pee?? What
seinor bacon
seinor bacon 15 hours ago
Me: *remembers 2017* Also me: *rembers what jaiden said: welp we dident know what was coming* Aw thw memories
Kealin Christopher
Kealin Christopher 15 hours ago
Hi jaiden i will like u YES U go hear ur own song of undertale heres the song (painted plummed animus) go for the one whith 2 jaiden and a circle whith a heart (why did i say heart i should say soul) in the middle go hear it PLS
Chris plays and animates
I have the same birthday as jadien !!!!!
FanArt Fixer!
FanArt Fixer! 15 hours ago
Soulja boy phone XD Jaiden, you're the best!
Cokecoke Jokejoke
Cokecoke Jokejoke 15 hours ago
What if she lost it in the plane
Aj Emmeth
Aj Emmeth 15 hours ago
Yin yang
Yin yang 16 hours ago
Your Anniversary was Yesterday woohoo Yee Lol 👌
casey van meel
casey van meel 16 hours ago
I respect u because you don't make 10:01 minutes video's
Gamerinfinite 17 hours ago
He must have liked you because of your USvid channel
C0R3 S0UL 17 hours ago
"He didnt fly like he did in the video" *Me having horrifiying flash backs*
Indiy the one and only
Hot town, summer in the city...........................
Rodrigo Acosta
Rodrigo Acosta 17 hours ago
Please show us your face maybe not everyone has saw the video of boyinaband in where you skow your face but still we are going to accept you.
Ibrahim Murat
Ibrahim Murat 17 hours ago
Also if you wanna know search jaiden rule 34
Ibrahim Murat
Ibrahim Murat 17 hours ago
Jaiden there is this trend called rule 34 they made you one of the sexy girls
The weirdest 1
The weirdest 1 17 hours ago
Ok I know jaiden probably won’t see this but here I go I think you should do more art challenges. WithJames or adam. I really enjoy them, also what Device or programs do you use?
plastic 17 hours ago
im kinda just noticing your animation has yamchas hair
Shrek GaL
Shrek GaL 17 hours ago
The fly out the windo one is ShReK Is LoVe ShRek Is LiFe
Shrek GaL
Shrek GaL 17 hours ago
Shrek mi boi
DK1474 17 hours ago
8:00 "JAIDEN WHERE IS MY SPAGHETTI" accompanied with that image is possibly just as unsettling as the airport riddler
Mickle The Pickle
Mickle The Pickle 17 hours ago
was that guy pewdiepie
Natsuki 17 hours ago
Did you meet the irl version of Nagito???
dort rice
dort rice 17 hours ago
(This is a continuation to Monturtle Monturtle's comment) Jaiden: stop fistbumping me James: sTOp touching my shoulder Rebecca: dont touch mah purse Adam: *I WILL F'KN EAT YOU*
Queyli Perez
Queyli Perez 18 hours ago
U alaws do
Nicolai Khan
Nicolai Khan 18 hours ago
sub to faze sicko
LaTonya Hutchison 101
Mr.Fortnite200 18 hours ago
Hey jaiden what do you use to draw like what app.
TheMistyCat :
TheMistyCat : 19 hours ago
Can you pls make a lip sinc pls
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 19 hours ago
TheMistyCat : Do you also,like other animation channels?
Kylie McDonald
Kylie McDonald 19 hours ago
Make funny Ari stories please
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 19 hours ago
Kylie McDonald I have a funny vid with both Ari and Jaiden on my 3D animation channel. You might like it.
Zeke Pendeman
Zeke Pendeman 19 hours ago
USvid... FUCKING... UNSUBSCRIBED ME. * Pulls out shotgun, Doom OST starts to blare *
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 19 hours ago
Zeke Pendeman Are there also other animation channels that you like to watch?
Kaelan Sulja
Kaelan Sulja 19 hours ago
Im a boy and
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation 19 hours ago
Kaelan Sulja Are there other animation channels that you like to watch?
Kaelan Sulja
Kaelan Sulja 19 hours ago
My last name is sulja
G4 Gaming420
G4 Gaming420 20 hours ago
Nugget Appelget
Nugget Appelget 20 hours ago
Good thing you didn't flush your toilet
Elijah Wong
Elijah Wong 20 hours ago
I miss jaiden lol Wait a minute... did she not flush after using the bathroom?
TwiceBakedPotato '
TwiceBakedPotato ' 20 hours ago
I just reizilezed u draw with 4 fingrrs Wait a thumb is not a finger but u draw fumbs (illuminati theme song plays)
XsuperbootsX 20 hours ago
but wait did you flush after you peed? if so how did it not A: clog the toilet B:get sucked down the toilet if small enough C: Everything get so soaked in water to point were most of the contents were useless or D: you didn't flush and it sat in pee for like what 3hrs?,so your wallet just sat in the toilet absorbing pee for 3hrs I think I'm looking WAYYYY to into this lol
ебанашка малолетния
Я лесби и я влюбилась...
Mateo Buteler
Mateo Buteler 21 hour ago
Google Pixel's phones rock. Of course Windows phones are awful.
newwave808 21 hour ago
bruh, just buy a fanny pack.
Leethalweapon 21 hour ago
I have taken out my Invisalign and this is the video
Hero Brian 303
Hero Brian 303 21 hour ago
I am sorry I like something else yt and his music video
alvaro tejeda herrera
my respects for you jaiden
James Everett
James Everett 21 hour ago
if that was a different girl he would've been slaped
ManchessterUnited 06
I need answer. Did you flush the toilet?
Super Nickel
Super Nickel 21 hour ago
Did she flush?
Derpy mans
Derpy mans 22 hours ago
Jaiden some one made an Undertale game of u
Astro blade
Astro blade 22 hours ago
Omg I saw u on a build board omg I’m so happy
Do you check the toilet now?
CodeNameZues 340
CodeNameZues 340 22 hours ago
Hey jaiden my name is Jayden as well but I’m a boy
Corgi Games
Corgi Games 22 hours ago
How to keep your siblings out of your room *pee on your wallet*
RubyLitten 22 hours ago
Wait I'm british, I'm a girl, I'm not selfish
lucas gamer
lucas gamer 22 hours ago
Voce e brasileira?
RubyLitten 22 hours ago
To tell you the truth Coming from a British person, Britain is weird
xxxSatan Lpsxxx
xxxSatan Lpsxxx 22 hours ago
Um that means she didn’t flush......??.......
The Beasts
The Beasts 23 hours ago
Euh what sort of bird is ari
Captian Cookie HD
Captian Cookie HD 23 hours ago
Alli Bear
Alli Bear 23 hours ago
Jaiden ilysm!
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 23 hours ago
Jadin is ari favorit song is from ariana Grande
Sylveon Games a rainha pokemon
She bought a fursuit
McKay Family
McKay Family 23 hours ago
Now get ready to hear about the time I peed on my phone!
It’s a day Me dudes
Jaiden:should I make a normal vid- Jaidens brain: SO I PEED ON MY WALLET
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